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Very Close Protection


FBI Agent John Hanson studied his partner, Agent Jill Morgan as she pulled on a hefty bulletproof vest over her FBI jacket. ‘She’s actually quite pretty,’ John thought to himself, kind of stunned by his own revelation. Jill was one of the toughest agents in the Bureau, a real workaholic who was constantly matching her skills against the male members of the Bureau. And usually coming out ahead.

Her lack of care about her appearance showed in her drab hair, lack of makeup and bulky, unflattering clothes. John had heard a rumor once that Jill had done an undercover assignment as a hooker early in her FBI career and that she had a killer body. But he’d also heard a rumor that she’d once beaten a suspect so badly that he’d been hospitalized for three months.

It seemed to John that her breasts filled out her uniform pretty well, but Jill never wore anything tight fitting or low cut so he couldn’t say for sure.

‘She’s probably a dyke anyway,’ John thought to himself. “Are you sure Leatherbarrow’s in there?” was what he said aloud.

“That’s what my sources tell me,” Jill replied. Antony Leatherbarrow was one of the largest organized crime bosses in the country. The two FBI agents had been after him for almost two years now, but so far he’d always eluded them, they didn’t have a shred of evidence that would convict him of the countless murders, robberies and worse that he’d ordered committed. “Leatherbarrow himself is supposed to be here tonight for this deal. We can catch him red handed.”

“I hope so,” John said with a sigh, “I think my wife has forgotten what I look like.”

“She’s lucky then,” joked Jill, checking that her gun was loaded and ready. “Let’s go kick some ass!”

John drew his gun from his shoulder holster and followed Jill up the stairs of the fire escape that led up the rear of the run down building where Leatherbarrow was supposed to be making the deal. John tried to get a look at Jill’s ass as he followed her up the stairs, but her loose fitting trousers and long jacket covered her effectively.

At the top of the stairs Jill didn’t wait to make sure John had kept up, but immediately kicked the door open and burst inside. John followed, hot on her heels.

The room beyond was not what they had been expecting.

The room was filled with shelves and files, and looked quite a mess with papers strewn everywhere. Against one wall was a large old-fashioned desk, behind sat a small man in a cheap suit who was busy tapping away at a large adding machine.

“You’re not Leatherbarrow!” exclaimed John in surprise, stating the obvious.

“No,” the man replied with a confused frown. “I’m his accountant.”


It turned out that Agents Hanson and Morgan had burst in, not on Antony Leatherbarrow, but on Larry Matthews, his accountant. Larry was a short, middle-aged bean counter, slightly balding and slightly overweight who had worked for Leatherbarrow for sixteen years.

“For the last time Mr Matthews, did you witness Antony Leatherbarrow commit any real crimes at all?” asked Jill desperately. They had been interrogating Larry Matthews for the past ten hours and had got very little out of him. Larry had complained long and hard about how much he hated his client Leatherbarrow but he had so far given the FBI nothing they could use against him. A couple of times Jill had almost resorted to violence, the small man frustrating her to no end, but John had managed to convince her to keep her cool.

“Well there was that time he killed his former accountant,” Larry said offhandedly.

“What?” asked John in surprise.

“Mr Leatherbarrow killed his former accountant when he hired me.”

“And you witnessed this?” demanded Jill, standing up.

“Sure,” agreed Larry with a nod. “Leatherbarrow used it as an incentive for me to remain loyal.”

Jill was about to ask him why he hadn’t told them that ten hours ago, but John had more important questions. “You’ll testify in court to this?” John quickly asked their suspect.

“No way! Absolutely out of the question!” Larry quickly replied.

“Come on Mr Matthews,” John said. “Antony Leatherbarrow has committed more crimes than everyone else on the FBI’s most wanted list combined. Someone has to get him off the streets. Someone has to stand up to him.”

“Not a chance!” Larry insisted. “I could end up like his last accountant.”

“We can protect you,” persisted John.

“He’ll find me,” Larry said, looking a little worried now. Up until this point he had seemed almost bored with the interrogation.

“We can put you under protective custody. Give you a new identity. Keep you out of harm's way until the trial,” John told the bookish man.

Larry’s eyes lit up a bit at this. “You mean like in the movies? The FBI Witness Relocation program?”

“Exactly! Just like in the movies,” John quickly agreed. “You’ll be completely safe.”

“I’ve always wanted a new life,” Larry murmured thoughtfully, mulling over the idea. “Did you know that women don’t find accountant particularly exciting?” Larry turned to Jill as he asked this question.

“I wouldn’t know,” Jill replied in annoyance.

“Can I be a Rock Star?” Larry asked excitedly.

“I don’t know about a Rock Star,” John replied dubiously. “You have to keep low key, but I’m sure we can get you a more interesting life.”

“Good point, gotta keep out of the public eye. How about an Astronaut, or FBI agents like you guys?”

“I don’t know…” John said doubtfully.

“A reclusive novelist, how about that?” Larry’s mind was running wild at this point.

“We can sort something out I’m sure,” Jill quickly cut in.

“And a family, I’ve always wanted a family,” Larry said, grinning from ear to ear. “And a mistress, someone sexy with big tits. Hey, maybe I could be a porn star?”

“Well I’m not sure about a family. We need to have someone close to you though. Someone to look out for you in case anything goes wrong,” Jill told him.

“We can give you a wife. One of our agents,” John suggested, clicking his fingers as the idea came to him.

“I don’t know about that,” it was Larry’s turn to be doubtful. “I have my standards, I can’t have just anyone being my wife you know.”

Jill doubted he’d even been on a single date, let alone been in a position to be picky about things.

“Jill here can pose as your wife,” John suggested.

“No way!” both Jill and Larry said in unison, the idea horrifying them.

“It’s perfect!” John said, looking very pleased with his idea.

“I am not being that little worms wife!” Jill snapped angrily.

“Look at her, she dresses like a man!” complained Larry.

“Great,” John said with a smile. “It’s settled then!”


They had eventually come to an agreement to tidy up Jill and get her more feminine looking to pose as Larry’s wife. When John had suggested the idea to his boss he had backed up John and Jill had no choice but to go through the plan. They had also compromised on the career of a movie scriptwriter for Larry, it meant that he would be working from home so it also cut out a lot of the risks.

Larry had been very unhappy about leaving behind all his so-called friends and moving across the country to his new LA safehouse, but they had eventually convinced him by showing him a picture of the large mansion he would be living in.

“Well, here it is,” said John as he pulled the car up to the front of the huge hillside mansion.

“Wow,” breathed Larry in admiration as he got out of the car. “How does the FBI afford a place like this?”

“It was seized off a drug dealer.”

“Nice,” Larry replied with a grin. “Where’s my so-called wife?” Neither Larry nor Jill had warmed up to the idea of posing as a married couple, but they had at least reluctantly agreed to go through with John’s plan.

“She’s inside,” John replied.

“And you’re sure Leatherbarrow won’t track me down here?” Larry asked warily.

“Yes, you’re completely safe,” John assured him as they reached the front door. “I’ll leave you two newly weds to get to know each other. Remember you need to be convincing as husband and wife so try not to kill each other on the first day.”

“Fine,” replied Larry, stepping inside the house as John went back to the car. “Honey, I’m home!” he called out to Jill as he closed the front door behind him.

Larry’s mouth dropped open into a stunned gape as he took in the sight that greeted him. The previously rough looking FBI Agent Jill Morgan stepped out from the mansions kitchen, dressed in a pale pink knee-length skirt and a tight fitting pink sweater. Over this she wore a lacy apron and her hands were covered by thick white oven-mitts, which she was using to carry a hot metal baking tray that held steaming, freshly baked cookies. Her formerly scruffy and unkempt brown hair was expertly combed and tied up in a complicated looking bun, and her face was highlighted perfectly by faultless makeup.

Jill looked stunningly beautiful, she was also the picture perfect housewife. Larry Matthews was stunned.

“Hello darling,” Jill greeted him with a distasteful scowl. Her true nature immediately shone through and it was instantly obvious to Larry that she was going through with this whole ‘wifey’ routine completely against her own free will.

“You scrub up nicely,” Larry said with a grin, he couldn’t help but notice the way her bosom swelled out substantially underneath her pink sweater. He made a mental note to make further investigations in that department in the near future.

“Don’t get used to it,” growled Jill, dropping the tray of cookie’s onto the dining table. She put her hands on her hips, the action unconsciously jutting out her sizeable breasts. “This is temporary.”

Larry paused a moment to admire the gorgeous brunette, then grabbed her by the hand and dragged her into the lounge. Jill came very close to throwing him across the room, but thought better of it, deciding to see what he was going to do before she crushed his testicles.

The short accountant guided Jill to the couch and sat down beside her.

“We need to talk,” he told her.

“Okay,” Jill reluctantly agreed, her face still in a glower.

“If we’re going to convincingly pose as husband and wife we need to sort a few things out,” Larry told her firmly. Jill was very obviously out of her element and practically squirming in her dress and this nice suburban home. Larry actually relished the idea of having her as his nice and subservient wife. He noticed that her skirt had ridden up her leg as she had sat down on the couch, her bare knee and a little of her thigh uncovered. Larry reached out and placed his hand on her knee, giving it a squeeze.

Like a bullet, Jill’s hand rocketed out, grasping hold of Larry’s hand by his fingers and prying his hand off her thigh. She twisted his wrist painfully and bent back his fingers.

“Ahh fuck!” yelped Larry in pain, squirming on the couch as Jill almost broke his fingers.

“Don’t you ever touch me!” growled Jill, releasing his hand and tugging her skirt back down.

Larry shook his hand, “Jesus Christ woman, you almost broke my fucking fingers!”

“Perhaps I should have,” shot back Jill. “Then you’d keep your hands to yourself perhaps.”

“This is what we need to talk about,” Larry said. “If we’re husband and wife we can’t try to kill each other when we touch.”

“Can’t we be an estranged couple?” Jill retorted. Truth be told she hadn’t had a relationship since she’d joined the bureau and didn’t really know how to act. There was also the fact that the mere sight of that little worm Matthews turned her stomach.

“We’re supposed to be newlyweds, remember?”

“Fine,” Jill agreed sullenly. She would just have to make the most of this shitty situation, it wouldn’t be all that long until the trial.

“And if you hurt a hair on my head I won’t testify,” continued Larry stubbornly.

“I get it!” snapped Jill. She reminded herself that whatever happened she had to make sure that Larry testified at that trial, otherwise their two-year investigation would have been a complete waste of time and effort. Plus she hated losing. Jill was looking forward to wiping that smug expression off Antony Leatherbarrow’s face once and for all.

“Good,” said Larry. He once again reached out and placed his hand on Jill’s knee, this time rather gingerly.

Jill resisted every instinct not to break his fingers for real this time, even though his touch made her flesh crawl.

“That’s so much better,” Larry told her, gently patting her knee. “See? Now was that so hard?”

“I guess not,” Jill relented with a sigh.

“Good, now we’re getting somewhere,” Larry announced, giving her knee one last squeeze and then letting go. “Let’s try hugging next.”

“No way!” protested Jill.

“You’re going to have to get used to this sooner or later,” Larry told her.

“I’d rather it was later.”

“Well maybe I won’t feel like testifying either,” Larry suggested archly.

“Okay, fine,” Jill turned slightly towards Larry and spread her arms as if inviting him to hug her. She still looked pretty stiff, and actually rather uninviting.

Despite this Larry plunged in, leaning in towards her and putting his arms around her waist as hers came reluctantly around his neck. Jill tried to keep her distance, but Larry pulled her in close, her ample chest pressing against his.

“This is more like it,” Larry said, rubbing her back gently as he enjoyed the feel of her full breasts squashed against his chest. He was tempted to reach down and cop a feel of her ass, but wisely thought better of it.

Jill tired off the hug a lot sooner than Larry would have liked and pushed him away from her. “Okay we’re done. Now can I go?”

“Not just yet,” Larry refused her. “Now we need to try kissing.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

“How can we pose as married and never kiss?” Larry asked her.

Jill hesitated a moment, “Okay then.”

They awkwardly leaned in towards each other, Jill leaving her hands at her side, but Larry putting one hand on her hip and the other holding the back of her neck as he drew the reluctant brunette towards him. Their lips met and Larry pulled Jill’s body in against his again, eager to feel her breasts pressed to his chest. The accountant felt Jill start to pull away, but he held her tight, his tongue slipping out and forcing it’s way between her hesitant lips and into her mouth. Larry moaned as he kissed her hungrily now, Jill responding very stiffly, making it obvious she was loath to kiss him with such passion.

Making the most of the opportunity, Larry slid his hand up from Jill’s hip, cupping the side of Jill’s large tit through her sweater. Jill didn’t feel his grope at first, but as his hand moved to cover more of her ample breast and he started to squeeze she suddenly tore free, pushing him back on the couch.

“Get your hands off me you filthy little man!” Jill was furious.

“Come on honey-bunny,” Larry told her. “Remember to be a good wifey.”

“You copped a feel you asshole!” Jill swore.

“Remember the deal!” snapped Larry, as assertively as the slimy accountant could manage. “You’ve got to make me a happy husband or we’ll get caught out. Or worse yet I’ll refuse to testify.”

Jill frowned, “You mean I have to let you feel me up if you’re going to testify?”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Larry quickly told her. This was indeed his intention, but he sensed that if he pushed things at that moment he would luck out. “We just have to convince anyone we come across that we’re married. I’ll behave next time we kiss. I promise.”

Jill still glowered dubiously at him, “There might not be another kiss.”

Larry decided to let that pass and give her some time to cool off. “Why don’t we take a break?” he suggested. The accountant picked up the television remote and switched it on to the football game. “Get me a beer will you honey,” he said offhandedly as he started to watch the game.

Jill opened her mouth to snap back an angry retort but then stopped, it was better than letting him kiss her after all. The FBI Agent turned loving, obedient housewife stood up and went into the kitchen to get her slob of a husband his beer. The entire time her mind was racing with all the things she would do to Larry Matthews when this ghastly ordeal was over.

Jill placed Larry’s beer on the table in front of him and headed back into the kitchen. She ignored the pat on the butt that Larry gave her with gritted teeth.


Larry and Jill managed to avoid each other for the rest of the afternoon and evening, barely exchanging more than a few careful words.

“I think I’ll call it a night,” Jill said at around 10pm that night. Larry was still watching television. “I’ll bring you out some pillows and blankets.”

“No that’s okay,” Larry said with loud yawn. “I think I’ll come to bed now too.”

Jill’s face paled slightly as Larry stood up and the implication sunk in. “But there’s only one bed in there,” she told him.

“I know,” Larry said, smiling indulgently. “It’s a queen size, plenty room.”

“But.. I didn’t mean..” Jill stammered in a slight panic. None of her extensive FBI training had prepared her for posing as Larry Matthew’s wife.

“You didn’t expect me to sleep on the couch did you?” Larry asked her, grinning widely at her discomfort.


“We’re married!” Larry insisted, he patted her lightly on the bottom and walked past her towards the bedroom.

“Fine!” Jill said after a moments stunned hesitation. “I’ll sleep on the couch then!”

“Oh no you won’t!” Larry said, turning back to her. “We’re married and we have to act like it,” with that he took her by the arm and started to lead her into their bedroom, almost dragging her.

Jill resisted the urge to judo flip Larry through the wall and reluctantly let him take her into their bedroom. She kept reminding herself that this was only a temporary inconvenience, she would be rid of Larry as soon as he testified at Leatherbarrow’s trial.

“Righto,” announced Larry as they reached the bedroom. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Huh?” Jill wasn’t sure what he was talking about, although she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Get your clothes off,” Larry told her as he started to unbutton his shirt. “Let’s see each other naked and get this over with. No point in getting all awkward and worked up about things.” Larry could hardly contain his excitement, Jill had what looked to be a killer body. He couldn’t wait to see more of it, especially those tits of hers which had felt firm and perky in his hand, despite their more than ample size.

A look of absolute disgust crossed Jill’s face and she started to speak an angry retort.

“Look, what exactly is the problem here?” Larry asked her. “We have to do this.”

“I know, it’s just..” Jill’s voice trailed off as she searched for an excuse.

“You married or something?” Larry asked, he had stopped getting undressed and stood there with his shirt hanging open, his slightly pudgy belly exposed.

Jill shook her head, biting her lower lip as if not trusting herself to speak.

“Boyfriend?” Larry probed curiously.

Jill sighed, “Girlfriend.”

Larry’s lips twitched and he almost laughed out loud, this was working out very well indeed. Not only was she a babe, she was also a dyke.

“No shit? You’re a lesbo!?” exclaimed Larry.

Jill nodded, her eyes downcast as if ashamed of her admission.

“So what, you’ve never been with a guy? Afraid of my penis or something?” Larry asked a little teasingly. He sat down on the edge of the bed as Jill stood awkwardly in front of him.

Jill didn’t seem to notice the taunting tone of his voice. “No, it’s not that,” she said. “I’ve slept with guys a few times, it’s just that I feel as though I’m betraying Toni.”

“Don’t feel that way,” Larry assured her. “Remember you’re just doing your job. Keep telling yourself that no matter what happens this is your job. I’m sure Toni will understand that.”

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