Vixen On Top


"Damn that clock," Marty thought as she reached out to turn it off. "Sounds like a Mack truck backing up." The electronic alarm silenced when the switch was pushed.

Marty lay nude under a single sheet. The heat in the early afternoon was nearly unbearable but that was the only time she had to sleep. Today had been her last day at school and graduation would be within the week.

"At last. No more classes," Marty spoke aloud.

She stretched to remove the kinks from sleep. The sheet slipped away and she stroked her naked body a few times before she got up. The cheap carpet of the trailer floor scratched at her feet when she stood up. The rough floor covering reminded her how much she hated the dump she'd had to live in but she was contented with knowing that soon she would be moving to a newer and better house or apartment.

With her new education and her experience in the work place, she had been accepted into a new job.

Marty looked at herself in the mirror, fluffed her hair and told herself she had to hurry. She had one last shift to put in on her old job.

Marty stopped by the bathroom and turned on the shower to let the water heat up. The next stop was the kitchen. She plugged in the coffee pot and went back to shower.

The shower's hot water steamed up the bathroom, fogging the mirror but Marty could still see her reflection. Thirty years old and her nipples still rose up and remained erect when she thought of Bob and the times they'd shared. When she thought back about her former husband she almost always got hot. Her thoughts were of Bob as she stood there in the bathroom.

She felt the tautness of her boobs and couldn't resist caressing them. She cupped her hands and using delicate touches, brushed her tits. Chills swept through her body. Marty knew she had to stop or risk being late for work.

"Damn," she muttered.

The thoughts of Bob wouldn't leave her. She remembered when he'd left her. High and dry, she was left with nothing but memories of the last eight years of her life.

"How could he have done this to me?" she grumbled out loud. "He took everything we had and just left."

Their divorce had been final for two years but still Marty felt the anger that came from Bob's leaving. She told herself, "Kid, at least you're young enough to start over."

And, start over she did. She enrolled in college to get her bachelor's degree and she worked her butt off to support herself. She blushed from the pride she felt.

The shower's water was very hot and she had to turn on the cold tap to adjust the temperature. She opened the curtain and stepped under the spray. Tiny beads of mist bounced off her firm, trim body. Marty adjusted the shower head to the massage position and let the water pummel her skin. The pulsing streams of hot water were invigorating. Slowly, Marty turned to get the full effect. Again, she started feeling the urge to touch herself.

The bar of soap she picked up was hard and slick. A smile crossed her lips and again she thought of Bob. She was horny and she thought of how Bob could have settled her down in just a few minutes.

She lathered her supple body and began to massage her tits again. This time the caresses were more insistent, more urgent. She arched against her, own hands and let her mind travel to a different time in her life. Her hands slithered down, lower, to the red, curly pubic hair. Her breath quickened when she touched the wetness not caused by the water. Small, circling motions with a single finger tip on her clit caused more juice to flow. The muscles in her pussy started to contract and, surprisingly, she was cumming almost immediately. The shock of the sudden onset of the orgasm shook her all the way from her head down to her toes. Marty almost collapsed from the intensity of the sudden release. Leaning against the wall she took time to regain herself. Though the orgasm had lasted only a moment, it seemed like a long, gut-wrenching time to her. She knew that she would still be to work on time.

Marty felt tingly and good. She thought for a minute about what she'd done to herself in the shower that made her feel so good. Though finger fucking herself took away the edge it wasn't what she needed or wanted. She needed a hot, hard cock stuffed up in her snatch. It had been so long but she was determined to forget the morality that hovered around her all the time. She meant to get laid and laid good.

The soap swirled down the drain and as she watched it disappear she said, "That's how my troubles are doing lately. Down the drain." She rinsed her body completely and said, "Hell, I don't have any troubles. They are all gone and I'm starting all fresh and new tomorrow."

A smile crossed her face as she stepped from the shower. The fluffy towel absorbed the water from her body while she patted herself dry. Dried and heading into the kitchen Marty thought how good it would be to have put in the last graveyard shift and then be free of her oppressive occupation.

The last time, too, that she would have to drive through the night while normal people were home in bed, sleeping or fucking or doing whatever came natural to them.

Marty finished toweling off in the bedroom. Feeling sexy she reached into the dresser for a black camisole that she saved for special occasions. Tonight would be special, she knew, so she slipped it on and pulled the uniform from the closet. Damned, ugly, brown uniform. How she hated it. It was required for her work though so she wore it and bore it bravely. She guessed they wanted her to look more like a man than a women so as not to excite the men too much.

Bras and panties were regulation also but not for Marty's last night. She put on the shirt and stepped into the pants, then the Wellington boots. She checked herself out in the mirror again and adjusted the uniform. "Prison guard extra-ordinary," she smiled. "I'm going to burn this damned thin when I get home in the morning."

Marty rushed into the kitchen and poured a large mug of coffee. She liked it lack and strong. A glance at the clock showed she stir had a few minutes to drive to work, she put two slices of bread in the toaster and leaned against the counter to wait for it to toast. When it popped up Marty took the slices of bread, some butter and jelly, and the coffee cup and left the trailer.

Her old Chevy ran well. It looked like hell but it got her around with no mechanical problems. Marty knew that the car would be the second thing to go after she started her new job. First the trailer, then the car.

The drive to work was uneventful. She parked under the bright lights and headed in through the heavy, barred gates. Through the metal detector and past the main desk.

"Evening Marty," the sergeant spoke to her.

"Hi Bill," she greeted him with a smile. Few knew that this was to be her last night and she wanted to keep it that way. If everyone knew they'd insist on throwing a going away party. She'd been to one once before and was not impressed. It had turned into a drunken orgy and that was not her style.

Little was mentioned at briefing and nothing was said about it being her last day. She went to her assignment; Building Two. It was the same that she'd had for the past two years.

"Hello Lonnie. Anything going on in the cellblock tonight?"

"Hi Marty." Lonnie smiled at the sexy lady when he looked up from the log book he was writing in. "Same shit. Just a different day." He signed his name in the book and handed it to her. "There. It's all yours for the next eight hours."

Marty took the book scanned the pages and signed in, accepting responsibility for the watch tour. "I've got it Lonnie."

"Bye," he said. "Have a good one."


Her first walk through the cellblock was the one she disliked most. It was the time when most of the men in the cells were settling in for the night. They could be seen in sorts of positions, jacking off in their solitude.

She'd seen all shapes, sizes and colors of cocks in the time she'd worked for the state's department of corrections and she thought she'd only seen a few that appealed to her. After all a cock was attached to a man, and it was the man attached to it that counted. At least that's what she thought at the present moment. She couldn't see herself going cock crazy.

Usually, the men would try to cover themselves when they saw her at the peep-window but some ignored her presence and continued playing with themselves as if nothing was happening. One of the requirements was that she scan for movement to determine that one man was in each cell and she certainly had no trouble meeting the criteria. She saw plenty of both.

At one time or another she'd caught everyone but one guy. Marty made a personal game of trying to catch him too but she just couldn't seem to be there when he whipped it out and started flogging himself. It made her wonder. She realized the cells were home to the men confined there and she knew they all got horny but the one man she wanted to see jacking off never presented her with the spectacle.

Because it was her last night, she was determined to catch him with his cock in his hand. She had to see the men in room number twelve stroking his meat.

When she passed on the first walk of the night she saw her subject watching television. She continued the walk, finishing the first pod, then returned to number twelve.

The man was lying under the covers and the television was still on. Marty tapped lightly on the window. He smiled and waved to her. She motioned for him to come to the door.

His answering gesture was for her to move away so he could get out of bed. "Good evening, Officer. What's up?" he asked.

"Hi Kit. Just thought I'd say hello. And goodby."

"You're leavin'?" he asked.

"Yes. Tonight is my last night. I start a new, job Monday."

"Its about time. What took you so long?" Kit looked Marty up and down. "I always thought you were smarter than the others. I figured you'd leave soon. Is the new one a good job?"

"Sure is. I'm starting as a floor manager for a department store in town. It includes some security so my time sent here wasn't all wasted. I got the job cause of my experience!"

Kit asked, "Better money too I bet?"

"Ha. About three times what I make here," Marty told him. "Well, I've got to finish my walk. See you later." She took a step and then asked, "Oh, Kit. Are you going to be up later?"

"Yeah. Probably. There's a movie coming on at one-thirty and tomorrow is Saturday so I can sleep in."

"Good. I'll talk to you later."

Marty waved and walked away. On the way back to the office she thought about Kit. He'd been the first inmate she met when she started to work in the correctional facility. He had always been polite and courteous. And, he'd given her some good advise. He warned her of backstabbing political guards and told her they would walk over her to get their promotions.

"Well, no back-biting, jealous male counterparts to worry about," Marty told herself.

The walk was completed. She sat at the desk and made her entry into the log. The shift commander stopped by and talked for a while. He checked the log and left. It was time for another walk through the building.

Marty wanted to talk frankly with Kit and she knew it would be three to four hours before her supervisor returned. She peaked in his window and tapped on the glass. Kit turned to see who was there but, before he could get up Marty slipped her master key into the lock and opened the door.

She knew she would be fired on the spot if the commander found that she had entered a room at night without a second officer present. The lock turned quietly and she walked in. "I told you I'd be back."

"Yeah, you did. I'm glad you made it," Kit said. "Is there anything special you wanted to talk about?"

She didn't quite know how to put what she wanted to say. Was she going cock crazy, or was it the man it was attached to that interested her so much.

"Well, uh, not really," Marty answered. "It's just that, uh, I've seen all the other guys masturbating at least a dozen times since I started working here. Everybody but you, that is. How come?"

Kit smiled and answered, "I don't know how embarrassing it is for you, or if you enjoy seem a man jack off. I'm just funny about it. If I do it to myself I like to enjoy the solitude or I like to do it with a cooperative lady. The door in between us seems too much of a barrier. Some guys like to show off, and I can get into that too, I just prefer to be close."

A grin came on Marty's face. The funny feeling was starting to return to her groin, "Were you planning on, well, you know, taking care of things this evening?"

In the dim light of the television Marty could see the blush rise in Kit's cheeks. He looked her squarely in the face and said, "A few minutes more and you might have caught me, finally."

"Maybe tonight you don't have to fuck our hand," Marty said. She blushed, too, because of her bluntness. She sat on the edge of Kit's bunk and stroked her thighs. Kit was shocked and surprised. He lay back on the bed and Marty slipped her hand under the sheet. His skin was warm and smooth. She ran her hand slowly from his belly down to his cock. Though Kit was not big, his dick was well above average. It was thick, too, and hot.

Marty was surprised at her own brashness. She didn't want to stop once she felt Kit's cock. It had been too long since she'd had a man. Her hand encircled the shaft and she stroked it slowly. It grew hard quickly and a drop of clear juice moistened the tip. Marty knew that continuing as she was Kit might not last a long time because he'd been deprived for a long time too. She wanted his cock up inside of her cunt so she let go to avoid an early orgasm.

Marty stood up, dropped her pants, removed her shirt and started to join Kit on the bed again but at the last minute she said, "Fuck it," and stripped completely.

Naked, she stood beside the bed and looked down at Kit. "Will I do? Would you rather have me than your hand tonight?"

"Oh, yeah, I'll make you love it too," he sighed.

Kit threw back the sheet and revealed that he had his underpants down around his knees; the preparation for the solo sex he was about to indulge in when Marty came along.

He got up, pulled the sheet loose and threw it on the floor. "The bed makes too much noise," he explained.

Marty laid on the sheet, on her back, and spread her legs. She reached down and fingered herself while Kit watched. Without a word, he knelt between her knees and leaned forward to position the head of his cock against her hot, wet cunt. He didn't move at first, just took a deep breath and spoke, "You do want it?"

"Yes, and hurry," Marty answered.

Marty's pussy sucked him into her. It was good. She hadn't been fucked for such a long time that the presence of a cock now fit better than she remembered. She knew, for certain, that it felt better than her finger which she regularly depended on.

Marty knew that it was worth the risk she was taking. They started to move together, slowly at first, enjoying the wonderful, hot, wet silky feeling on each other.

Kit experienced an actual suction on his cock by Marty's cock starved pussy. With each thrust into her he felt the back pressure of her womb rubbing the sensitive head of his cock. And, when he pulley out, there was a powerful tog from he cunt to try to hold him deep in her.

Little slurpy sounds started as the both produced a lot of pre-climactic juices. Moaning filled the room. For the couple who had done without sex with partner for such a long time they simply fucked. They did not concentrate on making love to one another, they were each working to satisfying a deep itch that could come only by being coupled cock to cunt as they were at that moment.

They were in perfect rhythm. The shaft of Kit's cock rubbed against her clit and she bucked, wildly, to meet his thrust. She gasped for air and pounded his back with her heels.

When Marty's orgasm came it was violent, wonderful, deep release. She had to hold her hands over her own mouth to stifle the cries that she almost let escape. She wanted to feel Kit cumming in her and she had tried to hold back but her body functioned on it's own.

When Kit arrived, Marty was just pulling out of the first orgasm and when she felt his cock swell and jerk inside of her she began the second orgasm without a break in between.

Together, they came. She could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum shooting into her pussy. Her cunt was hot, puffed up and tingling. Kit's cock was like a steel rod stoking the fire. Both of them stiffened as she milked cum from his balls with her fingers. She wanted all he had.

Kit let his body down on top of Marty, he opened his mouth and kissed her on the mouth, his tongue probing and exploring in her mouth.

They lay still for a long time, savoring the closeness and touch of the other's body. And, occasionally, Kit's cock would dive an involuntary jerk which sent little jolts of pleasure through Marty.

"Thank you," she managed to say in between kisses. "I needed that more than you can imagine. I needed it and it was terrific."

"Lady, if you think you needed that, consider this. I haven't had a lay in seven years." Kit kissed her once more and then raised his butt to begin pulling his cock out of Marty.

As he moved off, his cock, still hard, made a sucking sound and then he was free. Both of them giggled at the funny sound.

Marty knew that Kit would never relate this experience to anyone else. He was a very private person and even though he was an inmate and she a guard she trusted him.

Kit handed her a towel and she wiped their cum from her crotch. She re-dressed herself, reluctantly because she would have liked to stay in the saddle with Kit.

When Marty stood up to pull her pants on Kit spoke, "Show me your tits once more before you get them all covered up."

He licked each nipple and then kissed her chest at the point where her cleavage bean.

"Again, thank you. I needed that," he said.

She dressed rapidly and left without a word, just a wink. No words were needed.

"Whew," Marty said to herself. "What a way to finish a shift." And, she knew, her shift was almost up and she was about to start on her new life.

The shift commander stopped by the desk, unexpectedly, and announced, "It's party time Marty, your honor. See you at the King's Ransom Hotel.

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