tagFetishVisiting with Mom-in-Law

Visiting with Mom-in-Law


The plane landed in Raleigh just after 6:00 PM and by the time Jay retrieved his luggage and made his way to the cab ranks, it was close to 7:00 PM. He called his mother-in-law, Nina, and she answered after just a few rings.

"Hi Jay. So, you just got in town? I wish I could pick you up, but I'm still in Statesville. It will probably be close to 9:00 before I'll get home."

"That's OK, Nina. I'll just grab a cab to your place. You haven't changed door keys, have you?"

"No honey, it's still the same. Do you have your key?"

"Yeah, so I'll let myself in and see you when you get home. Do you want me to wait for you for supper? Or, maybe you can bring something home for us."

"Sure, how would pizza do?"

"Just fine, Nina. So, I'll hope to see you around 9:00."

With a few more comments, Jay rang off and concentrated on finding a cab. Giving the cab driver the address, he settled back in the seat and relaxed for the trip to his mother-in-law's apartment. It was about 30 minutes from the airport, in an older section of Raleigh.

Since her divorce, Nina had gradually made her way into the business world. She was very gifted when dealing with people and was constantly adding new customers to her list of businesses that sold ladies' wear and accessories. Part of this success and ability to interact with new customers was the fact that she wore the articles of clothing and accessories that she sold. Her sense of style was very acute, and she stayed up to date on all latest styles.

Jay was only vaguely aware of the exact nature of Nina's business. He just knew that she was making her own way as a middle aged woman, after being married for nearly twenty years to a complete jerk. While Earl Jennings was his wife's father, he had met the man only a few times. His impression of Earl's character was rather low, and probably influenced by his wife's tendency to follow her dad's lead in so many ways. At the present time, she was too involved in following her religious mentor and his wife all over the southeastern states, in their "fundraising" activities.

Whenever Jay attempted to offer helpful comments about the wisdom of this, Kelly would really shutdown any discussion, and silently accuse him of interfering with her calling.

Oh well, he had made repeated efforts to warn her, to help her realize that she was being used, all meeting with prolonged coldness and keeping him at arm's length in their love life. He was thankful they had no children at this point in their five year marriage. He often thought about what the future held for them, and knew it was not promising.

The cab arrived at Nina's apartment complex, which had only twenty units in a two story arrangement. Nina's apartment was on the upper level, a one bedroom unit built in the 1980's. It suited her needs and her budget, though, and she seldom had overnight company. In previous stays, Jay slept on the sofa, and if Kelly was along, she slept in Nina's bed with her. It had been over a year since they had been there together, however.

He used his key and entered the apartment, putting his suitcase and weekend bag next to the sofa. It was stuffy in the apartment, and he turned on the air conditioning to make it more comfortable.

One of the problems with staying with Nina was the lack of privacy when cleaning up and changing into fresh clothes. The only bathroom was off Nina's bedroom, which required each person to wait on the other when bathing and changing. Although he had to admit, Nina was very casual in dress around the apartment, and encouraged others to be the same way. So, he was used to seeing Nina in her under clothes or night clothes.

It was a pleasant thought. After all, she was only about eleven years older than him, as it worked out. Plus, Nina was not a woman who was prudish about how she was perceived by others, especially in her own apartment. - - - Nina wished that she could finish the day and get home. It was important that she get this new customer though. It would be a foothold into the market in Statesville and the military personnel and their wives and girlfriends that made up much of the residential populace in the area. She was very savvy in locating promising customer bases for her products. Margo, the lady who had trained her, said the secret to marketing the clothing and accessories was developing a sense of what turned women on, not just what their men wanted. More often that not, though, the two overlapped. If it turned the woman on, it would turn the men on.

She was satisfied with the way things had worked out for her. Early on, she had to take jobs to make ends meet and nothing more. After leaving Earl, she often wondered if she had not made a mistake. After all, he was an adequate provider. No more than that, but they got by. It was his constant nagging at her to be more involved in his church and recruiting activities, that finally wore her down. Now, she worried that he had influenced Kelly to the point that she was even more "involved" and the influence of her pastor and his wife was decidedly unhealthy, in Nina's view. She was worried that Jay was getting fed up with his wife's devotion to the pastor and it was leading their marriage down the drain. It was not a matter of finances - she knew that Jay made a very healthy income from the pharmaceutical company he represented.

She ended the day with a fat order from Marie C., the owner of a group of ladies' accessories. Nina had learned that the accessory market, if properly presented, was often more lucrative than the clothing. She could imagine operating a company like Marie's, but it would mean more personal time than she currently had to provide, and that was not necessarily what she wanted.

By the time she drove her car from Statesville to Raleigh, she was bone tired. Even shedding the high heels for comfortable flats had only helped so much. Nina was glad it was Friday: tomorrow she could sleep in, and catch up on her reserves.

She stopped at Pizza Hut and picked up a large pizza she had called in. Then, she stopped at the closest Food Lion and picked up a 12 pack of Bud, which she knew was Jay's choice.

Finally, arriving at her apartment, she unlocked the door and let herself in. She was quiet, and prepared for jay to be conked out on the sofa, but she heard the low volume of her TV from the bedroom. Quietly, she proceeded to the door and looked in to see her son-in-law asleep on the bed. She walked on in, trying not to disturb him. He was fast asleep.

She set her overnight bag on the floor next to the closet, and slipped out of her shoes. Going into the bathroom, she removed her skirt and blouse and put them in the clothes hamper. She raised the lid to the commode, then slipped her panties down and sat down and quietly urinated. As she wiped herself, she pondered the question of how to dress around Jay. Remembering that on previous visits, he had often seen her in her night gown, she removed her panties and bra, and added them to the hamper. The only problem now was that her gowns were in the dresser drawer, in the bedroom. She carefully peeked past the corner of the bathroom door, and saw he was still sound asleep. Silently moving into the bedroom, Nina eased open the lower of the dresser and began finding a proper night gown. The only problem was that she loved light, brief night clothes, so there were limits to her selection. After a moment, she picked out a cream short gown with spaghetti straps. She decided to leave her stockings on until she went to bed. Undecided about panties, she finally decided - no bra, no panties. After all, if she were here alone, that would be her choice.

Satisfied with her attire, Nina went back into the kitchen and took the pizza out of the box. It was still warm, but she turned on the oven and let it preheat. It was now close to 10 PM. She had put the beer in the fridge, and she opened a bottle of her favorite wine and poured a glass. Going into the living/dining area, she sat on the sofa and turned on the stereo system, deciding on a selection of Adele songs. She kept the volume low, and when the oven was heated, she put the pizza in for fifteen minutes.

She went into the bedroom with the thought of rousing Jay. He had turned onto his back and she noted his manhood partially in view from the opening of his shorts. She had seen his penis several times over the years, when the three of them had gone to the beach together, and once a year earlier when he stayed over the Labor Day weekend. It had all been accidental, but she knew he was well developed, even when flaccid. Once, at the beach, she had seen it rigid when he emerged from the bathroom. He had apologized, quickly covering himself, but not before she had seen how large and thick he was. Recalling that now, she remembered thinking how lucky her daughter was, to find a man blessed with a large dick.

This evening, she noticed something a little different - if she was not imagining it, it seemed that something was shining from the opening of his shorts. She wished the light was better, so she could see what it was. It was like a metallic glint.

It clearly was something new, she realized. Well, over the next few days, maybe I can get a better look. For the present, she moved closer to the bed and lay her hand on Jay's shoulder. "Jay, I'm home, and the pizza is ready."

She smiled at his reaction, as he half snored and rolled toward her touch. She was able to catch a better view into the opening of his shorts, and knew she was seeing something new. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Nina decided now was the time to check this situation out further. She carefully made sure Jay was still asleep, and parted the opening of his shorts a little more, exposing more of his penis, but still unable to see the whole thing. She felt herself getting aroused, and knew she must be careful.

She knew she should not do this, but her curiosity got the better of her, and she carefully opened his shorts a little more. This was not difficult, as Jay's lounging shorts were roomy and loose. Also, he had not buttoned them, and Nina was presented with an easy opportunity.

Satisfied that Jay was still sound asleep, she eased the opening further apart, then her eyes widened as she saw what the glint was on his penis. It was a silver or stainless ring, about 1/4 inch wide, just behind the head of his dick. Although he was not hard, the ring looked like a snug fit. She was so tempted to touch it, she felt her face reddening. I wonder if I could take it out, she mused to herself.

Just then, Jay solved the problem by shifting slightly toward her and moving his hand to his crotch. He grasped his dick, as if to reposition it, to relieve some discomfort. Nina satyed as still as she could, and let it develop. She almost gasped as she watched Jay's hand slide his penis out of his shorts and grasped it with his hand. She saw the ring, now tight around an ever expanding penis, as he slowly massaged his manhood. She sat there on the edge of her bed, quietly watching her son-in-law in his sleep.

Nina was in quite a predicament. She sat, transfixed, watching her daughter's husband in his sleep, massaging his dick, and watching the silver ring tighten just behind the head of his magnificent cock. It was engorged with blood at this point, and she wanted nothing more than to touch it, to feel its hardness. She was also aware of a feeling between her legs that she had not felt to this degree in too long. Being careful, she moved her hand to her crotch and felt her sex. She was surprised at how wet her vagina was, and wished she could relieve herself, right here beside her sleeping son-in-law.

I want to at least touch his cock, she thought. Carefully, she let the back of her fingers move toward his cock, and then lightly rub the top of it. He stirred just slightly and his hand moved just enough so that Nina could touch the head and the cock ring behind it. At the same time, she rubbed her vagina, letting her middle finger massage her clit. God, she thought, this is so good, and yet so bad. If Jay wakes, what will I say to explain this. In spite of these thoughts, she encircled his cock just behind the head and began carefully massaging him. At the same time, she was rubbing her pussy and feeling her juices start to flow. As nervous as she was, she could not stop, and saw that Jay's cock was responding to her ministrations - drops of pre-come had formed on the tip of the head, not quite matching the wetness of her pussy, but still letting her know that he was reacting to her touch.

At that moment, jay started getting more restless, and seemed to be coming awake. Nina quickly moved off the bed and eased out of the bedroom. The smell of the pizza was strong, and she removed it from the oven and sliced it into several pieces. She felt good, standing there in her shorty gown, every nerve on edge on her breasts and between her legs from just a few minutes earlier.

" Hi Nina, " Jay's voice just behind her roused her from her thoughts. "Mmmm, that pizza smells delicious. It woke me from the best dream!!"

She turned around and gave him a big hug, feeling his body against hers. She loved the feel of his tight muscled build, and his hands smoothed down her back, resting finally on her rear.

"And just what was my favorite son-in-law dreaming about?"

It was a standing joke, as Jay was her only son-in-law.

"Can't tell you. You would smack me and send me to a motel."

"Nonsense. You know me too well. I can't be shocked. Even by a handsome son-in-law!" She decided to be daring and said "Even if he is wearing a new piece of jewelry on his dick!!"

"You saw that?"

"Well, your shorts were gaped open,and it was exposed, so I got a good look!!"

"So what did you think?"

"Nice. Very nice. I'll bet Kelly likes it!!!"

"Mmmm. She hasn't seen it yet. I just got it a couple weeks ago down in Charlotte."

"Come on, let's sit and then you can tell all about it."

They sat down, and got busy with the pizza. Jay told her about Kelly's latest trip to Florida with the reverend's group.

"Don't you worry about that?"

"Sure, but what can I do? She won't even talk about it. It's like she's been brain washed."

(To be continued)

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