Visit to the Cabin Ch. 4


"I am no longer your wife this week, I am Master Adrian's slut and whore. I am his to do with as he wishes. I don't want your cock I only want his cock and anyone he tells me I want. I live for him to fuck me in my ass, pussy and mouth and to use me as his toilet slave. I am here only here for his and the Mistress's and Master's pleasure. I will whore for them and do whatever their bidding."

"Now I want you to look in your husband eyes as another man makes you cum."

She begins to shake and moan and she cums just as he unloads in her. I am instructed to clean off Master Adrian's cock and then to clean out her pussy. I felt like I had drunk a gallon of cum that night and I had a funny taste in my mouth.

Kim is then put into the cage and I am tied spread-eagle to the floor.

"Well it time to call it a night you two. Sweet dreams. You have done us well," Mistress Susan says as they begin to file up the stairs.

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