Video Exposure


I had moved to my hometown twelve months ago and the first time I entered the video store I knew I was going to tease the hell out of Des the owner.

Over the past year I strategically wore provocative shirts when going to hire a movie, I would drive by the store ensuring Des was working then go home and change. I started exposing only a little at a time and gradually the shirts became smaller and more revealing.

I remember on one particular time I wore this Blue lacy extremely sheer top, my nipples could clearly be seen through the thin fabric. To my frustration he never seemed to take any notice, to which I took as a challenge and there was no way I would give up until I had his undivided attention.

This week was the beginning of my Christmas holidays I decided on Saturday this is the week I seduce Des. I dressed evey day wearing skimpy and sheer shirts, my nipples were constantly hard and erect straining against whatever I wore.

I would always strike up a conversation with Des giving him time for what I call prolonged exposure. Over the passing days we became more relaxed with each other and would talk for some time.

I woke up this morning and thought “this is it “ today upon returning last nights movies I am going to give it all or none. I selected a sleeveless white cotton shirt, which buttoned up the front. I left all the buttons undone and tied the bottom of the shirt at my waist. This left a good portion of my bare breast exposed.

Des opened the shop at 10:00am every morning so I thought to avoid too many interruptions I would be there when he first opens. I arrived about five minutes of him opening up and ensured no one else was in the store and then strolled in.

Des’s eyes just about popped out of his head but still he said nothing. We proceeded to talk about the movies I watched and as time went by in between customers coming and going he asked would I like a cup of coffee.

When he returned the coffee mug had writing on the side which said “Smart,witty and very sexy woman”, Des handed me the mug whilst looking at my near exposed breasts and said this suits you quite well with a cheeky smile on his face.

I returned a smile and jutted my breasts out a little further and said is my shirt having any effect on you and more to the point have any of my shirts over the last year turned you on. He responded quite quickly “oh yes how could they not”. He especially commented on the blue sheer lacy top, which I considered my favourite.

To my delight Des stated ever since I had been coming into the video store he has been fantasizing about me and how much he has desired me. At this stage I knew I had him.

I looked him straight in the eyes and said would you like to have a better look at my tits to which he said “ how could I possibly pass that up”. I hooked my thumbs under the edge of my shirt and spread it open revealing my full and firm breasts.

Des stood there with his mouth open for a short time and commented on how lovely they where. I asked him if he would like to feel them, which of course he did as his hands where upon them before I finished asking.

He stood fondling and tweaking my erect nipples for a good minute when suddenly somebody entered the store, luckily my back was to the entrance and I popped them back in my top before I was seen.

Des took the initiative and said if you want to see any more of those posters they are out in the back room. I knew exactly what he meant and went round back. It wasn’t long and the customer had left he appeared before me and undone my shirt releasing my tits once more.

He leant down and took one of my tits in his mouth and stared sucking it like there was no tomorrow, he would change from one breast to the other quite frequently and commented on how nice they felt and tasted.

Next he unbuttoned my pants and slid his hand down and started stroking my clean shaved pussy lips. He started to feel me really become moist and lowered my pants to the floor and whilst kissing me slid his fingers in my pussy. He started pumping his fingers faster and faster in and out really giving me a good finger fuck, bringing me to an intense orgasm.

He then reached down and took out his cock from his pants. I went straight to my knees and wrapped my mouth around his swollen penis.

I continued sucking him for several minutes when suddenly again someone came into the store. He quickly regained his composure and walked out to attend to his customer. Upon re-entering the back room I gave him no time to think and had his dick in my mouth before he knew what was happening. He remarked on how good I was at sucking cock and reckoned I was by far the best he had ever experienced.

It did not take much longer and I could feel his penis swell even more, I knew he was about to cum. I took his cock deeper down my throat to give an even better climax for him. Then all of a sudden his body tensed and I could feel the warm fluid spurting into my mouth and flowing down the back of my throat He was in total ecstasy and couldn’t believe I swollowed all of his spoof.

We continued caressing each other for a few minutes before getting dressed. We finished our cup of coffee and talked about what we had just done and agreed we need to do this more often.

I’ll keep you posted……….

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