tagIncest/TabooVisit To Valley Town Ch. 1

Visit To Valley Town Ch. 1


Here in the south Spring can come early or the appearance of it any way. It was the last week in March and the sun was high, the temperature was near eighty and I just had to get out of the house. So I packed a few things in my old car and headed off up the road that leads through Valley Town. Just north of Valley town there are some beautiful low hills with many trails for those of us that enjoy the great outdoors. I for one enjoy jogging and just being out on a warm day like today.

As I stopped for gas at a small country station I noticed a lovely family joking and having fun together at another pump. There was the father a tall handsome man with broad shoulders, his wife a very pretty slim lady with a stunning figure. There was a son and daughter also. I was guessing at all this of course since I had never seen these people before. However I did notice the boy and girl were rather friendly so maybe they were boyfriend and girlfriend with one member being a party of the family.

Watching them reminded me of how much I had lost in the last two years. My husband Daryl and daughter Christine had been killed in an automobile accident. I had come to grips with my feeling of lost and wanted to move on with my life. I had tried dating once or twice and it was just not working. I think it was not so much me and the men that had asked me out. Both were looking for sex and nothing else while I wanted to feel some thing before jumping in to bed again. Before I met my husband I had had a few lovers and more than a few were one night-ers as they say. However I had been a good and true wife and had not screwed around during the eighteen years I was married. I was married at eighteen so that makes me a healthy slim blonde of thirty six. Bra size is 36-D; height is five foot nine weight is one thirty two. I work out at the gym not far from my home and jog when I can. Today I wanted to jog through the woods and get all sweated up till I was dripping and smelly.

I found a place to park off the road and slipped on my jogging shorts and an armless sweat shirt. Hair was up in a pony tail, my small handy canister of mace on my belt and I took off. The trail at first started up and it did not take long before my legs reminded me I was not jogging enough. As I reached the crest there I saw a narrow trail leading off to the north that looked more level than up so I took it. It was easier running for the next mile and I was getting that rhythm that comes after a few miles. The steps seem to just fall one after the other with out me even thinking too much about it. Then the trail started down a little and this made it even easier and my pace picked up. All of a sudden the trail was almost straight down and I was finding it hard to stop or slow down. It was hard to control my speed and motion.

I stated to get scared and my legs started to feel the strain of holding my weight back. Then the trial again leveled out as it ran along side a stream. I was so happy to get my pace back to normal. I slowed, deciding to stop and cool my self off. My breathing slowed as I rested on a grassy spot close to the stream. I removed my shoes and let my feet dangle in the cool water. I must have fallen asleep for the next thing I knew I head voices. Or I should say I heard sounds, sounds I was very familiar with. The only time in my life I had ever heard a female (myself) yelling "Oh god" was during wild sex. That is what I was hearing now. But there were other voices mixed in with the moans and groans of some couple having sex. I did not want to intrude on this group as it seemed to be more than one couple. So I tried to slip off unseen. However as I started to move I saw there was no way for me to get by the group from my hiding place. So I simply laid flat on the ground behind a low bush. I really did not want to watch but something made it seem as if I were a true voyeur looking at another couple having sex.

Sure enough it was a man doing a lady doggie style, both were naked on a large blanket. There next to the couple were two more naked people but they were younger. That is when I almost lost it. God all mighty it was the family I saw at the gas station. But they were all naked and the kids were watching Dad screw Mom on the blanket. I could tell the lady was enjoying what she was getting from her moans. I also could see the man was well hung with his large balls swinging under his thick cock as he pounded into her. I also noticed the young girl holding on to a monster of a cock that belonged to the young boy. I heard the girl say "Oh, Daddy fuck her hard, fuck her real hard." Then the boy said. "Give it to her Burt, Mom loves it hard." From what I was seeing and hearing the man and young girl were father and daughter while the woman and boy were mother and son. I had once known a family that was into incest and I thought it strangely exciting at the time. So as I watched I also become highly aroused. So much so I started to rub my clitoris. I had not masturbated for some time but it sure felt good just than.

I closed my eyes, rolled over on my back and started to masturbate to a slow constant rhythm. I let my mind take me back through the years and my many lovers till I came to a place here I had been happy. That was with my own brother showing me how Mom and Dad did (it). He was getting ready to go away to the Army and I wanted to make my older brother happy and I did love him, so it was Ok to do as Mom and Dad did. I saw him again as if he were standing there before me. He said "Stella it is the girls place to open the man's jeans and pull his cock out so she can see it." So while my brother stood there in front of me I unzipped his jeans and undid his belt. Ron did not wear underwear so when his jeans dropped to the ground his long hard cock jumped out at me. It was a beautiful thing. Even though I was eighteen I had never before seen one but I knew this was a beautiful cock as he told me to call it.

He did not have to tell me to take a hold of it. I just did and it felt so hard and so soft at the same time. I pulled it and pushed on it making the skin come up to cover the large purple head and then back to let the head pop out aging. It was so much fun I want crazy just jerking and jerking it back and forth. When he told me to stop I thought I had hurt him, but he said no it did not hurt it really felt very good in fact. But he said he was close and he did not want to cum yet. He soon explained all that to me and I understood about guys cum. He told me if I made him cum with my hand, than to keep cum from going to waste I had to let it cum in my mouth and suck it down. Somehow that seemed to me to be a wonderful thing to do. I was a natural born cock-sucker he told me later.

From that very first time I held a cock in my mouth I have had a deep desire to suck a cock to a completion when ever I could. Over the years I have enjoyed the wonderful sensation of warm sperm filing my mouth many, many times. So that is what I was thinking about as I lay there masturbating.

I as very close and I wanted to yell out but I did not want to be discovered so I slowed my rubbing and once again looked at the group. What I saw now was a surprise and yet I was so turned on by it I damn near screamed as I started to climax. What I saw was both men on here knees in front of the mother and daughter. The mother was sucking her son's very large cock, while just inches away the daughter was sucking her father's cock. I watched there tits swing and bounce as he guys bucked into there mouths. The boy said "Suck it Mom, I am going to cum." The father followed by telling his daughter to suck his fucking cock. Then as I watched in wild amazement both father and son cum together as they were sucked and licked to a climax. Cum still dripping from their mouths as the girls kissed one another exchanging what I guessed to be sweet warm cum from to very loving and lovely pair of cocks.

Lying still till the four lovers were gone gave me time to reflect on my love life what little there was of it. I knew now that I did miss sex and the wonderful feeling one can share with a mate. One thing that did seem to stir my emotions was the vision of the two girls kissing. Nothing like that had ever come up in my previous sex life. However should the occasions ever present it's self I may enjoy the feel of another female in my arms.

It took me till near dark to return to my car. I was very tired and as I pulled into valley Town I decided to stop over for the night in a local motel. I changed into a pair of shorts and t-shirt and asked the night clerk where the drug store was. He told me right next to the corner restaurant just a block over. He took his time telling me where to go which gave him lots of time to measure my tits with his eyes.

A quick stop at the drug store then I slipped into the restaurant for a bit. I ordered a beer and a hot roast beef sandwich. Taking my time to eat gave me time to relax.

The events of the afternoon kept creeping back into my head. I was feeling the warmth between my legs as the memories filled me. The beer was helping me mellow out and relax. I was about to leave when much to my surprise in came the four participants of the afternoon sexual encounter. They sat in a booth just a table away from me. I ordered another beer and leeringly looked at them. It was as if I were in a trance watching the four talk and laugh as if all was right in the world tonight. In there little world I thought all was just fine. It was as if I were watching them all over again through a sheer screen and yet I could see then sitting there plain as day.

I must have ordered another drink because I was well on my way to getting really shitty. When I was brought back from where ever in the hell I was hiding by a soft voice. Wide eyed I looked up into a petty face of a woman near my age. I must have looked dumb founded so she repeated her words. "You have been staring at us and we wondered why?" I blinked and smiled back at her. "Oh, please for give me I was not seeing you as much as I was just looking off into space." Then as an after thought or more with out thinking I said. "The four of you remind me of some dear friends." Again she gave me a wide smile and asked if I would care to join them. I told her I had already eaten but would join them for a drink.

Sliding into the booth I laughingly stated I as not driving as I had a room just around the corner at the motel. Introductions were made and drinks were ordered. I was squeezed in next to the young man who was introduced as Allen Green and his mother was Betty. The man was Burt Norris and his daughter name was Ann. It was first names all around and before long the jokes were coming fast one right after another. The dirty ones were hot and before long I felt Allen rest his hand on my thigh. It really felt pretty good to feel a masculine hand on me. I gave him a knowing smile and did not push his hand away. Ann was telling a joke about a sloppy blow job when I laughed out too load saying "There is no such thing as a sloppy blow job." We all laughed together. Betty and Ann stood up saying they were going to the washroom. I did not move. Before the two girls were across the room Burt and Allen had moved in nicely on either side. Burt kissed me on the neck and said, "Stella would you like to join the four of us for a little late night fun?" I wiggled and giggled and asked what kind of fun? Burt slipped his hand up under my t-shirt and squeezed my tit working the nipple between his fingers. I laughed again and said. "Oh shit you want to fuck me don't you? Hell you both want to fuck me! Well what about the girls will they join us?" Burt said "Well how does that sound to you?" Before I could tell him it was a great idea Ann and Betty returned.

Burt helped me get the key into the lock of my room and the six of us entered. Betty guided me toward the bathroom and before I knew what was going on I was naked standing in a stream of cold water. Betty was also naked and sharing the shower with me. Her hands were all over me. First my breasts and then between my legs with the other hand caressing the cheeks of my ass. It was a wonderful feeling and I welcomed her assistances. Burt came in and helped towel me dry as we moved to the bed. Allen and Ann were there naked lying together arm in arm watching. Betty sat me on the edge of the bed and without warning she spread my legs and quickly placed her head between my legs. Her tongue found my clitoris as a finger entered my wet pussy. Burt pushed me back on the bed so he could suck on a breast. Allen moved in on the other side and sucked a breast. Ann wiggled her self in close so her pussy was there right above my mouth. Somehow I got an arm free and pulled Ann's glorious pussy down to my waiting mouth. What Betty was doing for me was so wonderful I just had to pass the feeling on to beautiful young Ann.

The boys soon arranged us so Burt was filling my pussy with his wonderful cock Allen was in front of me aiming his cock at my mouth. I was on all fours between them. The girls we were feeling my tits and ass. I did not hold back I let out a cry that would have awakened the dead as I climaxed. This set Burt off and he cum in my pussy, Allen shot off in my mouth and I was in cum heaven. Burt wiped his cum covered cock off on my tiny ass hole rubbing the head of his cock over it several times. My ass had not been fucked for eighteen years and I thought that would be next and I looked forward to it. Ann rolled me over on my back quickly getting me into a sixty-nine position. Ann licked the combination of cum from my pussy and I licked her to a climax. Ann had hardly moved off me as Allen wiggled down between my legs aiming his thick long cock as my still dripping pussy.

Allen started slow and gave me time to enjoy the hardness and size of him. He hooked a leg and lifted my ass up to let him get his cock deep in me. God it felt so good. I did love to be fucked and he was fucking me so well. I watched as Betty took Burt's cock in her ass doggie style. Ann sat on the side of the bed masturbating. Allen said "Stella how would you like a fuck in the ass like Mom is getting?" I moaned an answer to the affirmative and I felt Allen pull out of my cunt. His wet dripping cock found my ass and the head popped into it as smoothly as if I had been fucked in the ass every day of my life. Ann said take is easy on me as she ran a hand between us and rubbed some thing on his cock and my ass. Where the K-Y jelly had come from I don't know but I was glad it showed up. Allen's cock was so long and thick it did hurt some as he worked it in deeper. But he was good and he did take it slow. I went wild and screamed for him to "Fuck my ass." Which he did quickly making me climax once more as Allen filled my ass with a stream of hot molten cum. God did that feel great. I passed out from the pure joy of it all.

I woke after the sun was high in the sky. The foursome were no where to be found. However there was a note telling me they were so happy we had met and if I came back to Valley Town I was to let them know. My legs were a bit unsteady as I stood. I was dripping from pussy and ass as I remembered just all that I had done and had done to me. I showered and left making a note to return very soon to this wonderful bizarre little town.

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