tagIncest/TabooVideo Game Vixen Ch. 08

Video Game Vixen Ch. 08


Sunday came before I knew it. I was at home, yawning and looking out of my window for the last time for a few weeks, before summer break. I'd thrown my bag over my desk chair, and was now deciding which clothes to take back with me, having opted for a pair of low slung army green cargo pants and a black halter with a built in bra. Lamar had come over the previous night, hanging with me while my parents went out, and then acting the perfect gentleman when they came back, as if a half hour earlier he wasn't on the couch on top of me fucking me silly.

I threw in a caramel colored miniskirt I'd borrowed from Nisi's closet without her realizing, along with a pair of jeans that she'd borrowed from me a while back. While I searched for a pair of boxer's I'd "liberated" from Dylan back in my apartment, my cell phone rang. I waved it off, sliding further under my bed to grab the bundle of suspiciously boxer shaped fabric underneath. I heard the voicemail beep a bit later, and waved it off again, throwing the boxers into my bag and running down the stairs to the kitchen for my last family breakfast for a while.

I waddled up the steps an hour later. Momma had really thrown her all into breakfast, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and everything else had lined the table, and Nana had come over because she knew I was home. Nana had tucked a few dollars into my hand when Momma wasn't looking, and then winked at my daddy, who laughed. I hugged her goodbye, and then trekked up to my room to finish packing.

I threw a few last items in, and a couple of games I wanted to take with me. As I zipped my bag up, actually, as I fought my zipper to try and force it shut around way too much stuff, I paused and looked around my room. I was pretty much ready to go, and now I just had to ask someone to drive me back to the school, which was easier said than done. My momma wanted me to get an early move on, so I'd be back at in the apartment with enough time to catch up on my work.

I sat back down on my bed and loosened my hair from my ponytail. As much as I enjoyed Lamar and wanted to see how far we could get, and as much fun as I'd had with Hunter, it still hurt that Jeff hadn't even called me. I crossed my legs and bit my bottom lip. It wasn't any fair. Jeff had dated other people since we'd started fucking, and I'm sure he'd fucked more than a few of them, but when it came to me, he didn't want me touching anyone.

My bag fell off the bed, strewing its contents across the floor. I cursed and took my forehead into my hands and flopped back onto my bed. I was going to need a vacation from my break.

I got out of my daddy's car a few hours later outside of my apartment building. I kissed his cheek and waved at him and momma as they drove away. Any other time they would of stopped in and looked around but I'd warned them that I'd been gone for a while and there was no telling what Dylan and Teresa had let the apartment get to. They'd laughed and driven off; leaving me standing on the curb with my bag slung over one shoulder. I took a deep breath.

"Sanaa where have you been!" I heard the squeal before I was pulled through the door of the apartment building. Teresa threw her arms around me. "We were so worried about you bonita! You only called us once and left a message!"

"I had to go home to sort something out." I said, moving towards my room. Teresa followed me, running her fingers through her hair. I looked around the apartment as I went. All in all it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I pushed open the door to my room, dropping my bag on the bed. I headed towards the bathroom door.

"But you could have called back again bonita." Teresa said, jumping up on my bed and drawing her knees to her chest. She leaned down, resting her cheek against her knee and grabbing her feet in either hand. "We missed you."

"Mmhmm..." I said halfheartedly before pulling the bathroom door open. I cursed out loud. Dylan had taken full opportunity of me being gone to leave his mess all over the place. There were damp towels, dirty clothes, toothpaste all over the sink. I slammed the door shut. "Goddamn you'd think he was raised in a pigsty."

"Oh bonita, shut up." Teresa swung her legs beneath her, and then raised her body so she was kneeling. She beckoned to me with one finger. "Come here."


"No no no. No talking bonita. Ven aqui." I walked over to her, and she pulled me by my shoulders to her. My mouth parted just before her lips hit mine. She kissed me hard, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Her fingers slid up the back of my shirt, and she pulled it off, flipping it over my head and freeing my breasts. She licked her lips.

"I missed these too..." She kissed me again, and then trailed her lips down my chest, circling each nipple with her tongue. She drew one into her mouth, sucking it hard while trailing her fingers across my stomach. She slid her fingers underneath my pants, exclaiming in delight as she realized I didn't have on any panties.

"Delicious bonita... you dressed for me." She slid her hand into my pants to cup my moistening pussy. She slid the other hand down to grip my hip and she stood. Teresa dropped her panties, and then switched our positions, pushing me down onto the bed.

She straddled my hips, grinning down at me before turning her body so that as her tongue dove into my pussy, I could see hers above my face. She lowered it slowly as I moved to cup her ass with my hands. I licked my tongue out, tracing her slit and parting the folds. She mirrored my actions, using her hands on my inner thighs to spread my legs. She pulled her mouth back, and her tongue licked slow circles on my thighs before sliding across my clit.

I moaned into her pussy, pulling her undulating hips further down onto my face. I trailed my teeth over her clit slowly, and her hips bucked slightly. Teresa slid her fingers over my thighs once more, tickling them lightly, before pushing them into my slit. She moved them third knuckle deep, spreading them as she went, so that they pushed at my G. I gave a muffled cry into her pussy, using my hands to pull her lips softly, before forcing my fingers into her cunt hard and fast.

I started to buck my hips against her face, before she suddenly pushed me away.


"Wait bonita, wait. I have a new toy!" She grinned at me. "I will run to get it. Promise me you won't touch tu panocha!" I nodded at her, and she ran off, returning a few moments later with her hands behind her back.

"See bonita! Look!" She pulled from behind her back a dark purple strap on. Her eyes were filled with glee as she started to pull it on. "I just got this bonita! I use it on you first!" She grinned as she climbed onto the bed, and spread my legs with her knees. She awkwardly began to position herself, before lining up the head of the fake cock with my cunt.

She teased the cock head around my lips slowly, before she angled it inside of me, her fingers stroking my clit as she eased the head inside. I cried out softly, my cunt twitching flooding as she pushed until the entire length was buried in my slit. She grinned down at me once again, before pulling back. The cock slid out of my pussy, and she then rammed it deep inside,

I cried out, lifting my legs to allow her better access as she got used to it, building up a rhythm. She pushed in deep, fucking my cunt as she talked to me in Spanish, coaxing my orgasm from me. I arched my back as she pulled back and pushed upwards, so the fake cock head attacked my G. I whimpered underneath her, my toes curling as my pussy tightened. I came hard around the strap on, my moans triggering Teresa's own. She fucked me for a while longer, prolonging both of our orgasms before flopping down on top of me, the strap on still between us.

"So bonita..." she said, kissing me. "did you miss me as well?"


"I really don't give a shit!" I yelled out. Dylan yawned, looking at me and scratching his head.

"Look Sanaa, I know it's a mess but I really don't have the time"

"Dylan, just fucking clean it up!" I slammed the door to his room, clenching and unclenching my fists. I could hear him cursing on the other side, but I didn't care. I walked into the living room, flopping myself onto the couch. Shit Sanaa... you really let the black out, I thought to myself, and then shook my head, sitting up to flick on the TV. He deserved it. Every time I left the house, he managed to dirty it within seconds.

Teresa ran past me, late for her Sunday shift at work. She caked out something to me I didn't quite catch, and then the door slammed shut. Dylan walked past a while later, his hands shoved into his pockets. I started to apologize before I noticed his iPod© earphones in. He wouldn't hear me anyway. As he opened the door and walked out, I put my hands on my forehead, cursing.

I was in the same position when I heard a knock on the door a while later. I sat up, adjusting the shorts and t shirt I'd climbed into. I moved over to the door, pulling it open, using my hand to cover a yawn as I said hello.

"Hey baby. Long time no see." My eyes popped open and I looked at the guy in front of me. It couldn't be...

"Are you serious?" I pushed my hair out of my eyes, shaking my head. "Hell no!"

"What's wrong? Didn't expect to see me?" He walked past me and sat on my couch. "Didn't you get my voicemail?" I looked at him. I'd forgotten to check my phone. He smiled at me again.

"Seriously Shawn, why are you here?" He leaned back, looking up at the ceiling.

"Look Sanaa... I told you I wasn't gonna let you go so easily... right?"

"That was over a year ago!"

"Either way." He sat up, staring at me with his hazel green eyes, licking his lips. His skin was the color of honey, his hair the same dark brown, cut close to his scalp. I shook my head.

"Look Shawn, it's over between us. We agreed on that."

"Nah boo, you agreed on it." He sat back. "I just let you run wild for a bit. But it's time girl. You're mine again." I rolled my eyes and leaned against the doorframe, crossing my arms. Shawn and I had been together for 2 years. I'd caught him cheating on me, and it was over. He'd thought that I wasn't serious until he saw me dating other guys.

"Shawn, I'm not interested in you, aight." I pushed off the doorframe and started walking past him. "Show yourself the way out." He gripped my arm, pulling me back to him. He pushed my hips forcibly, and gripped them once he had my ass in front of his face. He lifted the bottom of the shirt slowly.

"I see you had it removed..." He said, his thumb tracing over where the tattoo had once been. He let me go after a minute, and I turned to face him.

"Look Shawn, I"

"It's cool though... we don't need that anymore." He rubbed the side of his neck, and I turned my head to look to see if he still had his. There it was, on the side of his neck. My name. I looked at it for a minute, before looking at Shawn again.

"Shawn... Look... there's no way we're getting back together. It wouldn't work." I said it down low, so that he could hear. He leaned in, hugging my waist, before pushing my T-shirt up with his nose, and kissing my navel. He stuck his tongue in, tonguing it slowly. I held his head between my hands, moaning softly. He know my spots better than anyone else, and as one of his hands slid down my legs to the back of my knees, my pussy started to drench itself.

He slid his hand on my lower back, stroking and rubbing my lower back. I closed my eyes, willing my knees to stay while they tried to go weak. Shawn started to direct me slowly down onto his lap. I started to go, but the phone ringing brought me out of my reverie. I jumped up, pulling out of his grip.

"Fuck off Shawn... just get out of here!" I said, before picking up the phone. Lamar's voice answered me, and I turned my back to Shawn to speak to him. I heard him get up after a while, and then the door slammed. I hung up with Lamar a few minutes later, and slapped my hand to my forehead, cursing, before falling back onto the couch.

I stepped out of the apartment later that night, shoving my hands into the pocket of my jeans, running against the rain. I needed time to think, hard, about everything that had been happening. I pulled Dylan's keys out of my pocket, and went over to his car. I unlocked it, and climbed in. After a few tries it started, and I pulled away from the building.

I drove for a while, watching the lights of the city, stopping once to fill the car with gas. I climbed back in, driving a while longer, until lights attracted me again. I pulled into the lot of an all night arcade complex, two levels of games and rides, with go karts in the back. I locked Dylan's car, and walked inside.

I played a few games, mostly to distract myself. It wasn't until I was halfway through an old Soul Calibur™ Game that I felt a hand on my waist.

"You are one hard girl to follow." I turned my head, and looked into familiar eyes.

"For real Sanaa." I turned my head again, and looked at another familiar face.

"Hey..." I said, trailing off. Hunter and Jeff leaned looked at me, Jeff with his arms crossed, Hunter with his hand on my waist. Jeff looked at me through his longer than usual hair, a half grin on his face. Hunter gripped the back of my shirt, and pulled me against him. "Hunter... I..."

"Look Sanaa... we just want to talk..." He said. I looked at Jeff again and back at Hunter. A pang suddenly hit my chest, as Lamar and Shawn filled my mind. I shook my head.

"Not right now." I said, pulling myself away from him. He moved again, securing my ass against his crotch, and pulling me tight against him. Jeff moved my hands off the game, and then stood in front of me. I heard the sounds of my character dying as I stared into his eyes. They then escorted me out of the building, and into Jeff's car.

"We went over your apartment, looking for you. You pulled out just as we were pulling up." Hunter said, looking back at me. Jeff said nothing, watching the road intently. I was in the backseat, staring at the two of them. Jeff signaled a left turn, and pulled onto a back lane, driving awhile until he was in the middle of a group of trees. They both stepped out of the car, motioning that I should do the same. I stepped out warily, and Hunter slammed the door shut behind me.

Jeff walked over to me, pulling me against his chest as his lips touched mine. I felt a hand reach into the back of my jeans, running along the top of my thong as another hand unbuttoned them, and slid down to cup my pussy. My jeans were pulled down, and I was lifted out of them, and then carried through the trees to a small clearing of grass. Jeff put me onto the ground, and then pulled my shirt over my head while Hunter unclasped my bra. My cousins soon had me standing naked between them, each staring down at me.

Jeff lowered his jeans, slowly and meticulously, until I was looking at his cock. He stroked it lightly, until it was standing at full attention. I could hear Hunter lowering his own jeans as Jeff pulled me to him, pushing me down onto my knees and directing my mouth onto his cock. I kissed the head before taking his cock completely into my mouth. I felt myself being lifted into the air slightly by my hips as I pulled my head back, and I felt lips on my pussy suddenly. I looked down as I took Jeff's cock between my hands, and saw Hunter's face between my thighs as I kneeled in place.

I sucked Jeff's cock lightly, using my tongue to do most of the work as Hunter's tongue parted the folds of my pussy. I took my frustration out on the tip of his cock, before dragging my tongue slowly across the bottom side of his cock. Jeff's finger's tangled in my hair, and he pulled my mouth further onto his cock as I began to suck him a bit harder, tightening my lips around him.

Hunter flicked my clit expertly with his tongue, and bit and sucked my lips until I was eagerly humping his face, moaning around Jeff's cock. Hunter slid his thumb into my ass, and two more into my cunt, fucking each hole. I began to shake uncontrollably, feeling my orgasm starting from far within my cunt. I pulled my mouth off of Jeff's cock, running my lips along the sides of it as I came on Hunter's tongue. Jeff pulled his cock from my mouth, as Hunter pulled his face from between my legs.

"She get it nice and wet?" Hunter called out to Jeff. Jeff nodded as Hunter slid me down his body, until I was straddling his cock. He lifted my hips once more, and began to work his cock into me. I moaned as every Inch of hunter's cock slid in, my fingernails digging into his shoulders as my mouth opened in a silent moan. Hunter slid a hand down to play with my clit, the other leaning me down low onto his chest.

I heard scuffling, and turned my head to see Jeff standing behind me. He lowered himself to his knees, and as I stared at his cock glistening with my saliva, I suddenly realized.

"Oh god... Jeff... you wouldn't..." I said it slowly, down low, at the same time Jeff was running his cock on the crack of my ass. Hunter pushed at my clit slowly, and I shuddered as a tremor racked my body. Jeff angled his cock at my asshole, and began to push the head inside. I screamed out, and Hunter covered my mouth with the hand that had been playing with my clit. I bit into Hunter's hand as Jeff continued to force his cock into my ass. Jeff was soon completely inside, and Hunter pulled his hand away. I tasted blood between my teeth, before Jeff gripped my by the hair, raising me a bit.

I moaned, feeling their cocks almost touching inside of me. Hunter began to fuck me first, slowly lifting himself. Jeff began to fuck my ass between Hunter's thrusts, so at any moment I had a cock filling me. I screamed out again, this time in pleasure. Hunter stopped and began to fuck me in tandem with Jeff, while I lifted myself to meet both of their thrusts, crying out as their cocks attacked me.

I gripped Hunter's shirt as my back arched, and he gripped my chest in reply, sweeping his thumbs over my nipples before pinching them. Jeff stroked my back with one hand, pulling my head further back with the other.

"Oh god... Fuck me... ooo..." I moaned. My pussy started to convulse, and my eyes closed as I felt my orgasm about to hit me. Jeff grunted behind me, a sign I remembered as him about to cum as well. Hunter simply continued his stroke.

I cried out one last time as electricity filled my cunt and I came around Hunter's cock, my orgasm hitting me hard from both holes. As my body clenched and sucked at both cocks greedily, Jeff pulled me tight against him, emptying his load inside of my ass, a new sensation for me. Hunter fucked me for a while longer, before shooting off deep inside of my pussy. I lowered myself onto him, my arms going weak. Jeff pulled out of my ass, stroking my back slowly.


They dropped me back at the parking lot a while later. Jeff still hadn't said a word to me, and Hunter had silenced off as well, after my cell phone had rung, and I spoke to Lamar. I climbed into Dylan's car, and lowered my head to the steering wheel.

Life had become even more complicated...

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