tagInterracial LoveVictoria's Lucky Day At Work

Victoria's Lucky Day At Work


This story is a continuation of Victoria, The Black Man's Whore, and like that story is dedicated to victoriap.

The following morning Victoria woke up happy and refreshed. The memory of how she served the men the previous evening made her slut nature happy and self-complacent while the amount of cum she had been lucky to drink made her refreshed, at least temporarily. The problem with Victoria Petersen was that contrary to common sense the more Negro cum she got, the more she seemed to need. She knew she would have to get some cum today too or else it would be hard to survive the day. And of course considering how much she drank the day before, Victoria didn't see any reason why she should go down rather than up with the amount.

Victoria brushed her teeth, washed, did her hair and considered how to dress for the day. Being an incurable exhibitionist, she always dressed to provoke, but always in style. Even during office hours she wanted to look sexy to say the least and today more than ever if she wanted to find a sperm donor or two – one during the lunch break, and one or more (why shouldn't there be more) after hours. She put on her invariably sexy lingerie first: she would wear a corset today! A corset made her feel constrained which always reminded her of her slut nature and urged her to seek a source of semen. She selected her steel underbust scarlet Mae corset – back-laced, it pronounced her hips so beautifully by cinching down the waist and held the stockings securely in place with eight garters.

Now the outfit for the day: after some consideration she opted for a semi-official yet whorish shiny red silk blouse. The color agreed with the scarlet corset underlay and the bullet bust support made her tits press against the blouse as if crying out, "Come and handle us!" A gray mid-thigh pencil skirt should go well with that, she thought – it accentuated her leg and hip line and that was the very effect she desired. Victoria Petersen takes great pride in her long, straight legs. Fully-fashioned, Cuban heeled nude stockings with finishing loop and sewn seam were the right sort for the day. Not the usual ultra shine sort she tended to select to attract mates, but Victoria liked vintage and these stockings went along with her corset and the feeling was complete especially when she lay on her back to open her legs for a stud. Then the finishing loops looked just grand and were widely appreciated amongst her black bucks. Victoria was of the opinion that the most whorish sight was a lady shamelessly giving herself to black men. She put her left foot on the chair and pulled the stocking up encasing her smooth shaven leg in the sensuality of 100% non-stretch nylon. She made sure the backseam was straight to her satisfaction and attached the top of the stocking to the metal clasps then proceeded to put on the other stocking.

She reached into the drawer where she kept her collection of thongs and panties. Old style, fully covered ones were the best fit to the rest of her underwear, but then an idea hit home. A true ladylike whore didn't need any panties, did she? Isn't it so much more exciting to spend a day at work not wearing any, in a state of semi-exposure and a constant reminder of what she really was – a willing slut set on getting worse and dirtier. Furthermore, with her short skirt her panties-less state would mean being on edge whenever sitting down! What condition could be more beautiful for an exhibitionist! She smiled a whorish smile looking at the voluptuous folds of her smooth, clean-shaven labia. No, Victoria was not going to wear any panties today! She made that decision and instantly felt the sooo welcome sensation of pleasurable tickling in her pussy as it started producing its sweet juices. The thought that throughout the day she would be moving around with wetness on her thighs made the dirty Victoria diddle her clit and a lecherous smile lit her face while some longing dullness appeared in her eyes.

The shoes! Pumps of course, that goes without saying. The best would be her 6-inch spike whore shoes, but these won't do for the office. She eventually opted for dark brown Gucci Sofia peep-toe platform pumps on self-covered 5-inch heels. She loved the effect the peep toes gave her rh&t stockinged toes. The selection of the jacket was the least problematic – it had to be on the official side. The gray two-button wool one should do just fine. It made her look official without ruining the whorish effect she strove to give her person. Victoria completed the dressing up task with the deep red, satin finish voluptuous lipstick and the peacock blue eye shadow that went so well with her pale blue eyes. A few touches of rouge and mascara, the ever-present four-strand pearl bracelet and Victoria Petersen felt she was ready to face the world.

She strutted into her office and as always was met with a mixture of jealous yet admiring looks of her female colleagues and badly hidden lust in the eyes of her male colleagues. These always put her in the right mood to tackle her daily load of work. After about an hour of working, Victoria looked at her watch. "Shit," she thought, "so much time to go before the lunch break!" she was already cock hungry. She got an email from a colleague. He was the guy who kept gallantly courting her. Both of them knew it was a kind of game as the man was happily married, but both liked playing it. She opened the mail and stared: a huge velvety brown cock with a most beautiful purple head and heavy semen-loaded balls pulling down the foreskin, was swaying slightly on the screen, a most beautiful drop of crystal clean precum seemed to be winking at her. The monster tool was smiling at her warmly and Victoria smiled back, her mouth instantly overflowing with saliva! She shook her head and closed her eyes. The picture vanished and was replaced by an elephant with a raised trunk and an apple at the tip of the trunk. "Shit and fuck!" Victoria thought.

Things looked bad with her if she had that kind of phantasms. It was time she did something about it. Most people would think of putting their most desired thing aside if it gave such an effect, but not so Victoria Petersen. Oh no! For Victoria there was only one remedy: get a nice black cock in her mouth quickly and then partake of the nourishing nectar that would help her survive until the afternoon when she would be able to find some more to let her last through the rest of the day. One more hour to go before lunch break! Well, what the hell, Victoria thought. She would take the break earlier today.

She walked quickly to the nearby shopping plaza where there was always ample supply of cock for a woman in need. For ten minutes she walked the shopping arcades being ogled by white men, but not finding any black cock owners that she would consider suitable. And then there they were: two most handsome, tall and slim, real black-skinned individuals in white shirts and suits moving slowly along the arcade. Normally Victoria preferred to approach a single man. It was easier that way, but these two looked just too sweet to pass on them and she was getting pretty desperate besides. She accelerated her pace. Click, click, click on the floor as she went past them and looked at them openly sending them an alluring smile. Twenty yards more and Victoria stopped at the shop window of a ladies footwear boutique. She looked over her right shoulder to the men. They were approaching slowly talking to each other and looking at her. She sent them another smile and made it openly lustful. Seconds later she saw their reflections in the shop window glass, standing to her right. She could hear her heart beating fast!

"Nice shoes," one of the men said bending towards her.

"Which ones?" she looked at him openly and smiled.

"The ones you're wearing, lady," the other man put in. Victoria sent him a smile too.

"Thanks," she responded, "I like them on my legs."

"And these are fine legs," the first man commented.

"Thank you, darling." Victoria cooed. The men were much younger than she was. It's oh so flattering when young men go gaga over her! "And you have nice pants." She looked at the two bulges that seemed to be growing in their crotches. She licked her red lips wet slowly and meaningfully.

"And nice boxers too," the other man said. Yes, there was a bulge clearly forming in his trousers.

"I like to see things for myself," Victoria said and added, "There's a nice quiet place near the other end of the mall from here." She saw the surprise on their faces. They probably thought she was only dirty flirting them. She turned and moved briskly towards the public toilets area. She looked at them over her shoulder and saw them look at each other before following her with smirks on their faces. That was the expression of two black men who knew they had found a willing and obedient bitch. They didn't know what the bitch could do yet; Victoria chuckled to herself at the thought. She led the men to the disabled restroom – large and clean and at this time of day always empty. Victoria looked to check if nobody was looking and entered, the black men followed her in.

Victoria took to the dresser pretending she needed to correct a stray hair. The men were beside her in a flash, their hands on her body. One of them reached to her tits and bent over her to lick her neck. The other was on his knees running his hands over her voluptuously stockinged legs and in a moment Victoria felt him kiss the back of her right thigh and the crook of her knee, His hands traveled up, under her skirt to feel the garter straps that held her stockings in place.

"Holy shit! Man look at this," the guy kneeling said to his pal. "I've never seen anything so grand on a woman!"

He pulled her skirt up revealing the eight straps hanging from her corset as well as her clean-shaven pubis and pink, engorged labia to his pal's lickerish eyes. Both men gasped with admiration and another shock, the sight of her thong-less state with clear traces of viscosity oozing from her cunt. Another pair of eager hands traversed the stockinged thighs and reached the woman's greedy snatch. She felt fingers handle her soaked labia.

"Wait, darlings," the shameless whore said, pulled her skirt higher and put her right foot on the toilet bowl to give them better view of, and better access to her love hole. One of the men dropped to his knees and started lapping her juices making sounds of contentment. The other looked on, his hand massaging Victoria's gorgeous ass cheeks.

"You're in heat, honey, aren't you?" he said to Victoria.

"Darling, I'm always in heat," the slutty woman smiled back reaching to his zipper with her left hand. Her right hand was stroking the hair of the man eating her pussy. The moment her hand slipped into the man's trousers and her fingers riveted on the promising bulge of his cock, Victoria felt the other man slide two fingers past the folds of her pussy, into the well-lubricated twat. She giggled as he swiveled the fingers inside the warm womanly crevice. He removed the slimy fingers and licked her juice off them.

"You're running, bitch, oops, forgive me my language," he blurted out.

"It's okay, darling. You can call me by any name you like," the shameless Victoria answered. "I like being called dirty names as much as I like getting dirty."

The man at her feet opened her vagina with his fingers and pushed his tongue inside her. As his tongue was waggling inside her wet snatch, the other guy continued to feel her garter straps and corset.

"I've never seen a slut like you, lady," he expressed his appreciation of her underwear.

"Wait till you use me, honey," she answered massaging his promising tool. "Let's get down to it, shall we? I don't have all the time in the world."

She pushed the man eating her cunt away and sat on the toilet bowl, crossing her high-heeled legs....zzzzip, that intoxicating sound that 100% nylon makes.

"Give me your tools," she demanded, her voice suddenly hoarse with excitement. The man standing up was at an advantage: his dick was already out. He moved to her front and offered her the 8-inch love tool. She ran her finger nails caressingly along it, squeezed the head slightly with her fingers to get more precum from the cockhole and put her lips to the head to suck the precum. She smacked her lips and pulled his balls from the confines of his boxers. Her eyes shone at the heavy sack covered only with stubble.

"You seem to have a lot of nectar in those, darling," she cooed weighing his balls in her hand, and without waiting for an answer applied her lips to the scrotal sack to kiss the balls and suck in the folds of his skin. She encased his balls with her fingers and put all his sack into her mouth teasing it with her tongue. When she was pleased with the exercise on his balls, she ran her lips lovingly along the side of his now desperately oozing precum cock and buried the lovely head in her mouth.

"Fuck, oh fuck," the man gasped and his hips instinctively went into fucking movement. The hungry slut Victoria had no problem accommodating all his length in her mouth and her throat. His 8 inches were not a challenge for the whore woman who prided herself in being the deepthroat queen! The male organ slid into the depth of her pharynx easily and the man was treated to the unbelievable sensation of having his dick massaged by the woman's pharynx walls. The other man was looking in disbelief as the 8 inches of manmeat were sliding in and out of the woman's face so effortlessly. The white whore was skilled beyond belief. Such things he had only seen in hardcore porn and here was a willing white bitch and a lady giving his pal this very blowjob as if it was her daily routine exercise! Well, that's exactly what it was – the deranged slut's daily exercise.

There was no time for proper fucking and they had to satisfy themselves with her blowjob skills, but it was much more than the men could have expected or, in most likelihood, were ever going to get. The dirty woman was devouring the cock in her mouth while eyeing the other guy's tool. That seemed bigger, probably 9 inches, she was glad to observe. The man inside her face was groaning and tensing. He held the slut's head, his hands buried in her platinum white hair, and fucked away at her totally oblivious to the fact that his friend was looking as his dick with every retreat brought the woman's spittle that dribbled down her chin and landed on her blouse.

The man fucking her shot his first rope directly into her throat, but the others flew into her mouth as he retreated his dick. God, her first helping of the day! What a treat! The semen was a little musky in taste and pretty liquid in texture, not lumpy. Victoria likes all tastes of sperm, though. She is a true gourmet if ever there was one when it comes to sperm! The woman didn't bother with the fact that the men were looking as she turned the thin whitish liquid in her mouth to fully appreciate the taste. On the contrary! Making a show of it excited her slutty nature. She had always gotten her kicks from shocking people with her sexual debauchery! The bigger the shock she could give, the happier was the slut inside her.

She swallowed the sperm, opened her mouth for them to see it was all gone and licked her lips with gusto. She pushed the first dick owner aside to make room for his colleague who was heavily dripping with precum. Victoria cleaned that tasty secretion off of the cock head and, like a moment earlier, started with the balls. Having satisfied her first thirst, she was in no hurry now and took her time playing with the dick offered to her. She showered it with cute little kisses, caught and sucked the folds of skin bands, teased the frenulum and drove the tip of her tongue into the urethra hole rendering the man beyond himself with lust and anticipation. Victoria was having fun observing his reactions to her skill!

Time was flowing, however, and she wanted another load of nut paste besides, so she started impaling herself onto the hard rock, while massaging the heavy ball sack with her right hand. The silky dick, which was blacker than his friend's, was finding its way into her adjustable throat as she accommodated him to her comfort. Oh, it's such a wondrous feeling when the head of a cock forces Victoria's pharynx wider and massages her muscles inching slowly deeper and deeper as she breathes through her nose and saliva flows her mouth! Oh, it's such a kinky feeling to know a black stud is using her, to know she is of service to him!

With his hands firmly holding her head in place the second man was fucking her with rapid, convulsive movements of his hips, hardly removing his dick from her throat with the backward swings. He was giving the whore woman a great time as her pharynx was constantly filled and ravished. And when he came, he came right into her throat, gasping like a man saved from drowning. That did not please Victoria. She preferred to take black man's cock syrup in her mouth to taste it properly. Well, at least her belly got its share of Negro nut cream, and a good share it seemed to be.

When the man stepped back, Victoria looked at her blouse.

"Shit," she said seeing the large wet spot on her bust where her saliva landed during the deepthroating she had just performed. She would have to clean herself the best she could, but first civility required her to thank her donors for their helpings of the lovely sperm.

"Thanks, darlings," she beamed a happy smile at them. "Are you going to be around here anytime soon?"

Unfortunately they were here just on business and were catching their plane at noon the following day so there was no way she could service them again. She said good-bye and the men sneaked out of the restroom leaving the slut to take care of her make up and blouse. Luckily her skirt wasn't creased too badly. Victoria cleaned her blouse with water leaving the front wet, did a quick, expert job on her make up, checked to see if her backseams were still perfectly straight, and pleased with herself left the restroom.

The moment she left the restroom in her slut-made-happy state, she found herself facing a medium-height, but well-built black guard at the mall. A regular visitor here, the white whore had noticed him before and not one time had thought that it would be very convenient to have him on her lovers list especially that he was the head guard. For one thing, he looked promising. Moreover, she could always drop in here and find a good source of protein to satisfy her cum craving. On top of that, there were a few other young black guards whom she could pleasure too. The insatiable 49-year-old slut was always on the lookout for new donors. She was never satisfied with what she had and wanted more and more. She smiled at the man instinctively as she was moving past him.

"Excuse me, ma'am," the uniformed man stopped her.

"Yes?" she cooed, her smile becoming wider and outright lewd.

"This is the disabled restroom. You're not allowed to use it," he stated firmly holding his balance in front of what he could see was a shameless whore.

"Oh dear! Is it?" she continued to sweet-idiot coo him. "I'm sorry. I didn't notice. I was desperate."

"I see," he said slowly, looking at her wet blouse. He blocked her passage for a while then smiled finally overcome with the lust emanating from her and added: "That's okay, lady, but take notice of that in the future."

Victoria stole a look at the wall clock. She still had some time to spare if she went without lunch. In the office she'd said she would be back in forty minutes. She pushed the cute pink tip of her tongue past her lips and pretending she was licking her lips, wagged it at him. She saw the man's studied steadiness desert him as he winced the first moment, but his eyes shone with lust a second later.

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