tagBDSMVisit to the Cabin Ch. 4

Visit to the Cabin Ch. 4


Master and Mistress awoke from their naps around 4:00 in the afternoon. They saw that we had cleaned the cabin to their satisfaction and allowed us to take naps as well in the bedroom in the basement. It was a much needed rest for the both of us and we both fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

It only seemed like minutes when we were awakened by Mistress Susan's voice.

"Wake up sleepy heads, we have a long night ahead of us and you haven't even begun cooking dinner yet."

Soon Kim and I were in the kitchen cooking what seemed like a feast. Master and Mistress had set all the food out so all we had to do was prepare it. It wasn't so bad, but it felt like we were cooking for an army.

After we had finished with the dinner preparations Kim and I were lead back down to the basement. Mistress and Master once again fitted us with wrist and ankle restraints. They pulled out our butt plugs gave us each an enema and reinserted them. Then they made sure our collars were fitted well and put leashes on them.

"Well you two are ready to receive our guests now," Master says, "Wait down here until we call you. Then you may come up and receive our guests in a proper manner and please remember to crawl on your hands and knees up and do not embarrass us in front of our friends."

Then Master and Mistress headed back up the stairs. It wasn't long before we could hear knocking at the main door and footsteps overhead. The guests must be arriving. We could hear muffle talking. Kim looked at me and gave me a nervous smile. We soon hear rattle of dishes and pans and we figured they must be eating. Mistress Susan confirmed that when she brought us down two dog bowls of food to eat. After about an hour it came.

"Slave and Slut, you may come up now." It was Mistress's voice and it made us jump a little. We got down on our hands and knees and up the stairs we went. I followed my wife, after all ladies first. As we entered the kitchen Master took my wife's leash and Mistress took mine and lead us to the living room. As we entered the room we are instructed to keep our heads down.

"They are quite a cute couple aren't they," an anonymous female voice says.

"Yes they are," a male voice agrees

I can feel a blush coming over me. I feel so humiliated being paraded like some animal. But then that's what we had been reduced to in some ways.

"You may look up now slaves," Mistress addresses us. "We want you to go around the room and introduce yourselves properly to our guests and thank them for coming. Give them your name and your status whether it be slave or slut."

They were all sitting around in a circle on the chairs and the couch facing the fireplace.

"Well crawl over there you two and do as you were told," Mistress stresses her point on our asses with a riding crop she had picked up.

We began with the woman who was closest to us and made our way around the room.

My wife taking the lead, "I am slut Kim and thank you for coming and helping Master and Mistress train us."

The woman then instructed her to call her Mistress Daphne and told her to kiss her feet. My wife immediately did so and moved on to the next person. I followed with basically the same speech with the same response from Mistress Daphne. And so it went with each Mistress and Master.

In all there were 3 Masters and 3 Mistress's. There was Mistress Daphne who was a beautiful blonde woman in what looked to be in her late 20's with big tits. Mistress Donna was a stunning red-head in her 30's with an incredible body. Mistress Betty was a brunette. She was a little bigger than the other women, but had a wonderful busty look about her. She looked to be in her late- 30's or maybe early 40's. Master Don was a muscular man much like Master Jonathan. He looked to be in his mid-30's. Master Adrian was a black Adonis and looked to be in his 40's and Master Jason was a young skinny man maybe in his early 20's at the most if you asked me. They were all dressed in mostly leather and were matter-a-fact in their ways.

"Well now that the formalities are out of the way let the fun begin!" Master Jonathan quipped. "Ladies first. Men tie the slave spread-eagle in front of the fireplace so he can watch his wife, our slut begin the games."

Soon I found out what the eyebolts in floor in front of the fireplace were for. Each of my ankle cuffs were clipped to the eyebolts in the floor and my arms were raised by two wenches that hung from the ceiling. Nipple clips were put on my nipples and a ball-gag was inserted in my mouth and I was left hanging helplessly.

"Well the slut is all yours ladies and gentlemen" Master Jonathan offered.

All of the guests began to undress and sat back in their original places. My wife was then instructed to go around the room and arouse each of the masters and mistress's to their satisfaction.

"She is very nice," moans Mistress Daphne as Kim laps her pussy bringing her to a small orgasm.

Kim then moves around the room doing the ladies first as she was instructed. When she was done giving each lady an orgasm Master Adrian suggest that the men take her down to the bedroom in the basement so they could have some privacy with their new slut. They could tie her down to the bed and have their pleasure with her. Master Jonathan thought that was a wonderful idea lead the way with Kim's leash in hand. I felt deprived not getting to see my wife perform for the men, but I soon found why there was video equipment in the bedroom. A television was soon rolled in front of me.

"Don't worry slave," Mistress Susan remarks as she rolls in the television, "We wouldn't let you miss out on the debasement of your wife. She's going to make such a nice slut for the men."

Soon the television came on and my wife is already tied to the bed spread-eagle face up. She was stretched so tight that she couldn't move a muscle. Master Adrian was at her head having her suck his big black cock, it must have been 10 inches long and about 4 inches thick. It was the biggest cock I think I had ever seen in my life. Master Don was eating her pussy and Master Jason was working her tits. Master Jonathan must have been working the camera because he was nowhere to be seen and the camera was moving around getting close-ups of all the action.

"That's it you little whore," I hear Master Adrian say. "You have learned so much from your Master and Mistress. I can't wait to get whore you out on the street bitch. You will bring a fine price."

Was I hearing him right, would Master and Mistress actually let him whore out my wife. I just put that out of my mind. It was bad enough that I was watching my wife getting gangbanged by three total strangers while we were both tied and could do nothing about it. Soon Master Don was up getting his cock sucked and Master Adrian was pounding in that huge horse cock into Kim's pussy. "She will never be able to feel me in her pussy again," I thought to myself.

"Well slave how does it feel to see your hot little wife getting the fucking of her life," Mistress Donna whispers in my ear as she walks up behind me. She gives my very sore nipples a little tweak with the clamps.

"By how hard you are, I would say you are enjoying it very much." She reaches down a runs her hand over my cock. I think I am about to explode. I hadn't cum since I had been there Mistress's touch was going to send me over.

"Don't you dare cum slave. I would have to punish you very severely if you did. You haven't live until you have had a beating right after you have cum and you don't have the sexual excitement to keep the pain down. But I am sure I won't have to do that now will I." As she kept stroking my cock.

The scene on the screen was getting even hotter. They now had my wife flipped over and she was sucking Master Jason's cock while Master Adrian was whipping her with a cat o nine tail. Master Jason was enjoying slapping her face as she was sucking his cock. Both sets of her cheeks were red and tears were running down her face, but she never did say the safe word. Master Jason soon went out of the scene and Master Jonathan was soon greasing my wife up for a good ass fucking as he put it and Master Don had taken Master Jason's place getting his cock sucked. Master Jason must have cum because Kim had cum all over her face and in her hair.

"I think we should give the men their privacy," Mistress Susan says as she turns off the television. "I am not sure if you are ready to she the humiliation they are about to heap on your wife. I will let you in on a secret though. Master Adrian is a our local pimp for our slaves and when he says he will whore out your wife he will, and for that matter he will whore you out as well. Nothing like getting a few dollars to repay us for all the training we have to put our slaves through."

"Well it's our turn slave," Mistress Betty says reaching from behind me and feeling me up. I can feel her hard nipples against my back and she is stroking my cock like Mistress Donna just had. "Well you won't have much use for this tonight," she says with a little laughter in her voice. "We don't let slaves use their cocks on us, only their tongues, but first let's see how you are at taking a little punishment."

Mistress Donna reached into a bag an pulls out what I recognize as a ball parachute. She quickly snaps it around by balls pulling them down and away from my cock. That in itself hurt, but then she started pulling on it causing an ache in the pit of my stomach.

"I assume this is the first time for this kind of torture my pet. Well get used to it. I love to torture a man through his pleasure organ. It's ironic that the very thing that gives a man pleasure can torture him so much."

She then reaches into her bag pulls out weights and hangs them on the parachute. After she puts on a few weights she begins to swing them back and forth. Now the ache was becoming almost unbearable. And if that wasn't enough she reached into her bag and pulled out a riding crop.

"Now don't move my little slave, I would hate for you to cause those weights on your balls to keep swinging."

Mistress Donna then proceed to whip me all over my body with the riding crop. How could I not keep from moving. I was in hell, or was it heaven, I couldn't tell. My balls ached and my body was on fire. Welts began to form where she was hitting me and tears were forming in my eyes. I had never endured such pain. Soon Mistress Betty was tweaking my clamped nipples setting new pain off in my brain. Then she added clothes pins to my cock and balls adding even more sensations to my already abused body. Then as quickly as it began it stopped.

"Well I am well pleased slave," Mistress Donna remarked, "I was worried you wouldn't be able to take such abuse and use the safeword, but you didn't and that deserves a reward."

I could smell the perspiration in the air from Mistress's Donna. She glowed with it and seemed well satisfied with her job.

Soon I was taken down and my hands were cuffed together behind my back. I was put on my knees with the weights dangling between my legs. My gag was removed and Mistress Donna sat on the couch with her lets spread wide. She crooked her finger toward me and I crawled over to her. Mistress Donna then took my leash and pulled me into her pussy.

"Now let's see if you are as good a pussy licker as your wife," she says with a wicked smile.

Mistress Donna had a strong smell, not unpleasant, but definitely stronger than I was used to. She actually tasted very sweet. She immediately started to moan as I bombarded her clit with my tongue.

"You have trained him very good as well Susan," Mistress Donna says through her moans, "Not only does he take abuse well, but his tongue is superb."

Mistress Donna then turns over and says she wants to see how well it does in her ass.

"Smell me slave, taste my sweaty ass."

"How is his tongue on a cock?" Mistress Daphne chimes in.

"Oh, it is very adequate according to Jonathan," Mistress Susan answers, "Almost as good as me according to him. I think I am little jealous about that."

"Well I can't wait to see his mouth around Master Adrian's big black cock. There's something about a man sucking another man's cock that just turns me on," a sly smile comes over Mistress Daphnia's face, "I am getting wet just thinking about it. May I have a turn Donna?"

Mistress Daphne sits down a grabs my leash and pulls me to her pussy. She wasn't kidding, she was dripping wet and she was the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. She didn't want her clit licked right away, she wanted me to scoop her honey out of her slit and show her it on my tongue. My balls were still aching from the weights and my nipples were on fire. Then Mistress Daphne pulled me into her pussy almost smothering me. Then I felt hands around my nipples and I felt the clamps being removed. The rush of blood back to my nipples cause a searing pain and I screamed. I screamed right into Mistress's pussy. That must have set her off because she started to tremble with an orgasm.

As the orgasm passed, "Nothing like having a screaming orgasm," Mistress Daphne laughs. And the others laughed with her.

Mistress Betty was rubbing my nipples and getting the blood moving again. She then took my leash and had me eat her pussy to an orgasm as well.

"I believe we should reunite slave with his wife. I am sure the men have had quite a lot of fun with her and she should be well used by now and needs to be cleaned out." Mistress Susan takes me by the leash and heads to the basement.

When we arrived in the basement my wife was on her knees in front of Master Jason. It looked as if she was giving him a blow job, but upon closer inspection I realized he was pissing in her mouth. When he had finished she licked his slit to make sure she had gotten all of his golden nectar. Kim had become a true piss slut.

"Well ladies now that we guys have just had our after fuck piss, have slave come over and kiss his slut of a wife so he can share in her debasement." Master Don motions me over.

I kiss my wife and taste and smell piss on her breath mixed with what I assume was sperm as well. She began to cry and I whispered if she would like to use the safewords and through tears she answered no that she wasn't a quitter.

"Well slave," I feel some one tugging on my leash, it's Master Adrian, "I am afraid your wife is leaking out of her holes. I believe she needs cleaning, so why not be a good slave and clean her out with that tongue of yours. The women are telling us what a good job you have done so we believe you need your just reward."

I thought Mistress Donna smelled strong with sex, but she had nothing on the smell of my wife after being used by these men. I nearly threw up, but I licked both her well used pussy and ass clean. Kim had an orgasm through her cleaning so I guess she wasn't too emotionally scarred. When the Masters were satisfied they grabbed my leash and pulled me away.

I was then instructed to get in the toilet throne and put the funnel in my mouth. Then each Mistress used the toilet and used my wife's tongue as toilet paper.

"Gentlemen," Mistress Susan was the first to speak after using the toilet. "How would you like to swap with us. We could take this slut upstairs with us and you can show slave what real men do with their queer slaves."

"No, I want to stay down here," Mistress Daphne objects, "I want to see slave suck cock, especially Master Adrian's cock."

The Mistress's talked and decided to stay. They also thought it would be nice to have my wife see me as the little queer that I had become.

It was agreed by all that they would keep us together. They quickly secured my wife from the ceiling with ankles secured to the floor. She was stretched taunt, a ball-gag put in her mouth, nipple clamps were applied and they clamped weights to her pussy lips. She was quite a sight and my dick got hard just watching her. My balls were still aching from the parachute, but at least they had removed the weights.

Master Adrian notice my hard-on and call me over, slave, you look pretty excited. I bet you would love to cum. When was the last time you had cum?"

"I haven't cum since I have arrived Sir"

"Well then I think it's about time. I want you to whack-off right in front of us. You can look at your wife and think of all the nasty things we did to her, and believe me they were nasty. But nothing is going to be as nasty as when I whore her out to some of my buddies or the frat boys beside my house. Just imagine that as you are stroking that worthless little thing you call a cock."

I began to stroke my cock in earnest. It wasn't long before I was ready do shoot.

Knowing this Master Adrian stepped in front of me. "I want your cum right on my dick. That's it, right on my cock."

I shot a huge load all over Master Adrian's cock. It was all in his hair and up and down his flaccid cock.

"Now look what you have done slave. You have messed up my cock. I am afraid it's going to need to be clean up. And guess who gets to clean it up. And guess what that person gets to use to clean it up."

"Me with my tongue Sir," I say meekly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have a quick learner here."

Master Adrian pushed me to my knees and I tentatively licked the head of his cock. I had never tasted my own cum, but then again I had never sucked a cock until yesterday. I felt a slap on my ass and I began to lick and suck in eagerly.

"Look at your husband. He makes such a good little queer," I hear Mistress Betty say, "And I bet his own cum must taste great on that chocolate cock."

Master was getting hard fast and I could barely fit his cock in my mouth. I hear his breathing becoming faster and felt his cock begin to twitch and just that quick I was not only licking my cum off of Master, but his as well. Master Jason made sure I got every drop off of Master Adrian.

After Master Jason was sure I had done a good job he grabbed my leash for his turn. I felt weights being attached to my parachute again and the dull ache was there again. I was made to suck each Master's cock and then made to lick each of their asses. I was rock hard again. I was now just a cock sucking, ass licking whore along with my wife.

My wife was looking on with the women telling her that I was not even man enough for her anymore as they caressed all over her body. That they would be taking care of her needs now. Soon they had her down on her knees having her eat each of them out again. Mistress Betty then straps on a 10 inch dildo and fucks her with it while she was eating Mistress Susan out.

We were then each strung up and stretched out so that we couldn't move a muscle. Then each of the Masters and Mistress's gave us 10 lashes with whatever their choosing. I was in total pain. My balls ached from the parachute, I had nipple clamps on again and clothes pins were on my cock and balls. My wife wasn't any better off. She had clamps on her pussy and nipples. We both had gags in our mouths so we couldn't make any sounds above a loud moan.

"Well you two, this will be it for the evening. There is one last humiliation we have decided to put you through," Master Adrian was releasing my wife. And Mistress Susan was now lowering me, to my knees, but not releasing me. Master Adrian walked over to me and said he wanted to fuck my wife one more time, but he wasn't sure if he could get it up. I understood and took his cock in my mouth and started getting it hard.

"That's it, you get me nice and hard for your wife. How does it feel to be getting a man ready to fuck your own wife? The same wife you won't have all this week." Master Jonathan smirks. "Now slut, get down on all four facing your husband. I want him to look into your eyes while you are taking that 10 inch cock in your pussy."

Master Adrian shoved his cock in her in one big stroke. He started slow, but soon had Kim all worked up. Then he had her look into my eyes and repeat what he said.

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