tagGroup SexVirgin in the Locker Room

Virgin in the Locker Room


This is a completely true story that changed my life forever. Its about how I lost my virginity.

I had just turned 18 four days before the grand event took place. I had been going out with my girlfriend, named Katie, for about three months. We hadn't had sex yet, but she was planning on giving herself to me on my 18th birthday. Since she had to go to her grandmother's funeral that was out of state during my birthday, me and her were still left virgins for another week or so. My virginity status was about to change in a drastic way.

I had been shooting around after basketball practice one day, and by the time I got around to showering, all the other players had already left. I entered the shower room, stripped off my clothes, and turned on the water. My mind was wandering to my hot girlfriend, and I was imagining having sex for the first time with her. My dick was slowly becoming rigid, and I was mindlessly stroking it while I enjoyed the hot shower. My dick is a good 8 inches when fully erect. After about a minute, I heard giggling outside of the locker room.

Two of the hottest senior girls, we'll call them "Sarah" and "Brittany", busted into the locker room. They saw me rubbing my cock, and needless to say, I was rather embarrassed. One of them said that the girls' showers were broken and they thought all the guys had left. Sarah was a natural blonde and had very large, upturned, perky breasts. Her waist was small, but she had this ass that stuck out just right. It was the kind that you wanted to grab onto and ride. Her skin was tanned just right. Sarah was what you could call the perfect fucking girl. Brittany was tall and had smallish but firm-looking breasts. She had blonde hair, but everyone wondered if she was a real blonde.

Her body was very tight and athletic. Anyway, there I was with my erection rapidly diminishing due to the shock of the two hottest senior girls staring at my naked young body. The girls were sweaty from a hard basketball practice, and I could tell the two girls were excited by the hard nipples that poked through their sports bras and shirts. Sarah turned to Brittany and said, "Well, we can't let that hard cock go to waste, now can we?" They both entered the shower fully clothed and approached me. Brittany was a little apprehensive because it was rumored that she was still a virgin like me. Sarah, on the other hand, kissed me deeply on the lips.

She removed her shirt and gym shorts, leaving on her sports bra and blue silk panties, which were totally drenched and were clinging to her body. I couldn't ever in my regular dreams had imagined this happening to me. I ripped off her bra and sucked on one nipple while pinching the other. Her nipples were super sensitive and stuck out about a half an inch. Each time I would suck hard on one nipple while pinching the other one hard, she would let out a moan that would make any man instantly hard. Even through the shower spray, I could see that her pussy was becoming drenched by the large puss stain on her panties. Brittany stood in the corner of the shower rubbing her nipples through her shirt. She certainly looked interested in what we were doing.

Sarah then got on her knees and began to suck my hard pecker. God, it felt good! She would take my whole cock in her throat and then slowly slide it out while twirling her tongue around the shaft. When she arrived at the head, she would swirl around the tip with her tongue while stroking the shaft. She had an expert mouth and brought me close to cumming. She stopped and removed her panties. Brittany had started to finger her virgin pussy through her shorts, and Sarah invited her over.

She removed all of her clothing to reveal the tightest body I had ever seen. Brittany was also a real blonde because she had very light blonde pubic hair, which was neatly trimmed around her pouty pussy lips. I laid down on the ground, and Brittany, with a little coaxing from Sarah, positioned her pussy over my waiting cock. I was about to lose my virginity, and so was she. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock, but she was so tight that she couldn't do it herself. She then sat back while Sarah tongued her pussy to loosen her up a bit. After she was well lubricated by Sarah's tongue job, I entered Brittany's pussy little by little until I reached her hymen. I then pushed with all my might, and she screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I kept inching in until I was in to the hilt. I held it there for a couple of minutes so she could adjust to it. She then flipped us over so she could be on top again.

Sarah positioned her pussy over my face so I could tongue it and suck her clit. Brittany was bouncing her tight pussy on my dick while I ate out Sarah. There is no feeling in this world like a first time fucking pussy clamped around your engorged cock. Brittany was moaning and was tweaking her hard nipples while she fucked my rigid cock. Sarah's pussy was the best tasting delight I had ever had. She was grinding her pussy into my mouth, and I was licking and slurping for all I was worth.

After about five minutes of girl control, I decided it was my turn to call the shots. I flipped Brittany onto all fours and rammed into her doggy style. This sent a loud moan to escape her lips. I thrust my cock deep into her throbbing pussy in long slow strokes. Sarah still wanted her pussy eaten, so she stood in front of my face, and I didn't hesitate to take the opportunity to suck on her fabulous clit. I must have been hitting Brittany's G-spot because she was thrashing around and bathing my hard knob in pussy cum as orgasm after orgasm hit her.

Her tight pussy was squeezing my dick so much that I couldn't hold out any longer. With one final thrust, I shot my load deep into Brittany's vagina, and this set off her last and most intense orgasm yet. Sarah still had not orgasmed yet, so she sat on the floor and I began eating her love box once again. I licked around and on her clit while I thrust two fingers in and out of her hot pussy. When I felt the walls of her pussy contract around my fingers, I put my tongue flat against her clit. She ground her clit as hard as she could onto my tongue as she filled my mouth with her sweet pussy nectar.

After her orgasm subsided, we washed up and went our separate ways home, but we would often come back to the same place late after basketball practice and relive one of the best times I have ever had.

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