tagNovels and NovellasVision of the Spirit Ch. 13

Vision of the Spirit Ch. 13


Chief Morris waited until the barbecue grill was good and hot and his libido was good and cold before wandering back into the kitchen. He slipped up behind his wife, Annie, and kissed her neck. "I love you."

Annie spun around within his embrace, and hissed, "She knows!"

"Who? What?"

After a glance at the door, she whispered, "Penny knows about us... and Hannah. Hannah told Penny her secrets and how she would turn her life around if people gave her a chance."

Willie chuckled and pulled her close. "She doesn't KNOW anything. Even if Hannah told her about us, it's all hearsay." Inside, his stomach tightened. The last person he wanted to have a poor opinion of him was Penny. He stroked Annie's hair in an attempt to calm her. "Why's it bothering you now? What happened to the wild woman?"

"Who's a wild woman?" Penny strolled in. "You two look cozy. Am I interrupting?"

"No, I just came in for some meat." Willie kissed his wife lip-smacking hard, and then abandoned her for the refrigerator. "Hamburgers okay?"

"Fine." Annie turned away and began to mix the salad.

Penny stopped beside Annie and put a hand on the center of her back. "Can I help?"

"Uh, sure. You can slice up some tomatoes. They're in the fridge."

Penny smiled at Willie, as her hand slid up and began to massage the back of Annie's neck. "Would get them for me?"

"You betcha." Quickly, he pulled them out and closed the door.

Penny eased over behind Annie and began to knead her shoulders. "My, Honey, you are tense."

The metal salad bowl in front of his wife rattled and almost tumbled off the counter. "Not really."

The Chief's heart rate climbed, seeing his two great loves together. "I'd better get these burgers on the grill," he said, and forced himself out of the room.

While the meat sizzled so did Chief Willie's imagination. The whole kitchen scene was totally innocent, but his dirty mind made it titillating. The past couple of days had really screwed him up.

Penny suddenly appeared beside him, sipping from a green bottle. "I hope you don't mind, I took one of your Heinies. A little beer helps me lactate. Gotta keep my udders full for junior."

They exchanged a long smile.

He said, "My Heinie is your Heinie."

She laughed at their old joke and passed him the bottle. "Can you believe it's been twenty years? Where did the time go?"

"I don't know. Seeing you again is so..." He flipped the patties instead of completing the thought. Volcanic emotions bubbled under the surface.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." She bumped him with her hip. "I think Annie's uptight with me around. What do you think?"

Swiftly, he piled the burgers onto a plate. "I think these are done and it's time to eat."

"Evasive maneuver?"


Throughout dinner, Chief Willie overcompensated for his wayward thoughts. "Annie, would you like more water?" "I'll open that." "Don't get up." "I'll get dessert." He held Annie's hand. He cleared the table. He did everything he could think of to fawn over his wife. To some degree it worked. She seemed to relax, and enjoyed Penny's childrearing stories.

"The first kid is the hardest. I was afraid of making any mistakes. I wanted to be the perfect mother. When I potty trained James, I thought he was doing so well. I felt so proud of myself, until I caught him peeing in the bathroom wastebasket." After the laughter, Penny added, "Children humble you."

A silence filled the room as they ate slices of cherry cheesecake.

Penny finished first and reached across the round table to touch both their hands. "Thank you guys so much. You've made this trip a tolerable experience."

Annie answered for both of them. "It's our pleasure. I hope everything works out well for you."

"I need to see Dad again tonight." Penny stood, and paused a second. "I hate to impose any more, but would you mind watching Freddie? I hate taking him to the hospital. I'm afraid he might catch something, or if he gets fussy he might disturb the other patients."

Chief Willie and Annie exchanged looks of confirmation.

"We'd love to. Just tell me what to do," said Annie, collecting the plates.

"Let me get ready, and then I'll fill you in."

The husband and wife team tidied up the kitchen with efficient familiarity. When they were done Annie placed her hands on her lower back and stretched. "I need some fresh air. Lets sit out on the deck."

The sun had set below the roof, so the shade of the house kept them comfortable. The calm pool surface reflected the surrounding trees. They sat down on the porch swing. Willie placed his arm around his wife and gently rocked them.

Annie laid her head on his shoulder. "I like Penny."

The Chief kissed her hair. "I'm glad."

"She told me her husband cheated on her after Freddie was born."

The news saddened him. Penny seemed to have a difficult life -- a rape victim, her brother dead, her father almost dead, and now this revelation. For all that, she seemed genuinely happy.

Minutes passed quietly, until Penny came to the screen door, and asked, "Annie, would you come in here for a second?"

"Sure." She kissed her husbands cheek. "Save my seat."

He patted her bottom on the way by.

A few more minutes idled away, until Annie came back to the door. "Sweetie, would you come in here, please."

His wife's use of the diminutive 'Sweetie' was usually followed by fun and games. Immediately, his senses were on high alert.

"Wash your hands and then come into the living room."


"We are having a training seminar. You'll see."

She left him alone at the kitchen sink to speculate. When he entered the living room the sight that greeted him exceeded his wildest imagination. Penny sat topless on the couch and his wife was massaging her right breast.

"What's going on?"

"Shh!" Annie wrinkled her brow at him. "Be quiet and sit down on the other side."

Penny opened her eyes and timidly grinned. "Sorry Will, this is weird, huh? You don't have to be here if you don't want to--"

"Yes, he does. This is a perfect opportunity. I'm going to need his help someday soon." Annie's freckled fingers made circles against the top of Penny's chest and moved down toward the nipple.

Penny shrugged and patted the cushion to her left. "Time for a little hands-on experience." Despite the self-assured act, her voice quivered.

"Penny can't go to the hospital without expressing some milk for Freddie. Stress has her all tensed up and she can't... What did you call it?"

"It's called the let-down reflex. If I'm tense my milk won't flow. Massage helps to relax the muscles and release the milk." She started to get up. "This is silly. I'll just take Freddie with me."

"No! Please, give us a chance." Annie gently pushed her back down. "Help us learn something. You'll be doing us a favor, and you don't really want to take Freddie to the hospital."

Penny glanced at both of them and sighed. "Okay." She leaned back and closed her eyes. A smile curled her lips. "Go ahead. Play with... I mean, massage my boobies. Start at the top and work your way down, kinda like a breast exam."

Annie continued to rub. Willie watched spellbound, as the freckled fingers caressed the pale breast, Penny's nipples distended with anticipation.

Annie smiled at her husband with the sly, victorious expression she wore whenever she got her way. "Come on, Honey. Do your side."

Tentatively, he touched his first love near the collarbone. The skin felt hot. Following Annie's lead, he began the same circular rotation, gently pressing into the soft flesh. They worked in unison for several minutes, gradually descending halfway.

Penny's lips parted and he felt her shudder.

The rapt look on Annie's face made him think this was just a ruse to satisfy her recent lesbian predilections. He wanted to stop the pretense that they were doing this for educational purposes and fondle Penny for pleasure, just like old times.

Penny squirmed. "It's working. I can feel the milk dropping." She looked into Willie's eyes and smiled. "It tingles."

The response, 'I always made you tingle,' was on the tip of his tongue.

Red faced, she sat up straight, and announced, "Man the pumps."

Annie cradled the breast in her palm and gently stroked the underside back and forth. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Milk dribbled from the nipple onto Penny's stomach. "Does that answer your question?"

The way Annie stared at the chalky drops, Willie would've bet money his wife was going to lick it off. Instead, in a hushed voice she said, "I guess so." Annie reached into a cloth bag on the floor and pulled out two baby bottles with suction cup lids. Handing one to Willie, she explained, "Breast pump."

He turned it every which way, and asked, "Where's the motor?"

Penny grabbed him by the wrist and guided the device toward her chest. "Put the breast-shield over my nipple like so." She covered herself. The hand on Willie's wrist was trembling. "Annie, if you get one of these and it makes your nipple sore, it's probably not the right size shield for you. And if your baby makes your nipples sore he may not be latching on correctly."

"Hey! I've had that problem with Big Willie."

They laughed.

Annie boldly attached her breast pump to Penny. Willie thought she spent more time than necessary to line it up.

Penny smiled shyly. "I've never felt so pampered before. I wonder if day spas offer this service."

"Okay, how's that feel?" Annie held the pump in one hand and supported the breast with the other.

"It feels good." Penny the pampered, leaned back. "Begin."

Willie and Annie simultaneously squeezed the suction bulbs.

"A baby sucks about 50 times a minute, so don't be afraid you're going to fast."

Willie pumped faster. Nothing happened for a minute, and then the mother's milk began to flow into the bottle. He shared a triumphant grin with Penny and Annie.

Annie scowled at his success. "Hey, what am I doing wrong?"

Willie flashed her a haughty look. "You may own breasts, My Dear, but a man knows how to handle them."

Suddenly, milk ran into Annie's bottle. "Ha, so there, Mister Boobmaster."

Willie began to massage Penny's breast while pumping. "I'm going to fill mine first."

"Oh no you're not!" Annie began to rub the other breast, as well.

Penny closed her eyes, laid her head back and smiled at the ceiling. Goose flesh appeared on her arms. The husband and wife exchanged a raised eyebrow moment. Then their massage took on a decidedly sensual quality.

"Let me help you out." Willie traced his hand to the other side, and they both fondled one breast. When they were satisfied with the flow they switched to his side.

Willie was stronger and able to pump harder. After 10 minutes his bottle was almost full.

"I need a better angle," said Annie, and straddled Penny's leg. Her knee pressed into Penny's crotch.

It wasn't long before Penny's face changed from bliss to one of feebly concealed arousal. Her skin flushed and her lips pressed together as if to stifle a moan.

Willie slowed the pump, while still fondling the sensitive skin.

Penny's body flexed with restrained spasms. Her thighs clamped Annie's knee between them.

Annie and Willie traded knowing glances. She removed her pump and dismounted. "You won, Sweetie. You filled yours first."

A little wobbly, Penny sat up and grinned. "No, I think I won."

Willie cupped Penny's jaw with his hand and caressed her cheek with his thumb. "Thanks for teaching us."

"It was my pleasure." Penny's gaze moved down his torso and spotted the bulge in his pants. Suddenly, she stood and closed her shirt. "I'd better get ready. Annie, lets go out in the kitchen and I'll tell you what to do when Freddie wakes up."

They left the room and left Willie crestfallen. 'Why did I let myself get carried away? I'm an idiot.' He went out to the garage, turned off the propane tank and covered the grill. He puttered around, tidied up the storage shelves and checked the mailbox.

Finally Penny came out alone, appearing no worse for wear.

With hands in his pockets, he strolled over to her car. "Everything okay?"

She grinned, and said, "Willie, that was the most fun I've had in a long time," and then surprised him with a hard kiss on the lips.

They smiled stupidly.

"Well, I'd better go."

Willie opened the door for her. Before he closed it, he bent down and said, "Thanks for the trip down mammary lane."

She laughed out loud and waved good-bye through tinted glass.

The car disappeared around a curve and Willie was left to face the uncertainty inside. Everything happened so fast. Now he had to deal with the consequences. He still had feelings for Penny after all these years. The desire felt like a wound that never healed.

Annie was in the kitchen washing the breast pumps. Their new baby monitor sat on the counter.

Placing his arm around her shoulders, he said, "Can I help?"

"No, I'm almost done. Did Penny say when she'd be back?"

"Nope." While Annie's hands were busy, Willie took advantage. Pressing himself against her back, his hands explored the swell of her stomach. Gradually they roamed upwards, until they cupped her breasts. "I love you," he said, and nuzzled behind her ear.

She lifted her shoulder in response and giggled. "Stop it! I'm working."

He pushed her hair aside to expose the sensitive nape. Placing his lips against her skin, he said, "Does this bother you? I'm sorry." A gentle lick behind the ear made her shiver. The splashing stopped, but no verbal response.

Avoiding the nipples, his fingers circled her breasts and then traveled back down to her belly. "I love your body."

"Do you? Even now?"


"You're not thinking about Penny?"

The question shocked him, because he was thinking of Penny. "No!"

She bent forward and pushed him away with her butt. "Go outside. Let me finish."

From the deck rail he looked up into the eastern sky and found Venus, glimmering faintly against an azure sky. The evening air was warm and humid. The sweet fragrance of roses floated up from the garden. Faint sounds from the kitchen pleased his ears like homey background music. It was a perfect summer night. Only one thing could make it better.

The screen door slid open and closed behind him. Willie felt something wet and cold against his arm.

Annie brought him a beer. "I thought you might want this." Annie was also naked.

He took the beer, and downed a swig. "Thanks, I do want it," he said, and set the bottle on the rail.

She said, "Good, I really want it too," and unbuttoned his shorts. Her hands were in his briefs before the shorts hit the deck. Her lips covered his nipple.

Always aggressive when she was horny, he enjoyed her advances. Petting her head, he asked, "Are you thinking about Penny?"

A throaty laugh escaped her lips as she kissed down his body until she knelt in front of him. "Not really. You don't remind me of her at all."

His underwear soon piled atop his outerwear and her talented mouth sucked his cock. The purr she made mingled with the distant crickets in a duet as strange as Willie Nelson and Madonna. When he was fully erect she stood up -- randy and ready.

"You are a wild woman."

"Do you love me anyway?"

"I love you, because of it." She set him free in so many ways, taught him to live outside his skin. "Let's sit on the swing."

When she sat down, he knelt between her legs. The to and fro motion added a little fun to their foreplay. She sat near the edge with her legs over his shoulders, so he could push and pull her pussy against his tongue and fingers. When she was close to coming, he pulled up a footstool and knelt on it. The height was perfect. A slow swing forward and in he went. It was a little awkward, but the difficulty kept him from blowing too soon. Periodically, he would push her away and come out completely, only to replace his cock with his mouth, or suck on her breasts, or kiss her.

"Do you like the way I taste?"

"You know I do," Willie said, and then gave her a big lick to prove it.

"Kiss me."

When he did, Annie kissed all of her essence away.

A vision of Annie and Penny together popped into his head. It was time to get it done. He straightened up and pulled her onto his cock. He held the swing tight and made rapid thrusts. The sight of his penetrations always turned him on. Annie twisted her nipples, adding another erotic spectacle. A high-pitched squeal and her grasping thighs marked her finale.

Willie slowed down, waiting for her recovery. Most of the time, Annie preferred separate but equal climaxes. She said it was more fun to see it than feel it.

After a minute of recovery, Annie teased her nipples with just her fingertips and smiled seductively. "I'm feeling extra sexy tonight, Sweetie. Fuck me hard until you're close and then I want to suck you off."

"I like the sound of that!" Once again, he sped up to a skin slapping pace, his glances alternating between her pussy, breasts and face. "Get ready. Almost there."

When he pulled out she sat up quickly with his help and grabbed his shaft. Her lips closed over the tip and hummed loudly. The other hand tickled his scrotum.

"Ooo, That's so good. You like the taste, don't you."

A muffled "Mmm hmm," answered.

The first blast of cumm she swallowed. The next, she let the glans slip out to shoot a stream across her cheek and into her hair. Willie knew she did that for him. He liked to see the evidence. Finally, as the spasms slowed, she pumped his cock with her mouth, extracting every drop.

She kissed the tip, smiled up at him, and said, "You were fully charged tonight, Sweetie. Any reason in particular?"

Willie knelt down and met her eye to eye. "You know why." Then he kissed her and tasted their mingled juices.

"Wow, you are turned on." Annie used her index finger to swipe the semen from her cheek and then sucked it off. "Kiss me, again."

His hands roamed her body as they connected for a long and sumptuous feast.

Suddenly, she broke away. "Did you hear that?"

"What?" Then he heard a whimper, and spotted the baby monitor next to the swing.

"Duty calls."

Willie helped her up and watched her bare ass disappear inside the house. Then he sat down in the swing and watched the stars come out.

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