tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Part 5

Vertigo Eyes Part 5


It was after 10.30pm but the hotel was a five-star establishment, so their restaurant was still open and quite busy. Kate looked so ravishing in a simple black sheath dress and with her golden hair piled high - and somewhat older and more sophisticated than her eighteen years - that the waiters were elbowing each other out of the way for the privilege of serving at our table. We eventually got it down to two winners, Jeffrey and Nigel, both of who fussed and preened for her and took very little notice of me. Kate lapped up all the attention, which was her due, and I let her order for the both of us, the wine as well. While we were waiting for our wine to be served I looked around the room and, even though many of the women were very attractive, and obviously very expensively dressed, I was with the drop-down-dead most beautiful woman there. I felt really good about that. Mind you, after the glorious lovemaking with Kate she could have looked like a horse and I would still be besotted with her.

We sat quietly, holding hands across the table. She had a secretive little smile on her lips. “What are you dreaming up now you gorgeous trollop?”

“I was thinking about the taxi driver – he was so sweet. He hit on me for a date on the way here. He also said that you looked very young to be my father.”

I recalled that the driver was a very handsome Greek or Yugoslavian guy in his early twenties. “What did you tell him?”

“I said that you are really fifty-five and it’s the booze and drugs that keep you looking as young as you do. But Mom and I are trying to wean you off them.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did, and he’s been hanging around the hotel all day - just waiting for me to come out so that he can take me somewhere! I couldn’t really tell him you are my lover or he might have crashed the taxi.”

“You’re not ashamed of my age are you?”

“Weeell, perhaps you should be with a older, more beautiful woman like that one over there.” She indicated an extremely chic, dark haired woman in her late twenties, sitting at a nearby table with a man in a business suit who looked considerably older than her.

I leaned across the table and whispered to Kate, “Comparing the two of you is like putting an IBM 486 up against the latest zillion megahertz Intel Pentium. You leave her for dead. Besides, she’s a whore!”

“You mean a real live “lady of the night”?”


“How do you know?”

“Look at the difference in their ages.”

“But the gap’s no wider than the difference in ours. Do all the other people here think I’m a whore too?”

“Of course not! The other thing to look for is their behaviour. If you watch them closely, they don’t know each other at all. In fact, she’s doing “her job” and entertaining him. Now when people look at us they can see that we are “together”. Okay, so I might be your well-drugs-and-booze-preserved daddy – I’m gonna have trouble forgiving you for that one - but at least they can see that we know each other very well. If they knew how ‘very well’ it’d blow their socks off!”

She squeezed my hand; “I’m still having trouble believing it myself!”

Just then the wine waiter disturbed our conversation. Kate did the tasting and the approval and I one hundred percent agreed with her choice of a nice crisp New Zealand Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. “I’ve chosen a super Barossa Valley Shiraz for the main course,” she advised me gravely. “We don’t have to drink all of either of them – we can take the leftovers back to our room or even have them saved for us for tomorrow night.”

“Or we could give them to your favourite waiter to drown his sorrows at not impressing you enough.”

“Or that poor taxi driver for hanging around all day without any luck!” she laughed.

Just then our first course arrived, a dozen Sydney Rock oysters in the shell for me – to build up my “strength” no doubt – and plain steamed Moreton Bay Bugs with cut lime wedges on the side for her. Like lovers the world over we fed each other titbits from our plates and toasted each other with our eyes. If people these people can’t figure out our relationship now, I thought, they have to be as thick as…

The first course done with, I resumed our deep conversation: “Tell me,” I asked, “For a “mere teenager” – joke, joke, joke – your vocabulary is very “adult”. What I mean by that is that you don’t intersperse your conversation with the argot you teenagers often use to keep us Crusties on the outside. Plus…” I leaned towards her and whispered, “I’d like to know how an “innocent virgin” like you knows so many sophisticated sexual techniques - I thought I would be teaching you, but it’s the other way round!”

“Two questions at once, Gregory! But the answer to the first one is easy… Mom and Daddy have always treated Kevin and I as adults and talk to us on that level. Sometimes, I can hardly understand the kids at school either. But I don’t feel it’s necessary to descend to their level when I’ve been brought up to respect the English language.

“Number two is a bit more difficult, because I am giving away family secrets. My Daddy…” Kate reached across the table and tapped the back of my hand with her forefinger to emphasise the point. “My Daddy is secretly a dirty old man who has no idea how to delete the Temporary Internet files from his Windows folder or his Explorer history files to cover his tracks. When he’s not around, I sometimes go into his PC and take a look at what he’s been up to. Some of the stuff is absolutely gross… girls with dogs and horses and men with two-foot-long dicks! People pissing on each other and other weird stuff - what some women are prepared to stick in their vaginas to earn a few bucks is staggering. Nice looking women too. I’ve never found anything with young children, thank goodness, but some of the site GIF codes look like he’s tried to find it. And some of the stories! The people who write them must be “off the planet". But, some of the pictures are really beautiful and the video clips are very instructive. How do you think I learned what to do when I went down on you for the very first time?

“In Daddy’s defence, apart from the animals, everything is hetero – no homosexual stuff, except for girls doing it to each other I suppose. But that’s normal fare for male porn isn’t it? ‘Dirty Girls Doing It to Each Other’ seems to be a popular theme. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites aren’t you…how it is that “normal” men can get so turned on by a picture of one girl kissing another one’s pussy, yet they are so revolted by a picture of one guy sucking another one’s dick?”

I conceded that Kate had a point, then put up a possible set of reasons: “Well, to most straight males, the guy-on-guy scene is an attack on their manhood and, for a lot of them, reminders of past “indiscretions”. You know, like an experiment as a kid with another boy or fantasies about a “beautiful” boy they have seen. They put up a defence mechanism that clouds two issues: one that homosexual tendencies lurk somewhere in each and every one of us and, two, some of those gay photographs are artistically very well done.”

“So you’ve seen pictures like that?”

“Of course! I don’t go looking for them, but I cruise The Web and I come across them from time to time.”

“Have you ever had any ‘indiscretions’ or ‘fantasies’?”

“Well, I remember when I was about ten, my mate David, who was about eighteen months older than me, showed me what happened when he masturbated. I recall being amazed at the little spurt of stuff that came out of the end of his dick and the funny look he got on his face. I got my cock out and tried to copy him, but without success…I was still too young. That’s about all.”

“And what about homosexual fantasies?”

I felt myself blushing a little, “Oh, yeah, I suppose… about three years ago I was working on clearing a blocked drain at the side of the house when this kid suddenly appeared, standing in front of me. He was selling raffle tickets for the Boy Scouts. He was very slim and had these most incredibly beautiful violet eyes and clear skin, and long soft eyelashes that most women would kill for. I remember thinking at the time that if I was “that way inclined” I’d quickly be getting him into the house and taking his pants down.”

“But it was only a passing thought?”

“Just so, but that night I had a very erotic dream about doing just that!”

“Ahaaaa! But what about guys being turned on by two girls getting it on?”

“Well, some guys don’t have a sexual relationship of any kind at all, so all explicit sexual pictures of women are exciting. There are guys who are in a relationship with a woman who won’t agree to any kind of oral sex, so they look and pretend. Some guys who are too scared to do it. And there are others who find it a turn-on, but think it’s “dirty” and won’t do it themselves. Then there’s those of us who are curious to know how to do it better – like it was with you, some of the videos are a good “instruction manual”. And, finally, there’s absolutely heaps of guys who believe that you females are “at it” with each other all the time. Why else would you go to the bathroom together so often?”

Kate giggled, “Point taken! Now, as for me teaching you… I suppose I just have a vivid imagination. But…” She tapped the back of my hand again, “Do you realise that we’ve had sexual intercourse eleven times since you so foully seduced me the other night…”

Young Nigel, who was bringing the hot plates for our main course, overheard what Kate was saying and promptly dropped them on the floor. Fortunately, there were no breakages and, having retrieved them, he retired, almost at a run and blushing a bright red. Kate, the wanton hussy, was tilted back in her seat – also with a red face, but hers was from suppressed laughter.

She leaned forward again. “Quick, before they bring replacements and the food! We have had sexual intercourse eleven times so far and each time has been simply fantastic – each one better than the last. I’ve had a mind-blowing orgasm every time. And do I want more of the same? Yes please!

“But, do you realise that every time, except the one in the shower, has been “missionary position”? I have started to wonder when my gorgeous, sexy lover is going to make me go on top, or do me from behind, or sit me in his lap?

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m being too impatient. But, I want to experience EVERYTHING with you, Greg, and I suppose I’m in too much of a rush. I’m so scared you’ll get bored with me because I’m so young and inexperienced – not just in sex, but in the ways of the world.”

“We both have a similar fear, Princess. Mine is because I’m so old, relative to you. However, there is a positive for both of us in that – if we are each afraid of losing the other, we’ll both work that much harder to keep our love alive.”

Kate lifted my hand to cup her cheek and then she turned her head and kissed my palm, “Thank you for being such a lovely man.”

Just then our fresh plates and Chateaubriand, for two, arrived and I had no opportunity to respond in kind. Jeffrey served the food with considerable aplomb. Then he poured our wine and wished us “Bon appetit”. He was about to leave us when Kate smiled brightly to him, “Thank you, Jeffrey. I’m sorry if I embarrassed Nigel earlier. We haven’t really had intercourse eleven times you know.”

Now it was Jeffrey’s turn to blush. But, even though he was at least six years older than Kate, he bowed and said graciously, “That’s perfectly alright madam.”

“He should change his name to Jeeves!” I said after he had gone, then asked Kate, “Haven’t we…?”

Kate was already voraciously chewing her first mouthful of steak, “No, I missed one – it’s twelve.”

The steak was marvellously tender and just off blue – exactly how I like it. Kate reading my mind again – with the bonus that she likes her steak like that way too. We skipped dessert and left the unused wine and a large tip for Jeffrey and his helper.

We were alone in the elevator on our way back up to our room and I held her close and kissed her ear. “Do you have a really, really burning fantasy about some particular way of having sex with me?”

“Ooooh yes! But it’ll have to wait until we get home.”

“Why so?”

“Because I want you to drive me out to some sunny bush glade and take me lying across the fuel tank of our Harley!”

“Now that idea has suddenly made me very horny!”

“Ooooh good! I was afraid you might be too tired!”

“When there’s the imminent prospect of sex with you, my love, tiredness is not an option!”

“And how about you?” She asked as we made out way along the passageway to our door, “Do you have a fantasy too?”

“Oh yes, But that too is going to have to wait…and be a secret until know each other a whole lot better!”

I let Kate use the bathroom first and I undressed whilst I was waiting, slipping on one of the hotel’s terry-cloth robes in the interim. When I returned to our bedroom, after taking a leak and cleaning my teeth, she was nowhere to be seen. Then I heard her calling me from the terrace that lay outside the glass drawing room doors. I joined her in the warm night air.

Kate looked absolutely stunning, leaning with her forearms on the balcony railing, wearing a long cream-coloured silky nightdress that was clinging to her back and outlining the enticing crevasse between her buttocks. There was the faintest of breezes blowing, swirling the bottom half of the garment just enough to give a hint of her lovely legs. The top part, hanging away from her loosely, made her breasts a mystery. “Isn’t it beautiful?”

“One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen!”

Kate was talking about the full sweep of the nighttime lights of the city, far below us, but I meant the sight of her.

I moved beside her and kissed the back of her neck. “Kate, you are such a beautiful, beautiful creature. I love you so much. And I’m the luckiest man alive because you love me in return. Let me make love to you?”

“Ummmm, yes please!” She made a move, as if to go back towards the bedroom.

“No, Princess. Here!”

Kate turned her face to look at me with a delighted smile on her lips, her Vertigo Eyes glittering like searchlights, “Ooooh yes! Please!”

Together, we slipped the silky material from her body and then she leaned back over the railing again. She was a most entrancing picture with her beautiful pink-tipped cones hung freely from her chest, the exquisite taper of her back, the curve of her hips and the tight globes of her buttocks, her slightly rounded belly, and the long, perfect columns of her legs. I was totally consumed by love and desire for her.

Bending over her, I travelled slowly down the entire length of her spine, fairy-kissing each nub in turn. I kissed the two delightful dimples at the swell of her buttocks and she shivered. And when I softly tongued her tailbone at the start of her inviting cleft, Kate arched her back and sighed, “Aaaaagh! Now THAT is sexy!”

I moved in behind her and let my robe drop to the tiled floor. Then, gripping her hips with my hands, I took her. As always, it seemed as if I was entering her for the very first time. Kate gasped with pleasure, then pleaded with me to: “Make it last, Greg. Make it last a long time!”

For nearly half an hour I caressed her body as I moved my shaft back and forth slowly in the unbelievably velvet, liquid heat of her vaginal sheath. I stroked the firm muscles of her shoulders and her long, smooth back. Her dangling breasts were swinging to the rhythm of my thrusts and I captured them with my palms and rolled her swollen nipples gently between finger and thumb, and tugged on them lightly. I fondled her soft belly, her rounded buttocks and her silky inner thighs. And then, when I couldn’t hold out any longer, I found her clitoris with my fingertip and brought her to a sobbing, shuddering conclusion, seconds behind my own leaping convulsions.

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