tagLoving WivesVerde River Cougar

Verde River Cougar


My husband, Scott, writes about our adventures.


My wife Donna and I have been active all of our lives. We both enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, and other outdoor activities. This did not change once we each hit 40. The one thing we did notice was that many of our friends began to slack off on their activities as they got older, particularly the wives. On our various expeditions, we would either be accompanied by younger friends or older male friends who had left their wives behind. This was what happened on a canoe trip last year. After careful research, two friends and I chose a section of the Verde River where it runs through a particularly scenic canyon in Arizona. We talked to other folks who had done that section and found it had several interesting side canyons along the way where we could pull out our canoes, explore the canyons and spend the night.

There was very little whitewater along this particular route as well, which was fine with us since we really wanted to have a relaxing journey. Earlier last summer, I had started canoeing with two fellows I met through a mutual friend. Donna had hoped to join us, but ended up having to work and other conflicts every time we went out. So it had turned into a buddy thing. The Verde River trip was planned for mid-September, when the weather and water would still be warm. Our plan was that we would bring our wives and all get to know each other better over a three night weekend, with two full days of paddling. Donna and I drove up to Jim's house first. Jim was a good looking fellow, six feet tall with a full head of brown hair and a big smile. Like us, he had been involved with outdoor activities all of his life and was in good shape. I guessed he was around 45 years of age.

I had never met his wife, but from what he told me, she wasn't much of an outdoor person and had put on quite a bit of weight as she aged. One day after a canoe trip, he had confided in me over drinks at a local bar that they had not had sex for months. He didn't say anything specific, but I gathered that he continued to have sex on occasion, but with other women. Jim was alone as he came out of the house.

"Where's Maria," I asked.

"She decided not to go at the last minute. Said, she saw no reason in getting all wet during the day and sleeping in a tent at night."

"Well, that's her loss. Jim, I want you to meet my wife, Donna."

As the two of them shook hands, I noticed Jim sizing Donna up. My blonde wife was wearing tight jean cut-offs with a white spaghetti strap tank top. It wasn't a particularly revealing top but her 36DD breasts were pretty obvious anyway. From her chest, Donna's body narrows to a nice waist and than widens again to a shapely ass and hips. A size 8, she is neither skinny nor overweight. She is curvy and looks great for her age. And those 36DD breasts are firm and ride high on her chest, unlike many women much younger. Jim got an eyeful and seemed to like what he saw.

Jim tossed his gear in the back of the SuperCrew and we headed to Dave's place. Like Jim, he was alone as he came out of the house to greet us. His story was worse than Jim's. Apparently he and his wife had a major argument two days earlier and she had moved out.

"It's not like this marriage hasn't been dying for years," Dave said. "It was only a matter of time."

"Are you sure you still want to come?" asked Jim.

"Oh yeah! This is just what I need, some time in nature doing what I enjoy. It will give me a time to gather my thoughts."

I introduced Dave to Donna and then we loaded him up as well. We drove to the area of Camp Verde for our first night. Conversation in the truck during the long drive was lively. Since we all enjoyed the outdoors, there was a lot to share. We even discovered that, like Donna and I, Dave and his now estranged wife had spent a week at Hedonism II in Jamaica. It hadn't really helped their relationship, particularly when he discovered her screwing another man in their room one afternoon. After we checked into three separate rooms at the hotel/casino, we got together for a leisurely dinner. After dinner, Donna and I returned to our room, while Dave and Jim began a search for a bar for a nightcap. Donna had just finished taking a shower and put on a black lace teddy in anticipation of some evening activity, when there was a knock on the door.

"Just a minute," I said, as Donna looked around for something to throw over herself. She finally grabbed a light Patagonia jacket that I had brought along. It came down to the middle of her thighs, so it covered up most of her anyway. She pulled it around herself while zipping it and sat down on the bed.

"There is no place to get a drink in this town after dark," said Jim.

"We broke into the liquor stash in the truck," said Dave, holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels (Donna's favorite).

"Scott, why don't you invite your friends inside," said Donna, letting me know that it was okay with her.

"Come in guys. Donna, why don't you grab a couple of glasses from the bathroom?"

We filled the glasses with ice I had just gotten from the hotel's dispenser and Donna poured the whisky. Then we resumed one of the conversations we had begun over dinner. After several drinks, Dave and Jim began to open up even more about their marriages. They didn't seem to care that a woman was present. It was quite the opposite; Donna has a way of getting people to open up. Donna was so busy talking she didn't notice what I was seeing. A woman in a bathing suit in a public area might be barely noticed, but by herself in a room with three men, a woman in a light jacket that barely covers her privates gets a lot of attention. It was clear the two men were wondering what was underneath the jacket. As Donna got more buzzed on the whisky, they soon found out.

Quite unaware of what she was doing, Donna leaned back on the bed. The unzipped jacket came open, revealing the teddy. Even if Donna didn't notice, the two men did, and there was plenty to notice. Her large firm breasts pressed against the tight lace fabric of the teddy. It didn't take a very long look to see her nipples. She had had a bikini wax before the trip, so it was just white smooth flesh all the way from her thighs to the tight V of the teddy's crotch. As hard as they tried to look at her eyes during the conversation, it was clear they were also taking every opportunity to survey my wife's body.

"You know they were checking you out," I told Donna after they left.

"Really, I didn't notice."

"Well there was plenty for them to notice, with your jacket open. That teddy doesn't leave much to the imagination."

"Are you jealous?"

"Hell no, I'm hard. Let's fuck now, talk later." And we did.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed out to the river where we put in the canoes. We had arranged for someone to pick us up at the end of our trip. He also brought three canoes.

"We only need two canoes," I told him. "Two of our party didn't show. We'll share the canoes," I told the others. "Donna and I will start together and then we can switch around."

It was a beautiful fall morning. We started out with our light jackets on, but the sun beat down on us and we soon threw them in the dry bags with our other gear. We three men were all wearing shorts and t-shirts. Sally, free spirit that she is, had decided not to wear a bra under her spaghetti strap top and had on bikini bottoms in case she needed to get out and help the canoe over any snags. The paddling was easy since we were going downriver, making it a perfect lazy day. We had lunch on a grassy area along the way then Donna switched with Dave and joined Jim in his canoe. I could see they were having a lively conversation. After a while, we came to some very easy whitewater and the canoes got separated. Around 4:00 pm, Dave and I rounded a bend in the river and saw Donna and Jim unloading their canoe on a nice wide sandy beach. A stream trickled through the beach from a small canyon beyond. It was a very pretty spot.

"We decided this would be a good place to stop for the night," said Donna.

"It is perfect," said Dave.

We unloaded our canoes and pitched the tents. "I'd like to go up that canyon a ways before dark," I told the group. "Anyone want to join me?"

"Sure, I'll come," replied Dave.

"I think I'd prefer to lie on the beach and take in some sun," was Donna's response.

"What about you, Jim?"

"You know, I think I'll just stay here and contemplate nature."

"We'll back in a couple of hours," I said, as Dave and I took off up the canyon.

After thirty minutes we found we had gone as deep into the canyon as possible. As we returned to the camp, we couldn't see either Jim or Donna. Concerned, we walked up the beach. As we came upon a giant red boulder that had apparently fallen into the canyon years earlier, we could hear moaning.

"Oh, my gosh! It sounds like Donna is hurt," said Dave.

"I don't think so," I replied, "that doesn't sound like pain."

We walked quietly to the rock and looked around it. There were Donna and Jim. My wife was on her hands and knees. Her top was still on, but her bikini bottoms had disappeared. Jim was between her legs and holding her on each side of her waist. His long cock was plunging in and out of her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. I could see that her top was soaked, the tight white fabric plastered against her body and outlining her nipples. With each thrust her breasts shook and jiggled.

"Oh Scott," whispered Dave, "I'm so sorry." He was clearly remembering his own unfortunate discovery at Hedonism II.

"It's alright," I replied, "this isn't the first time. I enjoy watching, and sometimes we make it a 'menage a trois'!" Dave stared at me in disbelief. "Let's just hide behind this rock and watch, okay Dave?"

In front of us, Jim and Donna's fucking got more vigorous. "Fuck me hard, Jim, fuck me like a dog!"

"Oh Donna, my cock feels so good in your pussy. I haven't had any in months."

"Then give it to me deep."

Jim slammed hard against my wife's ass, burying his cock deep within her. Watching my wife in action had made my own cock hard. I rubbed it through my pants. I looked over at Dave, who couldn't keep his eyes off the scene. He had even stepped from behind the rock. Fortunately the couple, intent upon their fucking, didn't see him. His cock was as hard as mine!

"Cum inside me, Jim. Make me wet!" moaned Donna.

Jim's response was to thrust even faster and harder. Finally he groaned, as he made one last thrust. He remained buried in Donna to the hilt, and I knew he was squirting his semen into her body.

"Come on!" I grabbed Dave.

"He came inside her," said Dave as we hurried back to the campsite. "Aren't you worried?"

"Donna has been through a hysterectomy, so I'm not worried about pregnancy. And Jim told me that, while he has fooled around in the past, he hasn't had sex for several years, other than jacking off. I figure it's pretty safe."

"But Donna didn't know that!"

"Donna knows that if there is a danger, I will warn her. Remember I said we have done this before. Last night at the motel after you guys left, we talked it over and I told her she could fuck both of you if she wanted."

"What? You mean..."

"Yes, you're next. Now let's go up the trail a bit and pretend we are just getting into camp. I don't want Jim to know I know just yet."

We walked up the trail a few hundred feet and then turned around toward camp. As we got back to the tents, we saw Jim and Donna coming up the beach. Both were dressed. Donna had on her swimsuit bottom, and the wet shirt was still plastered to her breasts.

"Hi guys," she said, "we just took a walk up the river a ways."

"It looks like you walked in the river as well," I replied. "Your top is all wet."

"Jim splashed me a while back and it still hasn't dried. Do you like the look?"

"You know I do, oh beloved wife."

"How about you, Dave? Do you like the look?"

"Uh, uh, it certainly accents your features," Dave stammered.

"And what do you think of my features?"

"They are very... nice!"

"I'm glad you like the way I look, because I am going to fuck you, just like I fucked Jim."

Jim's mouth fell open and he stopped walking.

"Don't worry Jim, Scott knows all about this. And after I've fucked Dave and we've had a nice dinner, I'm going to fuck all three of you by the campfire tonight."

Donna walked right up to Dave and pressed her wet tits against his chest. Unlike Jim, Dave is in his late forties, balding and short, standing around five foot six. Donna leaned straight forward and pressed her lips against his. Soon their mouths were open and tongues working as Dave groped her ass and Donna pulled his crotch against hers. His cock, which had softened while we were walking, hardened under the attention.

"Suck my tits," Donna commanded.

Dave leaned over and complied. As he kissed and sucked on her nipples through the wet top, Donna loosened his shorts. They dropped to the ground and were soon followed by his briefs. Then she dropped to the ground in front of him and began licking his cock. Jim and I both moved in for a closer view as she took it entirely into her mouth and began sucking. Soon his cock was disappearing in and out of my wife's mouth as she gently pumped it with one hand. Donna sucked for a while then stood up, pulling off her wet shirt. Then she slid the swimsuit bottom down and off. She lowered herself to the sand and lay on her back, spreading her legs.

"Now fuck me! I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds."

Ed got down between her legs and guided his stiff cock toward my wife's waiting pussy. Although a short man, he had a large cock. From its base to its end it looked like it could be nine inches. It was thick too. He tried to insert it, but it was too big in girth, even for my wife.

"Just take it slow and easy. Rub it on my pussy lips and gradually work it in. I have plenty of room inside; it's just a matter of getting it through the gate."

Dave followed Donna's instructions and soon had entered her completely. She moaned as he started pushing it in and pulling it out. I could see that his cock was covered with white; it was Jim's cum, lubricating them both as it leaked out. Her legs waved in the air and she shuddered with the sensation of being penetrated by such a large cock. But I could tell she was enjoying it. Her nipples had extended to just over a half inch and the areolas around them had become slightly swollen. It looked as though she was already pregnant and ready for a baby to suckle those nipples. As Jim and I watched this amazing sexual act being performed, Donna grabbed Dave by the ass and helped him plunge in and out. Her breathing quickened and I could tell she was close to cumming.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned, as she bucked up against the plunging cock. Then she relaxed, her climax completed. But she continued pulling Dave deeply into her, coaxing his cock to give up its load.

"Fuck me Dave. Fuck me with that magnificent cock. Fuck me and give me your cum."

"Oh yes, I'm going to fuck you and fill you up, Donna. You may be Scott's wife, but right now you are my woman aren't you?"

"Yes, I'm your play toy. I'm your woman. Now give it to me, fill your little fuck toy up."

Donna's breathing once again quickened as she neared her second climax. "I'm cumming again. Cum with me, fill me, fill me, fill me," she gasped.

As Donna's body tightened up in her second climax, her pussy tightened as well, grabbing Dave's cock as it slid in and out. "I'm cumming!" groaned Dave as his massive cock unloaded inside my wife. She lay beneath him, legs wrapped around his back, pulling into her as deeply as possible with her hands. His body jerked as he unloaded stream after stream of semen into her. Exhausted, he finally fell on top of her, kissing her face and mouth.

"Don't pull out yet," said Donna.

"I don't think I can. Your pussy is so tight around my cock now that I couldn't pull out yet even if I wanted to."

The two of them lay together on the sand enjoying the sensation of their bodies, so tightly and closely connected. Ever so gradually, Dave's cock softened and he finally pulled back and out. As he did, a stream of semen poured out of my wife's pussy and puddled onto the sand. A massive cock like that obviously had a lot to give. Donna got unsteadily to her feet, the semen continuing to leak out of her and down her thigh. Still naked, she walked into the river to wash off. Realizing that the show was over and with cocks still hard, Jim and I left the camp to search for firewood. There would be time for more later!

As I walked upriver looking for fuel, I walked through a stand of trees. There on the edge of the trees was a footprint in the sand. It looked fresh. If someone had been there in the past few minutes, perhaps they saw what had just happened. Is it possible Jim and I weren't the only persons watching the spectacle? Probably not, the footprint could have been left by another hiker or rafter earlier in the day. I decided not tell anyone about it and took my wood back to the camp. Dinner was steak (originally frozen, it had thawed out through the day) cooked on a grill over the campfire. The sides were baked potatoes cooked in hot coals and boiled freeze-dried green beans. The entire repast was washed down with a bottle of red wine. There was no need for dessert, that role was to be filled by my sweet horny wife.

After the meal, we put more wood on the fire until it was blazing. By this time it was dark, the fire reflected off the rocks of the walls around us. While Dave, Jim and I sat around the fire sipping on Jack Daniels and enjoying the evening, Donna slipped into our big cabin tent.

"What do you think?" We turned around at the question. Donna was walking towards us wearing the black lace teddy.

"Wow, that's what you were wearing last night isn't it. You were so hot, I could hardly keep my eyes off you," said Jim.

"Sit by the fire and have some whisky with us," came from Dave.

The evening was a little chilly, but the whisky and the fire warmed up Donna. Soon she was dancing around the fire, putting on a show for the three of us.

"Wow, you are a sexy MILF!" came a comment from an unknown voice. We looked around and there were two young men looking out from the shadows. "Can we join you? We've been on the river for a week and haven't seen many other people. That is if the lady doesn't mind two more enjoying her performance," said the other one.

We all sat down while Donna went in the tent and rustled up a couple of extra glasses. As we passed the bottle around, the young men told us they were camped upriver around a half mile. We all introduced ourselves. Their names were Bill and John. They were nearing the end of their journey, meeting friends at the confluence of the two rivers. They were low on supplies and had been living mostly on granola. We tossed a couple of potatoes in the fire to bake for them. They didn't seem to be any hurry to get back to their campsite, particularly with prospects of food, the whiskey and a bit of eye candy. By now, that eye candy was quite buzzed and taking turns sitting on Bill's, Dave's and my laps.

"You want to share any of that joy with us?" asked Bill.

"I don't know," said Donna, "you seem pretty young to me. Can you handle it?"

"We're each 21 and we've had our share of cougars. My cock may not be as big as that fellow's, but I'm pretty handy with it."

So someone had been watching after all. And he'd brought his friend to see if they could get a bit of tail. I figured I wouldn't say anything and would let Donna decide what to do.

"How do you know about that?" asked Dave.

"We'd stopped for the night and I was out for a walk. I must say that you two made a pretty interesting couple. I figured we would come see what's going on here with the neighbors. Donna is one hot chick, and seems to be quite liberal with her favors."

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