Vera’s Fantasy Ch. 3


I pulled her to me and kissed her, passionately, “Come.” I instructed her, she obeyed, as though in a daze, I lay down on the floor, “Sit on my cock Jade and face the window.”. She squatted over my cock and I manoeuvred it to her butt, she lowered herself impelling her rectum on to my rigid pole, it entered her with ease, my attention to her arse had paid off, I pulled her so that her back was almost flat with my stomach and held her there, I urged Danny to fuck her, not that he needed much urging, he kneeled down and entered her juice filled cunt. Jim stood there watching us, Vera hands moved, she must have pulled him over to her and manoeuvred him into position, because he was now standing over me and Vera his legs spread wide and he was holding her head up as he pushed his stiff cock into her mouth. We begun moving, my firm cock was now deep in her narrow anal corridor and she was now in a crab like position, giving me the space to thrust in and out of her rectum, while Danny was pumping her cunt like a piston, almost in unison with my own efforts, I could feel his cock through the thin membrane that separated her cunt from her arse, she was obviously loving this, her moans of pleasure and the encouraging words she spoke, in between trying to swallow Jim’s rock-hard pole, told all.

She must have managed to eventually take all of Jim’s cock in her mouth and throat because there were no more intelligible words being uttered by her, there were only sighs, and puppy like whimpers, with the occasional loud moan and hum, her anal passage felt restrictive and tight and with Danny’s cock moving just above it with only a thin layer of flesh separating the two made the moment of orgasm near much quicker for me than I thought possible, but remembering her wish to swallow as much spunk as possible I steeled myself needing to be last to cum if my sex goddesses wish were to come true.

Jim let out a sudden yell followed by, “Oh ye ye Jade you’re the best, I am cumming in her fucking mouth, suck me Jade oh ye babe that is awesome.” Then he was gone, I heard the springs on the bed behind me go, he had obviously collapsed on the bed needing to recover from just being drained of his bodily fluids, I knew what it felt like to be vacuumed dry by Vera’s mouth and could empathise with Jim. Vera convulsed she was having an orgasm, her sphincter squeezed my cock like a boa constrictor and I felt the warm wet sap escaping her cunt and dripping down to my balls and down to my scrotum , she was yelling now asking form more, “Fuuuckkk meeee harddd yeaaaaa mooore pumppp meee haaaarddeeeerrrr. We doubled our efforts, thrusting hard and fast into her holes like men possessed and she continued with her vocal demands, I was sure that anyone next door could hear her quite clearly but who cared we were here to fuck and that’s exactly what I intended doing.

Danny was now almost there too, his breathing was now louder and quicker and his thrusting in her juicy cunt was now picking up pace but Vera called out to him, “Dannyy cumm in myyy moouuthh pleees myyy mooouthh..yea..Iiii neeed myyy moouthh ..” Danny got the message and pulled his cock out almost immediately after hearing her request, which was just about lucid enough to understand and standing up moved to her and my right hand side, I watched him put his hand behind her neck and pull her to his cock, she just managed to take a couple of inches of Danny’s 9” long solid shaft into her mouth when his body went rigid and he pushed in to her mouth almost making her suffocate, some of his cum seeped through the corners of her mouth and trickled down to the floor just by the side of my head.

Just seeing what she had just done to Danny with my cock still buried deep inside her rear furnace brought me near to my point of no return and I nudged her gently on the thigh signalling it was my turn to deposit my contribution of male sap into her collection box, she obeyed and moved sideways onto the floor, bending down she dropped her head over my cock and I watched enthralled as her mouth engulfed it, she licked the head as it entered and then sucked hard getting about half of it into her hot, delicious, moist mouth and then begun pumping, from the base of the stem to her mouth, furiously up and down and every so often she would administer a firm squeeze.

I had now manoeuvred myself into a position so that I was finger fucking her arse and cunt at the same time, three fingers in each sex pot and using my thumb to stimulate her engorged clit. Suddenly her cunt squeezed my fingers tight as though a clamp had closed on them she was in spasms there was no mistaking her bodies tell tale signs of another orgasm, how I wanted my mouth to be the beneficiary of her cunt juice, I pulled her over and she moved so that we were now in a 69, I even forgot at that stage that Danny and Jim were in the same room, I licked and sucked her until my whole face was covered in her sweet sex. All this coupled with her attention to my cock and all the things that I had been witness to today made me so horny that my cock literally erupted and my hot sticky spunk shot out at an incredible speed, it was almost so ferocious that it was painful, she kept a firm grip of my tool and did not stop her concentration on my manhood until I was completely drained and in any event could not take any more, she had managed to keep most of my seed in her mouth, which amazed me, considering how quickly it had shot out. She moved herself to my side and kneeling done next to me, I had by then sat up, she opened her mouth to show us her achievement as we watched her close her mouth and swallow, I was so turned on by this sight I grabbed her and kissed her hard poking my tongue into her mouth and tasting the plethora of sex juices still lingering there.

We managed to fuck her a couple of times more before she left us and we cleaned up quickly and made ready to leave, Danny turned round and said, “That was just unbelievable, you’ll have my respect and be my friend for ever after sharing this surprise with me, but seriously do you think your uncle John might arrange a similar surprise for my birthday next month?” and Jim jumped in “No in two weeks for my birthday?”

“We’ll have to wait and see I said.” Remembering Vera’s other fantasies.

When I got home it was late so I didn’t manage to see Vera until the next day, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, yesterday was amazing beyond words, beyond belief. Just thinking of having all three cocks in me at the same time and all that hot tasty spunk coating my mouth and tongue and swimming in my tummy makes my cunny cream up and run with juice, I’ll let you eat me in a minute if you want, I knew you might be up so I left my knickers off, but do you think you might be able to arrange something similar for me soon, if I say a pretty please?”

Hearing her talk like this gave me an instant hard on and all I wanted to do was bend her over and eat her moist hole, “Yea, I think we might be able to arrange something in a couple of weeks, but just turn round now and bend over so I can taste you while I make up a plan.” I thought, I love it when a plan comes together.

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