tagNovels and NovellasVivian Laaning Ch. 25

Vivian Laaning Ch. 25


Vivian and Angela spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon in Vivian's bed. They engaged in all kinds of non stop lesbian lovemaking. Cunnilingus and anilingus; strap-on fucking both vaginally and anally; tribbing and fisting. Not to mention kissing and fingering, stimulating each other's breasts and clits; 'G' spots as well. The sex was so intense that Vivian's continuous pain from her throbbing ass as a result of Angela's brutal spanking, although discernable, was essentially muted vis à vis her pleasurable sensations.

Finally during late afternoon, their lusts and passion were satiated, at least momentarily. To avoid the temptation of prolonging their afternoon delights they showered separately; Vivian first to allow her time to prepare a delicious meal while Angela showered. Although presumably completely satisfied from their marathon sexual activity they still remained naked in each other's company displaying no inclination to clothe themselves even in a robe. Vivian though did sit on a pillow to ward off the continuous throbbing pain in her ass emanating from Angela's spanking.

Angela once again enjoyed and thoroughly savored Vivian's cooking. Vivian whipped up a spaghetti dinner with a salad and garlic bread; accompanied by a wonderful Merlot. Vivian's pasta sauce which had been previously prepared from scratch made the meal memorable. They both ate with gusto as neither one of them was unduly concerned about their weight. Since the intimacy of their lovemaking was so gratifying, their conversation was free and easy. Despite the fact that they had been strangers to each other less than twenty-four hours previous, their conversation while describing their lives to each other was not awkward in the least. Instead it was full of candor akin to that of close friends.

In addition to recounting their sexual experiences they also revealed their non sexual past as well. Angela was able to relate, that she grew up in a relatively well to do family from Connecticut; maybe not filthy rich, but certainly not hurting for money either. Her father had amassed a sizeable fortune as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. And when he died, her mother in addition to inheriting his acquired wealth also received substantial proceeds from life insurance policies he had maintained. Consequently her mother was financially independent, and spent her time traveling all over the globe.

Angela's two older sisters had no issues with their affluence. They both had duly finished their education in accordance with their father's wishes, and had married appropriate to their station in life. They both settled in Manhattan as their husbands pursued high powered careers in the 'Big Apple'. The oldest sister had given birth to a boy while the other one was likely to becomes pregnant for the first time in the very near future if she already isn't.

Unlike her sisters, Angela bristled against their family lifestyle. She found it too confining and stilted. She was a romantic at heart, and wished to experience what she considered the 'real' world. Her peers did not seem to be authentic people as they were concerned solely with artificial material gains. Her female peers in particular seemed to be empty headed. Their only concern was to maintain their physical appearances to maximum allurement so as to ensure they would marry advantageously into the high society of New York and or in New England. With such mindset Angela found little in common with them and hence had issues in getting along with her acquaintances.

At this point in Angela's recounting of her life, Vivian protested her criticism of that perceived superficial lifestyle as opposed to the presumed laid back attitude of the society of the Midwest:

"Wait a minute, I seem to be, by your definition, as callous and as gold digging a bitch as any of your previous acquaintances seemed to have been. After all I'm in college with the main goal to escape the tedium of farm living and to become a lawyer, hopefully a rich one. My ambition seems to be similar; to enter your disdained world comprised of dilettantes."

Angela replied:

"Ah but that's the point Vivian. You are nevertheless different, and by the way vive la différence. You are a farmer's daughter after all, and so by definition you must be authentic. If there were ever to occur a nuclear war where only the fittest were to survive you would be among them. Whereas I and my ninny friends would perish quickly, since we wouldn't know how to feed ourselves from what was left in the nuclear wastelands."

Vivian scoffed:

"I'm pretty sure that my perceived ability to survive a nuclear holocaust, will not be of much advantage in high society."

"Perhaps not! But it will make you the most interesting person in any societal gathering."

Vivian decided to change the focus back to learning of Angela's past:

"So how did you find yourself here in Wisconsin away from the trendy sophisticated lifestyle of the well to do in New England?"

"Well my father was definitely a domineering figure in our family. He dictated the lives of my sisters and myself. I was destined to go to either Vassar, Wellesley, or Radcliffe duplicating the life pattern set for my sisters. However near the end of my junior year at the all girls posh private boarding school that I was attending in Connecticut, my father suddenly died of a heart attack. I was naturally grieved by his death, but there was no denying that I was thus freed from his influence and dominance in my life. Since my mother couldn't care less what I would do, I was now able to pursue a lifestyle more to my liking."

"So what made you choose to come to Wisconsin?"

"I believe the Midwest of the United States is where you find the real genuine Americans; the kind of people I really would want to associate with. I sent out applications to the Universities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. Wisconsin was the first one to accept me, and so here I am."

"And so in your experience have you found the people here in Wisconsin to be 'genuine Americans'?" Here Vivian made the quotation sign. Angela decided to respond in her most thoughtful manner in describing her feelings:

"I guess 'genuine American' means different things to different people. My father would have and my sisters' husbands certainly do consider themselves as successful genuine Americans. My father's life credo in particular was paraphrasing the famous football cliché of Coach Vince Lombardi: 'Making money and becoming rich isn't everything; it's the only thing.'

"Now I believe my father paid a heavy price for his life long pursuit of accumulating wealth. Obviously he had sex with my mother, and probably with various other women as well. Still knowing him, I could sense that succeeding in the business world was more important to him than any feelings of love or intimacy.

"This feeling was really brought home to me at his funeral. I got the impression that my mother was relieved by his death as with him gone, she could do what she wanted. She obviously thought we had led a very austere life considering the wealth and the amount of income my father had achieved.

"My two sisters I believe had indifferent feelings upon his death. They were characteristically like him in their main goals, and desires. They were into acquiring material goods, and maintaining a high society status. They were not particularly focused on romance or intimacy. Sure they had sex. Still it seemed to me that while engaging in sex my sisters were always calculating at what advantage was available to them for doing so, as opposed to having their passions unleashed. I may be unfair in such assessment of my sisters, but I don't think so.

"They no doubt love and have a particular regard for their husbands. But I was under the impression that almost anyone of the various men they dated before marriage would have satisfied them just as well. Similarly our father's death did not really affect them that much as far as I could tell. To them his death was simply an inevitable event that had occurred sooner than expected. The fact that their children would not know their maternal grandfather was a no matter mind situation.

"The thing is that all my girl friends were not much different than my sisters, and my male acquaintances were similar to my father in temperament. And that is not what I consider genuine American; hell not even genuine human! And while my father was alive I was not much better and I hated that about myself.

"As to your question have I found genuine Americans in Wisconsin? The answer is an emphatic yes! And the best example has to be you, my sweet Vivian. Just to mention one thing as an example, you've demonstrated to me to be a great cook. Whereas I'm not sure I even know how to boil water correctly, never mind making something as complicated as a sandwich."

At this point Vivian laughed as she replied:

"Surely you jest. I'm pretty sure it is within your capabilities to boil water to make a cup of tea from a tea bag or to make instant coffee from a jar."

Angela countered:

"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that. The only thing I know about tea bags has nothing to do with making tea."

Vivian had been imbibing on a sip of wine and she almost choked on it as she burst out laughing. Her reaction to Angela's quip was so severe that she choked and spit out most of the wine. The remainder squirted out of her nostrils. She laughed so hard that tears were flowing from her eyes. Finally when she regained her composure, she said:

"Oh lordy that was too much! I thought you declared that you were almost exclusively lesbian?"

Angela replied:

"You'll recall that I declared my situation to be ambiguous. Certainly I've had great lesbian sex, and this weekend with you has been positively as euphoric as I could possibly desire in sex. You definitely are the most exciting sexual animal that I could ever imagine or fantasize for that matter, male or female.

"Obviously my first two ventures into heterosexual action was nothing to write home about. Hell it was most disappointing not to have the kind of experience to truly cherish the loss of my cherry. Nevertheless, I'm still very interested in cock. As for tea bagging I view such activity as exciting and seems like a fun thing to do. I don't mind trying it, and obviously you can't tea bag a girl."

Vivian was astounded by this recitation. Angela Black seemed to reveal herself to be a similar kind of brazen sex pot as herself. Perhaps that is why they got along so well right from the get go. Vivian could foresee that there was more than simply lesbian sex in store for her from her relationship with Angela. With this in mind, she replied:

"Well now my dear Angela, it seems like there's more to you than meets the eye. I gather that you are somewhat shy of getting it on with the male persuasion; no doubt because of your unfortunate previous occasions. Therefore you need a mentor, someone to guide you in the intricacies of satisfying and enjoying lovemaking from a man. And as you've expressed an interest in partaking in the pleasures of tea bagging you're communicating that you're really in need of some assistance to bring about such kind of joy to fruition."

Naturally Angela retorted with some sarcasm:

"And of course you Vivian are volunteering to come to my aid?"

"Damn straight I am! You see to bring about the quintessential tea bagging performance it is actually a two woman job. And yes I'm available to be the second woman so that you can fulfill your fantasy of a truly exciting tea bag experience."

Angela retorted, somewhat non-plussed:

"Wait a minute! How is tea bagging a two women job? I'm pretty sure that I'm quite capable by myself of sucking on both balls of any man without the assistance of another woman."

Vivian answered:

"To understand my assertion Angela, you should be aware of a maxim my sister Erica has drilled into me. The brain is the most important sex organ in your body. Therefore, if you honestly believe that you are being fucked by the sexiest man on the planet, then in truth you are indeed actually being fucked by the sexiest man on the planet; no matter what others may think to the contrary. And nothing can be happier for you.

"By contrast, if you do not believe you are being fucked by the sexiest man but instead by a run of the mill, humdrum man, then the experience will be somewhat unsettling. That probably explains your reaction to your two previous sexual encounters with the boys while you were a teenager. Your conscious mind was well aware that you were participating in sex as a matter of curiosity as opposed to a compelling desire or lust. In truth you obviously were not of the opinion that you were being fucked by

someone special of the male persuasion."

At this point Angela interrupted:

"I might not quarrel with your contentions but I fail to see how this has anything to do with your suggestion that a man requires two women simultaneously to provide a superb tea bagging experience.

Vivian continued with her sexual polemic:

"Angela, the point is that with men a different set of principles apply. You might be aware that a famous Time magazine cover story proclaimed that men and woman are different, probably to the shock of their editors and militant feminists alike. Now of course the article is not talking about the obvious physiological differences between the sexes.

"Instead by focusing on the fact that we are all foremost human beings, at first blush one might logically assume, ignoring individual idiosyncracies, that over all awareness and points of view would generally be similar in equal proportion between the sexes. However as the article points out that by various compelling surveys and scientific experiments it is shown that men and women actually by and large do think differently and view things different. In other words we are wired differently; and this is the crucial point, we are different independent of traditionally empirical difference in the upbringing of boys and girls.

"In accordance with such conclusion, it is not surprising that one of the sharpest differences between the sexes, have to do with attitudes and view points each have towards romance and more precisely to matters of sex. Of course when one makes a generalization, one would find exceptions to what is asserted. For example, I believe it is the universal consensus that we women are more emotional creatures than men. However one can find some men who are definitely more emotional than the average female. Likewise one can find women who are cold fish, who have a calculating mind rivaling the most Machiavellian of the chauvinistic male mind.

"Anyway it is fair to say, that we women have a more romantic view towards sex. All we women really desire or need is a knight in shining armor to dote on us and protect us from the evils of the world. If we find such a man it follows that the sex will be of the superior quality.

"On the other hand the attitude that men have towards sex is in my view schizophrenic and truly incomprehensible. They divide women in their minds into two categories: the chaste and pure as opposed to the sluts and whores. Now because they are always anxious in engaging in sex they indulge the sluts and whores for sexual satisfaction. But perplexingly they disdain them for long lasting relationships.

"Therefore, men for long lasting relationship seek the chaste and pure simply because, well such women are chaste and pure. Actually they've been inculcated to achieve that goal by their parents, especially their fathers, particularly and by society generally. Of course once they have snagged a chaste and pure woman they endeavor to covert her into a slut and whore for their exclusive pleasure.

"Alas! To their chagrin they find that the chaste and pure women are chaste because they abhor anything in sex that they are uncomfortable with, and view such actions as depraved. In particular they do not enjoy giving head and try to avoid performing it. Even should they agree to limited fellatio, tea bagging would definitely be verboten and as for anilingus they probably can't comprehend that such might be enjoyable. Curiously enough most chaste women are even more opposed to cunnilingus despite the fact that objectively a woman should derive more pleasure from such activity than the man. I guess it goes without saying that lesbians are not pure and chaste."

At this point Angela opined:

"I think I can see what you are getting at Vivian. Although my friends in Connecticut and my sisters were not nuns, still it is clear during their discussions with me, that sex was not their paramount passion. Instead they viewed it as a necessary requirement to endure in order to achieve what they really wanted in life. I also think that my male compeers were of a similar mindset, and that is probably why my heterosexual experiences to date have not been memorable or enjoyable.

"I think I'm prepared to concede that lesbians are not chaste and pure if only by the definition of acceptable orthodox sexual mores. But then that is why I've probably succumbed to lesbian sex as I realize that I'm not chaste and pure. I've enjoyed lesbian sex to the fullest and as for you Vivian, I can't imagine a more satisfactory sexual partner, male or female.

"Still I do harbor the desire to eventually becoming a mother. I'm not very religious, but I do believe that since I was born female, that God has assigned that duty to me. It goes without saying that if at any time every female on the planet, refused to become a mother then our species would become extinct. So no matter how much riches, wealth and fame I might acquire while on this earth, such would pale against my achievement of attaining motherhood. I know my sisters celebrate the fact that they have achieved high status in society, but what I esteem most about them is the fact that one is and the other is about to become a mother.

"In becoming a mother I'm partial to achieving such position via the old fashioned way. Artificial insemination or an accidental one night stand, if you pardon my expression, is not my cup of tea. Despite my indulgences in the ways of Sappho, I believe I innately desire to end up as the iconic female creature paramount in the minds of sexist males. Yes I confess I'm truly all for and do not object to being barefoot and pregnant to please my male consort, although I'm not sure why I must go barefoot. In any case despite my dalliances with women, I believe in the back of my mind that I do really wish for a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex.

"Since my true ultimate goal is to snag a man, a knight in shining armor as you say who will dote on me, it begs the original question in our discussion. Exactly how is tea bagging a two women endeavor?"

Vivian was fascinated by Angela's declaration as it was more or less in sync with her goals. She would aver that she was more prone to heterosexual activity and more desirous of having a successful professional career than Angela. Still their inclinations and aspirations were similar enough which possibly explains why sex with Angela was stress free, whereas sex with Erin had been more intense. Sensing that sex with Angela was ultimately heading towards the next level and perhaps in titillating uncharted waters, Vivian was now more than ever determined to propose an FFM experience. Her explanation for superior tea bagging was convenient for advocating such desires. So Vivian continued elucidating her sexual philosophy:

"It is a truism Angela that once you have found and ensnared your true love, the sex will be taken care of in of itself. In the meantime, since today's society no longer expects brides to be virgins; it is actually deemed to be abnormal. Thus it behooves us females, to let us shall we say experiment, while we are unattached or not unconditionally committed. This sexual exploration is required not so much as to determine what a prospective desired male will like, since their sole objective is simply to score. Rather this is the time to experiment in order to determine exactly what you like and what you are willing to do in sex to please your partner and especially yourself.

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