tagGay MaleVictor and Samuel Ch. 04

Victor and Samuel Ch. 04


A biting chill rushed through the door before Victor was able to shut it. His feet were covered in snow; his hair, moist from the falling flakes, clung to his forehead. He dropped his keys on the small table by the door and headed to the kitchen. The darkness was a bit annoying so he flicked on the light and was suddenly surrounded with shouts of "Surprise" and "Happy Birthday" as well as confetti that had been tossed at him. His eyes sought out those of his partner and he smiled.

"You are in big trouble."

Samuel laughed and moved over to his best friend and lover. He hugged him, kissed his cheek, and then captured his lips. "Happy Birthday, babe," he said after taking a quick taste of Victor.

"Thanks," he looked around and spied Samuel and his friends.

"Pam called and said to let you know her and the kids will be around tomorrow night," Samuel told him.

Victor nodded his head, not surprised in the least. He and Pamela would never be close again, but she was more civil with him and Samuel. He would never expect her to embrace his lifestyle by attending a birthday party that was full of the reasons he'd left her in the first place. She was happy too. A friend of theirs introduced her to a widow; he had a couple of boys a few years older than Abby and Alice. It was quite the thing to see the group together, but when he did see them, it was usually amid a pile of smiles and laughter.

The party moved from the kitchen to the furnished and fully functional basement. Several groups corrugated together. Samuel headed over to the basement kitchen and began to work on steaks, burgers, and brats; the aroma made several mouths salivate. Victor was handed a beer and enclosed in hugs from several friends. His eyes caught the features of a couple that were engrossed in a conversation at the edge of the room. His face grew in a smile and he made his way to them.

"Jake. Baker," Victor said, extending his hand and then pulling the first gentleman into a hug. He kissed his cheek and was rewarded with a kiss on his by Baker.

"Vic, nice seeing you again," Jake said. He clinked his bottle of beer against Victor's and wished him a happy birthday.

"Thanks. This is a surprise. Hell it's only been what, a couple of months since Sam and I were in Miami and we were meeting? I sure am surprised to see you guys here."

A hand ran up Victor's spine and he leaned back against the familiar touch. "I told them about your birthday and they said they'd be here," Samuel said letting his hand rest on Victor's back. "The food's almost ready, if you want to change out of the suit, I'll finish up a steak for you."

"All right," Victor replied.

Samuel watched him leave and smirked over to Jake and Baker. "You know I love throwing him a party, but seeing him standing here with you two, brought back some memories and now I wish everyone would leave."

The two men laughed as did Sam. Eventually they headed to the food and Samuel joined them. When Victor returned, he grabbed his food and made his way over to a young married couple that had been working with Samuel's company long before Victor joined. "Hey, Deb, Brian."

"Vic," Brian nodded. "Enjoying your night?"

"Yes, this was a surprise."

"Well Samuel told us a couple of weeks ago he was planning it and we couldn't turn down an invitation for free food. How are things?" Deb asked.

"Not bad. Pam's seeing someone. The councilor gave us a clean bill of health and we had our last session a couple of weeks ago. The kids are enjoying their new friends, Pam's boyfriend's kids," Victor told them.

"That's good. I know it didn't go over well with my kids when I divorced and brought a new man into their lives," Deb told him.

"No, it was hard, but it has almost been a year and I really think we've come a long way. The girls and Michael have spent several weekends over here now, where in the beginning Pamela was adamant it would never happen. We're even looking into getting a bigger home, out in the country, so when Summer rolls around the kids can spend the summer with us and they'll be plenty of room for them to play."

"Sounds like you and Samuel are set then?" Brian asked.

"I believe we are. We just take it one day at a time."

A shout filled the room and the group of friends moved over to the center bar and surrounded a birthday cake shaped like a farm. In the center there was a "silo" and at the top a set of keys had been placed in the icing. "Looks like you got that home in the country," Deb whispered and pinched Victor's ribs.

His gaze flew to Samuel's and his smile grew wide. "When?" he asked.

"Closed just this morning. I've been working my ass off to keep secrets from you. Glad I don't have to any more."

"How though? I never signed anything," Victor replied.

"Sure you did. You sign papers every day at work. I just snuck a few in there."

Victor laughed. "Good thing I trust you."

"Fuck yay that was the first thing I thought when I watched you sign without reading. I decided right then and there no one was allowed to bring you papers but me, if you were going to just sign and not read," Samuel chuckled.

"And here I thought you were just wanting to spend extra time with me."

"That and save my company," Samuel said and then rolled his eyes. "Come on bud, folks are getting restless for their sugar fix."

The cake was quickly cut up and by the time everyone had a slice, it no longer resembled a country scene, but a deformed mass of chocolate fluff. The party quietly began to wind down and soon only a small group of people remained. Those too departed after giving the "birthday boy" hugs and handshakes, leaving Jake, Baker, Samuel and Vic to clean up.

Victor wasn't an idiot. He knew that Jake and Baker would be staying with him and his lover. As soon as he saw the two men, he'd known it and he had spent most of his party in a perpetual state of horniness. Now as he walked around picking up beer cans and paper napkins he felt his stomach knotting in anticipation. He remembered how much he'd enjoyed his first experience with his lover and two other men and he looked forward to reliving that feeling of euphoria again.

"Hey babe," Samuel said, running his hand over Victor's ass. "Head upstairs and climb in the hot tub. It's been heating up for the last few hours."

"It's freezing outside, Sam."

"That's why it's called a hot tub, you goof. Go on, you'll love it," Baker said, adding his two-cents worth.

Victor chuckled and tossed the trash he'd collected into the can, under the sink and bounded up the stairs. He grabbed several towels and made his way to Samuel and his bedroom that also connected with the outdoor patio deck. He glanced outside and smiled. The deck had been shoveled clean, torches normally used during the summer were lit and the snow had stopped falling. He stripped off his clothes and took a deep breath.

His cock went limp the second he stepped into freezing night air. It didn't take long to close the distance between him and the hot tub. He climbed in and his cold, goose bump-covered flesh, quickly warmed. Victor sank deep and let the water roll over his shoulders. His skin was pulled tight over muscles that he had been developing over the past several months. He closed his eyes and gave into the soothing relaxation that the steamy liquid provided.

Time passed before Victor heard anyone or anything disturb the soft slumber that had overtaken him. He opened one eye and watched three men, all as naked as he had been when he walked out, come toward him. He sat up, with both eyes now open and smirked. "Looking a bit deflated there fellas." He nodded to the three limp cocks and heard the chuckling and cajoling that came from his three friends.

Jake and Baker slid in as did Samuel. Victor watched their facial expressions change from frigid cold to welcomed ecstasy. He laughed, knowing full well he had probably made that same face. The three men eventually opened their eyes and looked at the man in front of them.

"Did you enjoy the party?" Samuel asked, scooting himself closer to his lover and placing his arm around his shoulder.

"I did. It was a great surprise, babe." Victor's hand came up and fingers eased into Sam's hair. He pulled him closer and slid his tongue over Samuel's open and eager mouth. Their lips pressed tightly together and the warm muscles swept along side each other, tasting and drinking the flavors of the night's activities.

They pulled apart, each man feeling the effects of their kiss rush through them. Victor's hand trailed down Samuel's neck and over his shoulder, before skating down his chest. Samuel shuddered, enjoying the feel of his lover's fingers playing over his skin.

The other couple in the hot tub watched, both had known Samuel for several years and were glad that he had found what they believed was Samuel's soul-mate. Samuel had struggled with lovers, sometimes finding himself too dominating and the men in his life not open to it. They liked Victor though, he was a mixture. It was obvious to them as they watched the two men kiss and touch that Victor was comfortable with being submissive, but when push came to shove he'd become the dominating voice in the relationship.

Jake smiled and wrapped his hand around his lover's cock. He stroked it slowly as he watched Samuel suck on Victor's neck while Victor's hand dipped below the water. He heard Baker moan and knew that he too watched the show. Turning his head, he met Baker's hungry mouth with his and began to lap at his tongue with firm strokes and heady urges.

Baker's cock jerked in his lover's hand and he moved his under the water to grip and toy with his testicles. He groaned when Jake increased his rhythm and felt his partner's tongue slide over his lips and then away from his mouth. He trembled when Jake began to nibble against his jaw and then suck on his neck. "They look hot; don't they?" he heard Jake whisper in his ear.

"Yay," he answered back with a thick groan.

Jake began jerking his lover's cock faster and ran his mouth over Baker's slippery shoulder and bit the tender flesh. "Been a while since you've seen Vic's cock hasn't it, baby."

Baker felt his eyes flutter as Jake jerked his tool. "Sit up here on the edge of the tub and let me suck that meat off," he heard Jake tell him. Baker dropped his balls and sat up on the edge of the hot tub. The steam rolled around him. The contrasting temperatures shocked his body, but with Jake's experienced hands Baker wasn't concerned. He watched his lover's mouth open and he spread his legs wide, welcoming the blanket of hot tissue and warm muscle that enveloped him.

Victor watched; his hard on became a nagging presence that throbbed in his partner's hands. Samuel glanced at their friends and his cock slapped against his stomach in anticipation for some erotic play. "Vic, I need you man."

Vic groaned and felt his lover's fingers release his swollen member. He moved slid onto Samuel's lap. Sam aimed his dick head at the welcoming crack and ran it down the tight length. Vic moaned, reached back and grabbed a hunk of flesh in both hands, spread his cheeks wide and growled when he felt Samuel's hard cock slide across his puckered entrance.

Baker watched the scene behind Jake play out. His muscles tensed and he started lifting his hips up and fucking his partner's face with hard thrusts. His hands curled around the edge of the hot tub and he used the rim as leverage for his upward assault on Jake's mouth.

Jake sucked harder on Baker's dick, loving the feel of his driving force and the welcomed slam of cock head smacking against the back of his throat. He grabbed Baker's balls with one hand and squeezed them as his head bobbed up and down on the stiff rod. His other hand went under the water and he started hammering at his hard tool. Jake's desire grew more intense as he heard his lover's moans and the sounds of Victor, demanding Samuel fuck his ass.

Victor felt his partner's dick ease into his entrance. The swollen head slipped in and then pushed past the tight rings until Samuel could take no more of Victor's teasing and he grabbed Vic's hips and slammed him down on his full meat. He dragged his partner's hips up and then down, letting his cock become enwrapped in the tight cavern of firm muscle. His cock felt as if a vise were clamped around it and wouldn't ease up. He groaned as Victor took over the depth and the speed at which they fucked.

"Vic baby, oh fuck. Harder, oh God," Samuel shouted out.

"Harder huh? You want me shoving you cock up my ass harder? How's this you slut?" Vic shouted back, ramming his rear down and taking every inch Sam offered. He felt his lover's balls rise up and bounce against him. He increased his thrusting, so he could experience the slap again and again. His cock was aching for release and one of his hands wrapped around it. He started stroking his meat as he bounced up and down on his partner.

Jake still couldn't see what was going on, but from the sounds of things he knew Samuel was getting close to coming. He also knew the cock in his mouth was going to be spraying a hot load of milk deep down his throat, so he picked up speed and pressure.

Baker was a blur as he drove into Jake's mouth. His cock was tight and his balls were hugged up against his flesh. "Jake. I'm gonna come, man. Oh fuck," he growled out and then felt his seed shoot out and fill his lover's mouth.

He felt his partner suck every drop as he milked him and then he watched Samuel's expression and knew that Sam too had come in Victor's ass. "Ohhh...ohhh fuck man."

Jake smirked and wiped his mouth of come; he looked over at Vic and Samuel. "You come yet?" he asked Vic.

"No man," he muttered. "I need to come really bad. "You?"

"Fuck no. I need it too."

Samuel laughed and helped ease himself from Victor's ass. "I think you both can handle that."

Victor smirked and rose from the water. His dick was rigid and pointing straight up. The hard member smacked his stomach as he walked over to the edge of the hot tub and climbed out. It wasn't long before he was in the bedroom, followed by the other men. His cock and Jake's were still hard, but not as thick as they had been when they had gotten out of the steamy water. The cold patio floor had done a number on them both.

Vic watched Sam head to the bathroom and Jake raised a brow at the king size bed. The two men approached each other, both wanting the same thing and neither one embarrassed by the lust they both felt. Baker watched after taking a seat on the chair and lazily stroked his dick.

Jake took Victor's hand in his and the two walked to the bed. "Happy Birthday Vic," Jake said and ran his fingers over the growing shaft.

A moan escaped Victor's lips and he smiled, "Thanks. This is one of those birthdays' you don't mind having and you'd like to have them every fucking day."

Jake laughed and agreed with him. He released the other man's dick and climbed onto the bed. He positioned himself in the middle and told Victor to give him is cock. Victor obliged and positioned himself over Jake's bronzed colored form. His mouth hovered over the other man's sex and his hard member swayed across Jake's lips.

Baker's hands moved over his tool and began to grip it more firmly. He watched the pink tongues of both men trail simultaneously over their toys and he gritted his teeth in anticipation for more. He watched them both lift and slowly begin to take in the cocks. Inch by inch they disappeared down the respective throats, tongues sliding up and down shafts that were thickening and throbbing. His own cock was again showing signs of needing relief and he walked up to the bed.

"Over here," Samuel said, having walked into the room, fresh from washing his cock. He tossed a tube of lubricant to Baker and the two men told Jake and Vic to ease up a minute while they moved into position.

The two men complained, but were soon back to devouring each others cocks. Victor felt the cool lubricant on his ass and pushed back toward the firm hand that belonged to Baker. He looked up and grinned as he wiggled it a little, and then went back to plunging Jake's cock in and out of his mouth.

Jake watched from under Victor's dick and balls as Baker lubed his cock and spread open Vic's ass. He took Victor's sex from his mouth and sucked on his balls. He then gazed up at Baker. "You come in his ass and then let me have some. Don't give him all of that come."

Baker winked and began to ease his member into Victor's tight entrance. Baker was standing at the side of the bed, the two men having moved to lay across it, so they all could play. He felt his ass being opened by two fingers and he growled as they slowly began to fuck him. He glanced back at Samuel and sneered. "Fuck me man, don't tease me."

Samuel removed his fingers, lined up his dick and plowed into Baker, the lube eased the passage somewhat, but not enough and Baker hissed as he was forced into Victor's ass with one hard thrust.

"Fuck!" Victor shouted, but squeezed the tool inside him and pushed back to let them know he wanted all of it.

The two men began to drag their dicks in and out of the tight holes they were claiming until both were fucking in a blur. The two mouths were moving as fast as they could, each one wanting to drink the fluids of the other. Only sounds of men groaning and begging for more were heard as the group fucked faster and faster. Victor let his teeth graze Jake's sex and Jake returned the favor. Baker felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to shoot his come into Victor's tight ass.

Samuel grabbed Baker's hips drove one last thrust into his friend's ass and delivered a white rope of liquid satin into the tight cavern. Baker shouted and his come coated the walls of Victor's dark hole, then he quickly pulled it out, shooting a second stream over the hard ass cheeks and over Jake's eager mouth that was swallowing white milk from Victor's rod. Jake sprayed his juice into Victor's throat and felt his friend suck hard... milking another fiery stream free from his balls.

The four men took their time breathing in air that their lungs were starving for. Eventually, Baker turned and kissed Samuel and Victor rolled to his back. Jake turned his body and crawled up Victor's hard figure and ran his come-covered tongue over Vic's lips. The two men kissed and then felt their partner's hands running up and down their legs.

"So when is Sam's birthday?" Baker asked and then ran his finger over Victor's limp dick.

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