tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVictor Sylvester

Victor Sylvester


The call came at about 9 am.


"Ah, Mrs. Jacobsen, this is Victor Sylvester, I work with your husband."

That was an understatement, Victor Sylvester was the Chairman of the Elotus Corp, and my husband Richard was the chief financial officer.

"I know you are aware that Richard is a prime candidate for the presidency of Elotus, and I need to have a word with you in private regarding his future and yours."

"Well certainly Mr. Sylvester, but I am not sure how much help I can be, and Richard is in Phoenix this week."

"Well, that's why I'm calling, because what I have to say is for your ears only, something of a surprise for your husband you might say."

"Yes of course. Where would you like to meet."

"Well, let's keep it informal, what if I stop by your home in about an hour, would that be convenient for you?"

"Well, yes, it will give me time to straighten up a little."

"Fine Mrs. Jacobsen, I'm looking forward to seeing you again." He hung up.

My mind is whirling, perhaps he is going to let me tell Richard that he got the presidency. What else could it be. Richard has been with Elotus for 15 years, and it is his whole life. He has advanced steadily to his present job, and is very excited about this opportunity to be the president. The next hour passed very slowly for me as I anticipated the arrival of Mr. Sylvester. I showered and dressed in a way I thought an executive's wife should. And then his car pulled in the driveway. Victor Sylvester was not my favorite person. I am sure he is very good at his job, and he has a reputation for being very ruthless in advancing his interests for the company. Physically he is rather short, about 5 7, and with a pot belly showing his love for drink and fine food, but he had always been quite polite to me and the other wives when ever there would be a company gathering. I walked down the hall and answered the door with the ring of the doorbell. He smiled as I stepped back to let him in.

"Lovely to see you Mrs. Jacobson." he greeted me.

"Thank you, Mr. Sylvester, I can hardly wait to find out why you wish to see me privately." I said. "Please call me Gloria and would you like coffee?"

"That would be very good."

"Please have a seat in the living room, I'll be right back." I could feel his eyes following me as I went to the kitchen for the tray I had prepared. My skirt was short but fashionable, and my silk blouse was what a career woman might wear. Smart, a little transparent and probably quite revealing as it clung to my breasts and allowed just a little cleavage to show. I had worn nylon stockings and a garter belt, (Richard hated panty hose) and a string of pearls. I didn't wear heels often around the house but this morning was a special occasion.

Mr. Sylvester watched me as I came back to the living room. Bending over to put the tray on the coffee table I could feel his eyes looking down my blouse. I poured the coffee as quickly as I could, and then sat facing him. His eyes followed me as I crossed my legs, and I realized that my skirt was quite shorter sitting down. Blushing I uncrossed my legs and attempted to pull the skirt down but to little avail. He was enjoying this I could tell.

"You are a beautiful woman, Mrs. Jacobson."

"I am flattered Mr. Sylvester, but I am sure that is not what you came here to tell me."

"I came to talk about your husband's career and his possible promotion to the presidency of our company, and the part that you will play in seeing him realize his ambitions."

"But how can I possibly assist you, Mr. Sylvester?" "Lovely lady, you can guarantee his promotion by simply being nice to me."

"I don't understand." I stammered. My mind whirling with his words, as he continued to gaze unrestrainedly at my legs, and letting his eyes drift up to my breasts.

"Let me explain to you then."

His eyes fixed on mine and he continued,

"You are a beautiful woman, and I think beautiful women should share their charms and their bodies, and not keep them just for one man. There is not a man in my company who hasn't expressed the desire to sleep with you, no the word is they all want to fuck you, but I have the means to accomplish that for myself."

I stood up. "I think you should leave now, your language is very crude." I said.

He continued to sit there and smile, almost leer at me.

"Ah, I see you don't understand." he paused, "If you don't grant me my wishes, your husband will not be promoted, and that will be the end of his dream."

"When I tell Richard about this you will have to answer to him." I stammered as my mind was reeling from what was happening.

"Let me put it another way, if you don't grant me some pleasure with you, your husband will be dismissed. Oh, he will be allowed to resign, but there will be a cloud over his leaving the company, and I will plant rumors that will insure that he will never attain a high office in any company ever again."

His smile was gone now.

"You will have to readjust your life away from country clubs, fine homes, and the lifestyle you now enjoy." he paused, "So think about it very carefully before you get too indignant. After all, all I am asking is for you to be pleasant for a little time and it will all be over, and you and Richard will have all you have hoped for, is that too much to ask.?"

He sat back, and poured himself more coffee, sipped it and looked at me over the cup.

I sat there stunned not knowing what to do or say, realizing that this despicable little man had the power to destroy everything that we had hoped for. And I thought of our two children whose future could be changed forever because of this man. And I realized that all those rumors about him stopping at nothing to get what he wanted were true.

"Your husband will never know unless you were foolish enough to tell him, because that would have an effect on your marriage that would never go away, so think carefully before you decide that my request is unthinkable to you."

As he calmly sipped coffee, I sat shaking inside with the thought that I didn't have many choices, if I agreed I would have to put up with some unspeakable indignities with a man I detested, and if I ordered him out, I was jeopardizing the future of my entire family.

"How can I be sure that you will do what you promise?" I asked.

"You must trust me to keep my word" he simply said.

"Then what comes next?" I asked.

"Well, you might show me your bedroom to start with." He smiled as he looked at me knowing that my surrender was almost complete.

"This way." I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

He followed me into the hallway and I started up the stairs, and as I did I felt his hand under the back of my skirt and then it was on my bottom feeling me as we ascended. I stopped and looked at him.

"A man loves to watch a woman from behind as she walks, but it is even better to feel her walking." he said without apology.

Totally humiliated, I turned and started up the stairs as his hand found me again, feeling and groping me all the way up the stairs. I almost ran into the bedroom. He closed the door behind him, and motioned me to the center of the room. He walked over to me and put his arms around me then pulled my head to him and he kissed me, and felt my bottom and probed between my buttocks with his fingers, and he kept kissing me and then I felt him pull up my skirt and his hands were inside my panties, one hand in the front and one in the back, and he was rubbing my pussy, and feeling my bottom, and then his fingers were inside me, and I pushed him away in revulsion. He went over and sat on the divan.

"Perhaps I am rushing you, beautiful lady." he said. "If you are wise you will try to enjoy this as I know I can give you great pleasure if only you will let yourself relax."

I knew that I must control my emotions because I felt sure now that he would be very vindictive if I let him know I found him repulsive.

"I need a little time." I stammered. "It is all happening so very suddenly."

"Of course." he said.

"I think I am OK now." I whispered.

"Wonderful, then perhaps you can slowly take off your clothes for me, I have wondered for many years what you would look like totally nude, and I must confess I can hardly wait to find out."

I breathed a little sigh of relief as I realized that at least he wouldn't be touching me while I did as he asked, so I decided to try to stretch it out as long as possible to postpone what I knew he wanted to do to me. I unbuttoned my silk blouse, and pulled it out of my skirt, and I let it drop to the floor. Turning slowly I sat on the bottom of the bed as he stared at me, and pulling up my skirt, undid the fastening to my stockings and slowly slipped them down, kicking off my high heels, and dropped them on the rug.

"Please put the high heels back on." he said quietly.

I did as he asked.

Unzipping the skirt I let it slip to the floor. Now I am standing in my bra, panties, and garter belt. I turn slowly trying to prolong the moments. With my back to him I unsnap the brassiere, and my breasts are bared. I turn around to face him, and his face is almost distorted as he stares at me. I am running out of things to do, and slowly I unsnap the garter belt and let it drop to the floor. He gasps as he looks at me in what is a very sheer pair of panties that don't do much to cover my mound. I turn slowly, a complete turn, and another. Then hooking my thumbs in the waist of my panties I slowly slide them down, and I sit on the edge of the bed again and take them over my knees, calves, and slip them over my heels. Slowly I stand up again, and I am completely nude except for the strand of pearls and my high heels. He is staring at me with hunger that scares me a little.

"Come over here."

I slowly walk over to him and stand in front of him, and he leans forward and kisses my belly, and then his stubby forefinger slips between my legs and he presses his finger against my clitoris. I jerk away in shock from this invasion of my body.

"You must be a little more cooperative my dear, remember what's at stake here and don't destroy this great future for your husband and your family."

Numbly I look at him and nod my submission.

Again his fingers find my clitoris, and he gently starts to massage it, and his other hand goes around me to my bottom, which he wantonly explores. Despite myself my knees are getting shaky, and I am getting very wet. My clitoris is swelling and is responding to his caresses, because that is what they are. I was expecting him to be rough, but he isn't and it would be easier if he was, because he is arousing me and I feel ashamed and dirty. How can I possibly take pleasure in what this pig is doing to me. Suddenly he stands up and leads me to the center of the room, and he steps away and starts to remove his clothing. I try to look everywhere but at him, but I am drawn irresistibly to the sight of this grotesque little man, exposing his fat belly and his ugly body, which now has a full erection. I can't take my eyes of his erect penis. It is not long but it is extremely thick, and I can't imagine what will happen when he decides it is time to rape me, for that's what is happening. I am being coerced into sex with this terrible man.

"Not bad for a little man, eh?" he leers at me.

I don't respond.

"Put your hands on the bed and bend over." he orders.

I do as he says, and feel fully and terribly exposed as he is now behind me. He thrusts himself against me and I can feel that big penis between my buttocks, as his hands find my dangling breasts, with the nipples fully erect. Then he takes one hand and finds my clit again and begins massaging it gently, and as he does so I feel him placing the head of that thick penis into my vagina, and he slowly eases it in and I can't believe how my vagina is stretching to allow him entry, I have never felt so violated, with that great thickness filling and stretching me to what I know is my physical limit. And now he begins to thrust into me, again and again as his fingers masterfully stroke my clitoris, and despite myself I know I am going to have an orgasm, and I can't fight it as he keeps thrusting and massaging me, and I am racked with shudders as I orgasm again and again and he is breathing rapidly and I am trying not to cry out, and I feel filthy and dirty with this horrible man inside me, fucking me, yes fucking me until I can't support myself any more and I fall onto the bed as he continues to ravish me with that thick monstrosity. Finally he explodes inside me and I can feel his contortions, and hear his breathing as he achieves orgasm. He falls on the bed beside me.

"Lay on your back." he commands.

I roll over exhausted and not much caring about anything except now that it is done, getting him out of my house.

But it isn't done. He is on his knees, his head between my legs, and he is kissing and licking me. My clit, my labia, and inserting his tongue into my vagina. Oh God no, I am going to come again, and I do, and I experience multiple orgasms, and finally he withdraws his head from between my legs and comes up beside me on the bed.

"Now beautiful lady, one more thing before we end this most delightful morning."

I stare at him, and wonder what it is that he wants.

He straddles me and puts my arms above my head and his penis is between my breasts as he pushes my breasts together around his member. Quickly it becomes erect again, and he moves up the bed and puts his penis to my mouth. "Oh No, Please no." I beg, "Ah, but you must, or everything will be incomplete." he says. I open my mouth, and his massive head is inside my mouth, and I am almost choking it is so large.

"Don't be coy, you know what I want you to do."

Defeated now I begin to suck as he pushes into my mouth, and he takes one of my hands and places it on his member and I am holding it and sucking it, and he is breathing harder and harder until he ejaculates into my mouth and I try to turn my head but he is holding me until his orgasm is over. Then he pulls away and I am totally ravished, weak, and drained. I wipe away what I can from my face with the sheet as he lays there recovering. Finally he gets up and goes into the bathroom and closes the door. I hear the shower running. I have pulled the sheet up over my naked and used body when he comes out. "You are a magnificent woman, with a body that men would kill for." He said as he put on his clothes.

"You are everything that I dreamed you would be, and now when I see you at company functions, you can be sure that I will see you completely naked as you were for me this morning."

He walked to the bedroom door.

"Oh, one last thing, the board meeting to choose our next president is not until Friday of next week. So I shall have Richard attend a financial seminar in Los Angeles next week. Please keep Wednesday open for me."

And he was gone.

I lay there shaking knowing I was going to have to go through the whole nightmare again in a few days. But what choice did I have. I had none.

And he came the next Wednesday at 10 am.

Part 2

In an effort to be as unattractive as possible, I was wearing an old grey sweatshirt and sweat pants, and running shoes. With a scarf holding my hair, I hoped that he would not find me becoming. He walked in as I opened the door, and looking at me he quickly took me in his arms.

"So you favor the athletic look this morning." and holding my head so I couldn't escape his lips he began kissing me and as I finally turned my head away his hands went inside the waistband of my sweats and he fondled my buttocks as he kept on kissing my neck, and I could feel his maleness against my belly.

"Let us go upstairs." and as we went he felt my bottom all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

In the bedroom he pulled the scarf off my head letting my hair down to my shoulders, he then pulled the sweatshirt over my head, and told me to remove the pants. I complied and stood there in a bra and panties.

"Ravishing, Mrs. Jacobson, simply ravishing. Let us take a shower together."

As I took off my shoes, he undressed and then led me into the oversized shower that Richard and I had built in. He quickly soaped my body and then his and embraced me with his full erection pressed between my legs and then he pushed his stubby finger into my anus quickly as I gasped and tried to escape his grasp.

"Please don't, please don't." I begged.

He ignored me and thrust his finger in deeper as he moved his penis against my clitoris and between my legs. The devil knew how to arouse me even though I was sickened by his touch. The day was long. He had obviously planned what he would do. At one point I asked him how he could possibly keep going. He smiled with that ugly smile and said,

"You must understand that your sexual attraction coupled with a man who is very hungry for you, plus a touch of the right medication - well all things are possible."

My god, I thought, he has taken drugs to keep himself ready.

" You must surely know that your beautiful clitoris comes alive at the touch of my fingers, your nipples become very erect, your ass is so beautifully rounded demanding to be fondled, your vagina is so small it is a great source of pleasure simply trying to enter you, and with such a great reward when one does, and your magnificent breasts which take my breath away, are shaped like those of Venus, heavy and firm. Yes Mrs. Jacobson, there are many reason why I can stay aroused for a long time when I am with you. You may try to pretend, even believe that you are hating this, but your body is responding to my caresses, and you get very wet, and your breathing comes faster, and I know that you have achieved several orgasms while we have been together."

I hated what he was saying because he was right. He was doing anything he wanted, and I couldn't stop him for fear of his revenge on my husband and I. But my body was responding to him whether I wanted to or not.

He fucked me, and that is the only word for it, once as I had to bend over the bed, another time his full weight crushed me into the mattress as he did it again, and this time he was thrusting inside me and his finger was probing in my anus.

I can't deny that I didn't have orgasm. I had many throughout the course of that day. He rested by making me model various items of lingerie, which he discovered in my dressing table. He even went into my wardrobe and pulled out a very slinky cocktail dress, which he directed me to put on over my naked body. Then he pulled some spike heels out of the closet and had me put them on. Then he sat down and told me to walk around the room. As I did he unashamedly fondled himself until I could see he was fully erect again, and he stood quickly and turned me around and felt me from head to toe running his stubby rough hands over the silk of my dress and finally when he apparently could not wait any long, he pulled the dress up to my waist and threw me on the bed and entered me again, this time more roughly, and it was a long time before he achieved orgasm. Each time he would get himself aroused by making me take that huge penis in my mouth until he became hard enough to fuck me again. He made me kneel to do it, or he would have me lie on the bed and he would make me suck him as he buried his head between my legs. I reached the point where I didn't care anymore. I just wanted it over. I don't know how many times he was inside me, or how many times he made me suck him. But finally he could no longer perform. He pulled me into the shower and forced me to soap him down and rub his body. He wanted me to arouse him again, but it was no use, he was unable to do anything. I dried myself with a towel as he dressed. He had stopped talking and it was four hours from the time he came until he left my home.

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