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Verity swung her board hard left to avoid the jagged rocks. She was so used to surfing this stretch of beach, that she now did it almost without conscious thought. Even so, she wiped out as the wave, the board, and her balance all disagreed at once on how much was too much. When her head broke the surface of the water, she kicked out powerfully with her long legs and caught her board in a few strokes. She was already in the shallows, and so had no trouble walking out of the cool surf.

The sun was already starting to break through the morning fog and shining down on the nearly deserted beach. It normally was, at this early hour; Porto was too far north and the water stayed cold for far too long to get many sun-worshipers. Oh, they got more than their fair share of tourists, between the many port wine lodges and the various other historic and cultural attractions, but most of the beach nuts stayed south on the Algarve, enjoying the Portuguese sun all day long.

Verity liked it that way. She recognized all regulars whom she was used to seeing there this early, but lying out on a red beach blanket was one girl she had never seen before. Her attention was momentarily averted from the sunbather when her friend Paulo called out a hello; out working on his perpetual tan, apparently. The tall surfer gave him a quick hug and they exchanged a few words, but she kept glancing at the unfamiliar sunbather, and her mind was only ever marginally on the conversation.

Verity waved to another acquaintance as she wrung the salty water from her dark hair and unzipped the wetsuit. She felt the sun on her damp skin and, trying to focus on that warm sensation, started for her car. For some reason, though, she returned her eyes to the redheaded stranger.

She intentionally changed course, admiring the girl's body on the way. Even lying down, the dark-haired surfer could tell she was shorter than herself, but had lush curves in all the right places. The black one-piece she wore made a stark contrast to her pale skin, and it immediately occurred to Verity that she could be a foreigner. Her auburn hair was worn long, and Verity was a bit disappointed that the girl was wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. She always liked looking at people's eyes. On the other hand, her long legs slightly parted to reveal the provocative way the suit pulled across her mound, and her breasts looked exquisite in the tight suit. The tall girl decided she might not have seen her eyes even if the girl hadn't been wearing glasses. For a girl with such a petite frame, she was very busty, and, as she walked past, Verity couldn't take her eyes off the dusting of freckles on her pale skin, just above the neckline of the modest suit.

She had never seen this woman before, she was certain, but something about her made Verity turn back and look again. A pretty woman, but nothing spectacular, and yet that nagging feeling that she knew her persisted. It persisted as she reached her car and secured her board to the roof rack, and as she stripped out of the black wetsuit and threw it in the back. Shoving the woman from her mind, she leisurely toweled her skin dry, catching the attention of both men and women passing by, and then grabbed her clothes from the car. The bikini she wore really showed off her toned body, and the color, a deep royal blue, was eye-catching. Verity pulled on a pair of cutoffs that she had to wiggle to get into, and a loose, almost see-through blue blouse that she didn't bother buttoning up.

As she sat and pulled on her white tennis shoes, though, that feeling returned. She sat in the driver's seat and pulled a brush out of her small black backpack. As she ran it through her hair, she searched her mind for the girl's identity, over and over. She finished with her dark hair and applied some light makeup. She was extremely attractive and needed very little to begin with, but today she almost overdid it, simply because her mind was elsewhere. If she could only pinpoint who that woman reminded her of... Fighting the persistent voice in her head, she turned the ignition and started to back out of her parking spot.

She was fully out and into the street when she gave in to the intense feeling, pulled back into her spot, and killed the ignition. Chewing unconsciously on her bottom lip, she wracked her brain, but the information she sought remained elusive. She reached again for the keys, but it seemed like some powerful force was contesting her will.

"What the fuck?" she exploded.

Verity found herself standing outside her car, not remembering getting out. She shook her head and rubbed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Driven by that all-consuming feeling, she walked back towards the woman. When she was standing over her, she put her hands on her hips.

"Hello," she said. The woman turned her head and Verity smiled tentatively, staring at her full lips and wishing she didn't have those damned glasses on. Taking a deep breath, she went on.

"This is going to sound like a weird pick up line," she began, and then paused. She was still staring, still not exactly sure what she was doing.

"I know you don't know me and I don't know you, but you seem really familiar..."

The redhead said nothing, but sat up and then slowly looked her up and down. Behind her dark lenses, the woman's eyes seemed to travel from her shoes, up her impossibly long, sleek, tanned legs and lingered on the juncture of her thighs for just a moment, before moving up over her flat tummy, past her pert breasts, and coming to rest on her face.

"I'm afraid I don't understand a word you said, but your pictures don't do you justice," the redhead said in a soft southern drawl.

Verity's mind whirled. The accent was American; of that she was sure. And she rarely sent out pictures to people she met online. She glanced at the woman again and saw her now wearing an impish grin. With it came recognition and surprise.

"I thought you never traveled," the tall girl said, automatically switching to English. She was comfortable with the language, although she often thought her slightly British accent and enunciations were too quaint.

"I don't."

"Then, how did you end up here?" Verity asked, shaking her surprise and quickly regaining control of the situation.

"Call it an experiment," she said and rose in a single fluid motion, shaking out her red blanket, which was in fact a thin square of material she then tied around her hips to make a long skirt. She shouldered the small beach bag she was carrying and smiled softly.

Verity could see she was trying hard, but the uncertainty and nervousness were there as plain as day. The tall girl wanted to laugh. Julia being here was against everything she had ever said about herself, and that made warning flags go up, but her demeanor showed she was truly terrified, and that fit perfectly with what Verity knew of her.

The tall girl reached up and pulled the glasses off, revealing large and frightened green eyes. She stepped closer, her arms sliding around the shorter woman's waist, knocking her bag to the sand. Her hands slid down and forced their way inside the loosely wrapped skirt. She could feel the slightly damp cloth of Julia's suit and the resilient flesh of her ass cheeks under it. Verity spread her fingers wide.

"Verity, I..." Julia began, but the tall girl pressed her lips tightly over hers and stifled any protest.

The tall girl was amused by the redhead's shyness. She knew she was going to enjoy teasing and coaxing her out of her shell, and she was just as sure that it was what Julia wanted, even if she didn't know it herself. The leggy beauty was thrilled that their first kiss would be there, on her favorite beach. She was also thrilled to know she was initiating it, impulsive, demanding, and that she was setting the tone. She was in charge, and that was unquestionable.

Verity played her tongue across Julia's lips, soft and inviting, still slightly parted from trying to speak. Julia moaned softly and melted into the taller girl's arms, her tongue darting out to scrape over Verity's. Verity slipped both thumbs into the back of Julia's suit and then forced her hands together, hard. Julia squeaked in surprise, as her suit was forced in, pulled up, and bunched between her lovely ass cheeks. Verity was delighted at the slight shiver she felt run through the smaller woman's body and at the blush she saw rise to her cheeks. She spread her hands, reveling in the feel of warm satiny skin, and gently kneaded the woman's ass. Almost as strong was her delight in testing just how far she would be able to go.

The tall brunette pushed her tongue into the redhead's mouth, warm and wet and tasting faintly of strawberries. Verity could feel Julia's heavy breasts pressing against her body, just below her own. The American's arms were thrown over her shoulders and she was standing on tiptoe as Verity kneaded her beautiful ass.

Verity knew she was taller than Julia, but this didn't seem quite right. In a disconnected way, she realized that the slope of the beach was the reason she seemed so much taller, but when Julia gently began to suck on her tongue, such distractions were forced from her mind.

Bingo! Verity exulted. There was no question now that the smaller woman was just as aroused as she was, or that she wanted it just as badly.

Verity pressed her hand down, forcing a finger into the crevice between the soft half-moons, and began to stroke the girl's nether lips. Another soft moan into her mouth set the tall girl's senses on fire. Julia was soft, pliant and yielding, just as Verity had always imagined she would be.

As Verity's tongue continued to explore Julia's sweet mouth, and her fingers caressed her heated flesh, she opened her eyes. Julia had hers closed and was blushing deeply. Americans were such a strange lot, Verity thought as her hands left Julia's charms and moved to her hip. Without breaking the kiss, she fumbled with the knot holding the skirt up. Julia shook her hips, attempting to thwart the tall girl, but she didn't release her hold on Verity's shoulders. Verity was having none of that, and her hand slid into the waist of the garment, catching hold of it, and pulling the girl's hips tightly against her own. Her free hand easily defeated the simple knot and, with a tug, it fell off Julia's hips to pool at their feet. The small woman broke the kiss and bit her lower lip, revealing small, even white teeth as she looked fearfully left and right.

Such a strange people; so caught up with sex, and yet so prudish. This one, at least, she could understand; she had a marvelously erotic mind, but was painfully shy. Even as Verity was thinking this, Julia's hands strayed to the back of her suit and pulled it down, covering her glorious ass. Verity smiled and let her have her moment of demure dignity, before sliding her arms around the girl, one at her waist and one over her shoulder. The tall girl then stepped forward, pushing her left leg past and slightly hooking it behind Julia's leg. Before the little American could grasp what was happening, Verity twisted her lithe body and pulled hard. Julia would have been no match for Verity in size or strength, but caught off-guard and off-balance, she was carried to the sand on her back without any kind of struggle. A surprised squeak was the only noise she made as Verity settled atop her supine body and sought out her full lips.

Again, the tall girl's lips stifled a protest and, again, Julia parted her lips and noticeably relaxed. Only her large eyes darted left and right, trying to see if anyone was watching. Public displays of affection were nothing new to this quiet beach - Verity had in fact seen more than one couple making out at that very moment, oblivious to all around them - but two gorgeous women in a torrid embrace were drawing a few interested glances. Julia was obviously aware of this and was just as obviously uncomfortable with it, but Verity didn't let it deter her. One step at a time, she was going to draw the redheaded woman out and she had no intention of letting her backslide.

Verity jammed her tongue into Julia' mouth and forced her thigh between the girl's legs, making sure she had her undivided attention. Verity applied some pressure with her leg and, despite her obvious discomfiture, Julia spread her legs for Verity to settle between them.

The tall girl's kiss became more demanding, and Julia stiffened when Verity's hand settled on her breast. When a gentle squeeze elicited another soft moan, Verity wanted to laugh in triumph. This dainty was exactly as she had always imagined her: a china doll, so prim and proper on the outside, but with the soul of a harlot. All it would take was the right woman to transform her from a shy tourist into a willing, wanton pussycat. Verity knew she was the right woman.

The tall brunette flexed her long legs, bringing her mount of Venus tightly against Julia's. The girl's long legs wrapped around her, seemingly to Julia's embarrassment, as she flushed from the top of her head all the way to where her suit hid her creamy skin. Verity turned her head and pressed her face harder to her captive's. Another gentle squeeze and she felt the girl's nipple hardening to a point beneath her palm. She relaxed slightly, and then pressed back with her hips. Julia's eyes shot open, pleading and hungry at once.

Verity broke the kiss and rose in a fluid motion. She could take the girl right there on the beach, if she chose; she knew that with certainty. But not now, not while there were so many to watch. Not because she cared in the least, but because she knew Julia wouldn't get the full measure of enjoyment from the act. Soon, this little one would gladly eat her pussy in the middle of the old square, if the opportunity presented itself, but not yet. She hadn't progressed that far.

Verity extended her arm and helped Julia back to her feet. She watched with amusement as the girl retied her skit and collected her bag, her face downcast the whole time, as if she were afraid to raise it and look at the faces of those who might have seen them.

Verity led her by the hand to the passenger side of her car but, as she was moving to open the door, she turned suddenly and pinned the smaller woman to the car with her body. Her lips sought Julia's, and a long French kiss followed, making the girl seemingly oblivious to all that was going on around them.

"Mmmm, I don't think I'll be making my classes today," Verity said when the kiss broke.

"I don't want you to get in trouble," the redhead said, trying to regain her composure.

"I don't think you know what you want," Verity said before opening the door and holding it open for her. "But I do."

Julia smiled demurely and sat primly in the seat. Verity got in and backed out of the parking space, smiling at the way Julia looked around excitedly.

Despite her impatience to take this lovely creature somewhere and fuck her to exhaustion, Verity realized there was still a lot of feeling out to be done.

She drove as she normally did, flitting in and out of the steady stream of traffic and constantly pushing to go faster. A quick glance showed Julia holding onto the passenger door with white knuckles.

"When did you arrive?" she asked, hoping to take Julia's mind off her driving. She could be very patient if she had to, but otherwise she drove like a demon. She could tell it made the small woman nervous, though, and filed it away for possible future use.

"Yesterday evening. I'm staying at the Pestana-Carlton, like you suggested once."

"Oh? Right in the heart of the old town. How do you like it?"

"I love it," she replied. "It is as quaint and beautiful as you said, but I really haven't had time to look around, yet. I was too tired yesterday when I got in, and I took a cab early this morning to try and catch you at the beach."

Verity nodded slightly and changed lanes as she changed her mind about where they would be going. She would take Julia sightseeing. She took the seaside road to where it swerved to follow the river, and soon Julia was gawking like a tourist. Her eyes seemed to be trying to focus everywhere at once, to see everything and everyone. Having lived there all her life, Verity sometimes forgot all of the historic and scenic locations her city had to offer a visitor.

"How was your flight?" she asked as casually as she could. Julia professed to be terrified of flying and it was still bothering Verity. As much as she liked this woman, you just couldn't be too careful when it came to online acquaintances.

"I didn't fly," she answered distractedly. "You know I can't stand planes. I took a cruise over to England and came by train from there." The small woman stared with rapt fascination at a large building, too caught up in sightseeing to be evasive. Verity smiled, a little more confident that this really was the woman she had come to know.

"The new Custom-House," Verity said, answering Julia's unspoken question. "New as in just from the 19th century." They passed the Stock-Exchange Palace and saw the Cathedral at a distance, before entering the old tunnel that would take them under the hill and back to the riverside. Verity glanced over to see Julia staring at her and smiled. The appraisal in the look was endearing, but the shy way it was being taken sent her blood racing.

They emerged from the tunnel, crossed the lower platform of the bridge, rushed up narrow cobblestone roads hidden behind the wine lodges and onto a wide tree-lined avenue. Verity parked the car at the foot of the Serra do Pilar promontory, and they started the pleasant walk up the trail. As they got closer to the top, Julia was enchanted with the slowly emerging view of Porto, bouncing in excitement to see more as she walked, which Verity thought to be significantly more interesting a view.

"How long are you here for?"

"I have no schedule. My return ticket is open ended; all I have to do is call them three days in advance of the next ship leaving."

"So, you can stay all summer if you want?" Verity asked casually, trying hard to keep the excitement from her voice.

"I suppose," Julia replied, distracted. The old cathedral had just become visible in the distance, and her mind seemed totally caught up in the widening view.

Verity was a little distracted too, but her mind was on what fun this summer could hold if, things worked out between them like she hoped they would.

* * *

They had met online over two years before and had hit it off from the start. Verity had found and become interested in Julia after reading some of her postings on a message board they both frequented. Soft, demure, and diffident, her posts came across as thoughtful and intelligent. Verity arranged for an introduction by a mutual friend, and they corresponded sporadically for a few months. Over that time, she solidified her early impressions of a breathtakingly sensual woman, wrapped in a very shy and demure package.

Intrigued by the enigma, Verity began to flirt with her, always discreetly and more through innuendo than anything else. She likened it to seducing a reluctant lover and turned up the heat on their exchanges with the greatest of care, always in small increments and always done in such a way that she could retreat if Julia showed any signs of being uncomfortable. She never did, though, and over a period of time, through tiny admissions on her part and pretty strong hunches on Verity's, the tall girl realized Julia was a natural bottom.

Verity was fascinated by her shy, demure nature, and was unafraid to admit what she liked and just as unabashedly ready to go after it. She realized that the small woman brought out the more aggressive part of her own nature, but that only made sense.

If I waited for her to make the first move, I'd be ready for retirement, Verity thought wryly.

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