tagIncest/TabooVisiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 01

Visiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 01


When she got the call from her sister-in-law three weeks ago asking if she would mind if her two high school age nieces came for an extended visit Gwen Phillips was decidedly lukewarm to the idea. It would be the first time in years, she would have anybody living with her for more than a night or two and she had learned to enjoy her solitude. However, as she made her way through the crowded terminal at LAX to meet her nieces she found she was growing eager to see them again. She remembered the two as gangly teenagers of thirteen and fourteen. Samantha was now nineteen and about to begin her collage career at Cambridge and Katherine was eighteen and a brand new senior in high school. Remembering she last saw them at her husband Dave's funeral over five years ago. Gwen dearly missed her husband but as time went on, she found herself thinking about him less and less often.

Gwen found a seat near the gate where the girl's flight would arrive even though the tote board said they're arrival was on-time she was impatient for them to get here. She sat idly thinking about the happy times she shared with her husband. A bit of melancholy creeping into her thoughts as she remembered, when they met in college, their storybook wedding, an energetic sex life and building their dream house in the hills. When the girls finally came down the ramp, she was still lost in thought. They walked right up to where she was sitting and she almost did not recognize them until they introduced themselves and hugged her. They were no longer the ungainly adolescents she remembered but two very beautiful young women. They walked together chatting about the flight heading toward the baggage claim. When they retrieved the last of their bags, they had a good laugh struggling with all of the luggage the girls had packed for their stay. Gwen finally gave up and finding a house phone, called for a skycap to come assist them.

Surveying the small mountain of luggage in the back of the Tahoe, Gwen commented to the girls how they lucked out that there was room enough for everything. She had been considering driving her Mustang to the airport this morning but at the last minute decided to take the Tahoe because it had a full tank of gas. Climbing into the SUV, they haltingly drove out of the madhouse that is LAX and turned for the freeway that would take them into the hills of Malibu.

As they drove, the girls told her about their fathers' ten-week trip to Malaysia to set up a new manufacturing facility for his company. They admitted to Gwen how they had no interest in shopping their way across the exotic Far-East as their mother was planning to do while their dad was preoccupied with work and thanked her profusely for allowing them to stay with her. The girl's mother was terribly uncomfortable leaving them alone for two and a half months and since they both had the summer off school, she suggested visiting their aunt Gwen. Katy told Gwen about her mom's luggage including the empty suitcases she brought along just for her "acquisitions." They all laughed uproariously talking about how much money her shopping tour was going to cost their dad. Gwen's brother was the vice-president of facilities management for a multi-national Boston-based pharmaceutical company and he could afford the hit. He may not like it but he could afford it.

The girls were no strangers to luxury but both were suitably impressed at the sight of Aunt Gwen's house nestled in the wooded hills. The electrically operated wrought iron gate opened to a driveway that wound further up the hill until the terrain leveled and it terminated in a circular car park in front of the two-story Spanish style house.

Gwen's husband made a small fortune in stock options and managed to get out before the dot-com bubble burst. That along with the two point five million dollar life insurance policy doubled because his death was accidental, meant Gwen was able to live a very comfortable lifestyle. The three of them laboriously manhandled all of the luggage to the girl's rooms then Gwen gave them a quick tour of the house and finally suggested they all change and go for a swim before dinner or they could soak with her in the hot tub.

Gwen took her time changing into her skimpy yet very expensive thong bikini. She enjoyed the look of the shimmering blue material hugging her still firm fifty-two year old form. She worked hard to stay in shape and at times such as this did not mind the long workouts or the exorbitant fees she paid to her health club. She cupped her breasts feeling their weight, more than pleased that even though she was a nicely full D-cup there was very little sag to them. Her five foot five inch frame carried her one hundred thirty-six pounds without an ounce of extra fat. Gwen was especially proud of her lean muscular legs and her firm round butt, features that still turned heads on her infrequent visits to the beach with her friends. Checking her bikini line for stray blonde hairs and satisfied she took one last look in the mirror at her bronzed image and headed down the stairs.

When neither girl had yet emerged from their rooms Gwen wondered what could be taking them. Recalling the mountains of luggage, she chuckled envisioning the exhaustive search for something as small as a swimsuit. Gwen put three bath sheets on the poolside table, and stepped back into the kitchen. She poured a glass of chilled white wine for herself before settling into the warm churning water relaxation sweeping over her body the moment she sat down. She nearly dozed off before the girls finally came out to the patio where the Jacuzzi was happily bubbling away.

Gwen opened her eyes slowly at their approach and was stunned at the changes the two girls had undergone since she had last seen them. They were gorgeous! Sam the older of the two was a younger version of her mothers short, compact very voluptuous form. Her breasts nearly as large as Gwen's own looked deliciously firm and round. Her legs and hips were decidedly more curvaceous then her loose fitting jeans had revealed at the airport. Even though her long auburn hair stood in stark contrast to her pale New-England skin, her flashing green eyes and pouty lips led Gwen to conclude this girl was a certified hottie.

Katy's sandy blonde head towered over her "big" sister by several inches. She had a more lithe athletic build but still suffered no shortage of curves. Gwen's gaze swept up her long legs and over her flat belly to her chest a respectable and very perky C-cup she guessed. Katy's hazel eyes sparkled with mischief that lit up any room she entered. As they stood for a moment before slipping into the heated water Gwen was thankful she was already under the water she could feel her nipples stiffening and a familiar tingle as she took in the vision of her hot young nieces standing above her.

They made small talk and enjoyed the relaxing water swirling around their bodies. They talked about school, boys and how hopelessly boring Boston was for young girls eager to see the world beyond their hometown. Gwen was first to step from the tub telling the girls she needed to get something started for dinner. She could feel their eyes on her as she stood up on the deck next to the hot tub. She first thought she imagined the muted gasp but as she walked to the table where she left the towels, she almost felt the same unnerving scrutiny as when she walked into a club and the men would brazenly scope out her body. As she bent to dry her legs, with out thinking she had her thong clad backside pointing directly at the pair providing them one hell of a view. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder as she stepped through the patio doors and saw the girls whispering and smiling it made her wonder if; she had indeed heard correctly, when she stepped out of the bubbling water.

Sam whispered hoarsely to her younger sister, "Oh my god is she hot!"

Katy wide eyed replied, "Mom claims she and Aunt Gwen are the same age."

"No way," Sam nearly shouted at her laughing sister.

Katy nodded her head and continued, "I know what you mean, Mom is so old and skanky looking."

Her astonished sister added, "I only hope I look that good when I'm over fifty."

Katy playfully slugged Sam on the arm and chimed in, "You don't look that good now."

At that point their conversation ceased and they began splashing and wrestling around trying to dunk each other under the water and each pulling at the others swim suit ties, until Gwen's call from the patio door informed them to come and get it or go hungry.

Over the next few days he girls settled in nicely but Gwen had some trouble adjusting to others in the house she had grown accustomed to having all to herself. Forgetting they were around she would leave the bathroom door open only to have one of them come looking for her. Several times she left the shower still nude, and walked almost halfway down the stairs as she normally would have only to see the girls moving around or hear the pair watching TV and not wanting to embarrass them she would have to rush back to her bedroom to put something on.

Late one night two weeks into their stay when she thought the girls had settled in for the night, Gwen was relaxing in her bed room began thinking how it had been over a month since she had enjoyed intimate contact; of any kind. She was sitting in an armchair in front of her television, which faced into her room next to the doorway. She pulled out one of her favorite videos and popped it into the VCR and sat back to enjoy. She lowered the volume so she wouldn't wake the girls and the only light was that from the flickering screen. The movie started with a young couple driving in the woods in their SUV and when they found a spot they liked they stopped and threw a blanket across the hood and began their real explorations.

It did not take long for Gwen to feel the familiar stirrings within her lions and as she watched the busty blonde groping and then devouring her boyfriends large member. Gwen began caressing her large breasts paying special attention to the large distended nipples. She loved to pull them until they slipped from between her fingers. She did this to each of them for several minutes purring and gasping noisily as her heat grew. She lifted one breast to her full lips sucking and nipping at her swollen nipple the pain-pleasure combination exquisite and exciting. She could feel her panties begin to moisten as she watched the video and teased her sensitive teats. Her free hand slithered down her flat tummy and under her panties locating her nub, flinching she groaned loudly surprised at the depth of her need, the first contact intensely electric quickly spurred her on. Gwen slowly rubbed small circles across the hardening bud and applied increasing pressure and speed. She was surprised at the copious flow from her crease as it soaked through the thin material over her crotch. She finally slipped a single finger into the slick opening and moaned at the delicious sensation. Then slowly withdrew it bringing her glistening fingers to her waiting lips she slowly licked and sucked the musky scented digits completely clean.

Her attention returned to the video as the man with his thick hard cock was frenetically pounding the busty young blonde whose loud moans Gwen found oddly convincing and stimulating. Gwen decided mere fingers would not be enough to satisfy her tonight. She rose from the chair shedding her robe and panties as she made her way to the drawer that housed her naughtiest toys and lingerie. Opening the drawer, she had to search for a moment until she found the one she thought might do the trick. It was ten inches long and so thick her hand barely fit around it. She liked the flesh color and the latex was firm but retained some flexibility and softness. The realistic head and veins excited her further perhaps why she had chosen this one tonight and why it remained one her all-time favorites.

Sitting back down she lifted her right leg until her foot rested on the seat of the chair granting greater accesses to her smoldering opening. Using her left hand, she pulled upward on the lips opening herself to the probing toy. She slowly swirled the massive head around her juicy lips until it was lubricated to her satisfaction. Pushing gently it began slipping into her cavity until half of it disappeared from view. Groaning at the wonderful fullness within her Gwen began long slow strokes while she rubbed and pulled on her stiffening clit. Soon she was oblivious in her delight whimpering as the rigid toy slipped in and out and her demanding nub urged her to greater effort.

Her leg started cramping in its elevated position so she planted both feet and spread her legs to their limit, never slowing the steady strokes with her rubber friend. She soon felt the building pressure in her body and she reacted by placing both hands on the huge tool pumping it frantically in and out of her torrid furnace. As the floodgates opened and her orgasm began its first spasms, she thought, she heard something but was too involved to think about it. Her vagina contracting around the firmness of the huge dildo was all that her sex-starved mind could process. She moaned loudly at the onset of her orgasm, and then remembering the girls stifled the next, whimpering as her body continued its spasmodic contractions.

As her orgasm abated and her panting slowed, she looked up shocked that she had left the bedroom door wide open. Standing, still clutching the glistening ten-inch phallus she stepped forward a few steps trying to see if her noisy antics had disturbed the girls. Satisfied that nothing was amiss she quietly swung the door closed and prepared herself for bed.

Sam was first to hear the odd sounds and asked Katy, "did you hear that?"

Katy answered from behind her paperback, "hear what?"

Sam was on her feet headed toward the open door and said, "come on, and be quiet I think it came from upstairs."

Sam led the way with Katy no more than a step behind. As she turned to climb the stairs, she thought knew exactly what she had heard before. She held out a warning hand in front of Katy and put a finger to her lips telling Katy to be silent. Standing on the fourth step she could see just over the top step directly into her aunt Gwen's bedroom. Her aunt was sitting in a chair facing the door watching television. Her hands were fondling and rubbing her large naked breasts and pulling on her nipples. Her whimpers alerted the girls that she was not doing a monthly self-exam.

Sam immediately ducked down pulling Katy with her so that her aunt wouldn't see them. Then she realized that the light from the TV would keep her aunt from spotting anything beyond it in the darkened house as long as they stayed very still. Sam wanted to see what would happen next and looking at Katy's wide-open eyes, she decided that Katy must want to see more as well. Admonishing her younger sister not to move around they peeked back over the top of the stairs astonished at their aunt's activities. Sam couldn't believe it when she saw aunt Gwen lifting one of her breasts to her mouth and begin sucking her own nipple, she had never tried it but quick glance down at her own chest she decided she might be able to give it a go. Her eyes remained glued to her aunt Gwen's hands as they continued massaging her large sexy breasts until one of her hands slid down toward her panties that Sam could clearly see darkening with moisture.

Watching Aunt Gwen rubbing her quim under her panties was beginning to have a effect on Samantha who started squeezing her thighs together responding to her own bodies budding desire. When Sam looked back to Aunt Gwen's room it took her a second to realize her aunt was no longer in the chair and thinking they had been seen pulled at Katy's hand ducking down out of view of the bedroom. Katy whispered that she saw Gwen go to the far side of the room and dig in one of her dresser drawers. They carefully looked back up just in time to see her sitting back down and raising her knee placing her foot on the seat of the chair. What they saw next shocked both of Aunt Gwen's clandestine observers.

She had in her hand a huge rubber cock and she was rubbing it around her neatly trimmed blonde mound. The two teenagers looked at each other then slowly turned their gaze back to their aunt. The giant dildo disappeared from view as their aunt slowly shoved the monster into her pussy. Sam was mesmerized and she turned her upper body away from Katy's view as her hand found her own nipple, she rolled and pulled on it while she continued watching her sexy aunt masturbate. She glanced over at Katy and saw that her sister was brazenly rubbing her own mound through her thin panties with one hand her eyes locked on their aunt in the bedroom a few yards away. Sam watched her aunt intently, she couldn't tear her eyes away, she had never seen anything so sexy in her entire life. Her aunt now had both feet on the floor and her legs spread way out she was shoving the big cock into her blonde pussy with both hands. When her Aunt Gwen began moaning and whimpering loudly Sam knew she would be cumming at any moment. She finally grabbed Katy's hand pulling her down the stairs afraid that her aunt would catch them if they stayed any longer.

Once they were safely back in Katy's room with door closed, Sam her eyes wide said, "oh my god do you believe what we just saw?"

Katy flopped on to the bed and pulling her sodden panties off answered, "I can't believe what I'm gonna do, I'm burning up."

She started rubbing her nipples and fingering her clit right in front of her big sister. Sam some what shocked and a little embarrassed said, "I have to go to the bathroom."

Katy stopped and balancing on her elbows said to her sister, "you're just gonna do the same thing, oh don't be a prude stay here and do it."

Sam thought for a minute and then shrugging her shoulders stripped off her nightshirt and panties pulling the vanity bench a little closer to the bed sat down. Sam said with stern tone, "Okay I'll stay but be quiet, if aunt Gwen hears us she'll know we've been up the whole time."

The two teens sat facing each other a few feet apart, Katy settled back on her bed so she could watch her sister and began rubbing circles on her throbbing clit. Sam could not believe she was watching her little sister play with herself but found that watching Katy's fingers slide around on her sandy blonde pussy highly erotic. She started squeezing her large breasts and remembering Aunt Gwen's trick lifted one up to her mouth and sucked the stiff pink nipple. Katy saw her sister suckling her own breast like her aunt had and wondered if her own breasts would ever get big enough to do that.

She watched Sam enjoying her nipples as she scooted forward on the small stool so that she could spread her legs a bit and get her fingers on her trimmed auburn bush. Smelling the musk in the air from both of their seething honey pots Katy couldn't wait any longer. She plunged two fingers into her slippery hole and grunted as they penetrated deeply.

"Shhhhh" Sam admonished her younger sister relinquishing the sensitive nipple from between her hungry lips.

The sight of Katy pumping her fingers in and out of her juicy folds was more than she could take and stuffed a pair of her own slender digits deep into her core. She resumed sucking her nipples hoping it would keep her from crying out when she came and did not have long to wait to test her theory. Neither girl lasted long cumming forcefully but quietly still fearful of discovery.

They remained as they were for several moments breathing heavily and smiling Sam finally stood to gather her panties and nightshirt to go to her own room finally said, "Wow, I'm going to bed."

Katy smiling at her sister said, "I don't know about you sis, but if Aunt Gwen goes out I am going to check out that drawer in her room, and maybe I'll even try out that big monster she was using."

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