tagFirst TimeVicky Ch. 02

Vicky Ch. 02


I woke up before the alarm went off. Lying on my side, I kept my eyes closed. I'd expected to wake up horny and, instead, I woke up nervous. I peered out from under the blankets at the outfit I'd laid out for myself.

I'd never worn anything revealing in public, except a bathing suit but there it is. A T-shirt with hardly any fabric to it and a bra that will push my tits into cleavage that no guy could ignore, especially since I'd cut the T-shirt's neck to have a deep V. The jeans my Mom had bought me for Christmas. I'd tried them on and, when I saw how the cut made my ass and butt look, I'd immediately bitched her out. They left no curve to the imagination. The G-string I figured was a nice finishing touch. Every time I've ever noticed a girl's thong or G-string slip out of the top of her pants I've seen every male classmate practically stop in his tracks to look. They're like apes and today every ape's eyes are going to be on me.

There's no question, the other girls are going to make comments. That is probably an understatement. They'll probably be outright jealous bitches. The guys won't be assholes though... right? They won't just say "nice tits Jenna Jameson" and laugh as they walk by? They'll be interested, turned on, and actually talk to me... right? I hate this. I hate change.

Shit, you're doing it again, thinking of excuses and scaring yourself out of who you want to be. You're ruminating on the worst-case scenarios. Find courage. Think of the best case scenarios.

I conjured up a mental image of myself at the prom, in a red-carpet-worthy dress, walking in with Holden Stonesbey. Even in my heels he'd still be at least six inches taller than me. He'd almost certainly be in a bow-tie. He's a classy dude.

I don't know how to shake my ass or grind, so I skipped to thinking about us slow dancing and all the other girls looking on wondering how the hell this happened. I pictured his old girlfriend, Becka, watching and pissed. She's a total bitch and doesn't deserve him.

Holden is handsome and popular and has always been really nice to everyone. I know he has a reputation for partying but in school he's always a gentleman. I like that. I pictured him pulling up my dress and him slowly humping me against a wall in a nice hotel suite, my prom dress around my waist and his hands running all over my body. Fuck Becka, smart girls have pussies too.

That was the gusto I needed. I switched off the alarm so it wouldn't go off while I was in the shower and headed for the bathroom, in just my panties and no top. Fuck it, I'm a new woman... and my Dad is always gone by 5am and Mom will already be dressed and downstairs, on her phone answering emails. Whatever, it's a start.

Still, I feel like I'm already a different person as I walk down the hall to the bathroom and feel my big tits jiggling freely with each step. I flip the light switch and check my naked breasts out in the mirror. I can't imagine how different my confidence would be if I had small or misshaped tits. I always let myself feel a little pleasure in knowing that I probably look better topless than most of the 'popular' girls.

I slip off my panties and look at my pussy. I need to shave. The shower knobs stick, as usual, but I twist hard and the shower head comes to life. A few minutes later I'm under the warm water, rubbing soap over my arms, stomach, legs, tits, ass, and pussy. After I soap off I detach the head of the handheld showerhead and lean against the shower wall.

With the end of the hose against my clit, I shut my eyes tight, and let the orgasm build. I grab my tit with my free hand and pinch. I love the feeling of playing with my tits. I love squeezing my nipples. Within seconds I'm humping the air, making sure to hold the end of the hose tight against my clit still. I have vibrators, dildos, and even a vibrating dildo. Nothing, though, beats the intense spray of the shower hose. My heart pounds. An orgasm always makes my heartbeat sky rocket and leaves me fighting to catch my breath.

Again? Well, I did wake up early... But who am I kidding? When don't I do it at least twice? Maybe this morning I'll get myself off three times. It's supposed to be my big day, right?!

__ __

The bell rang; I grabbed my books, and headed out of the classroom and down the hall towards the C-Wing exit. The sunlight hit me and a wave of pride and achievement came over me. That was amazing. I never thought it would be that exhilarating!

Walking down a hall and looking over your shoulder to see a group of guys all checking out your ass, amazing. I feel like I should be on the cover of a magazine. Every single guy that I walked by, that I'm attracted to, was either looking at my boobs, my ass, or smiling right at me. Every - Single - Guy. I should make a poster! Maybe I could try out for Playboy. That's probably not the mindless life I want to live, but it would definitely give me something to write about!! That was the best day of school I've ever had. No wonder all the girls are complaining about graduating.

An arm sent me reeling around and I was suddenly face to face with Jake.

"Hey Vicky, what's going on?"

That one caught me off guard. Uh, you're a popular football jock who just spun me around and you're asking me what's going on?

"Um, just walking home. You know, the usual I guess." Brilliant Vicky; if Mom was here she'd never let you live that down. That was 100% cat lady boring.

"Oh, walking home? Don't you have a car... or any play sports after school... or plans or anything?"

Be smarter. "Yeah, I'm meeting a friend back at my house, just to hang out and stuff. My parents aren't home, so we'll probably just tan and sneak a few beers." Please don't ask me who! Just move on, please!

"Oh, that sounds cool. I just wanted to see if you wanted to leave together for lunch tomorrow. We can take my car."

"Lunch? Tomorrow? Yeah, let's do it." I cut myself short, trying to hide the disbelief in my voice. Lunch!?

"Cool, well I've got lacrosse practice that I'm going to be late for if I don't hurry up. Meet me by my car at lunch then? I always park by the sports shed."

"Yeah, I'll meet you at your car. Thanks!" His face immediately went to a confused look. Ugh Vicky, you're an idiot. Thanks? Nice.

"Ahhh, alright. Cool, see you tomorrow."

Annnnnddd I can breathe again. I can't believe that he just asked me to lunch. If this is a prank, I'll climb into my tree with a hundreds books and never leave it again.

Then I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and pulled it out.

Eric. OMG. I didn't see him today but I wonder if someone told him! How am I going to explain this!


"Vick, you didn't even tell me. How could you come in dressed like some Hollywood hottie and not even talk to me about it?"

"Eric, I know. I know. It's not like me at all but it was totally on a whim. Last night a switched just flipped."

"So it's true, you did it on purpose and came into school with your boobs out?"

"Not totally out! It's not like I was walking around topless. I just wore a different bra. You know, like the push-up ones? People aren't saying that I came in topless, are they?"

"Not quite but why would you do that?!?! That's not you Vick!"

My Mom may see straight through me and I may think about being popular all the time, but I've never mentioned any of it to Eric. That's actually really not cool of me, because he's kind of my closest friend. Really, he's like my BFF. I don't call him that because I think it's lame but if there's anyone I know that I want to be friends with after high school, it's Eric.

"I know it doesn't seem like it's me, but it kind of is. I mean, I did it Eric. No one made me. Look, come over. I'll explain and maybe we can swim or something, it's like 90 out."

"Fine, see you in a bit."

I hung up and started my walk home. I know what you're thinking. How the hell am I 18 and without a car? I think the same thing every day. My parents are wacked. Really, my Dad is wacked. He makes boatloads. We live in a big house, with a pool, and a three car garage. Yet, for some reason that I still don't get, he refuses to pay for my college or a car. He says he will help with college, but he won't tell me what that means.

He is so old fashioned and lame. And to make it worse, he says I have to work and save every penny for college, or he won't help me at all. So I walk, because he certainly won't buy me a car and I would be voiding our stupid little contract if I bought one. He thinks because he rode a bike everywhere when he was a kid, I should too. He's 'out to lunch' but that's not news.

I wasn't more than a few hundred feet into my 'through the woods' shortcut before I realized what was going to happen tomorrow. I'd heard a rumor that Jake and his old girlfriend used to go park somewhere during lunch and she'd give him head. I'd even heard that they did it almost every day. Suddenly I couldn't breathe again.

Is he going to try to get me to blow him tomorrow!? Do I want to blow him? Would he really make a move the first time we ever hang out? As I realized that the answers to all those questions were probably 'yes', a different question popped into my head. How do you give head?

That question sent me into an even bigger panic. It's one thing to have to decide to do it or not to do it. It's a totally different thing to be in a situation where he's making a move and I want to do it but don't know how and do a terrible job.

I thought of the porn I'd watched. Some girls just took it into their mouth and bobbed their head up and down. It looked really boring. But were they doing something inside their mouth? Were they actually sucking in? Were they using their tongues? And what about the girls that take it really deep or do that 'face-fucking' stuff where they do it really hard and fast? Which is better? How do you know if a guy likes one over the other?

This is not good. This could be my first real interaction with a popular guy who plays lots of sports. I can't give him head and then have him talking in the locker room, telling every guy how terrible I am at giving blowjobs. My fifteen minutes of fame would last five minutes. Jesus! Speaking of lasting five minutes, what if I can't even get him off! What if I can't even make him cum at all! He'd have to tell everyone about that. I'd have to get home schooled after that. They'd put my face on one of those 'epic fail' bulletins.

Something popped into my head with a degree of certainly I could never have imagined I'd have; I have to suck Eric's dick. I can practice on him and make him tell me if I'm good or not and coach me on what to do and not to do. That's it; that has to happen. I can't go into this not having done it before.

Eric's my best friend anyways, it's only fair that if I'm going to start giving out head to people I've never talked to, that he should get at least one blowjob from me. So that's it. It's fair and necessary and I'm doing it.

I know he'll want to because when we're horsing around in the pool, he's felt my tits. I know teenage guys are horny and I always let him get away with it. After though, I always notice a pretty good size tent under water or even pushing against my ass if we're wrestling. Still, I should make this fun...

__ __

When he got to my house I answered the door in a lacy bra and a short skirt I'd borrowed from my Mom's closet.

"Wow, is that what you wore today?" He had a big smile on his face. He had seen me in a bra a handful of times and always stared. I couldn't blame him then and certainly can't now.

"Not quite, but my outfit was pretty busty." I just took his hand and pulled him up to my room.

"Shit... that's crazy Vicky. Why'd you do it?" He asked on the way up the stairs.

"Well I'm tired of guys not being interested in me because they think I'm a prude. I want to live a little. How am I ever supposed to be a writer if I haven't done a single interesting thing?"

"Vick, you're kidding me right? You went to school dressed slutty to make life more interesting? That's a bit crazy don't you think?"

"No, actually I don't."

"Okay. Well why'd you change into a different slutty outfit after school?"

"Because guess what?"


"I'm going to suck your dick." I said with a smile on my face. "I think I'm probably going to end up messing around with some guys from school soon and I think it's only fair that I do to my best friend first what I might do to them... right? Anyway, I need to practice and who better to practice on than my best friend?"

"You're going to suck my dick?"

"Yeah, right now. Take it out."

He looked at me, right in the eyes. I stared back, keeping a slutty little smile on my face. He was shocked but not stupid. Two seconds later he dropped his pants and I had the pleasure of looking down at my best friend's big, hard cock.

"Oh my god! Eric, look at that thing! It's huge. I can't believe my best friend just happens to be endowed like a mammoth!"

"I always wondered if you knew that you aren't the only one of us with really big assets!" He leaned in and started to kiss my neck. "Your tits look so sexy right now,"

"If you're lucky I'll let you suck them," I said, dodging his kiss and dropping to my knees.

His heavy, meaty, hanging dick was hitting me in the face as I looked up at him and slipped my hands around his ass. I opened my mouth and pulled his fat cock right into my mouth. His thick thing filled my entire mouth and stretched my lips. Eric just fell onto the bed, leaned back and watched me blow his huge penis.

"You look sexy as hell with me in your mouth," he said as he watched.

I just kept sucking... and sucking. First I kept my mouth locked around the head of his penis and sucked so hard my cheeks sucked in. Then I let up and used my tongue to encircle his head, and tease his slit with the tip of my tongue. I was getting into a rhythm, suck hard then tease, repeat. Way easier than I thought.

As I sucked with everything I had, I was pulling his penis further into my mouth. I can't even begin to describe how hot it felt to have such a large penis in your mouth; it was such a turn on. With light pressure, I ran my hands up and down his thighs. Then I clamped down onto his hips and thrust my head toward his balls until his penis hit my throat. This may be a natural talent... I wonder if giving good head is genetic...

"Mmmm," I moaned. I let a few inches slide from my mouth and then lightly bit down on his huge head, smiling up at him as I did so. "You taste good," I said softly, then lowered my head down to his balls. I licked them ever so lightly and it made him squirm. Then I took his sack into my mouth and sucked lightly, still using my tongue to lick at them. His hips started to squirm again and I started getting really wet. Sucking a man's balls was amazing. It feels like it is the essence of him and his masculinity. The only way I can describe it, is that I felt like a goddess pleasuring the biggest, meanest bull in a pack.

I let his balls slide from my lips. Again, I pleasured his shaft. My lips slid over his protruding veins and felt the warmth of his hard, meaty limb. Here I was, my best friend with his pants around his ankles and his dick in my mouth. I was drooling all over the massive cock of the kid I had grown up with. My hands were again under his ass, pulling his hips into me, forcing his entire shaft into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn't have dreamt of something that I would find more arousing. As I shifted my legs I could feel the warmth and wetness of my soaking pussy on my leg. I was dripping I was so wet. I could feel juices run down my calves.

I was drooling and my chin dripped too; I was leaking with arousal. I was sucking his cock for all I was worth. I kept trying to take his entire dick but it was thick as hell and long. The head of his it almost filled my mouth by itself; it took a lot of force to push it into my throat so that my mouth was filled with his shaft instead. Even when I started to get his shaft down my throat, there was so much more to go. I tried again and again though. Like a slut I tried to swallow his shaft down. In between attempts I kept teasing the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

I decided I'd try to get balls deep one more time. I took a deep breath and tried to keep my throat clear and open. I slip my lips lower and lower, his huge head choking me as I pushed it further and further down my throat. I felt like another inch and it would be in my chest! Then all of the sudden I heard my door open.

I couldn't turn my head to see who it was yet; I had to lift my head, letting his dick slide out of my mouth and throat. As his baseball bat of a dick slid out of my lips I could feel the gazing eyes of whoever had caught us but I could only make out the shadow of a figure in my door. Finally his dick flopped free of my mouth. The big sloppy thing now pushed against the side of my cheek as I turned to see my mother a few feet away, standing in shock.

"Vicky... how did you just... and Eric you're...?" She must have realized what she was about to say and suddenly turned and walked out, not even closing the door.

His wet dick was still pushing against my cheek as I looked at him and we both started laughing. She hadn't even said anything to me, just starred at Eric's huge penis. Then I realized my pussy was even more soaked; her catching us made me even wetter. I opened my mouth to start sucking him again...

"Vick, shut the door if you're going to keep going."

"Fuck it, she already caught us."

I wrapped both my hands around his shaft and pulled it to my mouth. I started sucking it like a crazy woman. I couldn't help but salivate like a dog over a bone. My spit was dangling from my lips and dripping down onto his balls. When I picked up the pace, sliding my mouth back and forth, the slurping sounds got louder and my spit started flinging up onto my face. I was sucking fast and hard, fast enough that he accidentally popped from my mouth a few times; and it popped loud! I was salivating like a fountain, my spit was dripping down his cock and my chin was drenched and dripping.

Definitely a natural talent. Natural passion? It's certainly not boring. Jake's doesn't know what he's in for.

I slid one of my hands under my skirt and found my hot pussy. It was calling to be fingered and I pushed my fingers in deep and started playing with myself as I sucked. God it felt so good. I rotated my butt and pussy on my finger. I needed to cum but fingering wasn't enough though; I was really horny now.

I stood up, pulled my skirt up above my ass and straddled him. I pulled my soaking thong to the side and put his dick right at my hole. I slid the head of his dick up and down my soaking, dripping pussy and then eased myself onto it.

It felt like I was shoving a bat into myself. His head bulldozed the way and my pussy clenched around it. I immediately began slide up and down it like a whore working for the orgasm. I was fucking the king of cocks and I wasn't going to go about it lightly. I slammed my young, horny ass up and down his hard cock.

"Fuck me; fuck your slutty best friend!"

My pussy lips sucked him in and clenched him even as he slid back out. I was bouncing up and down, shooting up and down his long shaft. Then it really started to get hot, he started fucking me back, slamming his cock deep into me. I started cumming like a little slut the first time his balls starting slapping against my ass as he rammed home. I bucked like a little whore as his heavy sack flew through the air, slamming against my ass.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck me; fuck me like a dirty little whore Eric! Ohhh my good! Eric, fuck me harder baby! Please make me cum! Baby, please, I wanna cum so bad! Fuck me!" I was moaning loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.

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