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Virtual Reality: Xenosaga


Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Xenosaga. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!


Sharp lights reflected off some bit of swaying metal, flashing into his closed eyes.

James awoke to firecrackers bursting overhead. Startled from sleep by the rapid concussions, he failed to recognize his surroundings. His body prepared itself for any threat as adrenalin primed his system. The room didn't look familiar but he refused to dwell on that until a proper threat assessment had been made. He threw himself from the hard, almost industrial, bed and bolted to the door. The noise hadn't truly been in the room with him, but rather invoked a memory from college. Had it even been real? As the metallic door retreated into the wall he knew he had never been here before, wherever 'here' was.

The rapid, popping, explosions intensified as the door slid open. He knew, now, that he heard gunfire, not the controlled explosions of firecrackers. The hallway, to which the portal led, was covered entirely in a white plastic, or perhaps fiberglass. There were no right angles in the architecture, all had been rounded smooth, giving the place an almost clinically safe feel. The strange decor, complete with keypads by each of the many doors along the corridor, reminded James of any of a number of science-fiction movies or shows he'd watched over the years. Always one of his favorite genres, he appreciated the feel of the strange place.

The gunfire was almost to him now. He watched the bend in the hall, the direction which the sounds came from, and waited to see who would round the corner. I don't know enough to get involved. How would I know if I'm accidentally helping criminals escape or something? He considered hiding in the room until the fight had passed him by, but his inherent curiosity was too great. He had to witness the fight. All the while he told himself he might be able to identify the just side and lend his assistance.

Two men backed around the corner, firing as they moved. It was an obvious retreat. The two lay down cover-fire as another two men raced around the corner to take up kneeling positions a few doors away from James. Their guns snapped to position the moment the two at the turn dropped theirs to their sides and took off. As they ran towards him, James noticed their uniforms. All four wore the same grey, one-piece outfit which, together with their identical rifles, identified them as security guards.

At that moment James learned, conclusively, which side he was on. A few feet before the running guards reached their prepared comrades, something flew out of the wall, sweeping through one of them. The guard died instantly as the ghost-like creature passed through him, as it had the wall. The other running guard skidded to a stop with a scream of primal terror. James could relate, the thing floating in the middle of the corridor simply didn't feel natural and its effect on human physiology was quite apparent. One of the kneeling men fell backwards and began firing wildly in fear. The final guard maintained his composure and simply began shooting with precision, avoiding any target that might hit his fellows.

James, frozen in shock, watched as the bullets passed right through the creature without impediment. Fortunately the random shots from the panicked guard failed to come anywhere near his screaming coworker. Most of these shots hit the walls and ceiling, without ever reaching the hulking beast, although those that did had as little effect as the precise shots of his companion.

The monster, although thoroughly translucent, reminded James of a giant gorilla. It's back hunched forward as it leaned on two massive front limbs. The back legs, equally powerful, were shorter and remained bent at the knee. One of its arms lifted. A single swipe passed through the frozen guard and silenced his screams forever. The remaining two guards began a slow retreat as they fired. The beast turned and James managed his first clear look at it. The head wasn't simian in the slightest. In fact, he recognized it but the exact memory refused to come. The wide lower jaw, slung under a much smaller skull and sporting two tusks, didn't come from any creature on Earth.

James knew he was dreaming.

Another swipe and the goliath's arm passed through not only the collected guard but the wall next to him. That broke the nerve of the final guard who turned and began to run. The still-raised arm came crashing down. It only managed to catch the heel of the poor man, but that was enough. The guard collapsed, as lifeless as the rest, and momentum tore his gun from weak hands and flung it the last few meters to James' feet.

Acting on instinct, James picked up the gun and fired at it. He knew it was fruitless ~he'd witnessed it not moments before~ but he needed to try to fight this killer. After two shots reason regained control of his body and allowed him to flee. A quick glance over his shoulder showed the creature galloping along behind him. It felt strange to see something that big moving so ponderously and to hear no sound coming from it. The distance between the two grew as moving through solid objects seemed to slow the monster, it's lumbering gate often causing one shoulder then the next to shift into a wall.

James was looking back, judging his lead, when he tripped over garbage and scattered it across the intersection he'd reached. He heard light footsteps. A hand slid under his arm, even as he tried to rise, and tugged pointlessly. At slightly over a hundred kilograms, his weight was far more than the hand could move. As he stood, he looked over at his rescuer. He noticed her glasses first, inches from his face, covering expressive green pools. Next he noticed her smooth, round, face. Her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed in concern.

A quick look over his shoulder and he was running once more, the giant nearly catching him. The woman was already in motion, far ahead of him. She turned another corner, he followed, and watched as she dove through a small door. He didn't know what use it would be but he pursued. The door slid shut behind him as he lay on the ground, panting for breath. She sat with her back against some sort of control console and watched the window, invisible from the hallway, on the wall with the door. James rolled onto his back in order to watch as the beast came through the wall. To his amazement he saw the thing lumber past, continuing down the hallway after its elusive prey.

James rolled onto his knees, he tried to catch his breath as he looked over his rescuer. She was a slight woman, with small breasts and hips. For all of her lack of strength she wasn't even breathing heavily. She wore a single piece outfit with long sleeves and legs that continued into her black boots. The outfit was the same grey as the guards, except her's had yellow and brown stripes running from each shoulder, down the front and back, to her ankles. Her waist was belted, with a buckle that very much reminded him of a seatbelt.

He couldn't believe he had to be saved by a woman this pretty. She wasn't beautiful or gorgeous, simply attractive, in that girl-next-door or librarian sort of way. Now he had gone and embarrassed himself thoroughly in front of her. "Thank you." She was as frustratingly familiar as the beast had been. He had seen all of this before. Of course, he would be dreaming of something he had seen before.

"Have you seen anyone else?" She had a beautiful, mezzo-soprano voice. So enchanted was he by it that she had to repeat herself before her words registered.

"Uh, yeah. There were four guards in the hallway, but they were killed by that thing."

She nodded. "They tried shooting it. I heard the guns. Guns won't hurt it. I have a tool here that's been upgraded into a weapon. It might be able to do a little damage but the best thing is to run, and hope we make it to the lab."

"What was that thing?"

"No one's really sure. The Gnosis just sort of appeared one day and began terrorizing world after world." That name sounded incredibly familiar. He knew the answer was just out of reach, but still so frustratingly close. The woman extended her hand. "My name's Shion."

Xenosaga! Of course everything looked familiar. He'd been re-playing the game only a day or so before. He reached out and shook Shion's hand. "I'm James. It's great to meet you Shion. Where's Ziggy and Momo? Chaos and Jr.?" He looked around. "Or even Kos-Mos"

Through the list of names she became more and more confused, until he reached Kos-Mos. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "I don't know who any of the others are, but where did you hear that last name?"

Stupid! If guns aren't working on the Gnosis that must mean I'm at the beginning of the game, before she's gotten to Kos-Mos and solidified the Gnosis. And long before any of the other characters appear. "I'm part of an organization monitoring all classified projects, such as Kos-Mos." It was a lie, of course, but how does one explain the truth? 'I'm dreaming and you're nothing more than a character from a video game I've beaten.' Even in a dream, no one would tend to believe that.

Shion didn't look convinced, but neither did she object. "Well, if you know about Kos-Mos, I was hoping that together everyone at the lab would be able to help figure something out. Otherwise we need to grab Kos-Mos and run."

"We'll be able to do better than that." Shion looked at James suspiciously. "Kos-Mos has a system that will allow corporeal attacks to effect the Gnosis. Not only will the guns be able to effect them, but it will greatly increase the effect your blaster has on them." He could tell she didn't believe him. "Trust me."

She nodded. James knew the lab was going to be more than she bargained for. Unfortunately, if he tried to warn her she wouldn't believe him, and once they discovered the wasteland she would likely turn on him, in her grief. Dream or not, James couldn't bring himself to let her get mad at him for things beyond his control. Now that he remembered the layout, albeit from a new perspective, he was able to keep up with Shion as they raced down hallways. Numerous times they had to dodge aside, over even backtrack, in order to avoid the marauding spirit beasts. James was, once again, out of breath by the time they reached the lab. Grateful, he used it as an excuse to stay in the hallway, leaning heavily against the wall, while she went in and 'whipped the technicians into shape.'

A minute later James was composed once more. As quietly as possible, he entered the lab. The place was empty, save the soft weeping coming from the other end of the room. He circled the perimeter, dodged the few scattered bodies of security guards, and hoped he was wrong. Finally he moved around the large, egg-shaped, capsule in the center of the room and saw her. Shion was sitting at the top of the stairs, facing the suspension capsule, with her arms around her legs and face in her knees. She was crying.

James moved quietly and sat down next to her on the stairs. He'd never been able to stand seeing a woman in pain. "I'm sure some of them survived." He put an arm around her shoulders. She flinched initially, he started to retreat but she collapsed against his chest, burying her face in his side as she cried. He let her cry, holding her lightly. He knew the story, far better than she did, in fact. Her world was crumbling.

Finally her tears slowed, then ceased. "What can I do now?"

James smiled kindly, having known the answer all along. "It is time to wake her." Shion looked confused, but he nodded towards the capsule and her eyes widened. "I know what happened last time, but it will not happen again."

Again her eye's narrowed. James knew far more than anyone should know about the project, especially when it touched so cruelly on her own pervious loss. Shion relaxed and nodded. She would never understand how he knew so much but she seemed to be coming to accept it. Together they moved around the room, preparing to wake the android. He needed instructions a number of times, a fact that relaxed the Project Director considerably. The controls that were nothing more than decorative squares on the TV screen had function here. For Shion, this helped to confirm that he was some form of hidden administrator rather than well briefed spy.

After a few minutes of preparation the hatch lifted and Kos-Mos pulled herself free. The helmet and futuristic attire did little to hide her shapely form. Like Shion she had smallish breasts and hips, however her armor seemed to float about her, enlarging her hips and accenting the bluish metal plates covering her stomach. James stood close to the nervous Shion, knowing she would remember the last time Kos-Mos had awoken. A time when the android had killed every member of the design team. Only Shion had survived when, unfortunately, her lover had not.

Kos-Mos cocked her helmeted head to one side, regarding the two before her. James took the lead. "Kos-Mos, we need to get to the hanger and evacuate. There are enemy Gnosis everywhere between here and there."

"Understood." She immediately began for the door. "Follow me."

James waved Shion ahead of him. It was more than a gesture of chivalry, it placed her between Kos-Mos and himself. While he didn't have much confidence in his ability to defeat the Gnosis if they attacked from the rear, at least he would suffer the attack rather than she. As he walked he realized another benefit. There was a very enticing sway in Shion's hips as she walked. While some of his friends lusted after Kos-Mos, James had always been partial to Shion as a character. She was the more interesting, and certainly more realistic, of the two. As he walked behind her, his body reacted to how real the dream seemed.

Concentrating on her endowments, he never noticed the Gnosis coming up the side passage. It struck after the women had passed, smacking at James and throwing him heavily into the far wall. As he stood, groggy, he realized Kos-Mos' field must be active. The Gnosis was corporeal, dealing quite painful physical damage rather than the instant death he had seen earlier. The monster was hovering over one of the women so he charged, instinct drove him to protect 'the fairer sex.'

Kos-Mos caught his charge, one hand grasping the scruff of his neck, and spun him out of her way. With a few precise attacks, aided by a shot from Shion's arm-mounted gun, the beast fell. James tugged slightly at the hand gripping his shirt. The android suddenly released him, as if she had forgotten the human she had kept from charging to certain death. His head hung in shame. He shuffled along after the other two for another few corridors before he realized the truth. Of course they could beat it. Right now I am useless since I haven't given myself a proper weapon!

Moments after the realization struck, so did another Gnosis. Unfortunately, two collisions with bulkheads was rather more than James' head could bear. The world went black.


It was the strangest dream he'd ever had. Dreams were supposed to offer insight into one's psyche; worries and desires. Whatever his mind had been trying to tell him, James had failed completely to understand. He thought about watching Shion walk and his body began to respond once more. He chuckled silently as he crept from unconsciousness. Maybe it was simply working its way towards a decent wet dream. Unfortunately, his subconscious wouldn't let him have that little moment of peace, waking him with an obvious reference to his super-ego, or maybe it was his id.

"Why does his body change shape like that?" Only an act of sheer, panicked, will kept his eyes from flying open at the sound of the woman's deep, monotone voice. He was still dreaming, for that was most certainly Kos-Mos asking the question. He fought to keep his breathing even as he listened for the reply in mixed amusement and embarrassment.

"Well," Shion sounded as embarrassed as he felt, "it's complicated." James heard someone shuffling around. Given the soft sounds he assumed it was Shion. "You see, that part of the anatomy is related to reproduction. When a male, uh, is interested he expands like that." James kept himself from smiling at the explanation.

"So the male has come into heat?" If James thought it was hard to keep from smiling before, now it was all he could do not to burst out laughing.

"I, uh, well...Human's don't have mating seasons like other animals. We're always able to mate. We've even evolved to be able to enjoy it more than most animals, as a means to entice population. Actually we're the only species in which the female can enjoy it as much as the male does."

"So he wishes to copulate with you?"

Knowing Shion's character, James could imagine her blushing bright red at that moment. When she finally spoke it was not embarrassment, but sorrow, in her voice. "Actually, it's more likely he's dreaming of copulating with you."

There was a short pause. James was interested in the conversation, especially since his body showed no signs of relinquishing the erection. He shifted, still feigning sleep, so he could open his eyes discreetly in order to view their reactions. Finally it was the huskier voice of Kos-Mos which broke the silence. "Am I capable of procreating? Would I enjoy it too?"

Shion smiled, although there were still traces of sadness at the corners of her mouth and eyes. "You cannot have a child, but you could have sex. You should even be able to enjoy it, after all, you're capable of feeling in every sense of the word."

Kos-Mos turned a thoughtful expression towards him. He hoped she couldn't tell he was awake. Would someone in a dream even show signs of being awake? He hoped fervently that his mind had no need to allow Kos-Mos to detect his altered brain-waves, or some other such quasi-scientific explanation, that would allow her to realize his consciousness. "I wish to experience it."

Strangely, panic jumped into Shion's eyes. "No! You really shouldn't. I mean, uh, he's asleep."

"Then I wish to have sex with you." James nearly choked. He considered pretending to wake up. Unfortunately, he was fairly sure Kos-Mos would return her intent to him and he didn't really want to explain that he wasn't as interested in her. After all, she could rip him apart if she got angry. However, he also didn't really feel comfortable around the conversation any longer.

The decision was taken from him as Kos-Mos turned and placed her hands roughly on Shion's breasts. "Ouch!" The android flinched back in response. Shion sighed. "You're serious about this aren't you?" Kos-Mos nodded causing Shion to sigh more deeply. Her hands came up to grip Kos-Mos' wrists. "You never grab someone for sex if they have not asked for it, or at least acceded to it. Not only is it morally wrong, but it is illegal." Kos-Mos nodded showing she understood the rule.

Shion breathed in, to steady herself, then released Kos-Mos' wrists. "Alright, then the first thing you need to know is to only touch lightly. Start at, say, five grams pressure." The hands awkwardly returned to Shion's breasts. Shion shuddered slightly as Kos-Mos began to massage. "Wow! That-that's, uh, very good. Now, if the person asks, or if it doesn't seem to be having any effect, Oh! you can increase pressure by about five grams per increment-oh-AH!."

James couldn't see exactly what Kos-Mos was doing with her hands, but he'd never seen any woman so affected by simply playing with her breasts. "I have noticed strange sensations as my armor pressed against my body. I experimented to induce and identify the feelings." It was almost as if Kos-Mos were answering his very thoughts, but of course she was. This would be his mind's way of explaining why women found men so useless. "Do you enjoy this?"

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