tagLesbian SexVirginity Lost Ch. 3

Virginity Lost Ch. 3


Come March Break, we were the only two in our class that wanted to go to Florida. Others thought it too loud, others went home to their families, and the rest of the woosies stayed home. We flew to Daytona for a week of fun and frolic. We had joked about the men we would bed but I had taken it serious enough to begin taking the pill. Heather, I knew, was already on it.

We arrived and threw our stuff into the hotel room with two double beds. We jokingly scuffled over who would have the window bed. Since it was noon, the night life we were expecting had not started yet so we thought we would check out the beach. We emptied our suitcases and pulled out the swimsuits. True to Heather's nature, she began to undress right there with me. I made my mind up, and began to undress too. I did turn around a little, but not too obviously I hoped.

As I bent to pull on the bikini bottoms, I felt a sharp slap on one cheek and Heather said "Nice ass! We should get plenty of attention." I blushed from head-to-toe but not because I was embarrassed but that she liked my ass.

"Thanks," I said, "but I'm not sure I'm going to compete with yours.." With that said, I turned away and slipped the bikini top on. Heather didn't reply right away, and I began to worry.

"Come on!" she cried, grabbing towels and stuff off the bed. "Let's go test these asses!" she giggled, gave my two cheeks a squeeze and headed for the door. I felt it was a good sign.

The beach was busy but not crowded. A volleyball game was underway to our right and others were testing the water, throwing frisbee, or just sunning. We found a spot and spread the beach towels. "Here; you do me and I'll do you." I heard Heather say.

"What?" I turned around, a little shock in my voice.

"Suntan lotion, silly. What did you think I meant? Get your mind out of the gutter, we'll go find some cock later." She laughed and turned me back around. She poured some lotion on her hands and began to massage my skin with it. The moment went to fast before she said she was next. My pleasure, I thought.

While I was spreading the lotion on her back and down to her hips, two fellas showed up and asked if they could help. Heather spoke up and said we had it covered but could they get us something to drink. Despite being turned down, those two fellas took off like a shot to get us what we asked for. Heather giggled and said something about putty in our hands. I just wanted to finish the job I started with the lotion.

The boys came back and we talked for a while. We played frisbee but the breeze was picking up and it was getting colder. We made dates to meet them at a bar they knew of later that night. I asked Heather if we were going to keep that date. "Nah" she said, "I saw better studs elsewhere to make you cum." She laughed and ran ahead of me. I was a little disappointed but then the thought of us hunting together kind of made up for it. I chased her back to the room.

We showered the sand off and changed into some nice clothes. We had a small meal in the hotel and then ventured forth to watch the street transform itself. We had lots of guys stop and talk to us. Plenty had suggestions of where the best place was to dance and party. Things were still kind of slow by nine but we found a great place to watch the sky darken over the water and we ordered a few rounds of drinks. After the first two sweet drinks, we both agreed our money would be better spent on beer and we ventured out to the darkening street to find a watering hole.

Music was blaring from a few bars already. One seemed okay and we went in. Tables were still available and we sat down. I don't think we were there a few seconds when drinks arrived followed by the guys who ordered them. These three studs were from Maine. I took Heather's lead and flirted with the one to my right. The third guy stuck around for a while but ventured off later. The crowd started to gather and we hit the dance floor. It must be the cold weather in Maine or something but these boys couldn't dance worth shit (pardon my french). Unfortunately, the only way it seemed to get rid of them was to leave.

The streets were swarming with kids now and we danced and bumped with perfect strangers all along the road. We tested bar after bar, drinking a little, dancing alot. At one point, we joined a group of girls from Toronto, and I was thrilled as we all danced together, linked arms, and breathed lude things into each others ears. Heather wanted to try the disco across the road, so we parted company with the fellow Canadians. It was after midnight by now and although we had drank a fair share of liquor, we had also danced alot off. Here the lights were flashing, the floor was glowing and the dance floor was swimming with people.

Heather dragged me onto the dance floor and we threw our bodies at each other. By now I figured Heather was just trying to attract men for us by acting real easy towards me. We did have a couple of guys join us the next hour but eventually Heather would shoo them away. I had to stop for a second, so we left the dance floor and found a spot off to one side.

Heather suddenly leaned into me and kissed me hard on the lips. She quickly drew back. I thought maybe Heather had more to drink than I thought. "You know what?" she began. I was looking at her, trying to understand her mood. "You know what made me really hot tonight?" she said again.

"What?" I asked.

"I was really hot when I saw you dancing with Nicki."

Nicki was one of the Canadian girls we left behind. At one point she had begun dancing with me like Heather and I had just finished doing. "What?" I was starting to shake.

"It's you that I want." She had her hands on my shoulders. "Ever since I felt you put that lotion on and when we danced, and even when we were just talking, I felt things for you like I have never felt for anyone." She was trembling and her eyes were glistening.

I began to shake and I drew her against me. We stood hugging each other for the longest time, sobs pushing against each other, our tears of joy flowing down each others arms. Some jerk walked by and asked if he could join in. Heather told him to piss off but it brought it back to our senses. We put our foreheads together, held each others hands, and I told her I loved her and asked if that bothered her. "No, silly." she replied, "I love you too."

We sat there for the longest time, telling each other our secrets over the last few months. Others came to ask us to dance including some girls. We began to look around and realized we weren't the only same sex couple in the room. Sure, the girls might have been just teasing the guys but a few definitely weren't asking for a guys, and there were one or two guys who seemed to be quite happy with each other. We finished our drinks and headed out of the club, arm in arm.

We danced, snuggled, kissed, and held hands all the way back to the hotel. As soon as the door was closed, we jumped each others arms, kissing madly and running our hands over each others back. I suppose I surprised Heather by being the first to grab ass and my tongue darted swiftly into her mouth.

We parted and in true Heather style she said "Well I guess we didn't have to fight over the bed after all."

I gave her a soft punch in the arm and announced I had to have a shower from all the dancing. Heather moved off to clean up the room while I went into the shower. I turned the water on and stripped out of my clothes which reeked of smoke and spilled beer. I stepped into the shower and struggled to get the paper off the bar before it got too wet. I lathered and turned into the water. It rained down across my throat and over my breasts.

Suddenly I was surprised by a body brushing against my back, I jumped. Heather ran her hands up my arms and onto my shoulders. She kissed my shoulder and I shuddered at the touch. She pulled my wet hair away from neck and kissed the nape. Her body began to press against mine and I felt her breasts crush against my back. "Give me the soap." she whispered. Heather held her hand out and I obliged.

She stepped back and began to run the soap bar over my shoulders and down my back. Her hands slowly washed over my ass and across my hips. She reached around and passed the soap from one hand to the other across my stomach which forced her stepped close to me again. Her soapy hands went up either side until they rested under my breasts. The air caught in my throat and I tightened my stomach as her fingers rolled up over my mounds and around my erect nipples. She lathered my breasts in circle motions and gently squeezed each tit. She kissed my shoulder and ear. Across my belly, her fingers traveled. Past my navel until they reached my damp pubic hair. One hand went to the side and grasped my hip while the other traveled slowly over my pussy. My legs parted and her hand slid between them. She reached quite far as I felt her fingers pass near my anus but then traveled forward and applied a little pressure.

My wings parted at her touch and she slid one finger their length until it rested over my clit. My knees were weak. She rubbed and played with my clit until it was hard. Her soapy hand slid further down and played with my wings. One finger slipped in and penetrated my hole quickly. I gasped with surprise. She moved her finger in and out quite quickly but not deeply while her thumb pressed hard against my clit. I felt light headed and I needed a break. "My turn." I whispered.

Heather released me and I turned in her arms. Our lips met again and we wrestled with our tongues. She squeezed my ass cheeks and pressed me hard against her. I brushed her now wet hair off her chest and bent to kiss her nipples. They were extremely large compared to mine, although she wore only a size large bra than me. I ran my tongue around its bumpy surface, teasing the nipple that stood erect in the centre. In a swift motion, my lips jumped onto her nipple and sucked hard. I swear I heard Heather say something about being a bitch. I sucked the nipple and surrounding area into my mouth, and rolled my tongue around and around. I squeezed both breasts with my hands and ran my thumb over her left nipple.

I knelt down in the shower, the water cascading over my back. I pushed my face into her trim, damp pussy. My hands ran up and down her smooth legs. Heather lifted one foot up onto the tub ledge and pushed my head between her legs. I immediately grabbed a mouthful of her soft skin and sucked hard. My tongue darted out and spread her apart. She was wet from more than the shower and a lapped up her sex juices. Heather pushed her hips forward and her clit begged for some attention. While my tongue swirled around her pink clit, my left hand stole between her legs and I wiggled two fingers into her cunt slowly. Over the pounding of the water on my back, I heard Heather gasp. I few seconds of that and Heather said that was enough, the shower was over.

I climbed but up to my feet and we kissed deeply again. I turned and shut the shower off. We climbed out of the shower and began to towel each other off. We never stopped touching and kissing. Heather's long hair required her to towel dry it a little longer, so I scurried into the bedroom. I pulled back the sheets and threw myself over to one side. I laid on my side, one knee raised and my head propped up by one hand.

"See something you want?" I asked Heather as she came out of the bathroom. "And how!" she replied, jumping into the bed and play wrestling with me. She made little animal sounds as she nibbled my ear and bit at my throat. We kissed, hard and long, our hands always in motion. We whispered I love you's and traded compliments. I playfully flipped Heather over and sat across her hips. I was aware of how close her hot pussy was to mine. I played my fingers all over her chest, squeezing, stroking, pinching her nipples until Heather begged me to kiss them. I leaned down and kissed each gently. I chose the left one and circled the rising nipple with my tongue, occasionally flicking it. Heather's hands passed through my hair and over my shoulders.

My legs swung together and Heather's parted. I lay between her legs for a moment before abandoning her caramel nipples for something sweeter. I crawled lower until I came face to face with her beaver. I planted a few kisses but quickly lowered my mouth until I had her wings in my mouth. Heather had a lot of skin and I swirled it around inside my mouth. I parted it with my tongue and sought her sweet hole. My fingers spread her cunt wide and my tongue found easy access to her juices. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could get it and then back out. Heather hips were slowly moving around my head. One pointer finger reached up and found her pulsating clit. I circled it with my finger while I lapped at her hot hole.

I switched mouth for finger, and I began to suck her swollen clit. My finger slid easily into her pussy and I heard her moan her pleasure. Remembering the shower, I added another finger to the first, and pushed deeper. Heather raised her hip and pushed her pelvis against my mouth. I began to lick harder, and hooked one finger in search off the fleshy mound inside her. I rubbed and pulled my fingers in and out simultaneously. Heather's moaning became louder, her hands pushed down hard on my head.

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck!" she called out as she began to shake and push against my fingers and mouth. A large shock wave nearly threw me off her and she began to gently tug at my head to rise up. I kissed my way and stopped briefly at her breasts. I rose further till our pubic hair was intermingled and I kissed her sweetly on the lips. "You hot thing!" she said, "You were incredible!"

"More, please." I purred. "Not yet." she replied. And with that, she began to shimming underneath me, squirming her way lower. I rose up on my hands and knees as her face came in contact with my breasts. They swung invitingly in front of her mouth as she began to lick each nipple in turn. My breasts are a good size but the nipples are tiny and are set high. Heather began to squeeze each breast and her mouth paid attention to the right nipple. She sucked hard and long, and just as it actually began to hurt, she switched to the other. Her hands wandered over my back, my sides and my cheeks. Because she was lower, she was able to separate each cheek and my ass seam. As she made my nipple ache with pleasure, her fingers began to play circles around my anus. Even my male dates didn't play with my anus and I began to tremble with the pleasure.

"You like that?" she asked.

I could barely reply "Uh-huh."

"You ain't seen nothing yet." And with that, she squirmed lower until my pussy was over her face. She quickly began licking and playing with my cunt with her fingers. Her fingers parted me easily and had no problems entering my wet hole. Her tongue found my clit and lapped at it with her rough tongue.

"I can't see what I'm doing." she said. "Turn around." she ordered. I turned on all fours and slid back up from the bottom of the bed. We now were in the classic 69 position I heard about; me on top and her pussy inches away from my kisses. "That's better!" and she renewed her tongue action along my whole cunt. I wanted to kiss her too, but she kept her legs closed for now.

Her hands sought my ass cheeks again and she spread me wide. She pulled my hips down and I felt her tongue slide past my cunt and begin to play around my anus. I trembled from the excitement. I was almost disappointed when her mouth went south again to my cunt but I soon felt the slippery penetration of one of her fingers into my ass hole.

Gently, she pressed forward, and then back. Heather continued to lap at my now flowing cunt. She pressed harder and I felt the wonderful presence of the tip of her finger in my ass. She pulled it out and in one swift motion, slipped it in my pussy. Around and around she swirled it and then took it back out. Heather placed the finger back against my ass hole and slipped it in. It went deeper and I actually felt myself push back against her. I forgot all about her pussy as I was overwhelmed with this new sensation. Back and forth she moved her finger, until my ass hole was relaxed and she was wriggling her finger around more.

I moaned and pushed my hips hard against her. She slipped her thumb down and pressed it against my cunt hole. Suddenly Heather had a finger in my ass and her thumb in my pussy. I felt the familiar wave of an orgasm building and I buried my face against her beaver. Heather obliged and she opened her legs. I was in a hurry, as my own orgasm threatened to break, so I licked hard against her clit and reached a hand between her thighs. I barley had a finger in her cunt when she began to massage my clit with her own tongue. I began to rock and shake. I was careless and hard against her cunt but she seemed to be thrusting against me none the less.

Suddenly, I could take no more, my cunt began to swim with convulsions, my ass tightened up on her finger, and an orgasm of epic proportion rocked my body. In response, Heather bucked and pushed her cunt into my face and I felt her share my pleasure on my tongue.

Heather slowly withdrew her fingers, we collapsed beside each other. I slid back along side her and laid my head against her shaking shoulder. We thanked each other, told each other we loved one another. I played with Heather breast as she stroked my hair. We kissed and told each other how wonderful it was. I wanted to be on bottom next time and she said I'll get my chance.

We pulled up the light covers and fell asleep tangled in each other's arms. As dawn broke the next morning, we made love again, more slowly and paying full attention to each other. If it wasn't for the heat of the room as the sun rose, we would have stayed in each others arms all day. But we rose and went to the beach. No more boys for us, we shooed them all away and great attention to each other. The rest of the week we walked hand in hand, mindless of what other people thought. We talked about the future, and made some plans, but we were there to enjoy ourselves so we didn't go into great detail.

And so the week went quickly; sunning, dancing, and loving each other. No changes until the last night. That's the night we met Erin. But that's another story.

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