Her face was warm. She knew she was nervous, but did she have to be so nervous that she was turning red? After taking a deep breath she opened the door...

Months before she had met him at a friend's house. She didn't think he was the greatest looking guy she had ever met, but there was something about the way he looked at her - he didn't look at her chest, which was a nice change, he looked at her eyes... and into them. He talked about things she had wanted to hear and actually listened to what she said while they sat and talked! He didn't try being funny - he had honest humor... she felt like she liked him, but she didn't know him. Something inside him was sad and lonely. Damn.. She didn't want to be "filler" for someone. But he didn't push - he just held out his hand and let her make up her mind.

So here she was. She flew up to see him and after a short drive to the little perfect house with the white picket fence, she put her things in the room he arranged for her - It was really nice and if she wanted she could relax and not have to worry. Then he said she could relax and watch TV or make calls to people to let them know she got in ok. That was really sweet, and it gave her the feeling that she was safe. No that he ever did or said anything to make her feel that she couldn't trust him, but that was what he did. He let her find out things for herself instead of making a point of them.

By the time she got off the phone she was ready to just sit and do what they promised they would do before he left... Finish a conversation and just relax without worrying about other people intruding or being pests. Some privacy and relaxation was what she needed.

When she came out through the kitchen (the extra room was built onto the house where people could come and go as they pleased without bothering anyone) there was a note on the doorframe.

"Go to the living room and make a left"

The lights were out, but there was dim light coming in through a set of glass doors at one end of the living room. She was curious and just a little nervous. What was he doing?

She opened the door and her heart felt like it skipped a beat and tried to break through her chest at the same time. The hot tub was open and the ledge around it was covered in candles. The moon was streaming in through the bay window that looked out into the back yard - it was very normal, but the way the window was set you could see the sky framed by trees and the moon - the rest of the world was gone.

Floating in the water were roses - not petals, but roses. Each one had been set so that it floated upright and they played across the surface like small laughing fish.

She felt him come up behind her and she turned. He held a glass in each hand -the Champaign he had chilled in the back of the fridge and was hoping she hadn't seen. He looked like a little boy who had made a present and was afraid that it wasn't good enough. To see that look on the face of a man she knew to be so strong willed made her want to laugh and hug him - but she wanted to hear what he had to say first.

"Well... at least we have someplace to sit and look at the moon on the water." His smile made her weak...

She kissed him on the cheek as she took her glass and said "thank you" in his ear. Their cheeks touched and he turned towards her almost without knowing it - he didn't mean to, but it was as though he wasn't in control of where his lips went. There was almost a moment where they kissed - just close enough to feel the warmth and sense the how close they were... but she looked down and blushed as he smiled and lifted his glass between them.

She caught herself not breathing and thought, "This is crazy! I've never been shy when I wanted to kiss someone, and he certainly wants to! What the hell is wrong with us? We're acting like a couple of kids on their first date."

They sat and talked next to the tub while a cool breeze drifted though the window. She didn't remember moving closer and he never seemed to move, but some where in the conversation she found herself sitting so close she could here his breathing and he could feel the warmth of her leg against his.

She didn't move and neither did he, but they were face to face and she moved her mouth to tell him to kiss her - and her lips brushed against his. They were both breathing like they had run a mile but it was soft. He didn't rush and she didn't pull away - they were soft and beneath that softness they were both wanting this - She opened her lips only enough to let her tongue touch his lip and he moaned... he took her lower lip lightly between his and then touched the side of her face with his hand....

They stopped kissing, but only because they needed to breath. Her head felt light and she didn't want to open her eyes... she was afraid that she would see that he didn't have the same reaction to the kiss she did.

When she did he was still sitting with his eyes closed - and a single tear was on his cheek. Her eyes opened wide and she bit her lip! What had she done wrong? Was he that disappointed? She reached out to brush the tear away... H caught her hand.

"No.," his voice barely even a whisper. "Let me enjoy this." He kissed the palm of her hand and she felt him smile.

"You’re crying," she said in the same hushed tones, as if too much sound would shatter the room like glass. "Why? I never thought that one kiss could be that wrong."

He smiled into her eyes and she couldn't help but smile back... there was more to that smile - something she felt warm and pulsing inside her.

"It wasn't wrong." He moved his face to hers and as his lips brushed against hers, he said, "there are only so many perfect things in life - you should never let one of them pass without taking the time to savor it." He continued speaking with his mouth tracing along her jaw to her ear. "And that kiss was something to savor."

His lips caught her ear and he left it as soon as she gasped, but only to press his mouth against her neck, hard and open. She couldn't have stopped her head from going back if she had wanted to, and she did most certainly did not want to! She wanted his mouth and lips and teeth to keep doing just what they were - soft sucking motions and little bites that traced along the surface of her skin - and his tongue... Oh god, when he licked the sweat from her neck he made it feel like he was going to spear her through with it, but it was soft and wet and she wanted more... and ...

He stopped. Her eyes flew open and she saw why he stopped - he wanted her to look at him! He wanted to see her need and she finally was able to do what she wanted - she kissed him back the way she had always wanted to - without hesitation, without fear of not being enough. She finally was able to devour a man the way she wanted to, and he gave himself to her kiss as readily as she had given her throat to him.... She felt powerful. Not because she was taking anything, but because he was as open to her as he wanted her to be to him. There would be nothing they would not do for each other.

She grew afraid again - what was happening to her? There had been men before, but this was not her being willing to give him what he wanted and he wasn't demanding. They were touching each other as if they were only trying to do what felt right for the other. He was rubbing her back as he kissed between her breasts, not caring that her shirt was dry and harsh compared to her skin. She was straddling him and holding him to her as though her heart would stop beating if his wasn't there to feel... he looked up at her and with clear eyes said the one thing she wanted to hear because at that moment she knew it would be true.

"I want you."

She took his face in her hands and kissed him again. As she did she pushed her self against him telling him to touch her. His hands slid down her back and across her ass and around the backs of her thighs. He never touched her were she was already wet, but along the sides, making her whimper and push her ass back to make him touch her... and all this without her doing it - her body wanted this and she had let it take over.

She arched her back and took his hands from her ass and slid them up her body and around to her breasts. He held them, but not like they were there just for his enjoyment - he knew how to hold them and move his hands until her nipples were hard and then pinch them. Not enough to hurt, but enough to make her shudder and her hips moved against him... He eased one arm around her and moved under her like a snake and she found herself on her back with him next to her.

"Not yet." He smiled and she finally saw what she wanted - he was sweating and his breathing was rapid. She moaned and rubbed her hand across his crotch and she felt what she had inspired - he was hard and she swore that even through his pants she could feel it throb.

He took off his shirt and pants and climbed into the hot tub. He turned around and smiled and sat in the corner. The heat from the water was intense - she could see him having to sink slowly and adjust to it.

"Why did you stop?" she was curious and almost ready to kill him! "I didn't want you to and you didn't either... what are you doing??" She knew he was up to something but her passion was making her angry and she wanted him to come back to her. And she wasn't going to take no for an answer!

"Well..." he said with an almost lazy tone, "I want you more than you know, but I once told you that we were going to do things right. I want this to last and what is going to happen all night is that I am going to do everything to you that you've ever wanted, but to do that I have to make sure you are ready and about to explode. I don't want quick - I want this to be remembered by both of us until we die."

She smiled and without a word turned her back. She knew he had wanted her - he never made any secret of it, but he always said that it would be on her terms. She knew she didn't need to tease him - he wanted her and all of this was to satisfy her and make it last. She took off her shirt and knew he was watching as she slipped her bra straps off one at a time... She knew it was turning him on, but she actually was doing it because she felt kind of shy! She wanted him to not see what she thought were flaws. What she didn't know was that he had pictured this many times and at this moment he knew that his mind's eye had no idea what it was trying to do - she was perfect to him. The next thing to go were her pants - and as she slid them off her hips she had to bend - and the sound he made was like that of a hungry animal. She had thought that getting out of the water and moving across the tub would be difficult, but before she could so much as move his arms were around her and he spun her around and his hands had pushed her hands halfway down her legs and his body was against her and their lips were together again. His cock was hard against her belly and she threw her arms around his neck and pushed her hips against him.

He broke the kiss and kissed and bit his way down her body, pulling her pants into a horrible knot at her feet. His mouth was level with her wet pussy and she was ready to fall over - She grabbed his hair and wanted him to kiss her so bad that she moaned, "oh god, please, PLEASE!" He kissed her thighs on either side, rubbing his face across her crotch - teasing her! His tongue traced a line across the front of where her sweet clit started and she tried to trust against him, but he had already turned his face!

She kicked her pants off her feet and as he retreated across the tub, smiling like a great evil wolf, she stood there and knew she was going to get him back for that.

"You really enjoy teasing me, don't you?" she put one foot into the tub. Damn it! She didn't think it would be that hot! How could he stand it?? Her bravado vanished when her foot told her she was in trouble. He smiled more and held out his hand.

"I'm not teasing. Teasing is what you do to get someone's attention and you don't mean to deliver." She let him help her in, his eyes never leaving hers, though she was careful to watch where she was stepping. "I want you to take me as I am and I want you to give yourself to me, but not without really wanting me - this has to mean something for both of us."

She didn't know how, but she was in the water up to the tops of her legs. His arms were around her and the heat and the steam made them both slick and soft. She hadn't felt him against her, not naked and not fully against her. The front of her body and his were touching everywhere and she put her hands on his chest and rubbed the hair that grew in the middle. When she looked up his face was soft, but his eyes... They were like lasers. He hid nothing from her there.

She almost cried because of that look. She pressed her mouth to his and felt him throb against her again. This time she reached down and moved him between her legs, rubbing herself along his cock. He moaned in that kiss and this time his head went back - he had only had one woman in his entire life act so openly about what she wanted and that was someone who had caused him pain... this time he knew it was right.

She drew her hips back and forth, but there was too much of an angle - she couldn't get him inside where she wanted to feel him. And he knew that all he had to do was bend his knees a few inches and they would finally be together, her hot and wet around him and him hard and deep inside her. But he wouldn't. He was still going to make this last!

He sat down - she knew that the heat and water would make doing anything in the tub painful - she pouted at him "Your an ass, you know that?" he smiled back at her and turned her around in the water and pulled her back - she stretched out her legs and half floated and let him hold her. The water was making her relaxed and his arms made her feel safe - something she had wanted. He felt needed and trusted - something he had missed for many years.

They rested and before she got over heated he helped her out and dried her skin, now made even softer and more sensitive by the water. He used the thick towel across her and when he ran his hands across her ass she pushed back - she knew he liked her ass - he had told her so many times on the phone! He pushed between her cheeks and rubbed the towel across where his cock had been not five minutes before. The feeling made her wet again and she couldn't help but push back....

He stood and wrapped the towel around her and moved her towards the door - then she noticed what she hadn't seen the first time trough the living room - he had put candles on the table. There were long tapers, two of them. Between them were five or six smaller ones, different colors and sizes. They weren't lit... he was always thinking ahead and wanted them to last a while.

She heard him throw the heavy cover over the tub and he came out behind her and she smiled to herself as he put his arm around her waist. His lips found her neck and she moved her head to offer more of it to him.

He stepped around her and walked backwards with her hand in his and didn't pull her to the couch. He simply held out his hand and she kept hers in his.

As they sat he handed her the matches - old fashioned wooden ones.

"Light one." He said.

"Does it matter which one?" she asked, lighting the match.

"Each one means something. The first one you light will determine what I say next."

She looked at him sideways and leaned forward to light the one red one...

"And you're not going to tell me what they mean are you?"

He smiled and lit one of the taller ones from the red and used it to light the others. When he was done he was on his knees in front of her... one of her legs on either side of him and the towel barely covering her. He was moving his hand up her legs as he leaned towards her.

"Well," this said with a tilt of her head and her hand on his chest to stop him. "What's the red one mean?"

He stopped smiling and looked into her eyes.

"That I love you."

She saw nothing but truth in his face. He was baring his life to her.

She pulled him towards her and kissed him. Her legs pulled him up and over her as she lay back... she reached down and felt him in her hand - hard and ready. She guided him to her wet and aching pussy - they became lovers with one slow movement - her hips meeting his and his back arching as if to push through her to her heart. They started moving together, her rising to meet him and he moving deeper and faster.

She put her hand against his chest and he looked into her face - she opened her eyes and even though she wanted to never stop until she felt him cum, she caught her breath...

"What do the other colors mean," she almost couldn't speak - as she spoke each word both of their hips trust a little... they were not able to stop it, " Please, I have to know."

He took her hand from his chest and as he pushed deep into her and held himself there he kissed her wrist and bit her slightly - the sensation adding to the heat she was feeling as her clit was being rubbed by his pelvis and the base of his cock.

"They all meant the same thing - that I love you."

She stared into his eyes and let herself fall into them as she let her body go - she thrust against him until she felt the first stirring of him inside her. She knew he was close and knowing that made her start - the warmth in her belly and the throbbing between her legs.... she felt him starting to cum and when he did he pulled her up to him and buried his face against her hair and she felt his mouth on her neck and she felt... she felt...

She felt the warmth and the trembling and the wetness and the release - Her heart was racing and she felt herself not breath and she heard herself cry out and she didn't care....

They felt limp against each other. She needed to breath and she found that they had wound up on the floor. She was naked and straddling him and she was happy. He was rubbing her back and still semi-hard inside her... she moved to get off of him and his hips thrust up with her. She smiled and tried to move again, but he moved with her. And she felt him getting harder! She moved again but this time meaning to keep him inside. He pushed slowly into her and she looked down into his face as if to say, "do you want me again? Are you really ready for more?"

She didn't have to ask....

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