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Venus Butterfly


Last Saturday we visited my wife's sister and her husband. We spent the afternoon out sightseeing at some South Florida beach tourist areas. We brought food back to Lori's house and after dinner we sat around half way watching TV and talking. Janet developed a migraine headache and took some heavy painkillers and she began to drift off. By ten o'clock Frank had enough beer to become exhausted and he went up to bed. This scene was not unusual. We experienced it about once a month and Lori and I just accepted it as a fact of our lives. We neither complained nor thought we had a reason to.

By eleven o'clock Janet had passed out on the couch. I sat on the love seat and Lori went to the kitchen to refill our wine. When she returned she sat next to me on the love seat and we began to watch the news. The TV was to my right and Lori sat to my left so she had to lean up to see it. I leaned back but it was awkward for Lori so I told her to lean on the arm and put her legs on my lap. Her legs are great and I casually began to rub her knee and calf. She moaned and said she didn't realize how sore her legs were. I began to really work on them. Lori cooperated by scooting down to give me better access. As I worked her sore muscles I reached up under her skirt and worked on her thighs. She spread her legs slightly and her skirt slid up her legs enough to give me a peek of her panties. I was beginning to get pretty aroused. I kneaded her left thigh and she let her right leg fall farther open, which offered me a sexy unobstructed view of panties hugging her pussy. I massaged high on her leg until my fingers were touching the side of her panties. She just moaned and scooted down even farther.

As I worked on the muscles of her upper leg I said, "This is Janet's second favorite thing to have done to her."

"I can understand why." Lori said dreamily. "But what is her first?"

"She loves to have me keep going until I bring her off."

Lori was intrigued. "This feel great but I find it hard to believe that she can get off from just having her legs rubbed?"

"Not just her legs, silly. I do a little number on her crotch which never fails to blow her away."

Lori remained quiet as I continued to work on her legs. I had one palm high on each thigh. My left hand was on her left leg and my right hand on her right leg. In this position my fingers were working on her butt and my thumbs were sliding along the seam of her panties on each side of her cunt.

Lori moaned and then she said, "Could you bring me off like this?"

"Sure." I said and slowly let my thumbs brush over her silk covered cunt. My heart began racing and my prick got even harder. I began to lightly scratch her pussy with my fingertips, still outside her panties. She was panting pretty hard when I said, "The panties should go now." And I casually reached up Lori's hips and she rose up to help me slid them down her legs.

I pushed her skirt up unto her stomach and I got my first look at her bare cunt. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored causing her large breasts to rise and fall against her silk blouse. Her nipples looked as hard as my prick. I went back to rubbing Lori's legs and I ignored her bare cunt. She began to sink once again into a state of blissful relaxation. Now my hands reached the tops of her legs and since I was not barred from further progress and I lightly massaged the outer lips of Lori's flower. The inner petals were beginning to darken and swell and the hood of her clitoris became more defined.

After a few minutes of this, I reached my left hand between Lori's legs and slowly and gently let my fingers settle between the cheeks of her ass. My middle finger was firmly nestled along the crack of her ass. I slid my thumb between her inner lips and placed it at the juicy entrance to her vagina. I let it settle in without putting any real pressure on her and it just filled the entrance. With my right hand I slid my fingers up and down along the seam between her outer and inner lips. She just moaned and relaxed down onto my hands. I could feel her squeezing her rectum and pussy against my fingers. I anchored her clit with my right thumb and then with the tip of my index finger I lightly felt for the seam just under the head of her clit and I brushed it so lightly that my finger could hardly feel the contact.

Within a few seconds Lori was breathing heavily and gasping every time she exhaled. I kept up the feather like flutter on her clit. The thumb of my left hand was still only filling the entrance to her cunt without actually penetrating inside. Lori's hips began to undulate and it seemed that she was trying to get my thumb into her cunt but I kept it just filling the entrance. I kept the butterfly flutter on Lori's clit and suddenly she began explode into a really strong climax. I never stopped and she climaxed for about two full minutes.

When Lori's climax subsided I didn't stop what I was doing. It only took about another minute for Lori to begin her second climax. She was lubricating profusely and her moans were so loud I feared that she would wake Janet or Frank. This time Lori pressed her crotch against my hand. I slipped my middle finger into her rectum and my thumb into her cunt and I began to squeeze them together like a pulse. Lori began to raise her crotch up off the couch and she really flooded my hand with her juices. I kept my actions constant and Lori was thrashing and climaxing and squirting for a really long time. I kept her cunt throbbing on my thumb the whole time. Finally Lori reached down and held my finger still on her clit.

When she released my hand I removed them both and looked down at her open red cunt and I bent down and kissed her sopping crotch. Lori pushed my head away and said she was just too sensitive. She just laid there for a few minuets and then said, "How did you do that to me? I almost passed out."

I sat up and played innocent, "Oh was that different?"

"I have never felt anything like that. How did you get your fingers so far up inside me? You touched places I never even knew existed."

"They just grow to the right size when you need it."

"Well Boy I sure must have needed it. I didn't know sex could feel like that. I could become addicted to that."

"OK enough of this. Why don't you put your pants back on and help me get Janet to the car."

"But I feel guilty. I should do something for you."

"I enjoyed doing that so don't worry."

We got Janet to the car and nothing more was said of the incident for several weeks.

The next mention was when we went to the West Coast of Florida together and we all shared a room. Lori seemed to dress sexier than usual and on several occasions I she got into positions that afforded me great views of her boobs or ass and even her crotch. On the second morning Frank went out early to fish, Janet was still sleeping and I was alone on the porch drinking coffee when Lori got up and came out. She was wearing a sexy black gown that became transparent when she stood between the rising sun and me. The sun was not the only thing rising, my dick was developing a noticeable bulge in my pajamas.

Lori sat back on the rail with her knees spread enough for me to see the light shining between her legs and she said, "Am I causing that or do you get one of those every morning?"

"I'm afraid you are the culprit."

With that she leaned forward and put her hands on her cleavage and let the spaghetti strap fall enough to give me a view almost to her right areola, "Should I feel guilty?"

"No I love getting hard while looking at your sexy body."

"Good because I'm going to keep you hard until you 'Butterfly' me again. That is all I've thought about since you did me. I dream about it, I fanaticize about it all day at work, and then I try to do it to myself at night after Frank falls asleep. Nothing comes close. I'm going nuts. You MUST do it again for me."

"What is it worth to you?"

"Anything. Anything you want."

"What I want is to see your glorious body, often. I want you to grab my prick and fondle my balls every time we are alone. I want to be free to touch all your private parts. Your boobs have always made me a little crazy. I want you to tease me with them and let me suck them any time I want. If I get plenty of attention, I'll 'Butterfly' you."

"What ever you want." Lori said and she leaned over and put her hands on my bare legs and slid them up into my pajamas. I could see all the way down the front of her gown. Before her hands made contact with my dick and balls I said "Show me your boobs." She stood up and spread the front of her black gown slowly, exposing her beautiful bare breasts to my eyes for the first time. She posed and watched as the front of my pajamas rose up and started to throb.

She said, "You like this little game don't you. I like to see that I have as much power over you as you do over me." Then she lifted her left boob to her mouth and licked the nipple. "If you're good I will let you do this."

"Now, show me your dick." She ordered.

I opened the fly of my pajamas and exposed my hard on. I stood up in front of Lori and said, "Touch it with your tits."

First she made me remove my pajamas, and then she lay on the floor. I knelt over her chest and dropped my dick in the heavenly valley between Lori's boobs. She held her boobs firmly around my hot dick. "Fuck them!"

I held her hot breasts and she held my swollen balls. The feelings were getting outrageous I knew I was about to explode.

"Oh Ron, cum on me!" Lori begged. "Cover me with your sperm!"

"First lick it!" I commanded.

Lori stuck her tongue out and I laid the head of my prick on it. "I want to come in your mouth." I told her.

"Oh No. I just can't stand that." Lori answered.

"There goes the 'Butterfly' then."

"Oh God I'm so horny! I need it. Please?"

"Suck me till I cum!"

Lori opened her lips and took my tool into her mouth. She continued to massage my nuts and I worked her nipples until I couldn't stand any more and I shot an enormous load into her mouth.

It filled her mouth and ran out. I thought she would be repulsed but she grabbed my still squirting prick and milked it into her mouth.

"My turn." She announced while she was licking my dick clean.

We were shocked to hear the commode flush. Janet was awake! Lori jumped up and ran to her bedroom. I pulled my pajamas back on and when Janet strolled onto the porch I acted as if nothing had happened.

Poor Lori, all day she gave me first dirty looks then pitiful looks then lusty looks. I know she was sexually frustrated.

At the beach she spread her legs showing me more of her crotch than necessary. In the water I felt her boobs and when my hand reached her crotch she grabbed my wrist and held my hand against her cunt. "Butterfly Me!" She whispered into my ear.

"Tonight, I'll sit on the porch after Janet goes to sleep. When Frank falls asleep slip out wearing a gown but no panties" I pinched her cunt and sent a shiver up her back.

We enjoyed lots of things the rest of the day. Every time we were alone Lori would grab my crotch or I would feel her up. I put my hand up her skirt so many times that I almost slipped and did it in front of Frank or Janet.

Lori's big boobs have always been my weakness and now being able to grab them any time I wanted had me in a higher state of sexual stimulation than I have ever experienced. Lori helped by teasing me every chance she got. She would bend over and show her cleavage, or grab her own boobs and offer them to me, or rub them on my back while I was standing next to Janet. Once she stood in front of Frank and casually moved her blouse and exposed her bare nipple to me while I was trying to have an innocent conversation with her husband. My dick was stirring and Lori noticed so she got a wicked gleam in her eye and pinched her nipple and licked her lips. I was close to loosing track of my conversation with Frank. I shifted around and crossed my legs and finally Lori walked away. I loved being teased like that.

While we were souvenir shopping I spotted a silk butterfly on a little clip. I took Lori behind the display and lifted her skirt and clipped the little creature to the crotch of her panties. "Keep this here to remind you of what is coming." I whispered to her. Later that evening, after dinner we were in the car returning to the hotel and Lori lifted her skirt showing me the Butterfly still on her crotch.

It seemed like Janet took forever to fall asleep, but finally I slipped out to the veranda. Lori took another ten minutes to show up. When she arrived I took her out to the beach and told her that before she got "The Butterfly" I wanted to see her totally naked.

"I can't strip out here in the open!" She protested.

"Then no Butterfly!"

Lori slipped her gown over her head while I dropped my shorts. Finally we were naked together. I stood behind her with my prick nestled between her ass cheeks. She leaned back to kiss me as I reached between her legs. Lori bent over slightly and I let my frustrated prick slide up and down between her hot buns and I felt her tits.

"Blow me!" I said.

Without hesitation Lori dropped to her knees and began to feel my prick.

"I get 'Butterfly'd' tonight, RIGHT?" She asked holding my balls dangerously tight.

"I promise!" I exclaimed.

With that promise Lori opened her mouth and slipped her lips over what felt like my whole body.

"Oh Yessss swallow me Lori, I feel like I'm climbing into you!"

Lori took a deep breath and slid my stick all the way down her throat. She kept my dick all the way in as she massaged my scrotum and balls with both hands. When her nails began to tickle my rectum I began to fire powerful volleys of sperm into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, each time squeezing every drop of cum from my pulsating prick. Then she pushed me down onto the sand and crawled over me and licked my crotch clean, which of course gave me another hard-on.

"Oh No!" She protested. "It's my turn."

"OK, OK It's your turn! Let's go where you will be more comfortable"

After considering several locations, we decided that the car would be the safest most comfortable place to "Butterfly" Lori.

We dressed went back to the hotel to get the car keys. I jumped into a shower and then we slipped back out to the parking lot. Lori was hyperventilating by the time we got to the car.

"I can't believe I'm finally going to feel the "Butterfly" again. She said.

"Don't get too worked up." I said. "It probably isn't as great as you remember it."

"I'll chance it!"

Lori sat in the back seat and I slipped in next to her. She was wearing a long shiny gown, which clung to her legs very provocatively. It was so soft that it molded itself to her big breasts and accented her puffy areolas and hard nipples. I was getting as excited as she was. I reached out and ran my hands lightly over those exciting boobs.

"Oh god, I'm so horny I could almost climax from that."

I knelt on the floor as Lori lay across the seat and I began to touch her beautiful body. I dragged the back of my fingers lightly up her legs from her ankles to her knees and then back and forth across her thighs, scratching her so gently that she moaned in anticipation. When I reached her crotch I quickly brushed by it and scratched up her belly and rib cage to the bottom of her big boobs. I could feel their heat as I scratched around and around her hard nipples. Lori pushed her chest out to my touch and when I finally grabbed both bloated tits she began to spasm and as I squeezed her nipples in rhythm to her gasps she squeezed her legs together and continued to climax in spasm after spasm.

"How did that happen? I have never climaxed without lots of manipulation in my cunt."

"Sex is a mind thing and your mind has been ready."

"But I want the Butterfly"

"Well then strip for me, lay back and relax and let Dr. Ron do his thing."

Lori wasted no time removing her gown. I sat in the center of the seat and had her lay across my lap.

I again positioned my hands for the Butterfly and this time I had Lori's naked body in full view. As I began the fluttering against her clit she began to respond immediately. Her body rose and fell and I leaned over and took one of her flushed tits into my mouth. Her nipple was positively throbbing and as I sucked it and applied the Venus Butterflies to her clit.

I let my hard prick slid between her ass cheeks until the head replaced my finger at her rectum. As Lori moaned and began to climb the mountain to her climax she pressed her ass down onto my prick until the head slid past her sphincter and onto her bowel. I was totally immersed in this beautiful woman and she had her second climax. I kept fluttering her clit with the butterfly.

She held her tits together and I sucked both of her nipples into my mouth and fluttered my tongue between them, she moaned and jammed her ass all the way down onto my dick. As her third climax started I slid my thumb all the way into her cunt. Lori throbbed on my prick and I began to shoot a load of spunk up her ass. Now she was a climax machine, all her parts were responding and she was moaning and gasping and screaming and squirming and holding my head against her tits and grinding her ass on my dick and flooding my hand with her juices. This went on for a good five minutes and she finally collapsed in exhaustion. I massaged all of her beautiful body and then I went down on her and as I lapped up her cunt she looked down at me and said, "I have to do this every day!"

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