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Visiting Evangelists



I had been visiting people in the neighbourhood with a junior member of the church community I was committed to working with. We always worked in pairs, which had the advantage of mutual support for one another, and usually one could learn from the other more experienced campaigner.

I was about 18 months into a two-year contract, which included spreading the word of my faith to those who were interested, doubtful, sceptics, non-believers and at worst, hostile to any semblance of organised religion.

Our usual greeting was to say we were spreading the word of God and before there were any objections, one or the other of us would ask the people who answered the door if we might have a glass of water. This was to distract them from their initial objections and to give them a chance to do a kindness for people other than themselves.

Elder Jamie was 19. The public always saw a joke in the use of the term 'Elder' for someone so young. We were always explaining our meaning but the mirth continued with comments such as, I think if I have a baby I will call it 'Elder'.

Jamie had begun taking more and more involvement in these visits and when it was appropriate, he would speak up reciting points I had made previously. He was becoming quite articulate. I thought he would soon be able to hold his own with little or no help from me, as he appeared to be growing in the faith.

It was ironic that as he was becoming more comfortable with his task, I was beginning to ask myself questions about what I was supposed to believe in. I have heard of the term 'Crisis of Faith' and was thinking how appropriate it sounded to the way I felt.

We called on a home we had visited before and found there were new people living there. A woman of about 22 answered the door wearing a pair of jeans and a white cotton blouse with a revealing scoop neck that showed a liberal amount of her very firm cleavage.

Jamie asked if he could speak to Danny, a young man who we had held a number of encouraging conversations with on earlier visits.

She said, 'He moved out last weekend. I think he got a job and had to move. May I help you?'

Jamie said, 'We got to know Danny quite well over the last few weeks. Do you know where he is living now?'

'I might have his address. Could you come in for a minute and I'll try and find it for you.'

'Thank you. My name is Elder Jamie and this is Elder Mitchell,' Jamie said introducing us.

'Hi. My name is Monica. I think it's in the kitchen. Come through,' she said.

I watched her very pronounced wiggle as she led us along a passage-way and through a door into her kitchen.

'Take a seat while I look through this pile of papers,' she said.

Just then two more young ladies entered the kitchen behind us and Monica introduced us to her two house mates, Erika and her Vietnamese friend Linh, explaining that we were looking for Danny. With three beautiful women in the room, Jamie looked like he had just won an unexpected prize on his birthday.

Monica said to her friends, 'You're just in time. I badly need a sugar hit. I was about to make a cup of coffee for our visitors. Did you get the sugar Erika?'

'Damn. I forgot. I can go back and get it. Won't be long,' she said as she was about to leave.

I interrupted her. 'I can get it while Monica looks for the address of Danny. Is it far away?'

'No. It's just at the end of the block. You'll need to rush. They'll be closing soon. You'll be back before the kettle boils. Thanks a lot, Mitchell,' Erika said with half a smile and a grateful sigh.

I was away for an hour. I was too late to get to the store before it closed. I knew Monica wanted sugar in her coffee so it seemed important to make the effort to find a place where I could buy it.

I finally found a late night supermarket, bought a pound of sugar for the girls, and returned to what I had come to know as Danny's house. Now I guess we would call it 'The Girls' house'.

Elder Jamie was looking much worse for wear when I returned and I felt guilty leaving him with strangers for such a long time. His shirt had two buttons unfastened, and his hair had become an untidy mess like a bird's nest. He must have been very nervous in the presence of three attractive girls with no-one to help him out if he tried to answer questions that were out of his depth.

The strange thing was the quietness of everybody standing around in their lounge room.

Soon after I had arrived back at the house, Jamie said, 'Time to move Mitch, . . .Elder Mitchell. It was very nice to meet you Monica and Linh and Erika. I hope we can come and visit again. 'Bye for now.'

Jamie had taken control of the situation and it was his resolution to leave. I had been absent and deferred to him, agreeing without question. I felt proud of him that he was in command of the whole situation.

Once I began driving, he said, 'Don't ask me any questions. Just get me to a bar and we have to talk.

'Are you OK Elder Jamie?'

We walked into a bar and sat at a window table with a couple of drinks, and he started to tell me a surprising account of the last hour with the three housemates.

After I left, Jamie was given a glass of water and the girls prepared a snack of a few cookies and cakes while he tried to get the girls engaged in a conversation about his faith.

They carried their food into the lounge and Erika sat next to him on the couch. They appeared to be listening to his spiel about why he believes what he does.

He was distracted by Linh, whose short navy blue skirt rode up her thighs and revealed a pair of bright, hot pink nickers. She kept pulling on the hem of her skirt to remain modest, but it was too short and he saw her nickers a few times. It must have been hard for him to remain on the subject with Linh's legs and Monica's gorgeous tits distracting him.

But it was Erika who proved to be the biggest distraction. She was putting her finger into a small honey-pot and licking her finger to add to a bite from one or other of the cookies. She had begun to touch his arm as she asked him to clarify something he said, then she changed and started touching his leg, moving it closer and closer to the top of his thighs as he kept his part of the conversation moving along.

Then with a finger full of honey, she touched his leg and smeared honey all over the top of his suit pants.

She exclaimed 'Oh Shit. I've put honey on your pants. I'm really sorry, Elder Jamie.'

'That's OK I think,' said Jamie, a bit shocked at this distraction. 'I can clean it off at home.'

Monica said, 'No you can't.' She turned to face Erika and said 'You smeared honey on his pants Erika. You can clean them up for him, and make sure you do a good job. Now get to it.'

While Jamie was protesting, Monica took his hand and pulled him to his feet and Erika started undoing his belt and zipper and pulling his pants down.

Poor Jamie felt he had established a close rapport with the girls and felt obliged to let them clean his pants, though he would be embarrassed to be holding court in his underpants.

Monica said, 'Don't be self conscious Elder Jamie. We are always roaming around the house in our underwear. In fact it's a bit of a drag to wear clothes, particularly now that the weather is warming up. Relax! You're among friends here. Besides, you look pretty good in your boxer shorts.'

Monica moved next to him to try and put him at ease. She put her hand on his leg. All this time Linh was sitting quietly and listening intently to what he was saying. Monica began to try and comfort him with her hand on the top of his leg. Then she felt his penis begin to swell up and slide along his leg and under her hand. She was holding his penis in her hand with the thin sensuous silk material of his boxer shorts between her hand and his cock.

When she began to lightly move her fingers along it, he couldn't stop it hardening. When she let it escape from her grasp, it sprung up from it's resting position. He was speechless and tried to listen to Monica making conversation with him.

He looked across at Linh and her eyes were riveted to his shorts and his penis rose up lifting his silk boxer shorts into the shape of a big top circus tent.

She said 'Wow Elder Jamie. Your cock has swollen up. Do you have an erection?'

Jamie had no answer. He was so embarrassed he just wanted to die.

Linh moved from her seat and knelt in front of him, looking straight at his face as she removed his cock from his shorts through the front opening, and had it standing upright, occupying nine inches of lounge room.

Looking down, she said 'Monica, look how big his penis is,' holding just below the circumcised head.

Monica looked at it and said, 'Oh God, It's a monster.'

Linh held it at the base and waved it slowly from left to right and back again, then bent down and put her mouth over it.

Monica stood up and knelt on the couch straddling Jamie. She tore her blouse open and reached for his hands and placed them on her tits, keeping hold of his wrists to hold them in place as she kissed him salaciously on the mouth while she was ruffling his hair.

All this time Linh was softly working her mouth magic on him, almost sending him mental as she was licking around the head and long strokes up the underside of his throbbing cock.

Then Monica stopped everything, stood on the couch and quickly removed her jeans and said to Linh in a demanding tone of voice, 'I want a turn with that big cock in me before you fuck him please Linh. I saw him first.'

It was more of an order than a request.

'Well he's wet enough now. I bet you are too. Want to know something else Monica? I think Elder Jamie is a virgin,' Linh guessed.

Monica asked him, 'Is she right elder Jamie? Have you had sex with anyone else before?'

Jamie said, 'No I haven't. Linh is correct.' He was very embarrassed.

Monica kissed him passionately and slowly squatted down, impaled herself on his twitching weeping penis, kissing him all the time.

At the same time, Linh began playing with his balls and eventually had one fingertip revolving at the opening of Jamie's arse hole, and without him knowing, another fingertip similarly placed in Monica's.

At this stage, Jamie was losing control of himself and he could feel an orgasm approaching. He did everything he could to stop it, but of course it went well past the point of no control. He bellowed out like a bull in a full charge as he ejaculated violently into Monica's totally aroused cunt. Linh could feel both of them twitching together in their simultaneous climaxes. She was so aroused her–self that she roughly pushed Monica away and took her turn being penetrated by Elder Jamie's still turgid cock.

But she was not ready for the size of it and she squealed loudly as he stretched her small opening wide enough to accommodate his size. Soon, he had reamed out her drenched vagina, and she became a little more comfortable with her constantly stretched wet opening.

In spite of the pain, she cried out, 'Fuck me Elder Jamie. I'm desperate.'

She tore his shirt open and began scratching his back with her fingernails.

By now Jamie was becoming accustomed to all this debauchery. He wrapped his arms around Linh's waist and began bucking like a rodeo horse, causing her to bounce on him with her tits bouncing in time with his piston fast thrusts. He could taste her peppermint mouth as she kissed him and he thought he might have another orgasm. He was close when she erupted and squealed out loud again triggering another climax, tightening his balls.

He pushed her up to a sitting position so he could watch his cock going in and out of her tight little cunt and the porno scene he could see and feel triggered another orgasm, almost dry this time.

The sound of the washing machine must have drowned out the noise of all the uninhibited sex in the lounge room because the look on Erika's face when she walked back in with Jamie's pants was one of complete shock.

She stood in the doorway unable to move. Jamie now spent, lifted Linh away from his cock and walked over to Erika with his swollen penis waving left and right as he took each step. She was mesmerised by the scene of Elder Jamie's naked lower half approaching her, and took his pants back and said, 'Thanks Erika. You did a good job.

He kissed her on the cheek and put his pants back on.

He said, 'I really must go and wait for Elder Mitchell.'

Monica and Linh were dressing when there was a knock at the door. Just as three partners had all almost dressed again, Erika let him in and took the sugar from him.

'Thanks Elder Mitchell. You're very kind to do that. Elder Jamie has been a lovely guest and very interesting to listen to. You're both welcome back here any time,' she said, expressing her appreciation.

Jamie said 'Thanks Monica. Time to go. I hope we see you again.'

How Ironic was that? I'm the one with the doubts about the basis for all this legalistic church based morality, and usually the one who would stay with our prospective converts in that situation, sending the other younger less experienced 'Elder' to run errands.

I had never in my experience, encountered a household like that one, and Jamie, a virtual innocent in the wild at 19, is aggressively seduced, bordering on rape, by two gorgeous girls.

Can a man, be raped by a woman, or women? Once he has an erection, he has been aroused, so it would be a problem to make a case for rape.

In any event, no one is complaining. And I don't think we'll be complaining next time we visit the girls.

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