tagIncest/TabooVickys Birthday De-Flowering

Vickys Birthday De-Flowering


*****Fair warning before you start reading. If you are offended by incest, father and daughter sex, and reluctant sex, don't read. This is all fiction and if you are sensitive to subjects such as forced sex, drinking and incest then don't read further.*****

It was Friday night and Vicky was getting ready to go out and celebrate her Birthday. Staring at herself in the mirror standing at only 5'2 in her purple laced thong and black lace bra she admired her figure. She was always the attraction of all the guys and envy of all the girls in her school. Her long blonde hair rested on her shoulders, uncommon for a girl of her height she had the perkiest C cup breasts, which were perfectly round, looked excellent on her tiny frame, flat stomach which she kept toned , and a cute round butt which made her body have perfect curves. She didn't seem it, but Vicky had just turned 18 a few days ago and she was visiting her dad for the weekend to celebrate with him. Vicky's parents had gotten divorced when she was only 8 because her father caught her mother screwing his long time best friend. Her mom got custody of her but she kept in touch with her dad and constantly visited him.

Richard was 45 years old and has been divorced for 10 years. After catching his wife cheating on him with his best friend many years ago, he hasn't been the same around women. He has gone out dating and meeting women but he was never able to commit and constantly had trust issues. Instead of trying to re marry he decided to just stay working and be around for his only child. He was so proud of Vicky, she had just recently turned 18 and since her mother and he cannot be in the same room, instead of celebrating on her actual birthday he invited her over to spend the weekend and he would take her out to dinner and they would celebrate together.

Vicky was unaware of the knocking on the door as she relaxing and listening to music in her room and just as she was taking her bra off and stepping out of her thong, about to grab her towel to walk into the bathroom across the hall to shower, her dad opened the door.

Vicky didn't see her dad open the door as she was bent over naked picking her thong and bra off the floor. He stood at the door way frozen in place at the vision of his young beautiful daughter's sweet little ass bent over only a few feet in front of him. He could see she shaved her sweet pink pussy from the position she was in, and instantly had gotten hard forgetting it was his own daughter bent over. He had gotten so lost in this thoughts, he didn't realize that his daughter had stood up and turned around.

"Oh my god daddy!!! What are you doing in here?!?!?" Vicky screamed, just noticing her father, unaware that he was standing there for a few seconds checking her out before , she quickly covered her vagina with her hand and her boobs with her other hand scurrying around the room looking for her towel to cover herself.

"I'm sorry sweet heart, I just walked in to see of you were ready, I didn't know I'll get out." Richard said , pretending to divert his gaze, but still looking at his daughter from the corner of his eye. He walked out of the room, but not before glancing at the mirror which was facing Vicky. He caught a glimpse of her leaving her perfect tiny pink nipples exposed as she grabbed her towel.

"Its fine daddy, I'm just going to shower and I'll be ready soon I promise." Vicky yelled out as her dad walked downstairs.

As she showered, she thought to herself. "Why was my dad looking at me like that". Being one of the hottest girls in her school, Vicky had been used to guys checking her out all the time, and although she was still a virgin, she knew the difference of a guy just checking her out and a guy looking at her like they just wanted to fuck her on the spot, and strangely she thought her dad was giving her that "fuck me "look.

She thought to herself "that's not possible he's my dad, I'm sure he was really embarrassed and in shock that he saw me like that." She brushed the thought off and began finishing up the shower and walking into her room to get ready for her birthday dinner date with her dad, not even thinking that by the end of the night things between them would change forever.

In his room Richard was preparing himself a drink. He thought to himself "what's wrong with me, why was I checking out my daughter and why did I get hard from it? It's not right."

He chugged down his drink, but couldn't get his boner down. "I have to jerk off, I'm just horny and I haven't seen women naked in so long, once I jerk off I will definitely feel better and get these thoughts out of my head." He thought.

He opened up his laptop and began watching porn, jerking off as he watching the man on the screen fucking a young petite blonde. The porn models naked body brought back the thoughts of his daughter into his head, and all he could think of was imagining his daughter naked bent over again with her sweet ass in the air, and his dick thrusting into her shaved pussy and pounding her and making her moan and scream like the girl in the porno. The more he thought about his daughters pussy taking his hard cock the harder he jerked off, he finally realized what he was thinking about the second he busted his nut, and felt disgusted at the thought that he had just jerked off thinking about having sex with his own daughter, but he suddenly felt relieved and just as quick as he finished himself off the thoughts were suddenly gone. He had one more drink before he walked out of his room and waited downstairs for his daughter.

"Vicky well be late, I made the reservations at 8 and its almost 7:30, come down. " As soon as Richard finished his sentence. Vicky appeared at the top of the stairs, even though she was dressed, Richard thought she looked even hotter this moment then she did before when naked. She was wearing a black strapless dress that went above her knees. He admired how her boobs formed such perfect cleavage and how the tightness of the dress made her curves look sexy. He loved how the only thing covering her shoulders was her beautiful blonde hair. The heels and make up she wore made her look much older than 18. Richard thought to himself, out of all the women he's meet after his divorce none of them have ever looked how his daughter looked now and what a shame it was that the one girl who captured his attention was off limits.

"What do you think daddy?!?!" Vicky asked innocently, not aware that her dad was undressing her with his eyes.

"You look beautiful, are you all ready?!?!" he said.

"Yes dad I'm ready let's going." As they she walked out in front of him towards the car, he couldn't help but to stare at how tight her dress looked on her as, and how short it was. He swore that if it moved up a little bit he'd be able to see her entire ass cheeks.

As they drove, Vicky kept her eyes on the road, and enjoying the ride, but her dads eyes were anywhere but the road in front of him. He kept on looking over at her cleavage. "She's such a tiny girl but her boobs are so big, and her nipples looked so perfect earlier." He kept on staring at her thighs. Her dress was so short it kept on riding up her leg, and he got the perfect view of her creamy soft thighs and his instinct took over and he placed his hand on her upper thigh. When he realized what he did, he wasn't sure if he should just pull it off, but that might make it awkward. "She's too innocent ", he thought, "she won't think anything of it"

He was right, Vicky looked over and smiled to him and said "I love you daddy." And placed her hand on his hand on her thigh. "I'm so happy to be with you right now."

"Me too sweetheart." He answered, "You look so beautiful tonight. "

They finally got to the restaurant and the whole time Richard couldn't keep his eyes off of his daughter. He kept on picturing the image of her naked from earlier and his erection was bothering him under the table. He wanted his daughter and couldn't handle it any more. One way or another he was going to have her he thought.

"Would you like some drinks. "the waiter asked.

"Yes a glass of pinot grigio. "he said

"And for your wife?" the waiter asked

And before the blushing Vicky could say no, her dad answered "she'll have the same thing please."

"Daddy are you sure?!?!" she asked

"Yes sweet heart it's your birthday weekend, and by the way you look tonight I forgot you were only 18, you look stunning, and you should enjoy yourself and celebrate ."he said.

"Thank you daddy, you're always so nice to me, Can I ask you something and you promise you won't get mad." Vicky asked.

He nodded his head in a yes go ahead manner, and she said to him "Well I don't mean to upset you but Mom recently got a new boyfriend and I hate him, he's such a creep, he's always rubbing against me and sometimes when I shower I know I close the door and I'll find it open and some of my underwear has gone missing, Mom has also been so cold to me lately, I hate living there, I know it might be too much to ask but I'm 18 now, I don't need Moms permission, I was hoping to ask you if you don't mind if I move in with you daddy?"

"Of course sweet heart, I would love that, I would never say no to you moving in with me, you already have your own room there, and I would love to have you, it gets so lonely living alone, I would love to have my daughter with me more than the occasional weekend, you can move in after this weekend if you want." he answered her. He loved his daughter but he wasn't really thinking that he would have "his daughter" live with him he was thinking that the hottest girl he has ever seen was about to move in with him and that it would no longer be her mother's boyfriend checking her out in the shower or stealing her underwear but it would be himself who would be doing that. One side of him felt disgusted that he would even think of his daughter that way but once he got a glimpse of her luscious lips and perfect cleave all he could think of was sticking his cock between her tits and putting the tip in her mouth and titty fucking her.

"thank you so much daddy, I can't wait, I know well have so much fun together daddy." She exclaimed unaware that the fun she was thinking of was far off the fun her dad had in mind for her.

As they went on with dinner they just spoke about organizing her room, when they would bring everything in and settling her into the house. Richard wasn't paying attention to anything but her boobs the whole dinner and he wasn't paying attention to the amount of drinks he had ordered for himself and his daughter. He was a built muscular man, and in good shape for his age so he didn't feel the buzz, but on the other side of the table Vicky was feeling really tipsy, and not wanting to offend her dad when he was doing so much for her she kept on drinking and drinking the wine.

The whole ride home, Vicky was too tipsy and closed her eyes and laid her head back, no one spoke and Richard worried about his daughter had let his fatherly instincts take over temporary and hadn't even thought about his daughter sexually he was too occupied with taking her into her bed.

For an 18 year old she was very petite so it was no problem for Richard to pick her up and take her upstairs. He laid her down on her bed, and tried talking to her but she was passed out from all the drinks.

Worried and feeling guilty about not realizing how much she was drinking and instead focusing on her sexually at dinner, he stayed in the room for a few minutes making sure she didn't throw up in her sleep. He pressed his head on her chest only barley covered by the dress, to hear her breathing. "She's breathing fine , shell be ok" he thought, and just as he was going to get up to go to bed, he accidentally rubbed his cheeks on the top of her breasts and suddenly felt a shock go through his body down to his dick which became hard in an instant. His fatherly behavior disappeared and soon his hormones took over.

Seeing his daughter sleeping so innocently turned him on, thinking back to just a few hours ago in this very room he saw her bent over naked, he was itching to see her naked again, he couldn't hold in his erection and he unbuttoned his pants and began jerking off with one hand and caressing his sleeping daughter with the other. He moved his face towards her lips and kissed them, completely in a deep sleep Vicky was unaware that as she dreamed about how protected and safe she felt in her dads home, his lips were moving down to her breasts, he pulled the top of her dress down and saw that she wasn't wearing a bra, and he perfect round boobs laid out in front of him, her pink soft nipples looked so sexy in the dim light of her lamp in the room. He moved his lips down to one of them and began sucking on them, and squeezing her soft big boobs while she laid there passed out.

He thought to himself what he was doing was so wrong, not only was this his daughter but he was taking advantage of her while she lay passed out from too many drinks. He took his hand off his cock and spread her legs and lifted her dress up, as he sucked on her nipples he pulled her lace thong down and began rubbing her clit. Even asleep her body reacted to the stimulation as if she was awake; her pussy started getting so wet. Her had pulled the dress off her, and stood back getting a complete view of what he saw earlier, instead of Vicky covering her naked body, there she laid, completely naked, fast asleep with her big tits out in the open and her pink nipples standing up hard from the sucking and her pussy lips never looked better, completely shaved and smooth with juices dripping out.

He couldn't resist any longer and he tried shaking his daughter to make sure she was totally passed out and he pulled his pants off. His dick had never been harder in his life. Normally erect he would be maybe 8 inches but by some strange force he could've sworn that seeing his daughter naked got him so horny he could definitely be 9 inches tonight.

He rubbed his boner to keep hard as her slid two fingers into his daughter's pussy. Her wet pussy lips barley swallowed two of his fingers. He knew that she had to be a virgin, she never had a boyfriend and was always shy around boys and the tightness of her pussy confirmed it. His two fingers barley slid into her hole, but he got them in and started rubbing around fingering her g spot. Still passed out and completely unaware that he father was touching her in a spot where no other man or boy had ever even seen. Vicky was always shy around guys, she got her first kiss at 16 and had never laid her hands on a guy nor has anyone ever touched her.

Her body's reaction was to immediately get soaking wet as her dad rubbing the inside of her pussy with one hand and with the other he rubbed her clit. He was sure that her pussy would soon be wet enough for his huge dick, because he could see her leaking her juices all over the bed and it began to drip all over his lower arms. He pulled both hands away from her and spread her legs and positions himself between his sleeping daughter's legs. "I'll only go in for a few seconds and pull out, just to see how she feels." he thought to himself.

He lowered his shaft down near her pussy and nearly came when he put his tip inside of her tight wet virgin pussy. She was even tighter and better then he had imagined. Not wanting to wake her up from one big thrust he slowly pushed his entire dick all the way into her pussy, once he had gotten all 9 inches in he started going in and out in a slow pattern, he slowly pulled out about 7 inches, left two inches of the tip in her then pushed it all back in slowly repeating this not breaking his pattern.

It felt so wrong inside that he was de flowering his precious sleeping daughter but her warm wet pussy felt so good around his dick he couldn't stop. The few seconds turned into a few minutes as slowly but surely he picked up his pace not wanting to stop , he was so lost in the ecstasy he didn't see his daughters facial reactions. Deep in her pussy she could feel a huge strange feeling. It was hurting her but at the same time she was enjoying it.

Still more asleep then awake, she was feeling a tingle in her pussy. She could tell she was very wet, it was very strange to her, and it was like nothing she's ever felt before. She felt a sharp pain as something was stretching her out; she wanted it to stop but at the same time she was getting accustomed to it and it started feeling so good. Still not completely conscience she was totally oblivious to the fact that the confusing feeling in her pussy was her own father thrusting himself in and out of her virgin pussy.

So into the moment he lowered his head down to his daughters ear and whispered "I love you Vicky."

Recognizing her dads voice, she felt comfortable once again knowing that he would always protect her, gaining conscience she whispered back "I love you too daddy", slightly opening her eyes and realizing that same moment her own protector was on top of her and that the feeling she felt before was nothing more than her un touched pussy taking in all 9 thick inches of her dads cock.

"Daddy please stop ."she managed to whisper, she was still semi unconscious, not having recovered from her drinks earlier. She could barely speak up more than a loud whisper; she tried pushing her dad off but was unsuccessful. "Daddy we can't I'm your daughter, I'm still a virgin, I love you daddy, uhhhh ohhh dadd...uhh sto..uh...ohh daddy." she wanted it to stop but her body wanted it to keep on going, she was just finally feeling it now that she was more awake then asleep and the sharp pain was gone and all she felt was such a good feeling as her dad moved back and forth in her.

Realizing that his daughter was up , he stopped fucking her half way, his dick still inside her he thought "I'm fucked, what should I do , should I pull out and try to explain?, pretty stupid idea he thought, there's no way he can explain why they're both naked and he's inside of her". He thought "I'm already caught either way once this is done I'm in trouble I might as well finish off "and as he was about to finish fucking his daughter he heard her say "daddy please kiss me"

"What sweetheart?!?" not knowing whether he was hearing correctly he asked her again.

"Daddy please kiss me, I love you, kiss me ."Vicky said in her soft whisper

He moved his heard towards her and began to kiss her. Their lips met and parted as their tongues moved into each other's mouth and they began to passionately kiss. He was so into the kiss with his daughter that he forgot he was still inside her tight pussy. She broke off the kiss and said "daddy please continue."

He obeyed his daughter and began to pick up his pace and not caring about waking her up anymore he started going hard and fast in her small pussy. She could barely contain the pleasure, with every thrust she felt an orgasm build up inside of her

"uhh uhhh ohh daddy this feels so good, uhhh, don't stop. " she moaned into his ear.

He could feel his own balls tighten up , knowing he was about to cum, he couldn't stop pounding her pussy harder and harder, every time he pushed in shed gush out pussy juices.

"AHHHHH DADDDY, I LOVE YOU, uhhhhh OHHHH AHHHH. she screamed.

He felt her daughter's pussy tighten up around his dick and he felt the rush of her orgasm squirting all her juices all over his dick and balls. He couldn't handle it anymore, knowing that he had just made his daughter reach her first ever orgasm made his release his whole load deep into his daughters unprotected pussy. He thrusted his dick as deep as it could go inside of her and pushed every last drop of his cum into her. After unloading his seed into his own daughter he collapsed on top of her and both passed out for the night in each other's arms.

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