tagIncest/TabooVirginity Has Its Perks Ch. 03

Virginity Has Its Perks Ch. 03


This is a work of fiction.

(Sorry for the wait guys and gals, had to go out of town for work and just recently been able to get some free time for writing, thanks again for all the e-mails and comments, they do mean a lot and I really do appreciate them, read on and enjoy!)


Tonight was a good night I thought lying in bed. I had lost my virginity this afternoon and had developed a special relationship with my mother and my sister. One I hoped would last for the rest of my life.

Earlier in mom's bedroom I had found out that Holly, my older sister, the popular girl from school, the one that dated good-looking guys regularly, was in fact a virgin as well.

To be honest I could have gone all night, but when Mom had discovered that about Holly and had, perhaps unthinkingly, blurted it out it made Holly break down into tears.

When that had happened Mom just gathered her close and held her as she cried, she had motioned to me silently to leave and go get to my own bed. I guess she wanted to talk to her; I couldn't help but feel a little guilty as I had left the room, mainly because I felt so damn good. But nevertheless guilt was still there; I was happy and my sister was crying, just didn't feel right.

When I had got back to my room my cock had wilted and tonight's events had slowly started to catch up with me and I took a shower in the bathroom I shared with Holly in between our respective bedrooms. After showering I put on a pair of boxer-briefs and lay down to try to get some sleep.

So here I lay, waiting for sleep to come, even though I knew it would be awhile, replaying all the events of the past 12 hours over and over in my head. Strangely enough even after all the wonderful lustful sex I had had my cock still had life, just thinking of what we had done earlier had caused my cock to stir and stretch out my shorts, tenting up against the fabric.

After a few minutes of staying hard and knowing I wouldn't get any sleep if I didn't relieve the pressure I finally said fuck it and removed my shorts and slowly started stroking it. Closing my eyes I started drifting into my memories of tonight, with a smile on my face I continued stroking.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" I heard my mother ask.

I opened my eyes to see her standing there just as naked as I was looking at me with a small smile on her face.

"Well, um, I was just taking care of myself Mom." Still stroking I wondered why she was in here instead of with my sister, and said as much.

"Well I've been talking with your sister and she wants you to take her virginity, tonight." Saying this she sat down on the edge of the bed and took over stroking my cock, pushing my hand away.

"So son of mine, think you are up to it?" She asked smiling, continuing to stroke me.

"Of course I am, can't you feel it?" I asked laughing.

Mom laughed then too and got up told me to follow her.

I got up and followed mom from the room, my eyes locked on that beautiful ass as it sauntered through the doorway and into the hall.

When we entered Mom's room Holly was sitting there on the bed with her head down, she looked up as we entered.

Her eyes were still a little puffy and looked like she had been crying but she smiled at us as we entered and came over to me and put her arms around my neck and snuggled her head into my shoulder.

I just held her for a minute while Mom walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.

"I'm sorry Bobby; I hope I haven't ruined our night." Holly mumbled, still hugging me.

"No sis you haven't, we were only worried about you, not ourselves." Slowly I started stroking her hair, running my hand from the top of her head down to the base of her neck, comforting her.

After a minute of this Holly pulled back and looked into my eyes and said.

"Bobby, will you make me a woman tonight?"

I smiled and replied "Of course."

Hearing that Holly grinned and took my hand and led me over to the edge of the bed. Letting go she crawled up on the bed and still on her hands and knees looked over at her shoulder at me and winked.

"Mom, do you think you can get me ready for Bobby?" She asked, looking over at our mother.

"Of course sweetie, I'll make sure you are good and wet for him." Mom replied standing and walking over in front of me and crawling onto the bed behind Holly. Holly still on her knees shook her ass playfully at her mother as her mother's lips closed over her pussy and gently started nibbling and tonguing her pussy lips.

Holly looked back at me again and gave me a 'what are you doing stare?' Unconsciously I had begun to stroke my cock as my mother had started the fine art of cunnilingus on my sister, making it next to impossible not to become aroused at the sight.

Holly then kind of glanced over at our mother and back me again quickly and I got the idea.

Moving closer to Mom I asked "Mom, do you mind if I warm up a bit for Holly?"

Our mother knew exactly what I meant, she had been kind of half-laying on her side twisting up to eat Holly but now she moved onto her knees and spread her legs slightly in answer to my question.

Seeing the invitation I moved in behind Mom and rubbed my cock up and down her labia and found her to be slightly dry. Using a little bit of spit I polished the head of cock with it and started rubbing it up and down through Mom's outer pussy to see if I could get her juices flowing. Apparently I was doing a good job, after a minute she had started to leak noticeably, either that or the fact she was eating her daughter out and getting ready to fuck her son again was turning her on.

With Mom good and wet now I gave the head of my cock one last rub through her folds and then slowly pushed in causing Mom to moan as I entered. With this just being a warm up I knew I didn't want to cum in Mom, not this time, I was saving that for Holly, so I took my time, long and slow strokes in and out of her pussy.

Looking down, seeing Mom's pussy lips slowly coming slightly out with me when my cock withdrew was such a turn on, it was taking every ounce of my self control not to turn into a rutting beast and ravage this wiling female below me.

"Alright Bobby." Mom said suddenly, breaking the spell I was under, I had become almost hypnotized watching my cock slide in and out of my mother.

I glanced up and saw Holly looking back at me grinning and Mom looking over her shoulder at me doing the same.

I just smiled and gave Mom one last quick thrust that made her jump a bit and slowly withdrew. As the last inch came out and the head of my cock popped out into the open I couldn't help but give a sigh of regret. Mom's heat and pressure where something I never wanted to be without, but I knew I wouldn't be left hanging for long. As soon as I pulled all the way out Mom moved over on the bed and made room for me as I climbed up and got close to my sister's very wet and very excited looking pussy.

"Ok Bobby, Holly is ready for you, but listen to what I say, do not go slow, it's better to have quick pain than letting the pain build by slowly doing it, understand?" Mom asked me looking at me seriously.

I nodded in understanding looking at my sister who had her head down and her hands gripping the sheets in front of her like she was going to strangle them.

Mom then reached over and placed my cock at my sister's opening and let go.

I looked down, and suddenly I didn't want to do it, I just knew it was gonna hurt my sister and I didn't want to cause her any pain.

Looking over at Mom she seemed to understand what was going through my head.

"Bobby, this is natural, women go through this, and its better this way than in the back seat of a car or in a cheap motel with some loser that says he loves you just so he came take your cherry and cum ten seconds later. Trust your mother in this Bobby." She said, rubbing my back, lightly scraping it with her nails.

"Bobby, listen to Mom, I know it will hurt, but I also know you really do love me, so please, help me ..." Holly said, still not looking back.

Still a little unsure about it I just decided to trust the resident female expert on vaginal penetration, our Mom, and slowly started to inch inside my sister's tight sheath.

And man was she tight, Mom was tight as well but not like this, this was like a too small pair of gloves for my hands. I made progress, but slow, slowly I could feel her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate me, I knew I could go in harder but the less pain I caused Holly the better.

Almost as soon as I started pushing in Holly started moaning, feeling a man entering her for the first time, feeling herself stretch. I pushed in a little farther, never pulling back and finally after what seemed like hours but in fact only mere moments I reached her hymen.

At that point I pulled back until I was almost out and moved back in, intending to make sure her passage was good and lubricated so nothing would impede my progress.

Mom had gotten up and was standing on her knees behind me on the bed; she was reaching around me now, lightly scraping my chest and twisting my nipples occasionally. Mom was driving me crazy with her caresses; self-control was a motherfucker when someone was doing that to you. I couldn't seem to concentrate fully on what I was doing, still going slow, but now I was starting not to care if Holly was loose enough now. It was as if my brain was shutting off with a little voice in the back of my head telling me what to do, do it, do it, do it, it chanted, on and on.

In the haze of shrouded lust I rolled my head back and shut my eyes just as I was going back into Holly when I suddenly felt Mom reached around in front of me and suddenly slammed her hips on mine and my cock shot straight up into Holly. I came back to my senses almost immediately as Holly moaned in pain and I felt cock power through her Hymen almost effortlessly.

I tried to pull back but Mom locked us in place with her hands on Holly's hips and said "Don't move, she will feel better if you just hold it in till some of the pain eases." Nodding my head that I understood Mom moved from behind me and then got her head right under Holly's pussy and slowly started licking.

I was concerned about Holly; she hadn't said a word since that one moan when Mom pushed my cock through her cherry. Still holding myself inside her I rubbed her back with my left hand, hoping she would feel better.

Less than 30 seconds had passed since Holly was de-virginized and she hadn't made a sound, but now I felt a little movement from her. Looking down I could see our mother still working on Holly's pussy, her tongue peeking between my cock and her pussy occasionally.

Then a small moan came from Holly, low at first then it picked up and she started to move. Slowly at first, she leaned forward moving her pussy off my cock a half inch at a time and back. Little by little she was starting to work herself up to a rhythm.

I just held still, not wanting to hurt her or cause her pain I just kept my cock in place, not moving with her, just kneeling on the bed. The feeling of her tight pussy was driving me crazy, but this time I didn't lose my mind, I simply put my love for Holly at the forefront and my lust on the back burner, when Holly was ready she would let me know.

Mom was moving her ass around so Holly and she would be in a sixty-nine, almost as soon as Mom placed her pussy before Holly she dove in. With them both licking and nibbling I started to wonder if Holly was ok, she certainly didn't seem to be in pain at the moment and I started wondering what to do.

"Holly, are you ok now?" I asked feeling her thrusting on me now a little harder and a little deeper.

"Yea Bobby it doesn't hurt nearly as much now, but go slow at first ok, you can go deep, but just go slow." She said, resuming her ministrations to our mother.

Finally getting the green light I matched her rhythm and started to push in deep, at that Holly moaned and I stopped, afraid that I had hurt her. Feeling me stopping Holly growled angrily and slammed her hips backward and I got the point. I pushed back in and once again Holly started moaning, and this time I knew it wasn't pain. Bottoming out I slowly pulled back out and pushed back in till I was balls deep once again. Holly was continuously moaning now and I was hoping it was both what I was doing and what Mom was doing below.

After a couple of minutes of this I decided to chance going faster, after all I reasoned that Holly could always tell me to slow down. Besides, her pussy was so tight and wet that it was driving me crazy going so slow like this. I picked up the pace, not from slow to fast, but rather from slow to only a little faster and Holly didn't seem to mind, she thrust back on me just as hard, her hips slamming into me as we fucked.

Mom was crawling out from under Holly now and her chin was slightly red from Holly's blood, but apparently she didn't mind. She wiped her mouth with her hand and got off the bed and stood there smiling at us, fucking our brains out.

"Bobby why don't you hold still and let Holly just fuck back onto your cock instead of thrusting, that way she can control the pace and slow down if it hurts?" She said moving behind me, her hands now on my hips rubbing and caressing my stomach.

"Sure Mom, all yours Holly." I said holding myself still while Holly started thrusting back onto my cock with a little more vigor.

"Bobby spread your legs slightly and hold her hips, you have to make she doesn't pull you all the way out when she goes forward." Mom said still lightly caressing my abs and chest.

Always listen to your mother I thought as I spread my legs and lightly gripped Holly's hips as she continued to fuck me, seeming to get faster by the minute.

Mom was now running her hands along my back and the crack of my ass, lightly rubbing my opening down there, nails scraping my back, basically she was driving me crazy with all this. Mom never fails to amaze me, an experienced woman always knows what to do, that's the lesson I learned tonight, and I love her to death for it.

Holly's hips where now a blur and she was moaning like crazy now, I just knew she was going to cum soon, but I still had awhile to go, having already cum more than once tonight.

Mom whispered in my ear "Cum with your sister Bobby, cum in her, let her feel a man's sperm for the first time in her pussy, let yourself go ..."

Hearing Mom's sexy-ass voice was unbelievable but still I couldn't feel the pressure build yet.

"Um, Mom I can't really cum yet, I just don't feel it right now" I whispered back.

"Don't worry baby, Momma will help you cum." Mom whispered and then reached down to where Holly's hips and my cock were connected and held her hand there for a moment, two of her fingers playing with my balls smearing the coating of pussy juice that had collected there.

What was she doing? I thought. Playing with my balls felt great but it wasn't gonna make me cum, although I didn't want to tell her that.

But once again Mom surprised me.

After playing with my balls for a moment she moved behind me and started rubbing my back again, I could also hear her doing something with her mouth.

Then I felt her hand once again rubbing my asshole, and then amazingly I felt her tongue on me down there. And that was a big turn on, her soft warm wet tongue making little probes on my opening, soft little stabs that were driving me crazy.

Just at that moment Holly started slamming into me hard and moaning like crazy, that was it, she was cumming and I was a little disappointed, I wasn't cumming with her. Then I felt Mom probe me harder this time, only this time it wasn't her tongue, it was her fingers. Suddenly I felt two fingers shoot up my little hole and an immense pressure built almost instantly and suddenly I was experiencing one of the most intense orgasms of my life, it was unbelievable. It felt like I was draining the very life out of my body and into Holly, shot after shot of sperm went racing up and out of my cock and into Holly at what seemed like the speed of light, it was incredible.

Mom was now moving her fingers and pushing inside me and I almost doubled over as it hit me again with pleasure and I shot even more into Holly, spurt after spurt going deep into Holly's womb.

Holly for her part had stopped and was shaking as her orgasm had hit her and she felt my shots go deep into her body, her moaning had stopped now and she was just arching her back and shivering with carnal delight.

And finally it was over, Mom withdrew her fingers and patted me on the back and left to go to the bathroom to wash herself off. With my cock completely and utterly drained and starting to wilt I collapsed to the side of Holly as she was resting her head on her forearms with her eyes closed slowing her breathing back down.

I just lay there on my back and looked up at the ceiling, breathing hard and once again was in complete amazement at what tonight had brought.

Mom finished washing up in the bathroom had walked back and was looking at us with what could only be called a considering look.

Holly finally got up into a sitting position and looked down on me and smiled and said "Thank you Bobby, you were wonderful" Then she kissed me softly, not as a sister would kiss her brother, but as a lover, soft and with tenderness.

Holly broke the kiss first and looked up at Mom who was smiling at us now and went over to her and kissed her as well. After a moment she broke the kiss and said "Thank you too Mom, you and Bobby both made me feel like I was the only woman in the world tonight and it was wonderful." Mom gathered her in her arms and hugged her.

After a minute Mom said "Come 'on baby, let's get you into a nice bath and get you cleaned up, you still have a bit of blood on you down there."

"Mom I don't know about you and Bobby but if I climb into a nice warm bath I'm gonna fall asleep in it and not wake up for a week." Holly said laughing tiredly.

Mom and I both laughed along with her and we all agreed that for tonight it was bedtime. I got up and all of us went into Mom's big bathroom and each got a washcloth and scrubbed down a bit, too tired even for a shower.

After washing up and getting as clean as we could we all started out to our beds.

Almost to the door Mom asked "You guys don't want to sleep with your mother?"

Holly and I looked at each other and realized Mom was serious, we just each thought that Moms bed was for fun and games, we didn't realize we would actually all share it.

Mom had turned the comforter down and climbed in and beckoned us over. Telling me to shut off the lights first Holly climbed in on one side and after I had hit the lights I climbed into the other.

Snuggling up to my mother I felt warm and loved, just like when I was a kid, and Holly had the same idea, she was snuggling in just like I was, our hands meeting and locking together over our mothers stomach.

Mom's hand was caressing my hair now, and my eyes becoming adjusted to the dark I could see her other hand on holly's head as well, softly stroking her hair.

Then I don't know why, maybe it was impulse, instinct, who knows why. Mom's right breast was near my head and I just naturally took her nipple into my mouth and started sucking softly. I glanced over at Holly as she took the other breast, nipple slipping between her lips, suckling gently.

Mom sighed softly and contentedly and cooed to us both happily as we nursed on her breasts, wishing there was milk in them.

Wondering what tomorrow would bring, I suckled until I fell asleep.

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