tagLesbian SexVictoria and Ruby

Victoria and Ruby


Authors note: This is a continuation of the story that began in my first story "For Vicki".


Several weeks had passed since that first encounter on parent teacher night.

Several weeks of emotional turmoil for straight, middle aged wife Victoria.

Several weeks where hardly a moment went by when she didn't think about that night with Ruby.

That night where she had experienced lesbian sex for the first time.

And what a first time it had been. If she had come one more time, she thought she would surely have dried up completely and been blown away on the wind.

She had never experienced such physical joy, such a physical release. Years of pent up frustration had flowed out of her that night, all at the hands (or more correctly tongue) of her daughters hot young lesbian teacher.

Miss Ross. So young, so many years her junior, but still able to teach her things about herself that night that she had never imagined.

But she had not seen her again since that night. It was not like she could or would expect to just casually run into one of her daughters teachers. There was just no real opportunity to see her again, but still the void was almost unbearable. She needed to see her, to at least talk through what had happened between them. But there was just silence. Like it had never really happened. A dream.

Then one day her daughter casually mentioned that Miss Ross had been on leave. Apparently dealing with some personal issues. She wasn't sure when she would be coming back.

And that was all the news she had, until today. Until the letter arrived.

It was from her. Somehow she knew, even before opening the envelope and pulling out the handwritten note.

"Dear Vicki,

I hope it's ok to call you that. I wasn't sure if you preferred Vicki or Victoria. I prefer Vicki, I hope you don't mind.

First, let me apologize for disappearing so suddenly. Believe me, it was not by choice.

After our night together, all I wanted to do was see you again. I spent the next day thinking of ways to have you come back and see me after class.

But then my life turned upside down. My mum died. She had been sick for a long time, so it was not unexpected. But it still shook me up. We were close. I did not have the greatest childhood - my father abused me when I was young. When my mum found out, she took us away that very day and I never saw him again.

My mum raised me and my brother by herself. She worked two jobs so we had food on the table, but it was still pretty rough.

I fell in with a bad crowd as a teenager, did drugs, experimented with all sorts of things. I guess it was me acting out because of what happened with my dad. But my mum was always there for me when I came crawling back home, looking for the comfort of a roof over my head.

She meant so much to me, so it has been very hard coming to terms with her not being around anymore.

I can't believe I have told you all that. I know we only had that one night together, but I feel like I know you. I know you are someone I can confide in, someone who will not judge me like so many others have in my life.

I am sorry for burdening you with all my problems, but I really have no one else to talk to.

Thank you Vicki. I look forward to the day I will see you again.



Victoria sat down and cried. She wasn't sure what brought it on, but she bawled her eyes out. She wished Ruby was there with her now, so she could put her arms around her and comfort her.

She did the next best thing. Ruby had included her address on the letter, so she started writing her back. It was little more than a condolences letter, but she offered herself as a shoulder to cry on.

Over the next few weeks, they wrote to each other almost daily. No sooner had Rubys latest letter arrived, than she was writing straight back.

They talked about all kinds of things. Ruby's troubled upbringing, how her father had sexually abused her when she was young, how he had regularly bashed her brother whenever he had tried to protect her. Her battle with drugs (which she had now put behind her), her early sexual encounters with boys, then her gradual experimentation with girls, and her many girlfriends.

For her part, Victoria's life seemed almost mundane by comparison. But she found herself opening up to Ruby more than she had opened up to anyone before in her life. Opening up about her dreams, her marriage, her family. Mostly talking about the things that were missing in her life - romance, excitement, something new.

It was not like she had a bad life, she had to admit. Her husband was a good provider and he loved her more than anything. But they had been together for over 30 years, and like all long term marriages, some of that early spark and romance had disappeared.

That night with Ruby had rekindled something in her she thought she had lost, or maybe never had.

The one thing they never talked about in those letters was that night they had spent together. The night when Ruby had brought Victoria to multiple orgasms, licking her pussy and clit so expertly on the lounge in the teachers common room. It was like their relationship was already at another stage. But that night, and the pleasure it had brought both of them, was always there, in the background. An unspoken secret they shared.

Then the letters stopped. It had been almost a week since her last one, and Victoria was starting to worry that something else was wrong. But then her daughter came home from school and said that miss Ross was coming back the following week, just in time for the end of year school dance.

The days leading up to the dance were excruciating. Victoria had already volunteered to be one of the parent supervisors, and she knew from her daughter that Ruby was planning on being there as well. So, after that one night together, the extended absence and all the letters since, they were soon going to see each other again.

Finally the night of the dance arrived. Her husband was busy at work, and planned on staying overnight in the city. Her daughter had already planned to stay at her friends house that night after the dance, and her other two children were also at parties/sleepovers. So, she was effectively on her own tonight, once the dance was over. But would the night end that way? She pushed the thought from her mind.

She didn't know what to wear. She was never a very adventurous dresser - preferring more mature, comfortable clothes that she thought suited who she was. She had a fuller figure, with larger breasts and a big bottom (both of which her husband loved) but which she never thought was well suited to dressing very sexy.

But she was conscious (too conscious) of what Ruby would think when she saw her. Ruby had a sexy style that was very much her own. She just looked so sexy and confident. Helped of course by her perfect body and beautiful face.

Would Ruby take one look at her in her sensible jeans, comfortable top (with just a hint of cleavage showing) and suddenly come to her senses and realize she had made a mistake about this middle aged straight house wife? It was more than she could bear to think about. Should she try to look a bit sexier? It was a dance after all.

But ultimately, her inate insecurities won the day, and she wore what she had always intended to wear. She knew she couldn't really pull off the sexy look like some women can, and deep down she hoped that Ruby would see passed that to the person wearing the clothes. The letters they had shared over recent weeks gave her confidence that Ruby wasn't that superficial, but the fear of rejection kept nagging away at her.

Her daughters friends mother drove them all to the dance. Victoria's stomach was full of butterflies the entire time. She had not been this nervous since her first date with a boy back in high school, all those years ago.

She wanted to tell herself to stop being so ridiculous and act her age. But she had to admit she was enjoying the excitement, the anticipation. What would the night bring?

The school dance hall was full of teenagers when they arrived, with disco lights placed here and there to provide some illumination in a room that was otherwise quite dark. Victoria soon lost sight of her daughter, who ran off to join in with her friends.

Victoria met up with the other parents and teachers who had volunteered to supervise that night. To her disappointment, Ruby was not amongst the group, and she could not see her anywhere in the dark hall.

The night wore on, and still there was no sign of her. Victoria didn't know what to think. Had she planned to come and just changed her mind, or did she never plan to come in the first place. Did she not want to see her again?

She walked out of the hall to get some air in the school grounds. There was a boy and a girl behind the hall making out in a quiet corner, and Victoria had to intervene and tell them to get back inside. She wasn't sure in the dark but she thought the boy had his hand inside the girls top. She was thinking to herself that maybe she should report them to the teachers inside, when the sound of a motorbike caught her attention.

It was Ruby, pulling into the teachers car park.

She didn't know she rode a motorbike. But she had to admit the sight of her on it only made her sexier.

Ruby hadn't seen her in the dark, and Victoria watched her as she peeled off her leathers. She was wearing skin tight jeans that showed off her perfect arse, and a top that showed off her pert young breasts and something else. A large tattoo was visible just below the sleeve of her top. Victoria couldn't make out what it was in the dark, but whatever it was, it just added to her sex appeal. Topped off of course by her short blonde hair, shaven down one side.

Standing there in the dark, spying on this gorgeous sexy creature, Victoria couldn't believe that she had actually had sex with her. Victoria, the straight, middle aged mother of three, had been fucked by that beautiful, hot as hell young lesbian. The young lesbian who had actually had her tongue between her legs, a tongue that had made her cum, and cum, and cum.

Victoria knew she had become infatuated by this outwardly confident, sexually aggressive but vulnerable and insecure young woman, who had opened up to her about her troubled life. And she in turn had confided more to this young girl than she had confided to anyone before.

In just a short period of time, she had gone from being a straight, middle aged wife and mother, to experiencing lesbian sex for the first time, to now becoming emotionally involved with a woman many years her junior.

She walked over to her. Ruby looked up and saw her coming, and smiled. It was that smile that melted Victoria's heart. All her insecurities about the age difference, what clothes she was wearing, the fact she didn't have a prefect figure, all washed away in an instance.

She just wanted to be with her.

"Hi Ruby."

"Hi yourself Vicki."

Ruby reached out and took her hand. Just looking into each other's eyes. Drinking in all the emotions that had passed between them since that night. A deep appreciation of who they each were. What had started as a sexual spark was now something much deeper. A bond. A realization that they could each be the others chance at fulfillment.

That smile again. No words. She smiled back, in that self conscious way she has. Not caring if anyone else saw them holding hands in the dark.

"How's the dance?"

"Ok, nothing too exciting."

"Want to stay or go?"

"Probably go I think. Just let me tell my daughter I am leaving."

She hurried back inside and made sure her daughter had arrangements to get to her friends house for the sleepover. She then made her excuses, feigning a headache.

Ruby had a spare helmet and they rode her bike back to Rubys apartment, just a short ride from the school.

Victoria had never been on a bike before, and probably hung on just a bit too tight. But Ruby sensed her apprehension, and rode very slowly for her new lover.

Once she got over her initial apprehension, Victoria actually began to enjoy the ride. Being late on a weeknight, the streets were relatively quiet, which helped.

Sitting behind Ruby, holding her tight around the waist, she began to enjoy the feeling of being out in the open, riding along with the world rushing by.

And there was something else. Her clit was throbbing. The vibrations from the bike between her legs were doing something magical to her love button. Being so close to Ruby, with a giant vibrator between her legs, was starting to get her off.

As if sensing what was happening, Ruby starting riding a little more aggressively. Throttling the engine up high when they were stopped at some traffic lights.

"Do you like that." Ruby shouted to her over the noise of the engine.

"Yes." She managed to shout back, as Ruby repeatedly revved the engine.

The lights turned green, but Ruby didn't move.

With no other traffic on the road, she held the bike stationary, revving the engine over and over. Each rev a little more powerful than the last.

Victoria was squirming on the seat behind her. Her clit was on fire. Her pussy was flooded with juices.

An orgasm was approaching. Victoria shifted in her seat slightly, so that her clit was in direct contact with the throbbing bike underneath her.

Ruby knew what was happening, and throttled the engine to its highest, holding it there.

Victoria came. Her clit spasmed and her cunt flooded with her juices. As the powerful orgasm took effect, she unconsciously tightened her grip on Ruby's waist. Beneath her helmet, Ruby smiled.

They rode the rest of the way to Ruby's flat. Ruby seemed to ride deliberately slowly, letting Victoria recover from her powerful orgasm.

"Why do you like me?"

Victoria couldn't help herself. It was the first thing she blurted out as they sat down on the sofa at Rubys flat.

Ruby laughed. "Really?"

"I'm an old, frumpy housewife, and youre so young and beautiful. Why me?"

"Well, I will tell you Vicki. The fact you even asked that question for one."

"I love your shyness. I love your sweetness. I love your innocence. I love your kindness."

"I have to admit to having a thing for older women. For me, Its not all about the physical. I need to feel a connection to the woman underneath."

"But you are beautiful inside and out. I was attracted to you the first time I saw you. And that attraction has only grown. Some of those things you said in your letters were just what I needed to hear. You will probably never know how much those letters meant to me."

Her words gave Victoria reassurance and comfort. With every word she spoke, all the doubts and insecurities Victoria had been feeling slipped further away.

"I have some OITNB on dvd. Want to watch some?"

"Yes, that would be nice."

The dvd was highlights just focusing on Piper and Alex. Ruby sat next to Victoria on sofa and put her arm around her as they watched.

Victoria had seen these scenes many times already, but watchig them again with another woman made them even more special. They laughed together at the funny bits, and shed a tear together at the sad moments.

Then there was the sex scenes.

As Piper went down on Alex after one of their fights, Rubys arm dropped from around her shoulder to on her leg. Instinctively, Victoria opened her legs slightly.

When Piper and Alex fucked in the shower, Rubys hand crept up higher on her leg. Victoria opened up slightly wider again.

When Alex ate Piper, her hand got busy between Victoria's legs. Ruby turned to her, and they kissed.

Tentative at first. But as the hand between her legs got more aggressive, so did the kiss.

For not the first time, Victoria was struck by the contradictions in Ruby. The vulnerable, troubled woman who had opened up about herself in her letters, was now a self confident, aggressive, sexual being. Seeing what she wanted, and taking it.

For her part, Ruby hadn't stopped thinking about Vicki since that first night. The moment she saw her, she somehow knew that they would be together. She couldn't explain it.

She had always had a thing for older women, it was true. Especially straight ones. The fact they were more mature, but also seemingly unattainable, made them just that more exciting.

But it was more than just the excitement with Vicki. There was just something about her that she couldn't explain, but she knew she just wanted to be with her. To spend time with her, to learn more about her. To fuck her.

Lots of tongue now. From both Ruby and Victoria. Victoria's legs as wide as they would go, Ruby rubbing her pussy hard.

"Should we go to my bed, or do you have a special thing for sofas?"

"No, I think bed this time."

Ruby guided her into her sparse but tastefully furnished bedroom. Dimmed bedside lamps provided a soft, romantic setting.

Victoria was nervous, but also excited. Ruby was an exciting person just to be around, let alone going to bed with.

Ruby took the lead, just as she had done that first night.

Standing face to face next to the bed, she pulled Victoria's top off over her head.

Then she undid the button and zipper on her jeans, and helped her step out of them.

They kissed, and Rubys hands found their way to her bra clasp, Soon her bra too found its way to the floor.

Ruby stepped back to better take in the view.

"You have such beautiful breasts Vicki. So large and heavy, with just the right amount of sag." I wish mine were as big as yours."

Victoria blushed, but having this hot young lesbian staring at her again was making her so wet.

"The other thing I love about your body is your bottom."

With that, Ruby spun her around and forced her belly down on to the bed, with her legs hanging over the side.

Gripping her panties, then pulling them down, over her arse, down her legs and off.

Victoria was now completely naked, bent over the side of the bed. Wet as she had ever been.

Rubys face was on her bottom, kissing and kneading the big white globes. Then spreading the cheeks apart, exposing her anus and oh-so-wet pussy lips.

Then came the tongue. The tongue that had done such wonderful things to her that first night. Rimming around her anus first, exploring that forbidden zone.

Then gradually down to her exposed labia. Licking from side to side, back and forth and up and down. Then into the slit itself, so open and ready, savoring in the juices that Victoria was offering her. So deep inside her wetness.

Then back up to the arse. No rimming this time, but straight into the brown hole. Forcing her tongue into that tightness as far as it would go. Putting it in and holding it there, savoring the time in that most private of places.

A hand on her hip indicated to Victoria that Ruby now wanted her to turn over.

Ruby stood and took her clothes off, without taking her eyes off the naked, exposed woman lying on her bed.

For the first time Victoria had her chance to see Ruby naked as well. For a supposedly straight woman, it was not an unpleasant sight. Nice pert breasts, a completely shaved pussy, and one or two smaller tattoos to complement the large one that covered most of her right shoulder and upper arm.

Victoria's legs were still hanging over the side of the bed. Ruby knelt down on the floor between them, and pushed Victoria's knees up, exposing her sex.

Victoria had seen that same look in Rubys eyes that first night. There was that contradiction again. No longer vulnerable, no longer the troubled teenager growing up in a broken home. Something came over her - she became almost animalistic in her desire. This time even more so.

Whilst holding Victoria's legs apart, Ruby went down on her wet gash. Open wide, juices pooling down the sides and in the crevice at the base. Victoria could not believe how wet she was in anticipation of that tongue on her again. Soon, Rubys face was coated in her juices.

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