tagLesbian SexVirginity Lost Ch. 2

Virginity Lost Ch. 2


I went to Heather's apartment the following Friday night on the pretense of studying together. Heather and I shared homeroom and had the same basic course plans. She was the closest friend I ever had. Where I was relatively shy and inexperienced, Heather was extroverted and worldly. She drew me into the group and made me feel welcome.

I was staying overnight and had pj's in a duffle along with the Marketing textbook and Statistics. As the night went along, we gave up on the studying and switched to beer and movies. Heather's place was a bachelorette and as such, there was no wall between the living/dining room and the bedroom which was off at an angle. Heather announced see was changing into something more comfortable. I had tossed my bag onto her bed and I went to get it. Heather pulled out a large T-shirt from her drawers and as I took out my nightgown, Heather began to tug her sweater up over her head. I stood transfixed as she began to undress right there in front of me. I'm no shrew, but I was surprised by how casual Heather treated life and I began to flush as I realized I was staring and most likely had my mouth open. I quickly turned to find the bathroom before the sweater cleared her face and before she saw me watching. As it was, I began to register the fact she had no bra on and I had glimpsed her breasts from both the side and reflected in the mirror over the dresser.

I was breathing a little strange as I entered the washroom and I sat on the toilet for a second to collect my thoughts. I couldn't focus on anything except her round breasts and large nipples. They were a caramel colour and covered a large portion of the surface. I didn't understand what I was feeling and I shook myself out of the trance. I changed quickly but Heather asked from the other side of the door if I could hurry up because she needed to piss. Even her language was liberal.

I came out with my nearly floor length nightgown on and tossed my bag back onto the bed. Heather looked over her shoulder from the kitchen and said "How Gothic! I'm making popcorn, watch the microwave will you?" She passed me on the way to the bathroom. "Put plenty of butter on" she called out. "I like it slippery!" She laughed.

We brought two more beers from the fridge and settled in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn. Heather subscribed to one of those multi-movie channels and we checked to see what was on. We sat at either end of a large, puffy couch, the popcorn between us. The only other furniture was the coffee table and a large beanbag chair which had seen better days. Heather chose some sort of suspense movie with Sharon Stone.

We sat watching for awhile when, in typical Stone fashion, there was a sex scene. I know I was blushing when I said something like "That's going to hurt.."

Heather threw a handful of popcorn at me and snidely said "How would you know?"

"I do now." I coolly answered.

Heather sat back and stared at me. "Since when?" she asked.

"Since Tuesday." I looked forward at the screen which had Sharon or some body double humping the hero. Heather was the only one I had ever confided to about being a virgin, and she had never teased me or brought it up with others.

"You went to the movies!?"

"Yes," I replied. "And had pizza you said!?" she followed.

"At his place." I cooed. "At his place! You never said that Wednesday!" she jumped into a sitting position.

"I couldn't tell everything the very next day." I looked shyly over at her. She was looking at me intently, looking for some sign on my face.

"You bitch" she exclaimed with a smile, "you could have told me!" More popcorn flew my way. I threw some back.

"How was it? Are you okay"

I turned to face her, bringing up one knee. I told her everything, from start to finish. She laughed when I told her I put the condom on him. After I was finished, she moved the bowl of popcorn off the sofa, and moved over to hug me. I don't know if it was a welcome to sisterhood, or just Heather's way but I hugged her back and even began to fight back tears. As she moved away from me I saw she had tears in her eyes as well.

"Look at us." She said. "What a bunch of ninnies!" With that she picked up her beer and said "Way to go, Girl!" We laughed and clinked bottles. We talked a little more about it and whether I was going to see him again. I wasn't sure, we'll see.

The beers were finished, and Heather got two more. Chips came out and the movie changed to some Claude Van Damme flick. This was excuse enough for Heather to make jokes about bedding him, and biting his ass; stuff like that. She made me giggle and I even tried some lude suggestions myself which only made us both laugh.

On the way to one of her pee breaks, Heather flicked off the overhead light which left us with just the glow of the TV. When she came back, she curled up against me as we, zombie like, watched another movie come on. She had her head on my arm but after a minute she said jokingly said something about me being bony and she pushed my arm over her shoulder and laid her head against my stomach. She curled her legs up on the sofa and crossed one arm over my lap. I stared at the TV not knowing what I was watching. Despite the beers I was aware of her body against me, her long blonde hair spilling across her neck and laying across her arm. I felt the weight of her breasts against the side of my leg. I looked down across her shoulders, down her back and over her ass. Her T-shirt had ridden up and her patterned undies were beginning to show.

I sat very still, my arm across her shoulders and my hand resting along her side. Heather shifted a little and her head lowered closer to my lap. My hand sought a more comfortable position and glided across and down near the underside of her breast. My heart was thundering in my ears. I was confused, it was the beer, it was something else. I didn't know.

Slowly, out of my haze of confusion, I became aware of another noise. A soft snoring. Heather was asleep! She curled herself around me and had fallen asleep. I sat there, slowly calming down, trying to rationalize my feelings. The movie played on without notice. Time slipped by but before the movie ended, Heather shifted awake. She pushed herself with the arm buried underneath, brushed the hair off her face, and gave a lazy smile.

"I have to get some sleep." She announced. "You be okay on this thing?"

I nodded. "You know where the blankets are." And with that she leaned forward and kissed me briefly on the lips.

Heather got up and moved off. Her T fell back down but didn't really conceal her ass, rather accented it. I shook my head again. Over my shoulder I watched her crawl over her bed covers which gave me a clear view of her backside. Her panties had ridden to one side and her mound was clearly defined. Heather clawed at the blankets and threw herself inside.

I sat there for what seemed the longest time. Finally I turned the TV off. I stumbled for the extra pillow and blanket and curled up on the sofa. How long I stared into the dark and how long it took me to fall asleep, I don't know. When morning came, Heather woke me up by brushing my hair off my face. "Hey sleepy head; it's ten o'clock. Are we going to the hockey game or not?"

Heather made omelets while I washed and dressed. We ate breakfast together and it was Heather's turn to get cleaned up. Just like the night before, she came out of the washroom naked as a blue jay. I had half expected her to and had casually positioned myself in the kitchen to see her reflection in the small mirror beside the phone. How beautiful she was. She had a fuller figure than me, her body flowed so easily together. Heather was a natural blonde, although her pussy was a few shades darker and apparently trimmed. She disappeared from my view so I moved to put the glasses away. From that angle I watched her from behind select panties and this time a bra. I moved away before she caught me looking.

We spent the rest of the day together, we went to the afternoon hockey game and cheered on our team. I can't tell you how my heart jumped every time we touched and leaned into each other to share a joke or gossip. We did a little shopping but I had promised my parents to be home, so we parted company.

I was torn by emotions I didn't understand. We didn't talk till class Monday, by which time I was a little calmer. Heather didn't seem to notice anything different and so things went along like that. I made love to my first twice more before Christmas but I wasn't in involved as I thought I would. During Christmas, Heather stayed in the city, so I made sure she came to our house and even overnight in the guest room. Once more she kissed me when she wished my Merry Christmas and thanked me for inviting her.

Things were happening to me and it wasn't until March Break did I realize how much. Things were never the same again.

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