tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVictims Ch. 02

Victims Ch. 02


Author's Note: This story is a continuation of "Victims, Ch. 1. Gullible Husband: A cuckold learns the truth," and concludes in "Victims, Ch 3. The Unforgiving: Wife & cuckold seek revenge." It was not written as a stand-alone story.


Jeannie must have taken her purse into the bedroom because she was clutching it against her breasts. I pushed her into the hall and grabbed her elbow so firmly she cried out. Her face was white and she was shaking so hard she almost couldn't walk. I dragged her down the hall toward the flickering glow of the flames in the fireplace. I carried the ripped clothing in a bundle in my other hand. Several partially-dressed couples moved quickly out of our way when they saw my face.

When we reached the fireplace, I stopped. "Just stand right there, you cheap, lying, adulterous slut!" Several people heard me, and Jeannie turned scarlet as they stared at her. I could smell pussy and cum on her from ten feet away, and I'm sure others could as well. Tears continued to stream down her face.

I lowered the cooking grate, turned the flames up as high as they would go, opened one of the glass doors, and tossed Jeannie's pantyhose into the fireplace. They twisted on the grill for an instant, then burst into flames. In seconds they were gone. I opened the glass door again and threw in the guy's shirt. It too flashed brightly and disappeared. His glasses were next. They were plastic, and I could smell them burning as they almost exploded before they were quickly gone.

I burned everything he had been wearing, including his expensive Italian shoes. As they slowly disappeared into ashes, I watched the remains of his wallet rapidly turning to charcoal. I watched one of his keys melt onto the metal grate until it was a shapeless black mass. His watch took a little longer, but it too finally melted into a charred blob and fell off the grate.

I listened to Jeannie's sobs as I stared at the flames for several minutes after everything had been burned. I could smell the sex on her even though I was standing close to the remains of the clothing I'd burned. I was trying to decide what I would do next, and I was starting to lose control. Thoughts of killing both her and her lover pulled appealingly at me. I thought of stripping her naked and offering her to all of the men in the room. She could be another Vivian. I could burn her clothes and let her figure out how to get home naked. The sounds from a couple fucking somewhere behind me interrupted my perverse ideas for humiliating my unfaithful wife.

Once again I finally regained a modicum of self-control. I turned back to Jeannie. "It's time to take your sloppy, dripping, fucked cunt back to our happy home, you cheating bitch." Several people thought this was funny, and they laughed. Jeannie sobbed. I took her by the elbow again and walked her quickly through the house. We exited through the front door into the harsh glare of the outdoor lighting. The temperature was noticeably cooler than it had been a couple of hours before. I unlocked the car and got into the driver's seat. I started the engine. "If you want to ever go home again, get in." She was terrified of me, and I waited.

She was crying so hard her nose was running, but she finally opened her door and got in. "I want . . . I want to see my babies!" she whined.

"Tough shit, you cheating bitch. That's more than you deserve."


I drove us home in total, angry silence. When Jeannie tried to say something, I threatened to kill her if she didn't shut up. Her crying tapered off to sniffling about halfway there. She reeked of sex. In such an enclosed space I could hardly endure the stench, so I made her open her window. The outside air blowing over her damp clothes and wet body was cold enough to make her shiver. "Get used to feeling cold. You haven't begun to feel how icy things are going to get. I was ready to share your cunt with every man there before I slit your throat. You're lucky to be alive. Well, maybe not so lucky." She began to cry again, this time really sobbing. Her entire body was shaking. From fear? From the cold? From shame? I really didn't care.

I parked in our driveway and turned off the engine. I squeezed my hands around the wheel and listened to the clicking sounds from the engine. I took a couple of deep breaths before I decided what I could manage to endure. Yes, I could let her go into our home without killing her. But it would be difficult, particularly in our bedroom.

"Do something with your face. You really look like shit. And wipe that snot off your nose. Then you pay Katie and send her home. She'll see the stains all over your clothes. She'll gag on the fuck-stench than envelops you. She may be young and inexperienced, but she'll understand that you're just a cheap slut."

Jeannie had the decency to blush and look embarrassed. "Jim, NO! Don't drag Katie into this! It's unfair! I don't want to have her know that . . . "

"Fuck you! Unfair? That's not a word you understand! Katie earned her money, but I'm not paying for your fuck time with your lover. You pay her. And show her what an adulterous bitch you really are!"

I left Jeannie sobbing in the car and I went into the house alone. I told Katie that Jeannie would pay her when she came in, and I stomped angrily toward the bedroom. Katie could certainly tell that I was dangerously enraged, but she ran down the hall after me anyway. In a nervous voice she said, "There's some man who's been c-c-calling every few minutes. He keeps a-a-asking for you. He wouldn't give me his n-name." I told her I'd pick up the phone in the bedroom if it rang again. She ran quickly back to the living room, obviously trying to get as far from me as she possibly could. She had been suspicious of my behavior earlier, but now she knew she was in the middle of something terrible. She just didn't know how terrible it really was. I wondered if I did, either. Perhaps ten minutes later I heard the thud of the front door as Katie left. Jeannie came into the bedroom. Her face still looked terrible. We stood facing each other. The look on my face made her start to cry again. I stared at her, wondering how the hell we had reached this point in our lives. I turned on every light in the room. The cum and pussy-juice stains on her clothes were now completely visible. Knowing what caused the acrid stench almost made me gag.

"Take off your clothes. I want to see my freshly-fucked, cheating whore-slut of a wife's body. I want . . . " The ringing telephone interrupted the rest of the tirade I planned to deliver. I picked the phone up after the second ring as Jeannie stared open- mouthed at me. A look of fear and shame covered her face. Good.

I grunted, "Yeah?" into the mouthpiece.

"Jim? Look, man, I'm sorry about your wife! But what the hell did you do with my clothes? And glasses? I'm calling from the bedroom and . . . "

"I burned them. Everything. Even your silk boxers. All ashes."

There was silence for a moment. "What about my wallet? I had over two grand in it! Did you take it? And my Rolex! And my keys? What . . ."

"Gone, asshole. Burned to a crisp. All of it."

"Look, Jim! This isn't funny! Jeannie started this! I just went along 'cause she wanted to get laid! Hey, man, you know how it is, right? An eager cunt's an available cunt! So what was I supposed to do when she . . ."

"I don't even know your name. But Jeannie's cunt isn't 'available' to you anymore. Ever. Got that?"

"Jim, be reasonable! I don't have any clothes and . . ."

"I'm hanging up. If you EVER call this number again, I'll find you and kill you! So why don't you call me right back. I'd like that. Then you won't have to worry about being naked. Or anything else. Ever."

I slammed the phone down. Jeannie was staring at me. "Was that . . ."

I took in a long breath and released it slowly. "Yeah. Him. The guy you cheated with. The buy who gave you that screaming orgasm I could hear from the hall! The guy you rubbed your . . . wet and slimy trench so lovingly against. He called you an 'eager cunt.' So show it to me. Strip!"

Jeannie hesitated, then bent down to take off her shoes. She stopped when she saw me taking out my penknife. "Jim, what are you going to . . ."

"Shut the fuck up, you cheating tramp!" I said in a loud whisper. "You're never going to wear any of these clothes again. I don't want to see them and be reminded of what I learned about you tonight! And saw! And heard! And smelled!"

Jeannie handed me her shoes, and I slashed them with my knife. When I looked up, Jeannie was staring at me with real terror in her eyes. She obviously thought I was going to kill her. That was still a possibility, and I didn't try to make her think differently. I glared at her but she just stared at me and didn't take off the rest of her clothes.

I stepped forward, grabbed her blouse, and slashed it from her neck to her waist. I spun her around and jerked the remains of the blouse off her arms. "Jim, that really hurt! You don't have . . ." "I told you to get undressed, you cheating whore! Now DO IT!"

Jeannie was shaking and tears were once again rolling down her cheeks. She quickly unfastened her skirt, stepped out of it, and handed it to me. She gasped as I slashed it again and again. I dropped the pieces onto the floor. Jeannie handed me her bra. Her hand was shaking so hard she could barely keep from dropping it.

I looked at her as I cut it up. "I see he left suck marks on your neck and tits. I'm glad you had such a good time. How much did he pay you? I hope you got at least a quarter. Hell, at two-bits a trick, I'll bet you can earn enough in a couple of days to pay our mortgage! Maybe I'll put up a sign at work with our home number. 'Eager cunt. Cheap. Suck my tits and fuck me. Listen to me scream.' Do you also charge to suck cocks? Or do you do that for free?"

Jeannie's face turned crimson. "Jim, I'm really sorry and ashamed! But this isn't the time or . . ."

I stepped forward, still holding my knife. Jeannie quickly pulled her panties down, handed them to me, and raced naked into our bathroom. As the door closed, I looked at her panties. I knew they would be damp, but what I saw hit me like a physical blow. I dropped the knife, then collapsed onto the bed. For the second time that evening I almost threw up.

The crotch of Jeannie's panties was wet and stained with her vaginal fluid. That I had expected. But there was also a large streak of cum in the middle. She had fucked that guy and he hadn't even used a condom! I'd seen his wet penis when he'd rolled over, but the absence of a condom simply hadn't registered in my brain. And it was about two weeks since her last period, so Jeannie was in a fertile time of the month.

I don't know how long I sat on the bed, staring at the cum in Jeannie's panties. I heard the toilet flush, and a few seconds later I heard the shower as she turned it on. I could feel the intensity of my anger filling me, like a volcano preparing to erupt. Once again I had to struggle to regain control.

I got up and put her panties in a plastic bag. I hid the bag with the proof of her infidelity in a drawer of my dresser. I knew I was going to need it. Then I stripped off my clothing and stormed into the bathroom.

Jeannie was still in the shower. She cried out and backed away from me when I climbed in with her. I smashed her against the wall with my body. I wanted to strangle her. She saw the look on my face and she knew what I was thinking of doing. "No! No! No! Jim, Please! No! Think about the girls! No!"

In spite of what she had done and in spite of my anger, I began to get aroused. Perhaps it was the sight and touch of her wet, naked body that triggered my libido. Perhaps it was something else, something hidden in my psyche, something dark and frightening. In any case we both stared at my penis as it slowly became fully erect against her thigh. She looked at me and realized that my murderous rage had changed to something else. She shook her head. "No, Jim! I can't! Not after . . . "

"Down on your hands and knees! I'm going to doggy-fuck you like the cheating bitch you are!"

"No, Jim! You know I don't like doing it that way, and I don't want to get my hair wet. We've got to talk! Let me get cleaned up and we . . . "

I reached out and grabbed Jeannie by the hair and pulled her head back. She screamed. "Shut up, bitch! You'll wake your children! I really don't give a fuck what you want or don't want!" I thrust her head under the shower head, ending her concerns about getting her hair wet. I held her face under the shower until she choked on the water. Then I forced her down into the bottom of the tub, onto her hands and knees. She coughed and gagged for several seconds until she managed to breathe again.

I tried to get between Jeannie's legs, but she clenched her thighs together. "Jim, I'm not ready! You can't just . . ." She gasped in pain as I forced her legs apart with my knees. I pushed my penis against her vaginal opening, and she was still wet enough that I could get the head in, but that was all. She groaned. It clearly wasn't because she was aroused. She really wasn't ready. Not like she had been earlier with that guy. I truly didn't care.

I pushed, but I only shoved Jeannie forward without penetrating deeper. When her head banged into the fixtures at the end of the tub, I pushed harder. She cried out again as I forced my penis all the way inside her. I pulled completely out, then pushed myself into her again. I did this over and over. Each time I could feel her uterus being forced aside as I slammed into her cervix. I knew this was really painful for her. She began to whimper and sob, groaning and crying out each time I entered her.

Water from the shower was striking her head, plastering her hair to her scalp. I continued to fuck her. Dominating her so completely was incredibly satisfying, and it helped me to build to a climax. Just as she began to produce vaginal lubrication, I ejaculated into her. I pushed myself into her as hard as I could and held my penis inside her as deeply as I could go. Her face was smashed against the shower controls as I sprayed my seed again and again into her cheating cunt. I held her that way until I was completely soft.

I pulled out of Jeannie and she collapsed onto the bottom of the tub, ending up lying on her right side. Her eyes were closed and she was sobbing. I could see red marks and a small cut on her forehead where I had forced her against the fixtures. I soaped myself and rinsed off. I spent a lot of time cleaning my penis. Who knows what I could catch from this bitch? I urinated into the tub, letting it run down the length of her body. She lay in it but didn't get up. I climbed out of the tub and turned off the hot water. As the cold water struck her, Jeannie yelped and sat up. She quickly turned off the water and climbed out of the tub. I stared at the suck and bite marks that were vivid all over her breasts.

"I know I really hurt you, but was it really necessary to rape me? What makes you think . . . Why did you . . .?"

"You cheap, cheating, bitch-slut! You had unprotected sex with that asshole! Now at least there's a chance that I'll be the father if you get pregnant!"

Jeannie turned red, then looked down at the floor. She began to cry again. "How about those girls down the hall? Are they mine? Or someone else's?"

Jeannie looked up, anger on her face. "How dare you suggest? . . ."

I reached out and slapped her breasts with the back of my hand. They immediately turned red and Jeannie gasped in pain. "Because, you cheap whore, you proved tonight that you don't give a damn who makes you pregnant. Damn you! When that asshole told you that you had an audience, you got all excited and started to perform. Just how many guys did you fuck tonight, anyway? Were you going to take on as many as you could, like Vivian? Shit, I saw you dancing with that prick and I thought you were going to do him right there after he pulled your skirt up above your ass." Jeannie stared at me both in anger and shock.

"You saw? Yes, I was unfaithful tonight, but only with . . . him! How could you think? . . ."

"How? You've got to be kidding! You know, it's ironic. If I had fucked Vivian like she offered, I probably wouldn't have seen you going into that bedroom. Since I haven't been fucking you, and since I didn't know you were getting porked by him, I would never have figured out what was going on unless your belly started swelling up. Hell, maybe it still will."

I dried myself off and left Jeannie crying in the bathroom. With her wet hair she looked like a drowned rat. I got into bed, naked as was my custom. I heard Jeannie using her hair dryer for an extremely long time. The adrenalin wore off, and I was suddenly dead tired and slightly nauseous. In spite of the terrible events of the evening, I was almost asleep when I felt her climbing into her side of the bed.

The room was completely dark, and I reached out and felt that she was wearing panties and a shirt. "Take them off. Bitches like you don't wear clothes in bed. And from now on whenever I want to fuck you I'm going to. Your eager cunt belongs to me. What you want doesn't matter. If you ever say no, I'll rape you again. If you ever fuck someone else, I'll kill you. And him."

Jeannie got up and I heard her removing her clothes. She climbed back into bed without touching me. I heard her crying into her pillow as I fell asleep. How the hell did our marriage get this messed up? Could it be saved? Who gave a shit, anyway? Jeannie obviously didn't, did she? I fell asleep remembering how she had looked when I went into that room and found that guy between her legs as she moaned and rolled back and rubbed her pussy against him and got ready to fuck him again and . . .


Light was shining in the window when I woke up. I had an intense headache and my usual morning erection. I shook Jeannie awake. When she opened her eyes, I pointed to my penis. "Suck it. I want to cum in your mouth before I take a piss."

Jeannie shook her head. "Jim, this isn't right! You're treating me like . . . like a prostitute! I can't just . . ."

"Yes you can. As far as I'm concerned you ARE just a cheap whore, and I want a blowjob. It's what I feel like right now. Maybe later I'll want to fuck you. But get busy and suck me. And swallow, even though you don't like to. I don't want a mess. If it helps, you can pretend you're sucking your lover's cock. I obviously can't read your mind. Hell, I can't figure out anything you've been thinking about lately."

Jeannie started to cry. When she didn't move I pushed her head down to my crotch and rubbed the head of my penis against her lips. After a few seconds she began to suck and lick my penis. It took a long time. Neither of us was aroused, and what I really needed to do was urinate. My headache didn't help, either. It also didn't help that her tears were dripping onto my groin. But she finally managed to get me turned on, and I ejaculated a couple of times into her mouth. She swallowed and cleaned me up with her mouth. She was still crying. I almost felt sorry for her, but I quickly suppressed that emotion. In this room she was just a whore. My whore. My eager cunt. Shit! I took a shower while Jeannie lay curled up in bed. She was still whimpering when I came out. "The girls and I expect breakfast. Better clean yourself up. If they see you like this, they'll think you're some hooker I picked up in a bar. Hell, for all I know that's what you've been doing in your spare time." She began to sob, loudly. I left the room.

Lizzie, our three-year-old, didn't notice that something was wrong at our later- than-usual Sunday-morning family breakfast. But her six-year-old sister, Jennifer, did. She asked, "What's wrong with Mommy, Daddy?" I explained that Mommy had not slept very well and that this was kind of like a bad dream. Jennifer nodded very wisely, but she didn't look convinced.

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