tagIncest/TabooVisiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 02

Visiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 02


As I read what I had written, I cried out to the heavens to help me make sense of it.

An angel took pity on my plight and descended unto me.

This Angel spoke these wise words:

"Fear not the 'Volunteer Editor Program.

They're waiting to help!"

With her patience and guidance, we worked together to make it a better story.

When it was finished, we read it, and it wasGOOD.

Reading Chapter 1 of 'Visiting Aunt Gwen,' will greatly aid in putting the characters in their proper perspectives.

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Reverberating in the semi-enclosed driveway, the horn of the Mustang seemed surprisingly loud, Gwen Philips thought to herself as she leaned on it, hoping to spur her nieces to get moving. She was even prepared to give the girls another blast if they didn't appear damn soon!

Gwen expelled a loud sigh, wondering if her shortened temper had stemmed from the regret that she was feeling for the events that had transpired earlier in the morning. She had caught the girls going through her most personal things. No matter how she justified it in the deeper recesses of her mind, Gwen still felt tremendously guilty. Regardless of the fact that it was some of the best sex that she could ever remember, her brother had asked her to watch over his girls, not to screw their brains out at her earliest convenience!

She just couldn't seem to stop dwelling on the image of her nieces, their naked bodies burned into her mind's eye. Gwen shook her head to clear it, resolutely promising herself that it would never happen again. Her sour mood only served to remind her of where her complete lack of self-control had led her.

Closing her eyes for just a moment, she envisioned herself about to enter the confessional as a child in her church, only seconds later to speak into the grille. "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have cursed, lied and had impure thoughts. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I have just banged the hell out of my two teenaged nieces?" Gwen laughed at the absurdity of the image, but it neatly epitomized how she was feeling.

It did not help her disposition at all. Having been kept waiting for almost twenty minutes, the sun was baking down on her through the open roof of the car. It was more than enough time for her to grow increasingly irritated with their dawdling.

Her stomach was rumbling. The Rolex on her wrist showed that it was now well past noon. Gwen's hand was already reaching for the horn when she saw the two of them come running out of the front door. They were smiling and laughing with each other as though they hadn't a care in the world!

As Sam slipped into the back seat of the red convertible, she said with a slightly teasing tone, "Sorry we took so long getting ready, Aunt Gwen. Katy had a little itch that just couldn't seem to get enough scratching."

Settling into the back seat, she nonchalantly brushed her slender fingers lightly against her aunt's cheek. Gwen was a bit shocked at the familiar musky scent that wafted to her nostrils but she couldn't quite suppress the impish smile that danced at the corners of her mouth.

"You two are incorrigible!" Gwen admonished them, unable to hide her silly grin.

The girls began giggling at her timid scolding. Gwen's emotions were running the gamut from a mild sense of humor, to a feeling of being 'left out.' She was also concerned that the both of them would either be unable to, or unwilling to control their boundless, sexual appetites.

Gwen was having second thoughts about taking them to a lingerie shop after lunch. She

had an idea that her little plan would need serious revising. Getting these two

girls some of their own things may alleviate their inclination to explore her room. Not to mention her personal belongings

When everyone was finally settled in, she started the engine, and the little red convertible roared down the long, curving driveway. Driving through the Malibu Hills, the wind whipped through her hair, helping to push those thoughts from her troubled mind. After enjoying a quiet lunch and coffee at one of the local patio cafes, they headed to the shop as Gwen had promised. She could think of no plausible reason to wriggle out of it.

As they pulled into the parking lot, the girls noticed an unfamiliar sign. Young Katy tried her best to pronounce it, virtually stumbling over each letter. "Lee Bodwaree?" she asked, a little sheepishly.

Bursting forth with a mocking laugh, Sam corrected her and said, "No, silly! 'Le Boudoir.'" she pronounced it perfectly.

"Oh, Cool!" Katy responded enthusiastically.

The storefront revealed little about the wares that were available inside. The building itself had an unremarkable Spanish-style façade with large glass windows. Decorative wrought iron grilles protected the panes of glass, while the semi-sheer curtains allowed a little light inside.

Gwen led them through the massive, solid wood doors, grinning when she heard twin gasps behind her. The girls had finally realized what the store contained! Katy blurted out excitedly, "This is so awesome! It's like… like… a supermarket for sex!"

Sam chuckled at her sister's apt description, while Gwen could only mentally cringe at the emotion in Katy's tone. It certainly dashed any hopes that they would have found it somewhat boring. Deep down, she now knew better. This entire venture seemed to be turning out to be a huge miscalculation on her part.

Hearing footsteps from behind, Gwen turned to her left. She was delighted to find that it was her friend Melissa, 'Mel' the owner of the shop, approaching with arms outstretched.

"Gwen! Why didn't you let me know you were coming by?" she asked, giving her friend a warm hug.

"Well, my nieces and I decided on a whim to do a little shopping today," she replied, stepping aside. Gwen smiled at her friend.

Mel flashed a bright smile as she looked at Sam and Katy. "So, these two beautiful young ladies are your nieces?" she inquired.

The girls glanced at each other and then back at Mel. Their aunt's friend had stepped forward to hug each of them in turn. Sam blushed slightly when Mel clasped her, their large breasts inevitably touching. She immediately detected that the lovely woman was braless because the petite woman's stiff nipples brushed against her own. When Katy also received a quick hug, Sam couldn't help but stare at Mel's slim waist and round bottom. Both were clearly contoured in the close fitting deep blue dress that she wore.

She felt satisfied that her niece's had dutifully endured the requisite introductions. However, Gwen did feel her inner torment renewed when she said, "Okay you two. Shop till you drop!"

Katy clapped her hands and squealed in an adorably girlish fashion before sprinting across the store. She slid to a stop on her knees in front of a huge display case which housed a dizzying assortment of latex 'toys.' Sam, on the other hand, took her time. Walking over to the lingerie section, she seemed to be unable to tear her eyes off Mel.

The woman's exotic beauty was so transfixing that she almost bumped into a large, revolving stand full of silk stockings! The poor girl quickly scampered to the rear of the shop, blushing hotly with embarrassment as her Aunt Gwen and friend looked on in amusement.

"My goodness, they are gorgeous, aren't they!" Mel exclaimed. She glanced from one to the other as the girls moved through the store.

Gwen nodded with a hint of pride. She chuckled nervously when she finally spoke, her tone was a little stern, "That doesn't mean they aren't very naughty girls, though."

Mel was just making her way behind the counter when she heard Gwen's cryptic remark.

She spun around on her heels so quickly that her black hair twirled around in a shimmering swirl. Hurriedly stepping back towards Gwen, she said, "You can't possibly be talking about those innocent looking darlings?" Mel's sarcasm was dripping from every syllable.

Looking at her friend, Gwen simply nodded.

Clutching Gwen's hands, Mel said excitedly. "Oh… do tell!"

Glancing around to make sure that they couldn't be overheard, Gwen stared into her friend's beautiful almond eyes. She paused for a moment before whispering hoarsely, "I caught them going through my things this morning."

She could tell from Mel's expression that she hadn't quite comprehended and added, "The pair of them apparently watched me last night when I was… providing myself with a little 'relief' in my room!"

Gwen could almost see a 'bulb' light up above Mel's head as her lips curled wickedly.

With a mischievous glint in her eyes she spoke softly, "Oh, your little 'toys!' "

Mel thought that she noticed Gwen's cheeks reddening when her friend looked away. Her vivid imagination seized on that tiny visual clue and decided there was more to the story. Gwen wasn't sharing, so she leaned closer and asked, "Whatever did you do?"

Having a great deal of trouble looking her friend in the eye, Gwen just couldn't admit to Mel what she had done. She was one of her closest friends and on several particularly lonely nights, her lover, too.

Sputtering in a halting whisper, Gwen could only say, "Well, that's why we're ah… here shopping."

Mel knew in an instant that her friend wasn't being honest and for some reason wouldn't tell her the whole story. Deciding to push Gwen a little further, she asked persuasively, "Oh c'mon! You know that you can't keep secrets from me, what really happened?"

As soon as the words had been spoken, Mel saw that Gwen was now blushing furiously! It was obvious what her friend was unwilling to admit. Her eyes widened at her discovery.

She scolded her best friend, "You didn't… Oh Gwen, talk about naughty!"

Gwen was completely embarrassed and hissed at Mel in an angry whisper, "I didn't do it on purpose!"

Wanting to have a little fun at Gwen's expense she asked demurely, "So, tell me. Was it any good?"

Red as a beet, Gwen began to grow increasingly irritated. She was aware that Mel had found her out, and to make things worse, was teasing her!

She snapped at Mel, "It wasn't supposed to be… anything!"

Saying nothing more, Gwen furiously dug through her purse. Pulling out her wallet, she thumbed through several of her credit cards before finally selecting her Visa. Handing it roughly over to Mel, she intoned, "Whatever they pick out, put it on this."

Looking over at Sam who was holding a lacy bustier, Mel asked, "Are you sure? This could turn out to be a little expensive."

Gwen let out a sigh and said a little nervously, "I decided I'd better let them get their own things. It won't do to have them going through my bedroom drawers everyday."

"Mmmm, I could get used to that!" Mel mused, peering back at Sam still moving through the racks of delicate lingerie."

Lightly slapping her friend's hand, Gwen said indignantly, "Now don't you start!" Her sense of humor was beginning to return as she continued, "That's just what I need, three horny females prancing around my house having sex at the drop of a… a… bra. Hell, I can't even control the two I have now!"

Realizing that she had stepped in it again, Gwen stood there feeling a little deflated. She waited for the response that she just knew was on its way.

Mel obligingly quipped, "Sounds like a GREAT party! Can I come?"

The tension slowly eased and they giggled at each other. Mel's expression changed from one of delight to deep thinking. She seemed to remember something terribly important and she blurted out excitedly, "Guess who is home from college this week!"

Puzzled, Gwen merely shrugged. She didn't have the energy to engage in any guessing games

"Timmy!" Mel enthused, with a smirk and a knowing wink.

"Oh." Gwen said flatly. Her mind replayed the last time that Mel and her neighbor, Tim had visited. It had been the weekend before he left for college in Illinois, staying on for two glorious days.

Recovering from her reverie she asked, "How long will he be staying this time?"

Her friend's expression changed into a comical pout and replied, "Tim has only until next Monday and then he has to return to get ready for the next season."

Gwen asked disappointedly, "Oh, so soon?" She wondered whether she would get

another chance to meet him again.

Knowing that she now had Gwen intrigued, Mel bristled with glee. She could now talk about her favorite subject, 'Tim!' "Well, last year his coach red-shirted him, but it seems that this year he has a legitimate shot at the starting position. Tim wants to spend as much time as he can training for that."

Not having a clue as to what 'red-shirted' meant, Gwen nonetheless nodded sagely.

Mel became even more animated and continued, "Oh God, Gwen. You have to see him. He's much bigger than he was last year!"

Picturing Tim in her mind, Gwen had a little difficulty in believing that. The lad was built like a brick anyway, and that was before he left for school last summer.

Without thoroughly considering the implications, she asked Mel if she thought Tim would like to come by for dinner that evening. Her eagerness to see him before he left brushed any concerns for the girls aside for the moment.

Grinning, Mel said with a hint of sarcasm, "Tim… and I would love to."

Gwen was surprised at her friend's tone and said, "Well of course, you too." She wondered if Mel was pretending to be obtuse, or just plain jealous.

With a far off look in her eyes, Mel said, Tim will most likely want some form of red meat."

She thought for a few seconds before replying, "Fine, then we'll grill steaks on the patio."

"I'll bring the wine!" Mel quipped, enthusiastically.

"About sevenish?" Gwen suggested, arching her eyebrows.

Delighted, Mel left no room for pause and said, "It's a date!"

Suddenly remembering the girls, Gwen frantically began searching for some way to keep them from causing problems. She adored them, but still wanted a bit of quality time with Tim. Her mind racing, the only choice available was to wait until her nieces were asleep, and only then could the three of them indulge themselves.

Gwen was positively weak at the knees just thinking about Tim's muscular body. Apart from the obvious male anatomy, he also had enormous 'staying power!'It had been over a year since she and Mel had given him an unforgettable send-off. She so desperately wanted another taste of the unrestrained passion that they had shared.

At that point, Katy walked over to the two of them. She asked for help in opening the glass case that she had been surveying, her nose was a little red from pressing against it. Mel acquiesced, and jingling the keys, followed Katy across the store. Gwen went in the opposite direction to where Sam was. Her older niece was still engrossed with the lingerie, so she helped her to make several excellent selections.

When they were done with their shopping spree, Gwen couldn't bring herself to look at the total. Simply signing the receipt, she thanked Mel for her assistance and headed for the door with her two underlings in tow. Both girls were now clutching very large bags, the proud owners of a wide assortment of paraphernalia.

Sam and Katy were positively giddy with their purchases and thanked their aunt profusely as they walked to the car. They couldn't wait a moment longer to rush home; the pair of them wanted so much to rifle through the over stuffed bags.

Taking this as an opportune moment, Gwen watched Kate visibly deflate when she told them that they would have to make a stop at the market. She informed her nieces that Mel and a friend were coming for dinner that evening and they also had to go to the butcher shop. Katy seemed even more disappointed at the news, knowing that she would have to be on her best behavior. Gwen glanced into her rear view mirror and saw a quick smile flash across Sam's countenance at the news. She suspected that Sam may be more than a little smitten with Mel.

Driving up the winding driveway to her house, Gwen told them the 'rules' of what to expect. She requested that they should not rifle through her room unless they were invited, because now both of them had their own 'things.' They smiled at each other and replied in unison, "Yes, ma'am!"

The instant they came to a halt, Katy burst from the car and bolted for the door. She wanted to use her limited time to try out some of her new purchases. Sam emerged from the back seat, thanking her aunt for treating them to lunch and a wonderful time at Mel's shop. Gwen winked and put her arm around Sam's shoulders. A little concerned, she asked her eldest niece if she had room in her luggage for all the extra 'stuff.'

Sam replied adamantly that she would fit them in, regardless. Her aunt threw her head back in silent laughter…

Gwen immediately headed to the kitchen upon entering the house to put the groceries away. She felt much more confident, now that her little plan had seemed to work. Noticing Sam dawdling in the kitchen, Gwen told her that she could handle dinner by herself and glanced at her watch. Sam was relieved when her aunt said, It's just after five, why don't you head up to my room and try on some of your things? I suspect that your sister is already getting a bit noisy in her room!"

A smile creased the corners of Sam's mouth. She knew that her aunt was absolutely correct and rolled her eyes. Turning to rush up the stairs, she uttered an excited, "Thank you!"

Gwen shouted after her, "I'll be up when I finish here and you can model a few of them

for me."

She went out to the patio to check the grille. It seemed to be in good working order and went back inside. Gwen thought that eating 'a la fresco' was fine, but certainly not with the insects! Keeping that in mind, she set the dining room table for a party of five.

It was forty minutes later that she found herself walking up the stairs towards her bedroom. Gwen felt a tinge of embarrassment at how eager she was to see Sam trying on her new lingerie.

The door being closed, she knocked politely and waited. At Sam's quiet, "Come in." Gwen entered to see her niece with her back turned, clad only in shimmering blue thongs. Sam's perfectly rounded ass cheeks seemed to be begging to be caressed as she stood in the middle of the room. It was with significant difficulty that Gwen had to restrain herself; not being able to do anything but stare longingly at Sam. Reaching instead to turn her chair closer to where her niece was standing, Sam told her that she had missed one plastic tag on the bra for this set and it was poking her in the side. Gwen was about to offer her help when Sam exclaimed triumphantly, "Gotcha!" proceeding to throw the offending tag into the trash can. She looped her arms through the straps then clipped the front closure. Sam turned to face her aunt, still manipulating her ample breasts to settle them in the cups. Placing her hands on her hips, she asked coquettishly, "Well… what do you think?"

Momentarily stunned, her aunt was unable to respond as she drank in Sam's lascivious curves. When her thoughts had stopped racing, Gwen could only manage a faint smile and stammered, "I did say that it was a good color for you. It looks fantastic!"

Gwen thought inwardly, 'Damn! That girl has no bad colors! Sam is more beautiful every time I look at her.' She felt the familiar tingling between her legs, still apprehensive about her feelings. One thing Gwen did not want to do is let her guard down, even for a moment. For the next hour and a half, she continued to marvel at Sam's nineteen-year-old body. The satiny smoothness of her skin was perfect, keeping Gwen enthralled. When her niece continued to try on almost a dozen outfits, it was all she could do but to offer the barest of comments.

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