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Very Important Persons


Often times life's best experiences aren't planned, but rather are products of luck and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

I have a friend from college who operates an up and coming club in Vegas. Our friendship has always been odd on the surface; In college I was the studious one while he pretty much majored in partying. We found common ground in our personalities, being thoughtful, laid back guys with similar politics and tastes in music and women. He got me to loosen up, and I brought out his deeper side and helped make sure he sobered up just enough to pass his classes.

I don't want to say partying is the only thing Brian was ever good at, but it may be the only thing he is good at that he enjoys doing. He's a true people person, always has been great at getting people to loosen up and have a good time. He's the type who brings the party with him wherever he goes. Yet he knows his limits, never doing anything too stupid or dangerous. Landing a gig as a club promoter was a natural fit for an attractive, energetic, intelligent guy like him.

I make the pilgrimage from Southern California to Las Vegas once every few months. Brian always arranges for discounted hotel rooms and of course gets us on the guest list for VIP passes at his club. He rarely has time to do more than a shot with us before running off to work, but it still is fun to see him, and I certainly appreciate his generosity.

Brian once told me a theory I've found some truth in: "There are three types of people in the VIP room of a quality club. People with connections, people willing to throw a lot of money around, and hot women who are willing to slut it up!" Personally I fall into the former, and am a fan of the latter.

Partying in the VIP rooms of Vegas was a novel experience for me. The first time I went with a quieter friend; while we enjoyed the eye candy and the bar tab Brian let us run up, it all seemed very superficial to us. I was really put off by the tools there who made an obvious show of flashing their bankrolls, and while I enjoyed the eye candy I wasn't thrilled by some of the women's lack of personality.

My second trip was with a guy who made up for his modest appearance with a silver tongue. We met two cute college girls in the casino whose eyes lit up at his mention of the club and VIP passes. One phone call to Brian later and the girls were in. It turned out that one of the girls had a boyfriend and while she was flirtatious and fun, she was obviously faithful. The other girl, however, enjoyed the free drinks immensely, and ended up coming back to our room and fucking my smooth talking buddy in the bed next to mine and again in the shower. I was a little jealous, but at that point in my life I was a romantic who wasn't totally over my recent break-up.

My next trip to Vegas was the most memorable. I went with Holly, a lanky brunette whom I was dating but not terribly seriously. She was a recent graduate and a bit of a wild child, yet tremendously loyal. Before me she'd been drawn to bad boys, and had only started seeing me because she was unhappy and wanted to break her pattern. After I gave her a couple awesome orgasms she decided there was something to be said for nice guys.

Holly loved to dance and to drink. I didn't mind dancing with her for a song or two then finding a place to sit and watch her. Her body was insanely fit from hours spent in the gym, and she usually dressed sharply to show it off without being too trashy. Guys would try to get on her when she danced but she would deftly push them away, dancing in a sort of private zone to the music or occasionally with other women, especially if the other woman was a good dancer.

Amazingly Holly was a VIP virgin like I had been. She fell in love with it instantly. After a few drinks she convinced me to go to a back corner and start making out, with her grinding her crotch against me on a couch and kissing me. Her skirt rode up exposing her tiny thong, but she was tipsy enough not to mind.

She eventually had to use the restroom and then decided she wanted to dance some more on the main floor. The club's VIP room had a nice view so I decided to let her go without me. She was a machine, dancing for almost an hour, the second half of which was almost exclusively with a cute blond girl. The blonde was fit and dressed in a nice short black dress, nothing too fancy nor revealing. Still, even from the distance I could tell she had a beautiful face fit for modeling. She was possibly a better dancer than Holly, and the two of them put on quite a show together and drew a lot of attention from the nearby guys. The girls disappeared at some point, only to appear before me, glistening with sweat.

"This is Nikki" Holly said, presenting the blonde to me. "And this is my boyfriend, James." I stood, smiled and shook the blonde's hand. Nikki smiled back at me with genuine warmth. "She's from Nebraska and here with her family. She's never been in the VIP either. She didn't have a pass but we used our feminine wiles to get her in" Holly continued with a giggle. Attractive women never have much trouble getting access.

"Let's do some shots!" Holly exclaimed. I had once questioned Brian's generosity in covering my tab. He had laughed and informed me that compared to most of his buddies my tabs were nothing.

Holly ordered two rounds of Patrone. The first shot we did the conventional way. Holly decided the second round would be body shots. Holly took the first one, licking salt off my next before taking the shot and claiming the lime wedge from my mouth with a bit of a sloppy kiss. She decided I would go next, lying on the VIP room's couch and applying salt to her cleavage. I eagerly licked her tits before sucking the strong liquid out of her navel and quickly taking the lime from her mouth.

"Your turn Nikki!" Holly said, applying fresh salt to her chest. Nikki hesitantly decided to go with the flow, licking the salt from the upper swell of Holly's tit before sucking the shot from her navel and taking the lime from Holly's mouth. While their lips never met it still was erotic seeing the young blonde lying on top of my girlfriend. I had a bit of a buzz going and Nikki also seemed pretty mellow. Holly was starting to get drunk, and when that happens she gets exceptionally horny.

"There's a Jacuzzi in our room you know," she informed Nikki. "I can't wait to take a dip tonight. In fact, let's go right now. We have more drinks back in the room right?" I nodded, amused by Holly's sudden decision. "You're coming too right?" Holly asked her new friend.

Nikki seemed torn, but Holly was insistent and I did my best to be quietly reassuring. "Ok, sounds fun," Nikki finally agreed. Soon the three of us left together, the two girls holding hands and giggling, and me trailing admiring their tight asses.

Our hotel was a block away, but it took a while considering Holly's tipsiness. Nevertheless, we made it there without incident, learning on the way that Nikki had recently broken up with her long term boyfriend and was just looking to explore her options and have a good time being single.

When we stepped out of the elevator at our floor, I snuck myself in between the two girls, wrapping my arm around each one in a cheeky sort of way. They giggled and granted me my wish, the three of us walking arm and arm down the hall, me in between the two attractive women. I slid my hand down to Holly's ass, but kept my other on Nikki's hip. I secretly hoped someone would come into the hall and witness my good fortune, but sadly no one did.

Inside the room Holly began to dig through her suitcase for her swimsuit while I tuned on the tub. Nikki got a good eyeful of the sexy lingerie Holly brought for the trip, not to mention the condoms and bottle of lube. Nikki realized she didn't have a swim suit. Holly said she could wear hers and she'd just wear her underwear. The girls went into the bathroom to change and I quickly switched to my board shorts, tucking my bulging erection into it as best I could. I didn't want to embarrass Nikki so I slid into the tub. I recalled that Holly's only swimsuit was pretty revealing, a pair of triangles for the top and a brief string bikini bottom.

The girls stepped out in the hotel room's two bathrobes. Holly found our bottle of rum and brought it over and Nikki helped carry the glasses. Holly flashed me a smile and said "I hope you don't mind what I chose to wear", dropping her robe and revealing her naked body to me. I admired my girlfriend's luscious curves, from her firm breasts to her flat stomach and her smoothly waxed pussy. I had planned to use the hot tub with her in this state, but was surprised she did so with a guest. She stepped into the tub gracefully and looked at Nikki. Nikki dropped her robe and revealed that she was surprisingly topless, wearing only Holly's bottoms. Her body was as lovely as it had looked, firm and tight, with small, high breasts and bright pink nipples. She quickly hopped into the tub.

"My top was too big for her" Holly explained casually. "We need Coke" she said looking at me, and I realized we didn't have anything to mix the rum with. I hopped out of the tub and got some money, and ran down the hall to buy a couple bottles from the vending machine. When I returned the girls stopped talking suddenly and giggled conspiratorially.

I handed Holly the soda and started getting into the tub. "Hold it Mister," Holly slurred out. I looked at her with interest. "Lose the trunks". I stared at her a moment to see if she was serious, but both girls were smiling at me expectantly. Holly lifted the bottoms Nikki had been wearing out of the water and grinned. "No clothes allowed in this tub." Nikki took a swig of rum straight from the bottle, which the girls apparently had opened and drank a quarter of while waiting for me. She made a small face at the strength and taste of it, and then smiled contently. With a shrug I pulled off my trunks, to an audible gasp from Nikki seeing my jutting erection, and stepped back into the tub.

"He IS big." Nikki said, almost to herself. Holly found this quite hilarious and started laughing loudly.

"Oh yes, he's a very big boy. Knows how to use it too" she said, sliding up next to me with her drink in her left hand and patting my erection underwater with her right.

"So, James, here's the plan we came up with. Well, ME came up with I guess, but Nikki likes the plan right?" my girlfriend slurred out while our guest eagerly nodded her approval.

"See, Nikki hasn't had a good fucking since she broke up with her boyfriend. I think that's a shame. And I know a guy who gives a hell of a good fucking. That's you. Do you see where I'm going with this?" I did see where Holly was going with this, but I was naturally concerned that it was the booze's idea and not hers. We weren't terribly serious in our relationship, but at the same time didn't want to hurt her nor take advantage of her drunken state.

"Are you sure babe? I mean we've talked about this but you never seemed certain," I said seriously, looking her in the eyes.

"Well, see, I haven't been totally honest with you. I've had threesomes in the past. Mostly with my ex-boyfriend. Sometimes we'd bring in a guy, sometimes a girl. It's fun, though a bit overrated if you ask me. But Nikki's never had one and we haven't had one together, you and me. And if you're gonna fuck her I'd rather be part than not."

Her logic wasn't great, but my choices in the situation were to argue with her or fuck two beautiful women. It wasn't a difficult choice to make.

"Ok I'm not going to be the one to say no. So what now?" I said. I had a few ideas but figured I'd let them call the shots. Holly seemed ready for anything, but Nikki looked less certain. I didn't doubt she was attracted to me, and quite likely to Holly too. But I also realized that there probably was a level of innocence to her that Holly wasn't seeing.

"I think Nikki should decide," Holly said, her attention turning to her new friend.

"Ummm ok I guess." Nikki replied weakly. It's one thing to go with the flow in such a situation, another to be thrust into the role of director.

I slid around the tub next to our guest, my side pressing against hers underwater. I placed my hand on her thigh and gently stroked it while looking her in the eyes.

"We can do anything you do or don't want to do. You are beautiful and any man would be lucky to spend any amount of time with you. Just seeing your lovely breasts has made my night already." She smiled at my blatant flattery, but it also seemed to relax her a little.

"Can I play with your dick some?" She asked. I nodded and lifted myself onto the side of the tub. I glanced over at Holly who was smiling, her face a mix of drunkenness and arousal. Her hand seemed to be touching herself under the water.

Holly moved between my legs and grasped my shaft with purpose. Her eyes remained fixed on my cock as she slowly pumped up and down it, getting a feel for its girth and length.

"I've had one this long before, but never so thick." She said, looking up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes. "I can't wait to feel it inside me." She then proceeded to stick out her tongue and lick the underside all the way from my balls to the sensitive ridge at the tip, which produced an audible gasp from me.

She continued pumping my shaft slowly with her hand, but made a small face. "It's all chloriney!" She complained. Holly and I both laughed.

"I'll clean it off for you," Holly volunteered, moving forward through the water to join us. She took my dick from Nikki and took me in her mouth, swallowing most of me down as she went. After a few wonderful sucks which Nikki watched with rapt attention she released it and proceeded to lick the areas her mouth couldn't reach. Satisfied, she smiled proudly and presented my cock back to her new friend.

Holly didn't move far, instead choosing to stay close and watch Nikki wrap her lips around my thickness for the first time. I sighed contentedly, and ran my hands through each woman's hair. Holly rested her head on my thigh and watched Nikki bob up and down quickly, taking only the first four or five inches into her mouth before gagging a bit and pulling up.

"Wow. It's big." She said redundantly, to which Holly nodded emphatically.

"It takes some getting used to. Let's go to the bed, I'm starting to wrinkle."

I caught a glimpse of Nikki's brief strip of pubic hair as she stepped out of the tub. The three of us toweled off a bit and relocated, to the bed. The bottle of rum came with Holly, while Nikki and I each drank some water to refresh ourselves from the Jacuzzi.

"Do you like girls?" Holly asked Nikki once the three of us were on the bed, me on my back in the middle with a beautiful woman flanking me on each side.

"I dunno, I like kissing girls, but I'm not sure about other stuff." Holly smiled and leaned across me, gently pulling Nikki towards her with her hand. The two women kissed tenderly, their long hair tickling my chest. I'd seen women kiss in front of me plenty of times before, but it still was a lovely erotic sight.

As the kiss broke Nikki almost whispered "Is it ok if we mostly just share him? I like you, but I'm really not that bi." I could see a bit of disappointment in Holly's eyes.

"Sure, whatever you want sweetie" was Holly's reply. "I'm more into guys myself, and this one's got cock to spare!" Holly rarely spoke of me as if appraising a piece of meat. It was strangely arousing, and I wondered if she described me in such terms to all her female friends.

Nikki swung her leg over me and straddled my cock. She lowered herself, rubbing her thinly covered pussy against my rock hard dick, and pressing her tits against my chest. I reached around to cup her firm ass cheeks, feeling the difference in her smaller buttocks and Holly's rounder ones.

Nikki kissed me sloppily, and I returned it as best I could. She started grinding against me with more ferocity, which I didn't mind at all. I looked at Holly, who was watching us, aroused and yet perhaps feeling left out. I smiled at her reassuringly and winked.

It was clear to me that Nikki and Holly had different visions of what was about to occur. I think Nikki wanted a more intimate fuck. She desired kissing and caressing followed by deep penetration and orgasm. Holly's vision likely involved more sharing and interaction.

I was caught in the middle, though I hardly regretted my position, especially with the firm little blonde grinding against my cock. I figured the best plan would be to arrange our bodies so I could tend to both girls' needs at once.

I placed my hands on Nikki's hips and pulled her with my hands, urging her to slide her body up mine. She took the hint and soon her breasts were at mouth level for me, her body on all fours above my navel. I captured one of Nikki's hard nipples in my mouth and sucked on it, gently at first, licking in small circles around the areola. She sighed and involuntarily bucked her hips which I still held in my hands.

"How do you like it sweetie?" I asked. "Gentle? Or do you prefer a strong, firm hand?" I emphasized my point my squeezing her buttocks possessively.

"Firm," She said softly, then "Oh!" as I gently bit into her nipple.

"I like that answer," I replied. "Holly, sweetie, would you mind sucking on my cock while I see what our new friend's pussy tastes like?"

Holly was happy to be invited back into the game and I soon felt my erection slide between her familiar lips. I pulled Nikki's hips forward so her pussy was at my face. She shaved her pussy down to just a small strip that stopped just above her clit, leaving wonderfully bare lips. She smelled slightly of chlorine from the Jacuzzi, but there was a hint of sweet pussy as well.

Hands holding her hips, I slid my tongue out and licked with the tip slowly from the bottom of her pussy along the outer lips up to the top. I brushed my tongue against her clitoral hood then slid back downward, darting it into her folds briefly before finishing the return trip. I flicked my tongue quickly against the area between her pussy and ass before pulling her down onto my face and licking up again with a broad flat stroke. I immediately went back to the bottom and licked up again, and from the increase in juices and gasp that came from her, I could tell she liked what I was doing.

All the while my girlfriend continued to dutifully suck on my dick. I paused in my licking of Nikki.

"Holly sweetie, why don't you take a quick ride on my dick to get it ready for Nikki?" I didn't need to ask twice. Holly practically shredded a condom wrapper and rolled it down my dick before sinking herself down on top of my erection. She moaned loudly as I penetrated her, but she was definitely wet and ready.

I focused on the pussy in front of me rather than the one wrapped around my cock. I knew I couldn't hold out and fully satisfy both these goddesses without pacing myself. Holly rode me erratically as I continued to bathe Nikki's swollen labia with my tongue. From the flow of juices from her pussy I could tell she liked what I was doing.

Holly ran her hands down Nikki's back as she slid up and down my dick. "You like the way my boyfriend eats pussy?" she asked.

"Yes, oh yes!" Nikki exclaimed.

"I bet you'll like how he fucks even better. Let's trade places." With a bit of awkward maneuvering the girls switched positions, though Holly straddled my face in the opposite direction so she could watch Nikki ride me.

Nikki seemed a bit shy to have an audience yet wasted little time positioning her wet pussy over my shaft, glistening with Holly's juices. I felt Holly's pussy clench around my finger as Nikki slowly slid herself down onto my shaft.

"How does my man's cock feel in you?" Holly asked Nikki.

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