tagMatureVicar of Chigwell Ch. 05

Vicar of Chigwell Ch. 05


Marcia McNab, housekeeper, verger and general factotum to the newly appointed vicar of Chigwell, David Rutter, clamped her big soft aging breasts around his angry erection, and having removed her dentures, clamped her mouth over the flared head of his excited penis.

“Marcia, you’re definitely improving. That’s it, suck it baby, suck it. Where do you want it this morning. Down your throat? Pearl necklace? Laced all over those fabulous tits? On you tongue? You choose because I’m cumming real soon, baby!”

Marcia dropped her breasts and massaging his balls, jammed his cockhead as far down her throat as she could. The first spurt went straight down and she used her other hand to make the spunk spurt out with force until dribbles announced his satisfaction. Rapidly, she sucked the remaining essence then licked the peehole, enjoying his moans of erotic agony. She looked up and smiled, licking her lips like a cat finishing the last of the cream.

“Yum, yum, yummy, yum.”

“You know, old girl, you’re getting to be quite the cock hound. I think I’ll keep you awhile.” The phone rang, and tucking his half hard cock into his pants, he answered the phone. “Rutter here, good morning.” He watched as Marcia tucked her big veiny breasts back into her cardigan and struggled to her feet. “Bishop O’Leary, how nice. Yes, yes, but why? I see. OK then, I’ll be here. Bye.”

Marcia had found her teeth and had buttoned up the cardigan, sans bra, but left a respectable amount of enticing cleavage showing. She looked at him with questioning eyes.

“The bishop is sending a Reverend Jessop here to investigate some complaints. He’s apparently the bishop’s right hand man.” He pushed his fingers through his long thick black hair and frowned. “I can’t remember shagging anything under age since I’ve been here. There was that granddaughter of old Mrs Thompson, but she got me on the way out after I’d fucked the old tart.” He ruminated and smiled. “Tight little piece but no virgin. Sucked like a Hoover, fucked like a mink. Nope, couldna been her. Real mystery. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Apparently he’s due in half and hour. Bring some tea at 9 and we’ll see what the nosy bugger wants.”

Reverend Jessop was a surprise. He was a she for a start. Dressed in a black pants suit, black top and clerical collar that failed to disguise a shelf like bosom and well rounded curves, she had a cap of snow white hair that framed a country woman’s face, virtually unlined but with pink almost ruddy cheeks. Age was indeterminate but no longer young. Grey eyes regarded him as he crossed the room to shake her hand. They widened as she took in his tall, dark Byronesque physique, his handsome face framed by his unruly black hair.

“Pleased to meet you, Reverend Jessop. I must say I wasn’t expecting a woman. Knowing that old poof O’Leary. I thought it might have been one of his ex-alter boys.”

She regarded him steadily and removed her hand from his firm grasp. “I am well aware of the bishop’s sexual proclivities, thank you.” She moved around him and sat herself in the chair opposite his desk. “However, he is also one of the more advanced men in the church who finds gender to be no impediment to professional ability. Sit down young man and I’ll tell you why I’m here.”

He sat and steepled his fingers while Marcia poured cups of tea and silently exited. “I’m all ears Rev. Do you have a first name, or will we stay formal?”

Her eyes narrowed at the ‘Rev’ bit but conceded that her name was Frances or Fran for short.

“Okey doke, Fran, what sort of problem brings the bishop’s right hand man, er – woman to sleepy little Chigwell?”

“You, actually.”


“Yes, you. The bishop has received a number of complaints about you from the local parishioners, and I’m here to investigate.”

David Rutter’s eyebrows furrowed as he regarded her. “Complaints, what sort of complaints?”

“I’ll reveal that after I interviewed the complainants. Now, I’ve got to get cracking on with it if I’m to finish today. I’ll borrow that very nice Mrs. McNab to show me around. In the mean time, I suggest you work on your sermons. They haven’t been up to scratch either, I hear. Seems they have only a passing reference to the Almighty and Jesus Christ and have more to do with why the ten commandments have been misinterpreted. For instance, the commandment, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife” seems to have been the subject of a sermon that changed it to “Thou must covet thy neighbour’s wife and any other female in the family”. Quite, quite disgraceful.”

The vicar did not look sheepish at all. “I thought I proved it quite well, actually. There are a lot of interpretations in the Bible that when you revert to the language of the day can be taken in different ways. Have you read Barbara Thiering’s “Jesus the Man”? Fabulous book! Takes all the mumbo jumbo out of the Bible and proves that old JC was a rebel in the days when the church held ridiculous power in the Middle East. We can discuss it at length if you like.”

“This may surprise you, Rutter, but I am well read on that subject. Now, I really must get on. Good morning to you. I will expect to see you here at 4pm today to discuss the complaints.” Reverend Jessop rose and strode to the door. “Marcia, old girl, how lovely to see you again and thanks for volunteering to show me around. Let’s go.”

At 4pm, the pair were ensconced in the vicar’s study. Fran Jessop studied the roguishly handsome young man opposite her while cradling a mug of hot tea. “I gather you have no idea what the complaints are about?” Seeing his thoughtful shake of the head, she went on. “It seems that the majority of complaints are because you don’t have sexual relations with enough of the women of this parish.”

David smirked. “Well gee, Rev, I’ve only been here three months. You know the old story, so many women, so little time. Besides which, the church insists that I waste time preaching sermons instead of practicing seduction.”

In contrast to her snow white hair, the Reverend Jessop had dark eyebrows that narrowed as she regarded the vicar. “Be that as it may, you still have responsibilities to the church. Let me go over the complaints one by one. The first person we spoke to this morning was Mrs. Jones, young Jenny’s mother. She regards your behaviour as thoroughly reprehensible.”

“The bitch!” snorted the vicar of Chigwell. “That Jenny Jones was the hottest piece it has ever been my privilege to fuck. Sending her away was the act of a dried up old prune.”

Unfazed by his use of the word ‘fuck’, Reverend Jessop responded. “Having sex with her daughter was not the real basis for the complaint. It seems you went to her house and seduced Mrs. Jones in a lame attempt to get her to change her mind.”

“And she agreed. I tell you, that was hard work on my part to even get hard enough to fuck the old toad.”

“Actually, once the euphoria had died down, she saw right through you. I managed to get her to admit that being used like that was the real basis for her complaint. She broke down and cried as she told Marcia and I that she would never again experience what she called the most wonderful sex she’d ever had.”

“You allowed Marcia to hear all those complaints? I am disgusted with you Fran. Her ears are too delicate for that sort of thing,” said David self righteously.

“Once upon a time I might have agreed with you,” she growled, “But it seems her education on matters sexual has been accelerated of late!” She glared at him across the desk and her shelf like bosom heaved with agitation. “I can’t believe you debauched a sweet innocent woman like Marcia. Is there no end to your depravity.”

Rutter grinned like a schoolboy. “Gee, I hope not. I’d be in my grave by then. What other complaints did you hear?”

“Mrs. Simmons was next up. Claims you raped her here in this study. That was after you told her husband to leave her. You then ordered her to trim her pubic hair. When you next visited her, you told her it wasn’t short enough and you shaved her bald. Then you had anal intercourse with her.”

“So what’s her complaint?”

“You haven’t been back and she is having a terrible time keeping her pudenda clean shaven for you.”

“Like I said, so many women, so little time. Any others?”

“Mrs. Shalders and her daughter were much the same. You promised to go back but haven’t. Her daughter and Jem are married and she is expecting, by the way. Then there was old Mrs. Thompson and her grand-daughter Kate. And the wife of the mayor, and her sister. Not to mention the widow Nelson and her two daughters. I must say that Marcia took it quite calmly. Didn’t even bat an eyelid when she heard what you made them do to each other. You really are very depraved. The bishop is a saint compared to you.”

“Bullshit! I don’t go round shagging little boys. I can’t say I’m the blue bird of happiness but I’ve left a lot of women very happy around here. In fact, I’ve just about done the rounds and it’s time to go back for seconds or thirds or whatever.”

“Well, that is the basis of the remainder of the complaints, principally among those that had a go at your sermons. They have figured out that they will not be anointed by the holy rod.”

“Oh, how so?”

“They were all flat chested or scrawny. All the women you’ve had relations with have been well endowed, to say the least.”

“Serves ‘em right. Should have grown tits like a real woman. By the way, yours...”

“Are completely off limits to you, young man. Don’t even think about it. You really are disgusting. However, I have decided to stay to dinner and overnight. Marcia has prepared a room for me and I’ll join you for dinner where, I hope, we can keep the conversation above your navel!”


“Tell me about yourself, Rev,” said the vicar of Chigwell, has he again topped up the Reverend Jessop’s wine glass. Her eyes had begun to sparkle and her rosy cheeks looked even rosier in the candle light.

“Not much to tell, really. I was married at 17 to a very nice man, a friend of my father’s. Shortly after the birth of our second child, he dropped dead of a heart attack. With my family’s help, I went back to university and got a degree in theology and have spent most of my life in poor countries doing missionary work.”

“Was that in the missionary position, or what??”

“You really are a filthy piece of gutter trash,” Fran said mildly, draining her glass and holding it out for more of the fine chardonnay. “The work was far too serious for those sorts of shenanigans. After my two sons graduated as doctors, I accepted a position with the Bishop and have been there ever since. He uses me as his trouble shooter and smoother of waters. By the way, he knows you’re an unprincipled letch and I can tell you he only keeps you on because you actually make a profit. The sermons may not be what the church would like to hear about, but they do make for standing room only attendances. Mind you, your looks don’t hurt either.”

“So, tell me Fran, when was the last time you had a decent shag, eh?” He topped up the glass again and leaned closer to her to clink his glass against hers.

“None of your business, you filthy pervert. There are higher things in life you know.”

“Bullshit. A good bit of rumpy pumpy does wonders for the spirit. You look as if you’re the sort that would enjoy a round or two for a pound or two. I’d be happy to oblige.”

“No chance, you disgusting little worm. I’m quite happy with my lot, thank you.”

“I can understand your reluctance – you probably haven’t had a bit since your late husband put his pencil dick to you.”

Surprisingly, Fran giggled. “Actually, I didn’t feel a thing, and even less after the first baby was born.”

Rutter rose to his feet, unzipped and flopped out his penis. It hung outside his trousers and even in its flaccid state it struck the Reverend Jessop that there would be no doubt about the potential length and thickness. Besides, she had heard all day about the magnificence of his organ. Here it was right in front of her. “Well? What about a taste of something like this?” He stroked it and waggled it slightly enough for it to start thickening and standing.

Fran almost choked on her wine as the snake like organ started to rise and point at her. “Get thee behind me Satan,” she gurgled, swallowing quickly.

“Back, front, any way you want, Rev. I haven’t had a poke all day so I’ve got plenty of spunk stored up for you. What do you say, old girl. Up for it?”

“Get away, you lecherous oaf and put that away. Not every woman wants to have sex with you. I’ve got more important things to do in life than have a fling with a gutter minded hooligan like you. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going up to bed, on my own. And I’m locking the door, so there!”

She staggered out of the room and the vicar watched her big rump sway out the door. He knew the signs. She might have called him for all the names under the sun but her eyes had widened when she caught sight of his dangling champion. She had trembled, licked her lips and sloshed some wine. She was interested, he was sure and certain. He made his way up to his bedroom, disrobed and climbed onto the bed. Leaning back against the pillows, he gave his prick a quick wank and had it vertical by the time his door was flung open.

Fran stood there, completely naked, her hands on her well rounded hips. “You bastard!” she growled, her mammoth tits heaving. “I was doing well until you flopped that thing out at me. They say an erect prick has no conscience and the same applies to you. I’m a grandmother, a senior and respected church officer with a well deserved reputation for moral rectitude and...”

“Cut the crap and get over here, you lovely big titted tart. What a body! Come over here and get what you deserve, you cock teasing bitch.” Rutter was practically drooling as she stood there shuddering with all her righteous indignation. Her huge well stuffed breasts heaved up and down with her agitation, splaying out from her chest and ending with extraordinarily large nipples that pointed down and away. The skin on the tops of her breasts and up to her cheeks was mottled red with her passion. Just visible below the bottom of her breasts was a nice waist above flaring hips. Solidly curving legs were splayed apart and at their juncture was a snow white cap of sparse pubic hair that crowned a fat pink slit. The very epitome of an earth mother goddess - fecund and ready to fuck.

He waggled his prick once more and she virtually ran over to the bed and, throwing one meaty thigh across his legs, grabbed a hand full of his cock. “Ooh, it’s so hard yet so velvety soft and twice the size of my old man’s.”

While she gently ran her hands up and down his erect prick, David had his hands behind his head watching as she worshipped at the alter of dick. He could feel her feminine juices trickling from her to drip on his thighs. “You’re juicing up nicely, girl, and I’ve got a better place for that thing you’re playing with,” he said reaching to grab her huge tits to pull her into place.

She shrugged her shoulders causing her big udders to sway knocking his hands away. “I knew I was in trouble when I left the dining room. For the first time ever, I’d wet my pants. I came the instant you got this cock out. It fell out of me all the way to my room. I’ve never been so aroused in my life. I thought it had all been left behind me you bastard. Now I want it all. And we’ll start with this.”

She hoisted herself up until her knees were on his broad shoulders and her drooling gash right above his mouth and pulled the thick pink lips apart displaying the frilled red raw inner lips. “Suck me, make me cum. Go on, get me wet.” He speared his hot rigid tongue right up between her bulging cunt lips and she gasped out loud. “My god, that’s good, so good. I’ve waited a long time for a man to do that. Grab my tits. Lick my cunt. Suck my clit. Bloody hell the saints of damnation, you are gooooooodddddd!!!”

David had just gently bitten her bulbous clit when he was positively drowned in a pungent, thickish, glutinous gush of feminine tribute. He pinched the huge nipples and forced her back on his stomach while he swallowed as much of her cum as he could. The rest trailed down his cheeks and pooled on the pillow. “Where have you been storing that up, woman – you nearly drowned me!”

“Thirty seven years of abstinence, and that’s longer than you’ve been alive. And there’s more to come. Now for that prick. It’ll go in now.” She leaned forward, her big tits slapping him in the head and put her hands between her thighs to grab his rock hard cock. She wiped the head up and down her meaty cunt lips then notched the helmet in her cuntal opening. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she slowly pushed down, her tight unused vaginal canal parting like the Red Sea. Half way, she rose up until it was almost out, then pushed down again until she had almost all of it in and it had met the obstruction of her womb. “All of it, all of it,” she panted. She plunged down again until her pulsing clitoris was abraded by his pubic hair. “Aaarrrgghhhh!! That’s what I call a cock boyo. Now sit still while I have the ride I’ve been waiting years to have.”

Fran started posting up and down and Rutter rested back mesmerised by the heavy pendulous swaying of her milk white blue veined breasts. Her eyes closed, she suddenly stopped and gave a moan that started low and ended high. Immediately, he felt his cock bathed in warm slippery woman cum. He reached forward and rapidly pinched both her large rubbery nipples hard. This prolonged her orgasm that then de-escalated into a series of sharp peaks as she demonstrated the envy of man – multi orgasms.

The Reverence Jessop fell forward as far as her ballooning tits would allow and framed his handsome dark face in her hands. She kissed him deep and meaningfully then raised up, her grey eyes glistening and peered into his dark bemused ones. “That was the absolute best experience of my entire life. Thank you, thank you,” she said and kissed him again.

“Don’t get maudlin on me, old girl. I haven’t had my rocks off yet and the night is young.” He suddenly jerked over onto her back without uncunting. “Now for some serious fucking!” David jerked his cock into her liquid depths a started a skewering rhythm that gradually escalated until he was pounding her with the speed associated with the age old need to inject baby making sperm. Her arms and legs were locked around him with her need to be fully part of their sex when suddenly her inner walls gripped his bulging cock. That sent the message and he shot a whacking great gob of spunk right into her heated depths. She bit into his shoulder and shook in great shudders as she rode the unparalleled feeling of primal spunking at its best, a feeling never before experienced. Her mini orgasms continued but tailed off as his throbbing spunk ejections abated. She clenched virtually unused cuntal muscles to keep him there while their breathing returned to normal.

“That was absolutely wonderful, David. An experience I’ll take to the grave. I could die of happiness now. What have I missed all these years? I am your love slave from now on. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow.”

“Nonsense, woman. You’re a great shag, no doubt about it, and I love to put it to my new women every possible minute until I’m shooting dust. That is, unless they don’t pass muster. You pass. I’m going to get some wine and then we are going to have some fun. Don’t expect much sleep.”

He rose and strode to the door a totally nude, sleek, fucking animal – broad shouldered, tapered waist, small tight muscular buns. The Reverence Jessop watched every step practically drooling at the sight. In less than 12 hours, she gone from disinterested abstinence to lust maddened trollop, and didn’t care one iota.

******** The next morning, Marcia McNab, housekeeper, verger and general factotum to the newly appointed vicar of Chigwell, listened absolutely agog over breakfast as the Reverend Fran Jessop detailed event after filthy event that the indefatigable vicar had insisted they partake of the night before. The tit fucking came as no surprise, nor the dog fucking really. The bit that did make Marcia wonder was the admission that the Reverend Fran Jessop had sucked Rutter off after he had been up her anal fundament!! Fran’s ruddy cheeks got ruddier as she recalled what had turned out to be the finale.

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