tagLoving WivesVirtue vs. Desire Ch. 01

Virtue vs. Desire Ch. 01


This story involves a wife's infidelity - eventually. Without any repercussions. If you do not like these types of stories... Please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you can or do appreciate - realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy - please enjoy.

This is probably the longest story I've written before the fun really happens. I hope you have the patience to get to it. Also, this is my first time writing from both the husband and wife's view at once. As always, constructive comments and feedback are always welcome.


Sonny and Etta decided this would be the summer they'd tackle the big landscaping project they'd been planning. Scheduling a week off from work they also arranged for some additional help; Billy was their best friends' son, and fraternal twins Jesse and Frank were his best friends. All three were home from college for the summer and looking to make some money.

Since Sonny and Etta lived a little way out in the country it was decided that the boys would just spend the week at their house, saving the morning and evening drives. Their house was big enough, with two spare bedrooms where the boys could sleep and even have a TV with their gaming consoles. And the swimming pool was perfect for after a hard day's work.

So after church on Sunday the boys climbed into Sonny's truck with plans of reuniting with their parents at the following Sunday's services.

At the house they all changed from their church clothes into shorts and t-shirts. While Sonny wore cargo shorts, the younger males wore the long gym shorts their generation preferred. Having been raised in a rather strict, religious home, Etta changed from her very conservative church dress into a slightly less conservative pair of girl's gym shorts and too-big shirt. The shorts were the style she wore whenever doing yard work or relaxing; made of soft cotton they fit her loosely and hung halfway to her knees. The shirt was big enough that the curves of her full B-cup breasts were completely indistinguishable.

Sonny smiled knowingly at her outfit.

She knew he preferred her in clothes that didn't disguise her breasts, or slim waist, or little heart-shaped ass. But he understood her upbringing made her uncomfortable in such clothing around others. So in the name of compromise he accepted her clothing preferences and she tried to wear tighter clothing when it was just the two of them.

Except something was changing. She'd started questioning her puritanical attitude. It'd started a few months earlier, as her 40th birthday had approached, then passed. She started to worry about her appearance . . . her body. Short and petite, with flowing soft brown hair and sweet, girl-next-door features, she kept in good shape, well enough that her breasts were still quite perky and firm and her ass was still taut.

But now she was 40 and worrying about how much longer she could maintain.

It bothered her enough that she'd even bought a few items of clothing that were . . . less conventional. Items like tighter, shorter shorts and t-shirts. Items she was certain Sonny would be happy to see her wearing. Yet they remained in her dresser drawer. She hadn't found the courage to actually wear them. Not even in front of him. So she certainly wasn't going to in front of their three helpers.

Or so she thought on that Sunday.

The afternoon was spent prepping the area; raking and removing a few of the smaller bushes that would be replaced by bigger, more desirable ones. Then the five of them got into their swimsuits and splashed into the pool.

Again, Etta's conservative side was on full display as she wore a one-piece suit. She could have worn any of her suits, as none of them were actually skimpy. Not even her tanning bikini which got its nickname from the fact that it allowed her to get sun on more skin than any of her other suits. The top's triangles covered the majority of her breasts but did expose a little of their sides and tops, and it was held in place by simple strings which reached around to tie at her back and ran up behind her neck. The bottoms covered the top portion of her asscheeks and had thin straps that ran around the sides to drop down and cover a good part of her pelvis.

So yes, she could have worn it, but again, not in front of their helpers.

Not yet.

Still, even in the one piece she caught Sonny admiring her. He was such a good husband. Such a good man. She knew that no matter what, no matter how old she got and no matter how much her body failed her, he would look at her with that same adoration.

And until recent months that had always been enough for her.

What is going on with me? She asked herself thinking about her new insecurities while floating around the pool on her float.

Wrapped up in her own thoughts she failed to notice that their guests were also checking her out. But her husband did notice, and he smiled to himself, proud of his wife's looks.

After a while she dried off and headed into the house to prep dinner, calling for Sonny to get the grill lit. Inside she changed into another pair of loose gym shorts, this time donning a short-sleeved blouse that was nearly as loose as her t-shirt had been. Pulling her wet hair back into a ponytail, she got the burger patties together and headed back outside.

She and Sonny sipped at their drinks while he grilled the burgers. Watching the boys play in the pool she found herself admiring their youthful, athletic builds. And even though she told herself it was wrong, she continued when they got out and dried off, slipping on t-shirts before coming over to sit at the outdoor table.

After dinner the boys went inside to play games.

"They're good kids," Sonny commented while helping her clear the table.

"Kids?" She scoffed. "They're in college."

"Ok. They're good, young men," he smiled.

"Let's just hope they work as hard as they play. We've got a lot to do this week."


They had a couple drinks and watched TV for a while, then headed for bed, Sonny stopping by the room where their guests were playing to remind them not to stay up too late. They assured him they'd be ready.


But boys will be boys and it took Sonny yelling at them twice before they stirred. Yet, once they were awake they were quick to get ready and appear at the breakfast table.

Monday was spent clearing the yard of the remaining undesirable bushes, digging a hole for the water feature, and prepping the areas for a new stone patio and walkway. Again Etta wore baggy shorts and a too big t-shirt with her ponytail pulled through the back opening of a ballcap. It was hard work for them all and the temperature climbed as the sun traveled across the clear blue sky. After lunch the boys and Sonny all took off their shirts, letting the sun soak into their sweaty torsos.

Like the previous evening, Etta caught herself admiring the young men. And again she told herself she shouldn't be, but she just couldn't help herself. She even tried focusing on her husband, who like her, made a point of staying in shape and had his own strong physique.

Yet her eyes kept wandering back to the younger men.

When she thought she caught them looking at her she brushed it off as her imagination. But it wasn't. Sonny knew he caught them checking her out. Again he simply smiled to himself, proud of his beautiful wife. He also caught her looking at them. Not being a jealous man, and confident in his own physique, he found this amusing, interesting even.

It was still fairly early when he announced they were done for the day since any further work would lock them into working until late.

After rinsing off, Etta put on a different one-piece swimsuit. Unlike the males, who wore the same trunks day-after-day after letting them simply dry out, she refused to wear an unwashed suit. After diving into the water she got her float to lounge in the sun, her favorite thing to do in the pool. Without realizing what she was doing, she also got her sunglasses. Setting her travel cup in the lounger's cupholder she climbed aboard, letting the float roll over the waves created by the young men playing. Sipping from her cup's straw she used her free hand to occasional turn the float so she could admire their helpers, a fact that didn't escape Sonny's notice.

While it still didn't bother him, this time he did find it more interesting than amusing.

When she got out to help with dinner, she bent over to dry her legs. Both husband and wife caught the younger men checking out her ass.

Yep. My wife has a nice little ass, Sonny smiled to himself.

Thank you, Etta thought, thinking of it as nothing serious, just boys being boys.

Going inside, she changed into another outfit of conservative shorts and top, then helped Sonny grill the fish and vegetables. During dinner Etta complained about her aching shoulders, blaming it on all the digging she'd done.

"You want me to massage them after dinner?" Frank offered.

"Really?" She asked, surprised.

"Yea. I do it for Mom all the time."

"That'd be nice. If you're sure you don't mind," she said, thinking that a massage did sound appealing.

"I'd be happy too."

"Well, okay then," she smiled.

So as Sonny and the two other boys cleared the table, she leaned back in her chair. Standing behind her, Frank set his hands on her shoulders and began kneading her sore muscles.

"Ooh yes," she moaned as the ache began to dissipate almost instantly.

Sonny was just stepping inside when he heard her moan and he glanced back to see Frank's hands on his wife. It was a harmless enough scene, yet it sent a strange rush surging through him.

Okay, where did THAT come from? He asked himself, realizing that it stemmed from the sound of his wife's moan while another man was touching her.

Etta was quite pleased with Frank's massaging technique. He applied just enough pressure, not too firm or too soft. Under his touch she grew more and more relaxed, slipping into a soft haze enhanced by all of the day's events.

"Mmm," she moaned appreciatively, her eyes closing as her head lolled softly.

Somewhere in that haze she heard the other two young men come out and start wiping down the table. At one point her eyes opened into the thinnest of slits and what she saw gave her pause. Jesse and Billy were both leaning into the table, their hands moving the cloths around absently, while their attentions were obviously focused on her. It took her a second to realize they were specifically staring at her chest. Climbing a little way out of the haze she took a mental note of how her top was feeling . . . how it'd been pulled and manipulated so that its normal looseness had been erased so that it was now snug over the curves of her breasts. With a start she realized that Frank must have somehow managed this while tending to her shoulders.

For a second she thought about saying something, chastising them. The next second she thought maybe she should simply fix her blouse while pretending she hadn't even noticed anything. But then she decided against both actions, a warmth flowing through her over the idea that they found her attractive . . . attractive enough to misbehave like that.

Besides, there really isn't any harm in it. Just boys being boys, she told herself, a happy little smile curling her lips.

"Mmm," she moaned as Frank's hands soothed her back into the haze.

Sonny had also noticed the boys' actions. Rinsing off the dishes he looked out the window above the sink and saw Etta's head lolling as well as Frank leaning over her to gaze down at where he'd somehow manipulated her top to hug the swell of her breasts while the other two looked on.

Holy shit, he silently cursed, experiencing a resurgence of that strange emotion.

After starting the dishwasher he stepped outside. His appearance caused Jesse and Billy to quickly divert their gazes and focus on properly cleaning the table.

"How was that?" Frank asked, pulling his hands away from Etta, acting innocent.

"So much better. Thank you." Etta sat up, absently fixing her blouse so that the curves of her breasts disappeared once more. "Your mother is a very lucky woman."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Frank said.

"I take it he's good," Sonny commented, taking a seat at the table.

"Oh yes," Etta sighed.

"Let's go shoot some things," Billy said, heading for the door.

"Yea," Jesse agreed.

"See you guys in the morning," Frank offered.

"Yep," Sonny nodded. But then a thought occurred to him and he headed inside, telling Etta that he needed to take a leak and get the stuff to freshen their drinks. In the house he moved quietly down the hall to stand outside the door where the boys were gaming. Just as he'd suspected, he heard them talking about his wife.

"Man, her boobs really look firm for her age," Jesse was saying.

"Yea. Your mom's are bigger, but Etta's are definitely nice," Billy said.

Sonny had to agree. Candice, Frank and Jesse's, mom had large D-cup breasts.

But, he thought, they aren't as firm as my Etta's.

"Yea, but mom also wears skimpier clothing," Frank said. "So when I massage her you can see them better."

"Hell yea," Billy laughed. "I enjoy watching when you give her a massage 'cause you can see her nipples getting hard."

"Yea, but what about your mom?" Jesse chuckled.

"Hey now," Billy jeered. "She might not have very big tits, but she's pretty."

Again Sonny agreed with the statement. Cindy barely had A-cup titties, but she was almost as pretty as Etta.

"Yes she is," Frank agreed. "I wouldn't mind gettin' some of that."

"Hey. That's my mother your talkin' about." Billy tried sounding offended, but failed.

"Like you don't wanna fuck our mom," Frank challenged.

"Man, to heck with both them. What I'd really like to do is fuck Etta," Jesse announced.

"Amen to that," Billy chuckled.

"Absolutely," Frank agreed.

"Do ya even think we could?" Billy asked.

"Probably not," Jesse sighed. "She's pretty uptight... and married to Sonny."

"I don't know," Frank sounded optimistic. "If we could get a few drinks in her without Sonny bein' around..."

"Yea right," Billy said sarcastically. "Like that's all it'd take."

"No. It'd take a little more. But I bet if I gave her a real intense massage it'd improve our odds," Frank clarified.

"You really think so?" Now Billy sounded hopeful.

"Yea. Maybe. That's how I got to fuck Debbie," Frank told him.

Debbie? Did he mean...?

"That's true," Jesse agreed.

"Is that how?" Billy asked.

"Yea man. I helped her put in that garden and that night she was all sore so I let my hands do their thing."

"Yea, but she's divorced," Billy argued.

He did! He meant Debbie Smith! Sonny's mind screamed. Wow.

"So. Look, I ain't sayin' it would definitely work. But if I ever got the chance, you better believe I'd try."

"So, would I," Jesse agreed.

"Yea, well, what are the odds of you ever gettin' the chance."

"Well, a man can dream," Frank laughed.

Sonny decided he'd better move on before one of the boys came out of the room or Etta came looking for him. Slipping past the door he made his way to the bathroom, a collection of unusual thoughts running through his mind. He kept thinking about what the boys had said and how Frank had manipulated Etta's blouse to show her tits . . . and the way it'd made him feel seeing that. As he moved quietly back down the hall he started to imagine . . . things. Things that he didn't think he should be imagining. In the living room he forced himself to focus as he grabbed the fixings for their drinks and headed outside to rejoin his lovely wife.

While he'd been inside, Etta had sat thinking, her mind also wandering to what their helpers had done, the way they'd been admiring her . . . even staring when they didn't think she knew. Then she thought about their young, athletic bodies . . . about how good they looked with their muscles straining and their flesh shining with sweat from hard work.

And then she thought about something else.

Her upbringing coupled with her natural obedient disposition meant that she'd never really rebelled. She'd always been a "good girl." In fact, even though she'd been in her second year of college when she'd met Sonny, she'd only ever been with two other guys, three if you counted an awkward hand job she'd given her first boyfriend after the prom. And in their nearly 20 years together she'd never even thought about being with anyone else.

But now . . .

Now . . .

Now she was suddenly having certain . . . thoughts . . . about the three younger men.

Thinking about their strong, young bodies . . .

Their hands . . . touching her . . .

Their . . . Their . . .

What is wrong with me? She scolded herself, forcing the thoughts away. Those thoughts are wrong! Sinful! I should not be having them!

She was glad when Sonny reappeared seconds later. After he freshened their drinks they sat quietly talking and watching the sunset. But both of them had trouble concentrating, each grappling with their new, unusual, and unexpected thoughts.

Of course neither of them mentioned any of it to the other.

Etta feared Sonny would get mad at the boys and told herself that it was just a one-time-only incident brought on by the day's events. And Sonny figured she'd think he was either weird or sick. Or probably both. And they both thought it'd be disrespectful to their marriage.


The next day the five of them were back at it; slinging shovels, rolling boulders, and pouring concrete. As was her habit, Etta wore yet another loose, unflattering outfit. The afternoon heat got the men out of their shirts again and while she tried hard not too, she caught herself admiring the young men more than once. It was in those unguarded moments that she also found her mind wandering back to some of the same, wrongful thoughts of the previous night, for which she silently chastised herself.

Sonny caught her looking a few times as well as the boys checking her out, and his thoughts harkened back to the previous night and those strange ideas began to echo anew.

It proved to be a long day so after everyone got showers they converged in the dining room, forfeiting the evening swim.

"I think I just want to watch a movie," Etta announced as they finished eating.

"Anything in particular?" Sonny asked.

"Anything good?" Billy chimed in.

"I don't really care," she answered. She really just wanted to sit back and let the day's soreness ebb away into her drink. "If you boys want to watch something, why don't you go pick it out while we clear the table."

"Okay," Frank agreed.

The three boys took their plates into the kitchen then headed for the Blu-ray collection to make a selection. They were watching the previews when the couple joined them in the living room. They'd selected a superhero movie, not exactly Etta's favorite, but she didn't care. She dropped into her chair and waited for Sonny to bring her a fresh drink before taking his own over to his recliner where he settled back with a sigh. He'd seen the movie about a dozen times, and like his wife, he didn't really care. He just wanted to sit and rest after the hard day.

Sitting in her chair, Etta's mind wandered back to the previous night. Not to the young men and those sinful thoughts. But to how good Frank's massage had felt.

"Oh, am I sore," she commented.

"Is that a hint?" Frank grinned from the couch. "Would you like another massage?"

"Well, if you wouldn't mind..." she playfully pouted and flashed her eyelashes at him.

"Sure," his grin widened. "Why don't you let me sit there and you sit on the floor?"

While he took her seat, she pushed the coffee table out of the way and dropped a throw pillow on the floor between his feet to sit on. Then she leaned back against the chair, her head nearly resting in his lap, her hair cascading across his thighs. She stretched her legs out, bending her knees slightly.

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