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Virgin Aunt's Used Panties


It is rather interesting that my first story about my panty sniffing habits on this site starts with the most recent encounter instead of the very first encounter. However, as this is the freshest memory in my mind, it is fitting that this short encounter be the first to be posted. I will post the rest of my countless panty sniffing adventures in time to come.

This story all started when I travelled back to my family home to visit my parents during the recent holidays. My aunt who lived in Australia had also planned a trip back and thus I found myself under the same roof with an early 50's virgin unmarried aunt. With all honesty, my aunt was not a hottie or someone who would make heads turn in public, but I hadn't seen her in 4 years and for her age, she still looked pretty good. She had dyed red rebonded hair with a slim figure. Her breasts were merely 30A, but for an Asian, it was considered rather an average size.

The day she got back, my whole family including me, my parents, my sister, my wife and my kid spent almost the whole day out with her, eating lunch and walking around the local shopping mall. She was in black slacks and a pink top, and considering I hadn't seen her for ages, I found myself wondering what her underwear looked like. After all, it is worth pondering what panties a virgin unmarried woman at her age would be wearing. Would it be the more conservative granny styled panties or was there a raging slut underneath her exterior who loved to wear sexy underwear?

I didn't get to satisfy my curiosity for the whole day, as even after reaching home from the mall, she didn't change out of her clothes or take a shower. I nursed a painful hardon the whole day watching her walk around my house and sprawled on the couch watching television. My whole family went out for dinner late at night, and I was still fantasising what panties were covering her maiden cunt. Tried very hard to spot hints of a visible panty line (VPL) but her slacks were slightly baggy and didn't give me much of a hint of what lay underneath it. Finally, upon reaching home after dinner, my aunt went to take a shower and dumped her whole pile of clothes into the laundry basket upstairs. I would have loved to dive into that basket rightaway, however my wife and parents kept loitering around upstairs and I didn't get a chance for at least an hour after the panties were off her cunt.

My chance finally came when my parents suggested to drink some wine as a nightcap before sleeping. Putting my daughter off to bed, the whole family settled into the hall downstairs to drink and chat. After about 20 mins of drinking, I feigned a stomachache and rushed upstairs to swipe her panties out from the basket and into the toilet. I was shivering in anticipation as I locked the toilet door and settled myself in for an explosive jerkoff. I carefully examined my prize. A pair of pink M sized Triumph Sweeties cotton brief panties rested in my palm. There was frilly lace around the leg and waistband area, and this merely served to enhance my excitement.

With a pounding heart, I slowly opened to view the crotch area. To my disappointment, there were no juices or discharge at all in there. Not even the usual yellow spot in the crotch. My heart sank, did my aunt use panty liners? Slowly I raised it to my nose. The familiar musky pussy smell rose from the cloth. Mixed with it was a strong piss smell as well as sweat. After all, my aunt had worn this pair for the whole day. My cock immediately rose to attention. Even though there was no visible cunt juices, the smell was very much present. Strange that with such a strong smell, there was no sign of any pussy juice on the panty at all. My aunt must really wipe her pussy often throughout the day.

My shorts dropped to the floor immediately and I started rubbing my rock hard cock while sniffing the crotch. Her musky cunt smell kept my hardon going strong as I lubricated my cock with some baby oil kept on a rack in the toilet. After I had sniffed enough of her cunt, I tentatively took a few licks of the crotch area. I tasted a salty aftertaste in my mouth. This was the closest I could get to licking my aunt's cunt!

I started taking deeper breathes when I could feel my climax approaching and I inhaled as much as I could of her pussy scent. Old maiden cunt smells just as good. I had to exercise great restraint to avoid myself shooting my sperm right into my aunt's panty crotch. I love shooting sperm into panty crotches and watching my sperm mix with pussy juices. In the end, I shot long streams of cum all over the toilet floor. Realising I had been gone rather long, I quickly wiped up my mess with tissue and flushed to complete my act.

On the way downstairs, I dropped her now scentless panties back into the basket, just the way she had left it. I rejoined my family in the drinking session and snickered quietly to myself while watching my aunt as I ran over the memories of sniffing her panties in my mind.

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