tagAnalVijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 04

VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 04


Ashok grinned when his sister-in-law answered the door. "Well, sweet Vijaya," he said, sauntering into the living room with a confident air. "This time it's just the two of us. So what do you say we make it a time to remember?"

Vijaya looked at him with resignation.

There was no way she could avoid this final confrontation with the unprincipled young man who was blackmailing her, so why fight the situation? She would submit to his sexual demands this one last time.

Then she would be free and if she managed to enjoy herself in the process, what of it? At this point, it scarcely mattered. She had already been forced to break her marriage vows and been stripped of her self-respect. What more did she have to lose?

Without further ado, the voluptuous Tamil slut led her brother-in-law into the bedroom. Reaching into his jacket pocket, the lanky young man withdrew the pornographic photos Vijaya had posed for and held them up. "Here they are, sweetie," he said, handing them to her. "They're all yours now." He failed to add, however, that he had a duplicate set at home which he planned to show his brother that very evening.

Now that he had had his fun with Vijaya, it was time to destroy her marriage. He owed it to his older brother to expose his wife for what she really was. Uday would be upset at first. It was only natural. But in time, he would thank Ashok for opening his eyes.

In the meantime, Ashok intended to make the most of his final rendezvous with Vijaya. Once he blew the whistle on her, she would no longer be putty in his hands. But that was okay by him.

His sister-in-law was no different from any other cunt and there were still plenty of hungry pussies willing to put out for him.

In Vijaya's case, the fun had been in manipulating her, making her dance to his private tune. And watching her pathetic attempts to pretend she hated the things he made her do. And her humiliation each time she failed.

Ashok was sure that he had just about broken her. How she had loved the vigorous lap-fucking he'd treated her to the other morning. She'd flipped and whined on top of him like a bitch in heat.

They both knew now how she gloried to the feel of his cock inside her pussy. Try as she might, Vijaya could not keep her ass from shimmying every time he fucked her. Ashok planned to prove his manhood again this morning.

He wanted to hear his sister-in-law beg for his sucking and fucking as never before.

Vijaya took the photos from Ashok, set them down on the night stand, and reached for the buttons of her blouse.

If it hadn't been for these, she would not be taking off her clothes right now, getting ready to spread her legs once more for the man she hated.

She sighed heavily. At least it was almost over.

As soon as Ashok left, she would tear up the obscene photos and flush them down the toilet.

Then she would try to forget the shocking things she had done in order to keep her husband from learning the truth about her sordid past.

On his way back to the shop after picking up a color television chassis that needed major repairs, Uday Roy braked at the busy intersection. While he waited for the light to change, an old man weaved his way toward him, selling bouquets of cut flowers to the waiting motorists.

When he approached his truck, Uday rolled down the window."How much?" he hollered.

"Two bucks," the old man replied, holding up a colorful bouquet of mixed carnations.

On impulse, Uday reached for his wallet and withdrew two singles.

He gave the money to the vendor and grabbed the tissue-wrapped bouquet. He smiled, thinking how pleased his wife would be at the unexpected gift. "I should do things like this more often," he muttered under his breath and pressing the accelerator as the light turned green.

Still riddled with guilt over his most recent indiscretion, Uday decided that they would hire a babysitter for the following night so that he and his wife could go out to dinner. Maybe they would even take in a movie afterward.

Uday realized, with sudden shame, that he hadn't taken his wife out in weeks. Yet he had gone to the Brewery by himself and Vijaya had never once complained. Filled with remorse at his lack of thoughtfulness, he decided to stop at the house and give his sweet Vijaya these carnations right now.

It would mean going just a few blocks out of his way and the colorful flowers would undoubtedly brighten Vijaya's whole day. On a gloomy overcast day like today, they should be especially welcome.

And I'll tell her to arrange for a sitter, he thought, turning the wheel. Heading for his house, the burly Irishman tried to imagine Vijaya's reaction when he showed up with the cheerful blooms. He could not remember the last time he brought his wife a present like this for no reason at all other than the fact that he loved her.

I bet she'll really be surprised, he thought with a smile. Just how surprised his wife would be at his unscheduled arrival Uday would soon discover!

When he pulled up in front of the house, Uday's eyebrows rose at the sight of his younger brother's red sports car and "well, I'll be!" he thought, applying the brake.

Ashok must have stopped by to see Vijaya. The thought pleased him for he often wished that the two people he loved so dearly enjoyed a warmer relationship.

Although neither openly criticized the other, Uday often had the uncomfortable feeling that Vijaya and Ashok were not especially fond of each other.

That's why he was always pointing out his brother's best qualities to Vijaya and bragging about his wife to his brother.

So they would appreciate each other more. He smiled, grabbing the flowers and opening the door. If Ashok was stopping by to see Vijaya during the day like this, maybe Uday's efforts were finally beginning to pay off.

Uday unlocked the back door and came into the kitchen with an expectant look on his handsome face, thinking he would find his wife and his brother sharing a cup of coffee. When he found the kitchen empty, he headed for the living room, the bouquet of flowers hidden behind his back.

A frown creased his forehead when he saw that Vijaya and Ashok were not there either.

He was about to call out when he heard strange sounds coming from the bedroom. Perplexed, the husky young man strode down the hallway, his footsteps muffled by the plush carpeting. Following the incoherent noises, he passed his daughter's empty bedroom and continued down the corridor until he stood outside the master bedroom.

The door was slightly ajar and he could hear the sounds of labored breathing mingled with moaning cries. Completely baffled, Uday took a step forward to peer around the partially closed door.

Suddenly the bouquet of flowers fell from his hand, dropping noiselessly onto the carpet. His eyes widened in shock as his jaw went slack.

The air escaped from his lungs in a painful rush as though he'd been hit in the gut with a baseball bat. A sick feeling flooded his veins at the unbelievable sight before him. The wife he adored was lying naked on the bed, her full lips parted and her features contorted by lust while the brother he loved and trusted lay on top of her, pounding his swollen prick into her uplifted cunt!

Grunting and sweating from his efforts, Ashok fucked her the way that Uday himself had never dared to screw his wife.

Even more incredulous, Vijaya couldn't seem to get enough! Her legs were wrapped around his waist like a human vise and she swirled her hips in hungry loops, welcoming, each forceful invasion. Uday could scarcely believe his ears when Vijaya cried out in lustful abandon.

"Fuck harder!" she begged, her hands clawing his back. "Give me more, more!"

Paralyzed by shock, Uday stood motionless, his eyes drawn to the copulating pair like a magnet. Back in some distant corner of his mind, a small voice told him that he should let his presence be known, that he should take steps to end this shocking act of betrayal. But he was unable to move.

He kept staring in open-mouthed horror as his brother's blood- filled cock mercilessly pounded his wife's grasping pussy. Ashok's huge joint was bright with passion, shimmering wetly from Vijaya's milky cunt juices, and the wet sucking sounds of her grasping cunt accompanied their grunts and outcries.

"Like my prick?" Ashok asked, pounding into her.

"Oh yesssssss!" she wailed, tossing her head from side to side. "Keep fucking!" she begged, the pointed nipples of her uplifted breasts quivering with excitement. "Don't stop! Shove your big cock clear up to my throat!"

As Uday's voyeur eyes continued to observe the naked tangle of writhing flesh, he began to feel something other than horror. The unmistakable heat of passion crept through his loins, making his testicles swell and tighten while his penis grew rapidly, straining hotly against his trousers. He'd never seen his wife so worked up. Her flushed face, frantic gyrations, and wanton cries were turning him on, making his heart pound and his aching prick throb with desire.

His brother was acting out one of Uday's secret fantasies right before his eyes, fucking his wife savagely, spearing her tunnel of love the way Uday himself had longed to do ever since he met Vijaya. Vijaya was responding the way she always did in his wild imaginings too, grinding her foaming pussy against the root of Ashok's pummeling shaft, begging for more.

God, she fucks even harder that Seema, he thought, breathing hard. Look at the way she lifts her ass for a deeper fuck! And her legs are curled around him like goddamn pretzels!

Spellbound, Uday stood gaping from behind the door while his brother hammered into his beloved wife with fierce determination. He saw Ashok's hands slide under Vijaya's creamy buttocks to lift her even higher while he ripped into her steaming orifice like a hot poker.

Sweat trickled down his back to fade into the hairy slit of his bucking ass. His mouth hung open and his eyes were thick lidded and glassy. He grunted as he viciously rammed in and out, his huge prickly sacs swinging back and forth, batting Vijaya's uplifted moons with a steady rhythm.

"Oh God!" Ashok suddenly cried, jerking his slender body even more savagely. "I'm cumming! Aghhhhhhh!"

Her pelvis whirling with maniacal frenzy, Vijaya joined her partner in illicit orgasm. She curled her legs more tightly around his waist, mewling and moaning as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, drowning her in a sea of forbidden passion. She felt the hot semen burst within her rippling vaginal walls in sporadic jerks, blending with her own hot juices.

Seeing the bucking pair climax released Uday from his hypnotic state of immobility.

The look of total rapture on his brother's face as he spewed his hot seed into his wife's cunt opening suddenly made him regain his senses. He's shooting his wad in my Vijaya's pussy! He realized, jealous rage tearing through him like a blazing inferno, making his blood boil!

A strangled cry coming from his throat, Uday suddenly kicked the door open and lunged at the two naked infidels like a madman and his face purple with wrath.

Vijaya's head spun in his direction and she screamed and in seconds, Uday had his brother by the hair, lifting him off the bed as if he were a mere child. "You double crossing bastard!" he yelled, hurling the bewildered young man across the room. "Screwing my wife behind my back!" Ashok slammed into the opposite wall, grunting, then crumpled to the floor like a marionette, a dazed expression on his face.

He sat there gazing up at his brother with incredulous eyes, his shriveled organ still dripping its forbidden juices.

Uday crossed the room in angry strides to grab him by the throat, lifting him to his feet.

"No, wait!" Ashok begged, his eyes wide with fear as his brother's fingers closed around his throat. "Aghhhhhhh!" he cried, clawing at Uday's hands, his face reddening and his eyes bulging.

"Uday, stop it!" Vijaya shrieked, fearing that her enraged husband would choke the life out of his brother. "You'll kill him! He's not worth it, Uday!"

His fingers relaxed at Vijaya's pleas. She was right. Ashok wasn't worth going to prison for. Releasing his hold on the young man's throat, Uday clenched his fist and struck his brother in the jaw. A resounding crack filled the air.

Grunting, Ashok spun backward, his thin arms flailing wildly. When he toppled to the floor, Uday lifted his leg to kick him savagely.

Screaming in pain, Ashok doubled over, holding his rib cage. "God," he panted, his face twisted in agony as he rocked to and fro. "I think you just broke my ribs!"

"You're lucky I didn't break your neck!" Uday spat, feeling nothing but contempt for the cowering figure in front of him. "If you weren't my own brother, I'd break you in two!" He grabbed his arm to yank him to his feet.

"Now get your clothes on and get the hell outa here before I kill you!"

Whimpering like a beaten dog, Ashok staggered to his feet. "You don't understand," he said in a whining voice, reaching for his clothes.

"Vijaya's no good, Uday. And I can prove it to you!" Jerking on his pants, he reached for the pornographic photos on the night stand.

"Here!" he said, a triumphant look on his face as he handed the pictures to Uday.

"This is what your precious wife is really like!"

"No!" Vijaya protested, jumping from the bed. She tried to grab the photos away from her husband but Uday shoved her away, sending her staggering backwards.

Sobbing, the distraught Tamil slut watched helplessly as her husband quickly examined the photos. Her heart pounded and a sick feeling washed over her at the dark fury in Uday's face. "Uday, please!" she begged. "Let me try to explain!"

But he shot her a venomous look. "Seems to me things are pretty damn clear. You've been cheating on me with my own brother and posing for filthy pictures on the side!" Disgust and disillusionment flooded his entire being.

How could he have been so blind, go stupid not to see that the wife he held on a pedestal had been cuckolding him? His eyes narrowing, he turned to his brother. "Get out!" he hissed through clenched teeth. "I'll deal with you later!"

Ashok needed no further prodding, anxious to escape his brother's fury, he grabbed his jacket and fled from the room, his jaw throbbing and his ribs on fire and somehow the unscrupulous young man's scheme had backfired.

Vijaya was the only person who was supposed to get hurt. "I hope he beats the shit out of her," he muttered under his breath as he tore out the door and ran to his car.

Naked and trembling, Vijaya crouched on the bedroom floor, wondering fearfully what Uday would do to her. "Ashok made me go to bed with him!" she gasped as Uday came toward her menacingly, unbuttoning his shirt. "He said he'd show you those photos if I didn't!"

"Did he make you wiggle you ass like a two-bit whore too?" he demanded. "Did he force you to wrap your legs around him and beg for more? And did someone force you to pose for those dirty pictures too?"

He laughed mirthlessly, unzipping his trousers. "Just how dumb do you think I am, Vijaya?" he asked, coming closer, his face ominous.

"I had to do it, Uday," she explained, her face beseeching. "My mother was sick and I needed money to take care of her. It was the only way I could get it."

As she babbled on, trying desperately to make him understand, Uday removed the rest of his clothing until he stood in front of her stark naked, his huge cock bobbing in front of her face like a cobra about to strike. But Uday scarcely listened. His eyes were devouring his wife's luscious nudity while the blood soared hotly through his veins.

God, she's gorgeous, he thought. No matter what Vijaya had done, how she had betrayed him, Uday knew that he was still hopelessly in love with her.

That she was the only woman he wanted for his own. His mouth watered at the delectable mounds of firm flesh jutting forward in naked splendor, their brown nipples rigid with fear. His lustful gaze swept down over the pale rise of her smooth abdomen to the dark velvety mound between her legs.

She moved and he saw a bit of coral peek out from between her fuzzy slit and his swelling rod grew even more, throbbing with an urgency it had never known before, he longed to press his tongue between her bright inner pussy folds, the way the man in one of the lurid photos had done.

And his quivering pole of masculinity ached for the feel of Vijaya's warm lips encircling it just as her widely stretched mouth was fastened on the lust-bloated cock in still another photo and yes, Uday would make his faithless wife reenact each of the four obscene poses.

He would make her ride his cock while he fucked her from below and he would order her to bend over and spread her legs so he could screw her two-timing cunt doggie-style too and then he would force his wife to do something that wasn't included in the lewd pictures, something he had secretly longed to do for far too long.

I'll give her more prick than she's ever had before, he thought, his balls quivering in hot anticipation. Uday would fill every possible hole with his vast joint until Vijaya begged for mercy. He would prove to her that she did not have to search elsewhere, for Uday would give her the fucking of her life.

Once he was through with her, Vijaya would know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she needed no other cock but his!

"Get up, whore!" he ordered, yanking her by the arm to throw her across the bed. "Let's see if I can make your ass squirm and your pussy foam the way my brother did!" Lowering his naked body onto hers, the burly young man crushed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. His massive chest mashed her tits while his vast pulsating rod poked wetly against her thigh, leaving a trail of wet kisses. He felt the fuzziness of her pubic hair scrape against his as he bore down on her.

She lay under him tense and rigid and then as his warm lingual member swirled within her mouth, he felt her body relax. His kiss was long and passionate, shaking him to the very depths of his being. By the time he drew away, both of them were gasping for air.

But Uday was just warming up. "Spread your legs," he ordered gruffly, forcing her thighs apart to reveal the saturated tissues of her sperm-soaked pussy.

"And let me suck your cunt!" Sliding his hands under his wife's hips, he lifted her gaping niche high and lowered his head.

He felt her legs tremble at the touch of his warm tongue upon her sensitive inner folds and he swirled his oral member up and down the oozing length of her slippery crack, lapping up the feminine syrup and teasing her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, making it fill with blood.

Vijaya's lips parted and she began to moan and the warm persistent organ slithering up and down her delicate membranes was driving her wild while the fact that it was the man she loved who was doing such marvelous things to her throbbing pussy made her pink petals swell as never before. Her bright bud of sensitivity rose hotly, growing more and more rigid each time he passed over it, punishing it mercilessly.

The nectar of her arousal flowed forth only to be quickly consumed by the marvelous voracious tongue.

"Oh eat me!" she begged, reaching down to draw his head closer.

"Suck me dry!" Vijaya gasped, her pelvis jerking as Uday drew the hot nub of her clitoris into his mouth, sucking on it ravenously. Whimpering, Vijaya pumped her hips up and down, making her husband's head bob as she surrendered herself to a deep and penetrating orgasm.

"Aghhhhhh!" she cried, her climaxing cunt convulsing in great rippling waves and when at last her bucking body grew still, Uday lifted his head from between her slit, "Has anyone ever eaten your cunt better than that?" he asked, his face smeared with the fruits of his labor.

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