tagInterracial LoveVeronica in Japan

Veronica in Japan


The elevator grumbled to a stop on the 5th floor and the doors slid open and Veronica stepped out into a poorly lit waiting area. She was wearing a shiny sequined cocktail gown favoured by the working girls in these establishments that was struggling to contain her figure. Her legs were bare as were her shoulders and her hair was done up in an elegant French plait to accentuate her slender neck. She guessed that she was in the right place from the look of the 2 Japanese bouncers who glanced over. They were certainly the rough type, with high Elvis style bouffant and pinstripe suits but she checked all the same, "Fookey Club?" she asked. They replied with blank expressions. One of them held up both hands, palms up, waving them back and forth. She was a gaijin (westerner) and wasn't welcome. Karaoke joints like these in dilapidated buildings such as these in the edge of Kabuki-cho, Tokyo's infamous sex district were solely the domain for Japanese – and were notoriously seedy – definitely beyond western tastes.

"Fukifuki-san gave me this address" she ventured further, and the bouncer lowered his hands. He grinned and looked at his colleague guessing at her purpose here and stepped aside saying "they waiting" his english barely passable, "you come". They led her through the narrow corridor lined with doors. As she walked past each door, she could hear either bad karaoke being performed from within – sung off tune, or laughing, or sexual moaning – or a combination of all three.

Although she towered over the bouncers, Veronica was no match for them. They suddenly moved so quickly there was no time to react. One grabbed her wrist behind her and the other with much practiced movement deftly handcuffed her. "Fukifuki-san like girls this way", he said by way of explanation.

"wha –" she said, but he was already leading her into the room. The doors opened and the first thing she noticed about the semicircular lounge was that it seemed much cleaner and slightly more upscale than the rest of the decrepit building: warmly lit by half a dozen Japanese lanterns, well appointed with leather furniture and a coffee table in the middle.

Then she noticed Fukifuki – looking as he did last night: ridiculous. The middle aged Japanese man had streaks of blonde in his hair, his jacket velvet and he wore leather trousers, with this paunch hanging over the beltline – obviously having too good a time with her husband, Tom – and about 8 other orientals. The empty bottles of beer on the table attested that the night was in full swing (unknown to Fukifuki, Tom had pretended to hire Veronica as an escort for the night to secure a contract. The situation was further complicated by the fact that the English girl had publicly slapped the Japanese man just the night before for making lewd advances on her at her hotel bar, having mistaken the 23 year old brunette for one of the many russian escort in this city).

Veronica stood still, her arms behind her back. Although fully clothed, her dress didn't leave much to the imagination and Veronica was acutely aware the cocktail dress did little to hide her curves. Fukifuki's jaw almost hit the ground as he stared at her athletic, sexy body with her young, firm breasts (nipples erect straining at the fabric) and he was sure that every man in the room was thinking what he was thinking. "What the hell..." he murmured.

"Well, V," Tom said, "why don't you introduce yourself?"

"G-good evening, s--sirs," the young woman began with a faltering voice, still quite unable to believe that she'd allowed herself to be talked into such a compromising situation – but awfully excited.

"M-my name is Veronica and I am your entertainment for tonight," she continued. "I-I am here to help you reach a decision on the contract. I-I promise you it'll be worth your while. If you consider Tom's company you can u-use me in an-any way you like..."

By the time the woman finished her speech, Fukifuki could see that her body was trembling. "Hey Tom-san!" he shouted, "this no joke right? This real?"

"Y-yes, sir," instead of Tom, the English brunette answered. "I was rude to you the other day and I'm sorry".

"Hait! That's exactly right," Fukifuki murmured as he and his brother stood up. "If you're really sorry then we have unfinished business," he said calmly as they walked over to where Veronica was standing.

Fukifuki looked at her. His encounter with Veronica the night before when she rebuffed him was brief, and he never had a chance to take a good look at her. Now he saw that she might actually be beautiful. Her lips were full and luscious. She was slim and fit, and her breasts stood out firmly. As he walked around to inspect her, he noted with pleasure that her hands were cuffed behind her back. Fukifuki smiled in amazement at the turn of events and the promise of pleasure the evening ahead held. .

"Well, yes, I have rented her for the night and she'll do anything I say. Actually I kinda hope that she wouldn't, 'cos things could get even more interesting since she's cuffed" said Tom laughing, "and if you join me, she'll be yours too. No permanent damage of course, but you can do anything else to her, and she'll do anything you say."


"Sure! Come over here, Veronica!"

Fukifuki smiled as the brunette slowly walked up to him. He could see that she was wholly unhappy with the turn of events and. Fukifuki stared at the pair of breasts barely two feet away from him. He salivated at the prospect of having a gaijin woman in his power, especially a beautiful foreign one like in the dirty comics he was so fond of. Slowly, he reached out to grab one breast and began squeezing it gently. The woman neither flinched nor protested, she just stood there offering him her breasts to play with. After a while, she even began trembling lightly, and her breath quickened.

He ran his fingers through her straight soft hair, then along the straps of her dress tracing his finger down to her cleavage; enjoying the defiance in her eyes. With brutal suddenness, Fukifuki ripped her dress open.

Next he pulled her straps off over her shoulders, the material bundling near her elbows so that she was essentially naked except for her half cup bra to the waist. She now felt the rough textured material Tom's jacket, now directly against the skin of her back as he held her firmly in place.

Veronica's sexy brown tits pushed against the half cup bra she was wearing. Her naked erect nipples pointing straight out at Fukifuki.

"Whoa, not bad" Fukifuki laughed, then tweaked each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Pinching them brutally before twisting them around a full turn on her chest.

"Aaghhhh!" Veronica screamed. Not as loud as Fukifuki would have liked to hear her, but she was still just barely getting her breath back. He adjusted his fingers on her nipples, not allowing them to untwist. With a fierce clenching, Fukifuki twisted Veronica's nipples again, almost second full turn around for them both.

"Aahhhhh! Aggggh!!!!" Veronica was now wiggling and wincing, her face scrunched against the painful tit torture. Helpless to resist, she tried to pulling her bosom back away from her tormentor but was held in place by Tom. Tears had already come to Veronica's eyes, along with a whimpering to her voice.

"This ain't nothin' yet bitch! I'm going to twist those nipples right off your juicy tits!"

Fukifuki grabbed hold of her hard round orbs. Massaging them through the bra.

"Nice bra but it's about time I want to see all your titties"

Veronica's bra was made of tough, semi elastic material. Fukifuki cursed under his breath and as he yanked and pulled on it, Veronica felt his knuckles press against her sensitive tit flesh. He jerked the material side to side, pulling Veronica's upper body with it. Her plait undone - long hair cascading first one way, then the brunette length flowing the other way. She clenched her teeth. The big moron was going to pull her apart trying to get her bra off!

Luckily, it fell apart a moment later. Veronica's tits displayed to the public. Fukifuki hurled the bra that had really pissed him off through the air, and it disappeared from sight.

"You like this, Veronica?" Fukifuki asked chuckling. The woman didn't reply, just looked up at him defiantly. Fukifuki enjoyed the defiance in her eyes and remembered the rebuff from the night before. "And how do you like this?" He asked as he stopped fondling her breasts, and zeroed in on her nipples, tugging and twisting her erect titties roughly.

"Ah!" Veronica winced and let out a gasp of pain as he resumed work on her breasts. Tom held her shoulders to pull her back upright tits thrusting out towards Fukifuki. Meanwhile, Tom reached round from behind Veronica to squeeze and grope her hard succulent nipples. "Fucking great, firm too uggh!" He tweaked a nipple making her yelp. "As hard as bullets!" He announced to the rest of his crew who were now sporting massive erections – clearly apparent by the tent in their trousers.

Fukifuki smiled and agreed. "Quite. Hold her Tom" he said as he looked around finding a jar of chilli. Examing the label he smiled, "this will do." She whimpered as she realized the jar's contents.

He took a finger full of the fiery paste smearing it over her dark brown nipples. "This should do them justice." He said. Her tender skin tightened, the cream firming the points even more giving her an embarrassing tingling down her spine.

She gave a silent gasp her sexy mouth making a sensuous oval shape. "Ooooooooo!" "Ah, ah, ah," her gasps turned to moans the chilli began to sting her abused nipples, wriggling but she was held firm by Tom with her back held straight, presenting her breasts for Fukifuki's abuse. When he finally stopped, Veronica's breasts were reddened all over, and she was gasping and trembling. However, Fukifuki reached downwards and tore away the remnants of her dress. He then slid a finger to confirm that her pussy was glistening with moisture. "You enjoy that didn't you?"

"Y-yes sir I l-like that, th-thank you," Veronica answered, her eyes closed with shame. "And I bet you like this too!" With these words, he pushed her onto her knees and pulled out his erect cock. When he pressed it against her lips, Veronica squealed with revulsion but obediently opened her mouth and took it in.

"God Silifuka" Fukifuki exclaimed chuckling to one of the other oreintals, "this gaijin bitch is amazing!" "Really? Let me try some!" Silifuka said eagerly as he pulled out his cock. Veronica was still sucking on Fukifuki's cock hungrily when he pulled out, and her mouth hung open, waiting to be filled by Silifuka. "Yeah, you're right, she's amazing! Who the hell would have known that this foreign bitch can suck so well!" he exclaimed, and everyone in the room laughed. Shamed by the remarks of the two orientals, Veronica nonetheless carried on her work eagerly. When Fukifuki grabbed her head, she obediently let go of Silifuka's cock and returned her attention to Fukifuki's. In this way she took turns sucking until they both came. Silifuka was the first to come, and as Fukifuki watched Veronica struggle to swallow all of his brother's come he kept jerking himself off until he came too. He quickly pressed his cock against Veronica's cheek, and the first spurts of his cum hit her right on.

Seeing this, Silifuka pulled back a little and Veronica obediently tried to take both of their cocks in her mouth.

She was unsuccessful, and their cum ended up dripping down her chin. After their cocks had stopped shooting cum, she was still avidly licking their heads. God this slut is hot! Fukifuki thought. "Alright," he said as he turned to face her, "Now go fuck the others".

Across the room, one of the fat orientals eagerly motioned for Veronica to join him. The grinning sweaty Japanese man grabbed her waist as she approached, and it was obvious that he wanted her to mount him. Trying hard to hide her obvious distaste for this smelly subcontinental, Veronica reluctantly sat straddling him, her long legs out at almost 90 degree angle her heels on tip toe touching the floor. Soon, she was bouncing up and down on his cock. Another came up behind her and pushed her forward, her breasts squashed against the fat one's barrel chest – and shoved his cock up her ass sliding back and forth double penetrating her, sating his lust rather too quickly before witdrawing.

She groaned as her pussy lips enveloped his fat cock. The revulsion soon turned to arousal. Veronica began to moan her hole wet, slopping slowly up and down on him. Her tits were already covered in spunk and the man squeezed them together ordering her to lick her own nipples clean. As she did this sucking her own sore tits, Fukifuki came behind her and mounting her sore ass again.

This second fuck sandwich seemed to last for ages Veronica getting more and hotter. She began to moan in passion her pussy on fire.

Fukifuki was teasing her, encouraging her. "Good, good that's it." He reached for the table for the jar of chilli. She grunted looking down over her swollen tits as he reached out for them again. Her ample tits burned with sensation the nipples as hard and long as iron bolts. "ahhh, ahhh, fuck, fuckkkkkkk!"

Somewhere along the line, the fucking became confrontational. Veronica's eyes searched out in defiance at each lover as he straddled her spread legs, grunting animalistically with each thrust. She moved her hips to meet each thrust as if in a contest to make the other person come first. It was a contest Veronica would lose over and over again.

"Urgh-urgh!" Veronica tossed her head and grunted. The man whose cock she was impaled on was well above six feet tall and weighted more than two hundred pounds. Sitting in a chair, he was holding her by her waist and was throwing her up and down on his long, thick cock easily.

After making her suck both of them, two others, the bouncers, took turns fucking her, and the lewd sight that Veronica presented when she was fucked--the way she moaned and cried, the way her body squirmed and wriggled-had made it impossible for every man in the room to resist, and they all agreed to award the contract to Tom. As agreed, Veronica was theirs to fuck and play with.

It was almost three hours since Veronica entered set foot into the room and she had already lost count of how many men had fucked her, but she was vaguely aware that some of them hadn't had their turn yet, and some of those who had were now ready for a second or even third go at her. But with her hands cuffed behind her back, there was nothing she could do as she was thrown around the room like a rag doll and handled roughly.

Her breasts were squeezed and slapped, her nipples pinched, her ass spanked, her pussy and her asshole fingered. Having been jailed for so long, these guys seemed to have limitless sexual energy, and Veronica just drove them crazy with her young and athletic body. And for Fukifuki, she was also responsible for his public humiliation the night before, and he just couldn't miss the opportunity of paying her back.

Looking back Veronica did say the most humiliating things, begging them to "fuck her harder" just on the brink of coming, and sucking her juices off their cocks after they had fucked her, which usually had the effect of getting the guy hard again, ready for a second fuck.

By now her body was all covered in sweat, with cum all over her face. Her breasts had been covered with cum too, but some of the men found it unpleasant to grab a pair of cum-covered breasts and she was made to lick them clean. Cum was also beginning to ooze out of her pussy and her asshole.

Veronica moaned louder and louder as she approached yet another orgasm. Her moans were shortly joined by the man's as he shot his cum up her pussy. She was thrown off him and was immediately grabbed by several other crewmen whose intentions were amply clear. They wanted to fuck her together.

By now Veronica was too weak to protest. All she could do was to whimper as she was uncuffed and laid on a coffee table. A guy immediately entered her pussy, and another guy took her asshole, which was now well-lubricated by the cum from previous fuckings.

A third guy sat on her stomach, placed his cock between her breasts and pressed them together, while a fourth guy inserted his cock into her gasping mouth. Seeing that her hands are free, a guy took her left hand, placed his cock and it and made her hold it.

The dazed Veronica obeyed immediately and began jerking him off. Seeing this, another guy took her right hand and made her do the same. Chuckling and shouting abuses at her, the other four guys began fucking her together.

Veronica's entire body shook as the man fucking her from behind slammed his cock forcefully into her pussy. "He's coming quick!" He withdrew own his slimy rod lifting the yelping woman off the other dick onto her knees. "Wank him over your tits do it!"

Veronica's fingers became a blur her pressed cleavage and bullet nipples below his cock. The man shot his load spattering her tanned mounds the semen sticky, trailing like a web from his end. Veronica giving a school girl squeal of surprise as a little spattered her face, so hard was the eruption.

Veronica was on her hands and knees, on top of the coffee table. Another man had just shot his cum into her mouth, and after he had pulled out, her arms buckled and she collapsed face down onto the table, moaning. The man fucking her grabbed her hips and began pounding her even harder, and Veronica's whole body was thrust back and forth by his fucking. Trails of cum were left on the coffee table as her face and breasts rubbed on it.

Finally, with a grunt, the man thrust deep into her and shot his cum in her pussy. Grabbing her by her hair, he then ordered her to lick all the cum off the coffee table. Almost delirious after all the fucking, Veronica obeyed automatically and struggled to get up. She was shaking all over and could barely steady herself with her hands on the table.

"Go on, slut!" getting impatient, the man gave her a spank on her ass, which was all reddened from the numerous spanking that she'd been given that night. Veronica lowered her head and with great difficulty began to lick the cum off the coffee table.

Her task was made even more difficult because while she was lapping cum off the table, more cum was dripping down from her body onto it, and all the men laughed as she struggled with this almost impossible task. She was just about to come when the last guy pulled out, and now the humiliation of this was making her hornier and hornier.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, she managed to lick the last inch of the table clean, and as the men cheered, she just rolled off the coffee table onto the floor, exhausted. Veronica lay on the floor with her legs spread and her eyes closed, panting. She felt like a complete slut.

It was almost dawn. By now everyone in the room had fucked her at least three times, and they were now lying around the room, resting. They looked at Veronica, who was a total mess. Her hair was stuck to her face by cum and sweat, and almost very inch of her body was plastered with cum. But all that cum still couldn't hide the bruises on her body, especially her breasts. Her pussy lips were red, swollen, and pouting for all to see. In her exhausted state, Veronica was too weak to protest as some of the guys used their handphone cameras to photograph her as a souvenir to remember the night they fucked this foreign girl senseless.

Veronica has since recovered and is living as an expat in Asia. While she travels extensively, she has taken care to avoid Tokyo again for fear of recognition from the photos which must still in circulation (she still sees a few on the internet nowadays). She occasionally hears from her friends that the Fooky Karaoke Club is still open.

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