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Virtual or Real?


Raymond Allen Finklestein was his given name, but Allen is what he told everyone he went by, especially after going off to college. With the highest tested IQ of any high school student in his state, Allen was on a full scholarship to the State University. With his favorite subjects being computers and science, Allen easily earned the nickname of "Einstein," but unfortunately it was followed closely by "Nerd." Average in build, Allen stood about 5'-9", had messy brown hair, and of course glasses. His astigmatism prevented him from wearing contacts.

Allen was a virgin when he headed off for his freshman year in college, not to his hand of course, but certainly to women. He loved overhearing the locker room stories at school on who had scored with who, even if half of it were probably not true, and longed for the day a girl would have sex with him. His favorite movie of all time was one he had run across in his father's collection, "Weird Science," where some high school guys were able to create the woman of their dream on a computer and have her come to life. It's probably what ended up shaping an unusual freshman year!

Cynthia Mitchell ran her hairbrush through her hair for the umpteenth time. The daily ritual lasted about twenty minutes a day, behind a locked bathroom door. A Senior and Captain of the varsity football cheerleading team, Cyndi, would spend the time each day after practice, a shower, and blow-drying her hair, running the brush through her long blonde hair, as she admired her toned nude body in the mirror. Her bronze skin glowed and blue eyes sparkled as she put her brush down and slowly ran her hands from the top of her chest down past her smooth, taut, stomach. Her nipples hardened when she did this and she let her arms dangle at her sides as her proud 34C breasts reflected back at her. Cyndi wasn't a virgin, but she satisfied herself with a dildo instead of a college boy. Relationships were too complicated. Dancing, flirting, and leading guys on, so they would pay for her fun, got her hot... but she wasn't about to let some jock get in her pants and brag about their conquest in the locker room.

As fate would have it, Allen and Cyndi's paths crossed in freshman chemistry. Allen had decided not to validate it so he would have an easy "A" and Cyndi had avoided it her freshman year, but now was having to take it to fulfill her graduation requirements. In the first few weeks of class, Cyndi found out she was going to have to find someone to help her get a passing grade and what better prospect than the freshmen geek sitting next to her that ogled her when he thought she wasn't looking.

"Class," the Professor cleared his throat. "We will be having our first test in two weeks and it will count towards twenty-five percent of your grade."

Cyndi's stomach acids began to churn. She could handle the pressure of fifty thousand fans staring at her as she led the cheerleading team on Saturday's, but the prospect of failing the test and potentially not graduating was upsetting her stomach.

"Pssst... Eddie? I need to talk with you after class." Cyndi whispered towards Allen.

Allen's head swiveled. Is she talking to me, he thought? "Ugh... it's Allen," he whispered back.

"Whatever," Cyndi continued, "just stick around outside for a few minutes."

What could she want from me, Eddie wondered?

Ten minutes later, the bell rang and Allen raced outside and waited.

Cyndi came out a few minutes later and quickly greeted him, "Allen? I need to ask you a favor," she said as she moved so close he thought their chests would touch. "Uhh... sure anything," Allen replied, trying maintain eye contact, fighting the urge to glance down as her cleavage, just barely visible in the tight pink shirt. They both stood 5'-9", so him glancing downward would be sure to be noticed.

"I've been watching you in class the past few weeks and this chemistry stuff seems to come real natural to you," she began. "I guess it obvious, being the only Senior in the class, that it's not my thing... so I was wondering," she smiled, "if you would help tutor me so that I could pass the test?"

This was more than Allen could have dreamed of, but he fought off the urge to yell "Hell Yes!" He was quick on his feet and decided to see how much she really wanted to be tutored. "Yeah...I guess that would be okay... but..."

"But what?"

"We'd need to study at my place, since that's where I keep all my extra study materials."

I'm sure that'd be safe, Cyndi thought, this geeks probably never been laid. "That's okay, Allen," she replied, "I just need a passing grade." And maybe I'll have fun giving him a hard-on the whole time, she laughed inwardly.

The next two weeks seemed to fly by. The routine was pretty much the same. Cyndi would stop by every other day after dinner and Allen and she would spend two hours together on Chemistry. The thing that wasn't typical was Allen's proximity to a beautiful girl. Everything always seemed to be tight and short on Cyndi. Her shorts fit her perfect ass just right and her jeans clung to her hips pulling up just above her panty line. He could see the small crack of her ass when she'd bend over and when he wasn't staring at her ass he'd be gawking at her awesome tits. He dreamed about her body constantly and it didn't help when she came over one night in her cheerleading uniform.

"Sorry I'm late," Cyndi said, looking a little flushed, "our practice went a little long today."

"No problem, Cyndi, do you want something to drink?"

"That'd be great," she replied, as she made her way to the kitchen table to put down her books.

Allen stole glances at her, as he made his way to the refrigerator. Her skin looked even tanner with the white cheerleading uniform. Mmmm... I love how her tits look in that tight sweater top, he thought. Man... her nipples are even poking through. Allen's dick started to get hard and he had to adjust himself while the fridge door was swung open. He almost dropped her glass when he heard the crash.

"Shit!" Cyndi spat, as her books sprawled across the floor. Allen looked on in shock as she bent over to pick them up.

Cyndi's skirt rose up revealing a small g-string that did nothing to cove her perfectly shaped butt. "Damn books," she muttered.

Allen continued to stare in amazement. She was taking quite awhile to pick them up and he could make out the line and hair around her pussy with ease. He quickly tore his eyes away as she rose up to drop the books on the table.

Cyndi smiled as Allen came over, "this is so hard... isn't it?"

Even with an average six-inch penis, there was a bulge in Allen's shorts. "Uhh huh," he managed weakly. "No, no," he cleared his head, "it's not hard, you'll pass with no problem."

The first test came and went, as did the next three and Cyndi managed B's or C's on all of them. At first Allen loved the attention of someone as popular and beautiful as Cyndi, but after awhile, her body became an obsession he couldn't shake. The constant erections and dreams planted a seed that began to germinate all semester. It wasn't until he was home on Thanksgiving holiday, watching his old favorite movie, "Weird Science," that a plan began to grow.

From the time Allen returned to school through March, he worked relentlessly on his special project. Coffee became his major food group as he slept four or five hours a day and when he did sleep he dreamed about Cyndi and what she looked like naked. His grades went from straight A's to A's and B's, but he didn't care, he needed to get it done before graduation when Cyndi would leave... possibly forever.

"It's done!" Allen exclaimed as he collapsed in a heap on his bed, next to his work. Four months of non-stop work had resulted in working out all the kinks and bugs. The question was, could it work on a live subject or not? Success would mean the realization of his ultimate dream, but failure would probably result in his going to jail. There wasn't much middle ground. He decided to sleep on it, take a shower in the morning, and then call Cyndi.

"Hello, Cyndi?"


"This is Allen, remember me from first semester Chemistry?"

"Of course, Allen, how could I forget the person responsible for helping me graduate," she laughed, "What's up?"

"Well..." he summoned up all the courage he could to get it out, "I've completed a project that I thought you might be interested in seeing."

"Really? What is it?" Cyndi asked.

"It's kind of a secret, you'd be the first one to see it. I'd really appreciate your opinion on it."

"I'm kinda busy," Cyndi said, "how 'bout a few clues?"

Allen hesitated. "Let's just say, it will allow you to live out all the things you'd like to do or say, without any of the consequences."

"Mmm...that sounds interesting... how about Thursday night?"

"That'd be great! Thanks, Cyndi." Allen hung up and almost threw up. That was it. There was no turning back now.

Allen took the next three days to go over every possible outcome he could think of. For each of them he had an option that would result in a positive result, but with humans he knew there was always an element of surprise that might not be accounted for. Whether Cyndi was clouding his better judgment or not, the obsession was just too great for him to turn back now.

The doorbell rang and Allen took a few deep breaths and tried to casually stroll over to answer it. He opened the door and his heart began pounding. Cyndi looked radiant in her tight, light blue, lycra top. Her breasts swelled up and several inches of cleavage were showing with the deep plunging v-neck. He let her in and followed her while staring at the word "cheerleader" across the loose fitting workout shorts she was wearing.

"So, where is it?" Cyndi asked as she swirled around.

"I had to set it up in the guest bedroom," Allen said, "follow me."

As they walked through the door and Allen flipped on the light switch, he heard Cyndi behind him.

"Wow! You've been busy, what the hell does all this stuff do?"

The 12 X 15 room had various computers, screens, and other electronic gadgets against the walls. In the middle of the room there was a comfortable looking lounge chair looked to be the center of attention. There was humming from sum of the computers as well as fans inside the computers churning. Various red, yellow, and green lights were blinking or on.

"It looks like some sort of computer test lab, Allen." She grabbed his arm, which sent shock waves through him. "Now tell me what the big secret is."

Allen took a sit on the lounge chair and invited her to sit down on the footrest at the end. "Here's the deal," he started, "I've always had a fascination with computer games like Sim City, Sim Mall, or any other simulation game for that matter. Have you ever played?"

"I had a friend who had Sim Town... isn't that where you take on a character and interact with other people?"

"Yeah, pretty much. It started out with an individual interacting with whatever the programmers had put in for computer people for you to interact with. The early games required you to type in questions or commands, then it evolved to point and click with a mouse. With the advent of the Internet, the game has gone on-line and you can interact with live people."

"So what's that have to do with this?" Cyndi asked impatiently.

"I've taken it to the next level... well actually about four or five levels beyond the next level."


"Yeah, really. Remember when I told you that you could live out what you've always wanted to say or do without worrying about the consequences? Well, that time is here."

"Okay... so what does that all mean?" Cyndi questioned.

"In a nutshell? You stretch out and get comfortable on this couch, then I put this half-helmet with visor and headphones built in over your head. Unlike these computer games that are 2D, this one ends up being 3D, where you can actually see all the way around you. By pushing the buttons on the hand rest, you go forward, backward, right or left. I've only been able to create one neighborhood in the computer sequence, but you are actually able to speak and with the voice recognition software, the people you interact with will speak back and act accordingly."

"Wow! So you're saying I can say or do whatever I want to in this thing?" Cyndi said excitedly.

"Sure... I've tried to program compatibility between the voice and visual recognition, so that if for example, you move towards a door your hand, in the virtual world, will reach out and turn it. Also, if you're talking with... let's say a bar tender and ask for a Bud Light, he'll get one and hand it to you and your virtual hand will reach out to grab it. There's no need for you to use your real hand. As a matter of fact, they will be strapped down."

"What? Why's that?"

"What I've found so far, in just trying it out on myself, is that the virtual world appears so real, that when my arms weren't strapped down, I began flailing about and knocking stuff over. So, actually it's a safety precaution." Allen watched her face to see if she was buying it.

"Oh!" she said, "that makes sense, safety first."

"Are you ready to try it out?" Allen asked.

"Is it scary? Where would I be?" Cyndi questioned.

"Oh! It's harmless; there's no crime or any way to get hurt. I've programmed in a crime-free college town as the setting. You'll be interacting with the same type of people you interact with here."

"Can I flip a professor off?" Cyndi giggled.

"Sure," Allen laughed, "and the worst thing that will happen is that they get insulted and walk away. You can even kiss someone if you like." He hoped he wasn't pushing it too far.

"Mmm... so you programmed this thing so you're guaranteed to get a date every weekend, huh?" Cyndi kidded him.

"Yeah, I confess," Allen said, pretending to be embarrassed, "it's set up so that I can choose how far I want to go with my virtual dates and they go along with it. Like I said, it's designed for the person wearing the helmet, not the other way around."

"That sounds interesting," Cyndi said, then she hesitated. "Umm... can you see what I'm going through and doing?"

This was the first time Allen actually told a bold-faced lie, "no, I decided to set it up so that it would give complete privacy. As a matter of fact, once you're set up and ready to go, I'll leave the room entirely and a light goes off on the door outside to alert me when you are done with your sequence."

"That's great... how long does a sequence last?"

"It's up to you. But I think that probably an hour or so would be about right. So are you ready?"

She thought for a moment. "One last thing... uhh... when you were, you know, making out in your sequence, how did you keep moving ahead or back off?"

Cyndi acted embarrassed, which Allen was enjoying. "Oh, you mean as I moved from first base to second base and so on?"

She nodded.

"If you keep pushing the forward button on the armrest, then you progress with what you are doing, if you click the back button then you slowly back out of it. It's pretty simple once you get used to it. I do want to remind you that it does seem VERY real when you are in the game. The characters all look real, they are not cartoon-like, but that's what makes it fun!"

"I've got an hour," Cyndi said, "I guess I can give it a whirl. What do I do first?"

"First take off your shoes, then lie down on the lounge chair and make sure you're comfortable."

Cyndi slipped off her shoes and stretched out on the couch. It was all Allen could do to keep from jumping her bones right there.

"Now stretch out your arms along the armrest and I'll strap them in with this padded strap."

Once her arms were locked in, Allen picked up the helmet and placed it over her head. Then spoke into a special mike so she could hear, "I'm going to turn on the sequence then leave the room and come back when you're through."

She nodded as Allan finished connecting the helmet and flipped every switch but the last one to begin. "See you in a little while," he spoke into the mic and then went over and slammed the door shut with the mic sensor still on, so Cyndi would believe he had left. The moment of truth was here.

Allen flipped the last switch, he knew the music sequence had begun so Cyndi would hear him, and he proceeded to click the Television monitor on that would show him what she was seeing.

The first thing Cyndi saw was the clean street of a college town. It appeared to be early evening and there were people walking about, going in and out of buildings. At first Cyndi didn't move, then she tried to turn her head and it felt stiff. She remembered that she needed to click the buttons with her hand to turn right and left. When she did that she was able to see all the way around, up and down, then she clicked the forward button and she could sense herself walking. It was an odd thing at first, when she knew she was lying down in the room but walking in the game. Over the next ten minutes as she got used to the controls, her mind began to believe that the virtual was real and the awkwardness vanished - she was in the game!

Allen watched from above and could see her feeling more and more comfortable with what she was doing. He watched as she strode down main street, looking right and left, and finally choosing a bar to go into. "Good girl," he thought, "that's a great choice!"

He had lied to her about using the machine himself. He hadn't built it for virtual stimulation for himself. He had built it for the real thing. He had put a number of different options around the game that would steer a female into a sexual fantasy. It was only a matter of time.

He watched as she approached the bar and asked for a beer. "How predictable," he thought, "that's something I told her she could do. Now let's see what your fancy is." Allen had programmed in several ethnic men, body types, and vocation backgrounds to approach the wearer in the first 15-20 minutes. It would be interesting to see what bait Cyndi would go for.

She told the first guy, who was a surfer dude, to scram, but the olive skinned Italian who approached her seemed to be more to her liking. They sat down and had a few drinks together while Allen listed to their conversation. He was standing in the room with Cyndi, so he could hear her directly. He had to listen to the computer monitor to hear the virtual man. She started flirting with him, probably like she normally would with a stranger, but then it seemed to dawn on her that she could do whatever she wanted to in the virtual world and didn't need to adhere to her normal behavior or any standards for that matter.

"You look so fine!" she said.

"Thanks, you're a hot little number yourself," said the dark haired man, "Do you want to dance?"

"I'd love to see your fine ass in action," Cyndi said.

Allen smiled; she was loosening up and having fun.

While they began dancing, Allen connected the wires from the buttons on her chair to the node patches he had placed on his temples. This would enable him to know immediately whether she was moving forward or backward. He was going to have to be very alert now.

A slow dance came on and she moved into the virtual man's arms. In Cyndi's mind she was placing her arms around the dark Italian and pressing into his hard chest, but in reality, her arms were strapped down and only her fingers were moving her into him. Allen reached around either side of her hips and began kneading her firm butt.

"Man... it feels so real," Cyndi thought, like he's really grabbing my ass. "I can't believe how much freedom there is in this."

"Let's go outside to my car," the dark man whispered into her ear.

"Lead the way, Tiger," Cyndi said in response.

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