tagCelebrities & Fan FictionVisiting Gotham Ch. 04

Visiting Gotham Ch. 04


Dean awoke in a hospital bed not sure what had happened. He laid there for a while feeling sore and week as he waited for anyone to come in which was a long time. He began to think maybe it wasn't a hospital at all and he had been captured by Poison Ivy and Harley. He eventually found the button to call a nurse as he was starting to panic about what was going on. Eventually a nurse came in and told him what had happened. How he had been brought in and given an antidote to Ivy's drug. When he asked who had brought him in he was told it was by Batman which gave him chills up his spine as out of every maniac in this city that was the name he feared the most.

He did get a visit from Gotham city PD as well who wanted to ask him a few questions about everything that had transpired over the last few days. He explained to them everything, from the moment he was kidnapped to waking up in the hospital. No charges had been filed as he figured things like this probably happened a lot in this town. He told them how he had been trying to get out of town and back home. After a few days in the hospital he was being released. He felt a little relieved and nervous at the same time wondering if they would ever find him again. He had been given a ticket home paid for by the GCPD and told he was free to leave so Dean didn't hang around very long.


It had been a few months since Dean had returned home to his loft in Central City. Life had pretty much returned to normal and he had started putting all of the strange things that happened in Gotham behind him. He watched the news a lot and had heard that there was an explosion in an old factory that had turned out to be Ivy and Harley's hideout. As he watched it the reporter said it was believe they both perished in the explosion. When Dean heard this he actually felt sad about it. He knew who they were and what they had done to him but he also had some fun with them as well. He knew that the world might be better and even safer without them but he still was sad to hear this and hoped they had made it out okay.

He had not heard from any one of them since he left Gotham. He was relieved and also surprised at the same time. A few days later he was sitting on his couch watching TV and eating Chinese food. It had been a quiet evening and he just wanted to relax but he suddenly heard a knock at the door. Turning his head towards the entrance to his apartment he slowly got up hearing the knock again. He slowly walked over to it and looked through the hole to see who was there but it was being covered.

"Who is it?" He asked through the door.

"Pizza delivery." A womans voice said.

He unlocked and opened the door before saying "I'm sorry I didn't order any..." he stopped when he came face to face with a revolver pointed at his face.

"That's too bad, because I haven't eaten in days!" She said before looking up.

Dean felt a pit in his stomach as Harley stood there with a sadistic smile wearing a trench coat and hat to hide herself while holding the gun to his face. Dean wasn't sure what she was doing there or what she was going to do to him but before he could do or say anything he noticed the gun start to wobble a little and Harley fell to the floor. She seemed exhausted and maybe injured and despite every warning in his brain going off at once he picked her up and carried her into his place. He laid her down on the couch and went to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. When he came back he looked her over and saw she was bleeding on her left side. She seemed to have fled hear after the explosion and was barely able to stay awake.

"Dammit." He said to himself before he went to grab his sewing kit and first aid.

When he came back he tried to roll her over to get a better look at her wound which was bad. He grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and poured it before she jumped and pointed the gun at him again. Her hand was shaking and he could see the pain in her face as she held the gun.

"Whatta ya think your doing stud?" She said.

"Harley, you need to let me help you, please let me help you."

"Like you did in Gotham?"

"Not now Harley, did you come here to bleed to death on my couch?"

She held the gun for a moment before finally giving into her fatigue and letting him do his thing. He cleaned her wound and sewed her up. She took the pain better than he expected but he was sure she had been through worse. Other than the one on her side the rest were mainly just scratches and bruises. He grabbed a wet cloth and tried to clean her up the best he could too without getting too personal with her. Once he was done he let her sleep while he gathered his thoughts.

He considered calling the police but he knew she would make short work of them and even him. He wasn't really sure what to do when he heard something behind him. He turned to look but didn't notice anything strange but he could have sworn he heard something move in the bathroom. He walked over to get a closer look when suddenly he felt something wrap around his leg.

"What the hell?" He said looking down at a small green vine that had snakes its way around his ankle before another grabbed his wrists and began wrapping around him.

His small plant in the bathroom had seemed to come to life and start growing tying him up. He knew exactly who was responsible for this and began to fear for his life again he heard footsteps come walking out of the bathroom.

"Well well, we meet again." Ivy said as he looked her over seeing similar bruises and scratches.

"Ivy, Nice to see you again."

"This is all your fault you know, we had a plan and you screwed it up, we could have been killed!" Ivy said as the vines tightened around him until she looked over at Harley on the couch. "Harley?" She said before running over to check on her.

She looked her friend over seeing Deans first aid work. She was properly bandaged and cleaned up. He had given her water and taken very good care of her to Ivy's surprise before she stood up and looked back over to him. Dean felt the vines loosen a little making it easier to breath.

"You helped her?" Ivy asked walking back over to him.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?"

"Did you call the police?" She said in a stern voice.

"No, I thought about it but I didn't." He said as the vines squeezed him again before they loosened and let him go so he was able to move again.

"Thank you." Ivy said seeming grateful for his help.

"Don't mention it, despite what you may think of humans I'm not a monster."

"Listen Dean, Harley is my best friend, she's one of the few people in this world that means a damn to me, you may have saved her life so I will spare yours, for now."

"How considerate of you, now what are you doing here?"

"We always knew where you were, and we needed to lay low for a while. So we thought we'd come visit, is Selina here?"

"Selina? Who is... no just Harley so far."

"Dammit, I hope shes alright."

"Who's Selina?"

"You probably know her better as Catwoman."

"What?" Dean said realizing that Catwoman would also be stopping by.

Suddenly he heard a window open in the living room and someone came stepping in. She was covered in skin tight leather from head to toe that showed off every curve of her body which was impressive to say the least she didn't seem to be as banged up as the other two as she stepped towards them pulling off her mask and goggles to reveal a very attractive woman with short dark hair.

"Somebody want to tell me why we are meeting in some random guy's apartment hundreds of miles from Gotham?" She said looking around.

"Selina, this our friend Dean, he's going to be letting us stay with him for a while." Ivy said putting her arm around him.

"Oh really." She said walking over to him and putting her hand out. "Nice to meet you."

"Um, yeah you too." He said admiring her physique as she moved before she gave him a smile and turned to check on Harley.

"Is she okay?" Selina asked.

"She will be, Dean here took good care of her." Ivy said.

"Oh he did, well I will have to thank him for that." Selina said looking back at him with a smile.

Any passerby would think he was the luckiest man in the world having 3 beautiful women staying at his place but he knew who these women were and what they were capable of. Even though he had even had sex with two out of three of them which was amazing, and Catwoman seemed interested in him as well, he was still nervous for his life.

"Well um, if there is anything you ladies need, please make yourselves at home."

There was suddenly another knock at the door to which Dean was confused and annoyed.

"You did call the cops?" Ivy said.

"No, I swear, let me get it." He said walking over to the door with Ivy close behind him before looking through the hole to see his landlord on the other side. "Shit, it's Mr Peterson my landlord, keep your voices down." He said before he opened the door. "Mr Peterson, what can I do for you?"

"I have some noise complaints, what are you having a party in there or something?"

"No, just some friends from out of town is all."

"Dean this is the 3rd complaint I've had about you."

"What? From who?"

"Doesn't matter, but I'm upping your rent by an extra $200."

"$200? I cant afford that!"

"Not my problem, either pay up or get out."

"Is there a problem here Dean?" Ivy said as she was suddenly standing next to him and looking over the short old man in front of her.

"Well if you stop paying for prostitutes then maybe you can afford rent." Mr Peterson said as he looked Ivy up and down.

"Prostitute?" She exclaimed as Dean shivered waiting for things to get ugly. "Listen pall." She said grabbing the old man by the shirt and pulling him close before planting a kiss on his cheek which Dean was a little surprised about. "There are going to be some changes around her, first off Dean doesn't pay rent again, and the money you get from the other tenants comes to me now, after expenses of course."

"Yes Ma'am." Mr Peterson said seeming to be in a trance with a red lipstick stain on his cheek.

"Also the neighbors down the hall need to go so we can expand this apartment a little, need more room."

"Of course Ma'am."

"Very good, now go." She said slamming the door in his face before walking back inside.

"Wow, that was kind of awesome." Dean said surprised.

"This is our home now ladies, get comfortable."

"So does this mean I'm moving out?" Dean asked confused.

"I think he should stay." Selina said still sitting with Harley who was still asleep.

"Well that depends Dean, are you going to be a problem?"

"Ladies, events from Gotham aside I just don't want any trouble, that whole thing with Batgirl..."

"We are trying to keep a low profile for a while, so as long as you don't cause us any problems for us, there shouldn't be an issue." Ivy said before she walked over to him. "But if you betray me again, I will feed you to one of my plants, and that's not a quick death."

"Yes Ma'am, but wait why aren't you just using that trick you used on my landlord?"

"Unfortunately you're immune to my charms now, which is my own fault, but I have other ways of persuasion."

"Looking forward to it."

"Don't get cocky, I am still mad at you."

"Understood, Hey why don't we put Harley on the bed, so she can rest comfortably?" He said walking over and picking her up to carry her to the bedroom.

"I like him." Selina said watching him carry her.

"He has his uses." Ivy responded.

"Oh really, did you have your way with him?"

"Harley kidnapped him during a heist, and had some fun with him back at her place, she bragged about him so much I was curious."

"Really, and?"

"It was... pleasant."

"Come on Ivy, even you can't tell me you don't enjoy a good humping every now and then?"

"Alright, it was fun, but you know me, I don't get attached."

"Oh, so you wouldn't mind if I... have some fun with him?"

"Go ahead, keep him happy and distracted, small price to pay to keep his mouth shut, besides Harley would be mad at me if I had to kill him."

"Oh, would she be mad if I had my fun?"

"She let me, hell she practically begged me to like she had found a new flavor of ice cream she wanted me to try.

"Okay then, maybe I will."

"Just keep it down, I need to get some sleep."

"You know me."

"I do, that's why I said keep it down." Ivy said before walking into the bedroom to see Harley tucked in nicely before Dean turned to leave. "I'll sleep in here with her, you get the couch."

"What about Selina?"

"I believe she made other sleeping arrangements." Ivy said shutting the door after Dean left the room.

He looked over at the couch and saw Selina sitting there biting her fingernail smiling at him as he stood there.

"So um, you want a drink or something, I have water, soda, Beer."

"Its been a long day so I'll take a beer."

"Okay then." He said grabbing 2 bottles from the fridge and heading back out to the living room.

He handed opened one and handed it to her before sitting down on the chair next to the couch.

"Such a gentleman." She said taking a swig of her drink. "You can sit here, I don't bite, unless you want me to."

"I um... so how do you three know each other?" he said trying to make conversation.

"You never heard of the Gotham City Sirens?"

"Can't say that I have?"

"I told them the name wasn't catching on."

"I thought you were into more of the jewel heists, how did you hook up with them?"

"Long story, speaking of things that are long Ive heard some interesting things about you."

"Um... what do you mean?"

"Well, Harley likes to brag, at least to Ivy anyway and she gave me some details if you know what I mean?"

"Woah, um Ivy injected me with some sort of... you're probably just smelling that or something." He said thinking there was some leftover even though he was cured months ago.

"Oh that, you do know that Harley and I are immune to that right?"

"No that can't be, Harley, the last time I saw her she..."

"Quit the little actress isn't she, I think she likes you."

"What? No why would she like a guy like me?"

"I don't know, but it was her who insisted we come here if something went wrong, and she broke the Joker's nose after she met you."


"But, I am a guest in your place so, I suppose I should pay my part of rent?" She said standing up from the couch as she grabbed the zipper in the front pulling it down.

Dean watched her leather outfit open up showing off the pink lingerie she was wearing underneath. Her body looked amazing as she odviously worked out to keep herself limber and in shape. The leather fell to the floor as she stood there looking amazing.

"I um, wow you look."

"Now then." She said walking over and straddling him in the recliner. "Ivy told me to try to keep it down so they could sleep, I will do my best but I am a bit of a moaner."

"Woah, Selina. We don't have to."

"Have to? Dean I want to." She said before she pressed her lips to his tasting him for the first time after hearing about him from the other two.

Dean wanted this more than he cared to admit. The moment she walked into his place he was blown away by how gorgeous she was and had imagined this from the start. He began to think maybe Harley had killed him the night of the kidnapping and he had just been in heaven since then, fucking Harley almost 3 times, Ivy, then Batgirl and now Catwoman. Dean didn't know what these women saw in him but he was enjoying himself.

"Now, do you want to see the rest?" She said reaching around behind grabbing her bra strap and smiling down at him? "Do you think you can handle me?"

"I... if I can't then I will die trying?"

"That's a good one." She said letting the strap lose and slowly slid it off showing off her amazing breasts just inches from his face.

He stared at the beautiful orbs in front of him as his pants were tight from his growing erection that she was rubbing against and moaning as she did. He slid his hands up the sides of her stomach as she tilted her head back enjoying his touch before he gently caressed her nipples hearing her moan and even purr a little as he did. He leaned forward sticking his tongue out making little circles around her nipples as he gently squeezed them both with his hands.

"Oh..." she moaned out enjoying his touch.

Dean took one hand and slid it down her stomach sliding it under her cotton panties before he began playing with her clit teasing it a little. She began to grind against him a little harder as she enjoyed his attention moaning out a little louder as her panties began to soak through. He kept going as she seemed to be enjoying herself very much.

"Oh fuck that feels good." She said still enjoying herself until she stopped and pulled herself off of him for a second. "Wow, that was going a little too well and I want this to last a bit." She said before kneeling down in front of him and opening up his jeans. "Time to see what all the fuss is about." She said as she slid down his underwear and watched his cock bounce up to her surprise. "Holy shit, I can see why she likes you." She said looking at his erect cock which was bigger than she expected."

Before Dean could say anything she began to lick it like a cat licking her paw. It was such a great feeling as her tongue covered every inch of him with a layer of warm slippery spit before she took the whole thing into her mouth deep throating it more than he expected.

"Oh god!" He moaned out as she sucked him of very nicely.

Her lips were tight around his member as her head slid up and down. He could hear the slurps of every pass and took a moment to realize he was getting a blow job from Catwoman. He couldn't believe it as she continued to have her way with him. She finally released him leaving a string of spit connecting her bottom lip to his cock. She licked her lips and stood up in front of him leaving it there shining wet and hard as a rock.

"Now, who's been a naughty kitty?" She said as she slid off her panties and laid down on the couch inviting him over moving her finger.

Dean slid off the chair kicking off his pants which were wrapped around his feet and took his shirt off before climbing on top of her. He kissed her lips as he felt her soft warm skin under him so inviting. She spread her legs giving him easy access before he began to tease her slit with the tip of his cock a little. He could no longer contain himself as he shoved himself inside her making her head jerk back when he did.

"Oh Fuck!" She yelled out as he began to thust himself in to her warm wet pussy.

Dean continued to thrust his hips listening to her moan and whine as he fucked her. She was so warm and felt incredible as she wrapped her legs around his waist lifting her pelvis in the air as he continued. He began to feel the sweat forming on her which made her taste salty and made her skin shine and look sexier than ever. He began to lick the salt off her breasts as he slid his hands around her ass for leverage. She had an amazing looking ass and her cheeks were soft and plump in his hands as this beautiful woman moaned and writhed beneath him.

She reached up putting her hands around his head before she flipped him off the couch and onto the floor. She laid on top of him letting him slide back in before pressing her lips against his as she motioned her hips milking his wanting member between her legs. He wasn't sure how long they had been going at it as the sweat dripped off of her and on to him. She arched back as her breast reflected the overhead lighting with their shine as her moans grew louder. Dean could feel himself ready to pop as he pulled himself up wrapping his arms around her waist and tasting the salt from her breasts while she wrapped her arms around his head again and squeezed his face against her chest as her pussy tightened around his cock. He let out a loud moan as he felt himself erupt inside her draining his cum into her while she began to squirt her own fluids letting multiple juices come dripping out of them both as she yelled out enjoying the seemingly never ending orgasm he had brought her to.

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