tagNovels and NovellasVirtue or Vice: Interlude

Virtue or Vice: Interlude


An Arresting Officer

Officer Greg Morris couldn't wait for his shift to end, so he could just go home, pop a few beers, put his feet up and call it a day. It had been one of those days that just seemed endless.

Greg was proud to be a Police Officer. He worked hard, was diligent, helpful to everyone, did whatever was required of him. He took his job seriously. Greg was proud to say that he had yet to ever draw his weapon, despite working in a tough area. Greg was also proud to say that he had racked up a series of impressive arrests. He was always working hard, he aspired to be the kind of cop people looked up to.

Despite all of this, some days were longer than others. This, sure as hell, had been one of them. He'd had to help the new girl, Terri, with some police reports. Not that he minded much, Terri was a cutie. Although some were partial to blondes, Greg liked brunettes and Terri was most definitely his type.

Greg would have asked her out a number of times, but she never seemed to hang around after her shifts. She'd finish and be gone five minutes later. He always wondered where she disappeared to, vowing one day to find out.

Unfortunately, the day hadn't gotten any shorter after he finished helping Terri. One of the Traffic Officers had called in very sick, so the Captain had asked for volunteers to split the Officer's eight-hour shift. Greg, having nothing major to do at home and no date, had volunteered in a shot.

So, here he was, with fifteen minutes left to go, nothing happening all shift, when a Cherry-Red Porsche went zooming by, going well over the speed limit. Greg turned on the siren and called it in, letting the precinct know he was in pursuit. They asked if he required assistance, he replied "negative" as he neared the speeding card.

"Guess the beers are gonna have to wait" Greg said, gritting his teeth. He wanted a couple of cold ones, wanted to relax, but duty came first. He was almost upon the car, which was slowing to a stop.

The Porsche pulled over, Greg got out of the car. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, he motioned for the driver of the car to roll down their window.

"License and registration, please" he said to the driver.

"Okie-dokie!" said the driver, with a giggle.

Two very attractive girls got out of the car, both dressed in the Cheerleading outfits of the Warriors, a local college football team. The girls were very sexy, no question about it. Greg tried to be professional and business-like, but the girls were a distraction.

The blonde was hot, with bleached-blonde, short-cropped hair, pretty blue eyes and a very tiny, adorable little body. The brunette stood about six inches taller, with brown hair down to her back, tanned long legs and a very impressive bustline. Her green eyes seemed to be looking Greg over. Both of the girls seemed to be slightly inebriated.

"Are you aware of how fast the two of you were driving?" he asked the blonde, who had been the driver of the car.

"Wayyyyyyy too fast!" giggled the brunette.

"Yeah, but wasss the point in having a car this cool if you can't drive it fasht?" slurred the cute blonde.

"Well girls, regardless of your very nice car there, I am afraid I will have to administer a Breath test" Greg told the pair.

"Oh, pooh, heesh no fun!" giggled the blonde.

Greg wrote out his report after administering the Breathalyzer. Both girls were under the limit, leading him to believe neither one of them had much tolerance for alcohol. Still, he decided the girls needed a little talking-to.

"Ladies, you're both legally sober, but you shouldn't be driving. At that speed, you could have hurt someone – or yourselves!"

The brunette, the more sober of the pair, sighed. "You're right. Me and Jen --" she said, indicating the blonde " -- just joined the squad this week, and we hadda big win tonight. Still, you're right. We'll behave."

Greg smiled. "I didn't say you had to behave, just don't drive under the influence or that fast, again. Okay?"

The blonde – Jen – flashed him a dazzling smile. "Ooh Bo, maybe he ish fun. Okay, give ush our ticket, we'll pay it."

Greg shook his head. "No ticket this time girls, just a warning. My shift's over, you two didn't hurt anyone, I'm going home."

Greg saw a look pass between the Bo and Jen, he wondered what the pair of them were up to.

"Any girlfriend or wife at home?" Bo asked.

"No, to either."

"Got any reason you need to be home?" Jen piped up.

"No, why?" Greg asked, curious.

"Well, me and Jen want to keep celebrating, but it's not as much fun with just the two of us. Why don't you let us buy you dinner to say thanks and you can keep us company? Sound good?"

The sandy-haired officer didn't have to think hard about it. At 26, he was only a few years older than the coeds and there certainly were worse ways to spend an evening than in the company of a pair of cute cheerleaders.

"Okay ladies, sounds nice. Where should we go?"

The girls smiled at each other, than indicated a nearby Roadhouse that had good steaks. Greg insisted the pair let him drive the car, he could come back later and get the cruiser, it wasn't that far.

Greg had been to the place many times before, he knew what was good, so he ordered some Pork Chops. The girls split a Caesar Salad and had one glass of wine. He found Jen and Bo [ short for Bonita, she told him ] friendly company. Both were 20 and had entered college a few months earlier.

"So, what are you girls studying there?" Greg asked politely.

"Sex!" both girls said at once.

Greg choked a bit on his beer, Bo and Jen laughed. "No, seriously!" Bo piped up. "I'm doing sexual research and Jen's planning on teaching Sex Ed in a few years."

"So, what have you learned about sex?" Greg asked, still trying to regain his composure.

"That it's a lot of fun!" Bo said cheerily.

"Yeah, and people get all bent out of shape about it" Jen chimed in.

"Yup, and that the more the merrier!" Bo shot back.

Greg choked again, Jen patted him on the back. "The more the merrier, huh? How so?"

Bo replied "I love watching people fuck. I've been to a few sex parties, it can be sexy, arousing, watching others have sex."

Greg had to admire the girl's straightforward attitude. He turned to Jen. "What about you? Do you share that philosophy?"

Jen smiled, her pretty blue eyes were captivating. "Not quite. I think three in a bed is enough. You can concentrate more on what you're doing."

"Do you both do these things often?" Greg wanted to know.

Bo smiled. "I have lots of kinky friends, of both sexes. I get invited every time there's a party or an orgy. I am always an active participant."

Jen answered. "Not often enough. My last boyfriend wasn't kinky and as for other girls, well --- "

Greg was surprised at his own boldness. "Why don't you and Bo --?"

Jen responded to that quickly. "Because she's my cousin and that would be incest, is why."

Bo turned to her cousin and smiled. "Like that should matter. For one thing, we're both girls, so we can't get preggers. And for another, we've seen each other naked lotsa times. What's the big deal? And for another -- "

Jen interrupted. "Okay, for another, we don't have another person with us. It takes three to make a menagé a trois, Bo."

"Might I offer a suggestion?"

Both girls turned to Greg, who had his hand up in the air.

"May I volunteer to be the third party in your naughty little gathering?"

Bo turned to her cousin, excited. "Come on Jen, why not? He's certainly cuter than that last dolt you dated. And you told me you've been ultra-horny lately! Why don't we have a little fun?"

Greg could see Jen's mind trying to process all of this. He couldn't believe his luck. He had been planning on going home, turning on the Boob Tube and watching a re-run of "Frasier" or something, now he was on the verge of fucking two hot girls!

Jen's pretty blue eyes were flickering, as if she was trying to make a final decision. "Okay, you're right Bo!" Jen laughed. "I haven't been laid in --- oh shit, it's been so long, I can't remember!"

"Oooh shit, that is way to long, girl!" the sexy brunette giggled at her cousin. "Hey, this place has nice rooms, doesn't it? Why don't we just check in here?"

Greg smiled. "The owner owes me a little favor girls, from me stopping a robbery attempt a few months back. Why don't you let me handle things?"

Both girls nodded, deciding to place their trust in the hunky young officer. Greg went to the front desk, he greeted the owner of the Roadhouse.

"Hey there, Barney."

"Hey yourself, Greg. How's by you?"

"Not bad. Hey Barney, can I call in that favor you promised me?"

"Probably. What can I do you for?"

"Got any spare rooms?"

Barney smiled. "Oh sure, it's dead around here. Got yourself a lady, do ya?"

Greg grinned broadly. "Nope, got myself TWO of 'em bud! Cheerleaders, no less!"

Barney whistled. "Ooooeee, you lucky sumbitch. Yeah, you can use room 13. Don't think it'll be unlucky for you now, will it?"

Greg took the key and went back and got the girls. Both girls clung on to him as they walked the short distance to the room. He could feel that Jen seemed slightly nervous, she was trembling slightly. Jen seemed to be a little in shock about all of this, despite having been in a threesome before. He hoped that everything would go well for them all.

The room was actually very nice. A huge double bed, clean linens, even a nice bar fridge and good-sized television. Not that anyone would be watching TV any time soon.

"O-okay ... how do we get this started?" Jen said, still seeming to be more nervous than Greg would have expected.

"Well, you ladies could start by taking your panties off" Greg stated.

"We would, if we were wearing any!" the more-adventurous Bo stated, lifting her skirt and flashing Greg. Bo was indeed, without her panties. Jen smiled, following suit.

Greg was certainly enjoying the view. Bo had a very sexy, inviting pussy, with a neatly trimmed, brunette bush. He wasn't surprised to find Jen shaved, so she didn't have to worry about "collar and cuffs" being a match.

"Come here, baby" Bo beckoned to her cousin, who joined her on the bed. "Give us a little kiss, men go nuts watching two girls kiss."

Jen grinned broadly. "I'm not a novice Bo --- this is just a new twist for me, remember?"

Bo leaned in and kissed her sexy blonde cousin, very softly. "I remember, baby. I've been wanting to kiss you like this for a long, long time."

Jen spoke softly, her voice barely a whisper, Greg had to strain to hear it. "Really?"

Bo smiled and kissed her cousin again, with a little more passion. "Really. Silly girl, don't you know how beautiful you are?"

The pretty blonde smiled and returned the kiss. Then, both girls turned to Greg, who was still standing by the bed. Jen said "Hey stud, get your ass over here, okay?"

Greg had no problems with that. He moved closer to the bed and the girls yanked him down on the bed, pouncing on top of him. "Hey girls, careful with the uniform. Bo, be careful. I could arrest you both for assaulting an officer." The girls giggled.

"With the assaulting I plan on doing on you tiger, we'd get life!" Bo growled as she began unbuttoning Greg's shirt. Jen worked lower, removing his pants and boxers. Greg was totally naked in a few minutes.

"Okay, now what?" Bo smiled.

Greg had an inkling of what Bo wanted, so he decided to lend her a helping hand. "Bo, why don't you and your cousin make out a little? Two girls – two hot cheerleaders – yeah, that'll get me really turned on!"

The pretty brunette turned to her cousin, it was evident that Jen was still slightly nervous about the somewhat incestuous turn this had taken. Deciding the best course of action was to plunge right in, Bonita pounced on her adorable blonde cousin and began kissing her, while deftly removing the red, blue & white cheerleading sweater. Jen's breasts were bared to two sets of admiring eyes, she hadn't worn a bra either, evidently.

"Mmm, how yummy!" Bo sighed as she affixed her lips to one of her cousin's tiny, pink nipples. Jen let out a little squeal, followed by a satisfied sigh. From their earlier conversations, Greg knew that neither girl was averse to lesbian touches, this was quite a sexy sight.

"Oh Bo, sweetie, you do that so good. Oooh, we should have done this long ago!" Jen sighed as her cousin kissed downward. Lifting Jen's hips up, Bo removed her cousin's tiny cheerleading skirt, Jen kicked off her shoes. She was totally nude now, and Bo plunged face-first into Jen's tiny, pouty little pussy.

Greg was watching as the sexy brunette cheerleader ate her cousin's pussy with gusto. From the excited little yelps Jen was making, Bo must have been good at it. He could hear her licking and slurping the delicious little morsel, he couldn't wait to taste Jen himself.

He didn't have long to wait. Face glistening with pussy juice, Bo moved out from between the blonde's thighs. "I'm being greedy" she giggled. "Greg, you lick my cuz. Jen, I think you need to try my cunt now, you little slut!"

Greg thought Bo's obviously dominant personality was quite sexy, so he began to eat the pretty 20-year old blonde while her cousin stripped. Bo straddled Jen and lowered her pussy to her cousin's mouth, who grabbed her by the hips and began licking and sucking her avidly.

Jen might have been a little less wild than her brunette cousin, but the pretty blonde was obviously no shrinking violet. He noticed the cute daisy tattoo on her ankle, she was eating pussy like a seasoned pro. Bo's eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and she was obviously swimming in ecstasy.

"Oh God, fuck, Jen, you're good at this! Greg, FUCK her! I can't wait to see you fuck the little bitch and make her cum, FUCK her!" Bo screamed.

Greg was eager to comply, so he moved from his pussy-eating and slid his cock into the blonde's tight muff. He hadn't needed much foreplay, just watching the visual stimulation of the two cousins got him harder than hell.

Sensing that both girls could take whatever he could dish out, Greg wasn't overly gentle. He'd gone without sex for a while now, since he and his last girlfriend had broken up, and he wasn't the singles bar type. So he moved in and out of Jen, pulling her close to him, stroking his thick cock in and out of her tight, horny cunt.

Bo had spoken the truth earlier, she loved watching people fuck, and seeing her blonde cousin take the cop's big dick was a total turn-on. Not only that, Greg's body was lean and chiseled, he took good care of himself. The second Jen came, Bo wanted to fuck him too!

"Mmm, ahhhh, oh fuck, oh shit Bo, God, he's good, he's a good fuck!" Jen babbled, taking more and more of the cop's prick. She was having an great time, the continual fucking of her heated pussy sobering her up more by the minute. No more regrets, Jen was ecstatic that Bo had talked her into this kinky little escapade.

"Fuck her Greg, fuck the shit out of her, you hard-dicked bastard!" Bo yelled, encouraging Greg's efforts.

"Oh Bo, he is fucking me baby, he's fucking me so good Bo, you have GOT to feel his dick honey, you'll LOVE it!" Jen shrieked as Greg's cock moved in and out of her heated cunt. Greg could feel Jen shudder, then he saw her sweet little face scrunch up, her eyes close and he knew she was cumming.

Greg looked over at Bo, who was beaming at him. "You must be good baby, I know she doesn't usually cum that hard. Okay stud, let's change positions, I have got to feel you fucking me!"

Bo smiled down at her pretty blonde cousin. "Come and sit up near the top of the bed baby, cousin Bo's gonna eat you to another cum." Jen smiled lewdly at her cousin, the kink factor was arousing her to no small degree. Bo wiggled her ass at Greg, who got the idea right away. He grabbed the sexy, slender brunette cheerleader by the hips and slid his dick deep inside of her pussy. If possible, Bo was even tighter and hotter than her cousin. Her pussy gripped him hard, but as they fucked, Bo released him at times and then re-gripped him, making a sexy little game of it.

"Like that tight pussy, stud? Like the way I can squeeze and grip you? I'm gonna get all your jizz baby, I'm gonna make you cum up my slutty cunt!" Bo said as she turned her head and grinned at him lewdly.

Greg was equally determined to pleasure the young coed, so he concentrated on fucking her while keeping his mind on baseball, the breakfast special at Denny's, old movies, ANYTHING to keep from cumming. It was no easy task, Bo moved like a serpent and watching her devour Jen was equally arousing. The bed shook under their combined weight, but Greg continued to fuck Bo as best he could.

Finally, he heard the beginnings of Bo's orgasm, then she screamed loud enough to wake the dead. She bucked and moaned, finally cumming, body releasing tension. Greg was about to cum when both girls moved in on him, positioning their sexy faces near his cock. Jen licked and laved his balls, Bo worked up and down the shaft until Greg let loose and shared his cum with both girls. He fell back on the bed, exhausted.

"Wow" Greg said. "You two are --- wow, there are no words."

Bo grinned over at him. "Oh, I can think of a couple."

Jen smiled. "I'm glad you talked me into this, Bo. You and I can have a lot of fun from now on."

Greg smiled at the two girls, then his face took on a serious tone.

"I don't know if I can condone this kind of behavior as an Officer of the law. It's illegal, you know."

The two girls burst out with hysterical laughter as Bo straddled Greg's face and Jen began to lick his cock again. Greg just hoped no one would think these two were trying to bribe an officer.

But, looking at these two hotties, he didn't think anyone in IAB would ever vote to convict him.

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