tagNovels and NovellasVixxxen Ch. 01

Vixxxen Ch. 01


I hadn't truly expected things to carry on this far, but then I guess few if anyone who begins an online cyber sex relationship with a partner from halfway around the world really would think they'd ever actually meet. But here I was in balmy ole' London, England, having just stepped off one of the most gruelling international airplane flights of my life, to find myself confronted with a wind-swept, pouring rainstorm cell breaking over the entire city.

There were numerous taxis waiting just outside the front of the airport, at least, so it didn't take all that long to find a clear cab and sweep in to nab it before someone else could beat me to the punch.

Okay, before I get ahead of myself, I ought to explain who I am I suppose. My name is Ryan, I'm a 21-year-old tech support officer for a bastard of a corporation called Telstra, and I've lived in a beautiful city called Brisbane, on Australia's east coast, for my whole life. My only airplane trip outside my country's shores had been to Bali in Indonesia, which I had done three times before in all, but then many Aussies go there and it's considered to be a favourite getaway spot for us; pretty much most of the island caters to the tourists.

With a close-cropped almost bald head, big intense blue-grey eyes, a strong, well-proportioned, somewhat hard chiselled face, and a taut muscular body I liked to keep fit with a harsh regime of gym work at least three times a week and a daily four-mile run without fail, I guess I understood why many folk stopped and turned back to look at me when I passed, both men and women alike. I was used to this so just shrugged it off.

Travelling all the way to the United Kingdom was a feat unto itself for me, a real adventure... but the truly exciting part of the holiday was only just beginning.

Now, the reason behind the trip in the first place... the upcoming Ashes series between the Australian and English cricket teams was the clincher, yes, but I'd been making good friends with a young couple from an adult site's online forums section, and it was getting pretty hot and heavy between myself and the sexy little spunkrat.

I'd seen her do all types of things with herself on the website in the digital pictures the couple had posted – lie back in just her panties on a bed, spread her pussy open for her boyfriend as he took photos, slide a dildo up inside her wet cunt, lick the cum-slick phallic toy lavishly with her tongue, put a couple of fingers into her vadge and frig herself...

I had even been lucky enough to talk to them both on Instant Messenger, after a few private messages back and forth through the site, and then later still in a voice-chat conversation through the same IM program.

The woman's name was Vikki, though she was known mostly by her nickname Vix, by her friends and even most of her family. She had told me on IM that she was the same age as I was, 21, which I thought was pretty cool too. Vix was a really hot, sexy lady, and I'm pretty sure I'd sell my own mother to get a piece of that arse, no kidding!

She had a thick mane of long jet-black hair, with a few framing strands of dyed blonde hair on either side of her gorgeous face to add to her allure, which hung down all the way to around the center of her back. There was also her brown eyes, that were so expressive and teasingly seductive on those photos I had seen and wanked off to so many times.

Also there was a lovely, sultry face that just radiated with the inner slut of a woman comfortable with her degenerate sexuality. Vix had a dimple on the left side of her face, just a couple of centimetres out from the corner of her mouth, but this just added to the attraction of her gorgeous, well proportioned looks. It gave her character, and was also pretty damn cute and sexy in its own special way.

I could just imagine how it would look, watching her intensely as her beautiful facial features bunched up as she was gripped with an intense, exquisitely delicious orgasm from my pistoning cock driving into her tight pussy... oh damn, daydreaming about her again!

Her body... oh fuck, her body was like something out of a teenage wet dream! It was like she was some kind of pornstar nympho: in fact, I had little doubt that she could very well head that way in the near future, as it sounded like the couple had a pretty open, honest sex-filled relationship, each taking multiple partners with the other's consent and blessing. She had the physique of any of the hottest starlets in the smut industry, and that's telling the Gods-own truth, too. Her body had a tan all over – probably from a spray-on can or a solarium, as I found it hard to imagine England being a very generous place for sun-bathers.

She had a good C-cup pair of breasts, and they looked damn fine too. The nipples were large and light pink, about the size of an Aussie fifty-cent piece I would've guessed, and seemed to get her off when she played with them for the camera. I dreamed of sucking and caressing them until she moaned with rapturous pleasure, biting on them softly then harder to make her gasp and cum so very hard...

Vix had a smooth, flat stomach, with a cute little 'innie' belly-button. I so desperately wanted to slide my tongue into that tiny little hole, and lap at her there til she squirmed and shuddered like the little sexy minx that she was. Her long, smooth sexy legs just beckoned to have my large, strong hands sliding all over them, squeezing and caressing her flesh as I slid into her, grasping her hard, pinching and slapping her as I took the slut-whore savagely...

Her pussy just looked heavenly on my computer's LCD screen, especially enlarged to its maximum before the images' quality began to degrade: with its velvety, full fleshy pink outer pussy lips, the thick hooded clit that swelled up and looked so big and suckable when Vix teased it, and her dripping wet inner vadge that I yearned so longingly to lick and tongue, until I completely lost the feeling of my lower face and jaw.

She had a light, trimmed thatch of dark black pubic hair, but her cunt was quite prominent and there was no hiding any little bit of Vix in any of her pussy web-pictures. And her arse... well, that was a work of Machiavellian art. I just burned up inside whenever I saw that cute, tight little butt of hers. Fuck, I just wanted to spread those buttcheeks of hers wide open and dive in ravenously to eat out her asshole! Ah Christ, I so desperately wanted to rim her out until she came so hard her pussy was sopping wet for me when I pounded her cunt with my long, thick tool.

Vix's boyfriend, the guy who was posting all the saucy photos on the web with his girl's blessing, was a nice enough bloke, for a Brit I'd jokingly add, and seemed honest and fun enough with his sexuality, not a stuck-up or anything at all, really open. He was just a couple of years older than I was we were quick to learn, too, at 23... so we hit it off fine and were pretty okay mates, as good as people could be over the Net alone, in a short while.

But if I was going to be honest with myself, it was the babe he was with that compelled me, and she fired me up in the most savage, basic manner a woman could affect a man.

I could hardly wait to finally meet her, and the mere thought of all the nasty, perverted things that we were going to do together at my room at the Dorchester when we did at last meet in the flesh, was getting my dick hard and stiff in my jeans.

I tried to keep cool, calm and collected – I was in a taxi, after all, and didn't want the driver to get the wrong idea when I got out of there – but it was difficult, oh so achingly difficult, to keep myself under control. Just thinking about her made me want the sexy-arsed chick so bad, it hurt.

Still though, I had a few days left before I would meet up with Vix, because her week-and-a-half vacation time away from work didn't start for a couple more days. I could wait, though – it was going to be INCREDIBLE to take her for real, to ravage her hard just the way she wanted it.

And it wasn't like I had nothing to do in a new, exciting city like London. I could do tourist-type things to occupy my time. Still though, my mind always inevitably drifted back to the gorgeous English slut-queen, Vikki – my Vixxxen.

Oh shit, I really have to calm down here...

# #
Time seemed to drip on by, so slow and agonizing, that I found it hard to cope with just doing the regular, simple tourist activities I had planned for the following week. I walked around much of the Square Mile and saw all the major attractions the city had to offer.

Touring the Tower of London was interesting, and having a few photographs taken of me standing with the infamous clocktower Big Ben in the immediate background was a great way to cap off the occasion. But all the while, I was thinking of the time drawing near when I would see Vix in the flesh for the first time...

I had to admit that I was honestly nervous at the prospect. I knew that I really shouldn't have been, as we'd talked numerous times on the Internet, exchanged photos, and pretty much revealed every little kink that we both had to each other. But I was still afraid.

This was going to be totally different. What if she chickened out at the last minute and decided not to come? Or, worse yet, what if she didn't like what she saw when we finally met face-to-face?

Her own actions were just something I couldn't change or influence, so I simply tried my best to put these worrisome thoughts at the back of my mind and try my best to enjoy the sights and sounds of London-town. By the end of the week, I was pretty much into the swing of things, having about as good a time as any with the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach the way they were.

At last though, Monday came around. Vix would be on the train in the early afternoon, coming down from the countryside to the north. She would then be getting a connecting service on the city train-line, and was planning to meet me at the underground tube station near the Dorchester Hotel, within walking distance of the ritzy establishment where I was staying at for the rest of the week.

When the train arrived at its platform, I was one of the closest ones to the front of the train when all the automated doors slid open, quickly glancing through all the windows for but a glimpse of Vix so I didn't miss her. She was one of the last off the train, however, at the back of a small group of Asian youths who stuck together in their tight little click.

As soon as I laid eyes upon her, my cock, always swollen and rock-hard in anticipation of this moment of first meeting the sexy minx, throbbed achingly in my pants.

Oh FUCK, I just wanted to flop it out right there and then! But I restrained myself – I just had to, and there were enough couples and families around on the same platform, not to mention beat cops, to get me into serious trouble within moments.

Vix saw me as she moved away from the group of mid-teens, and as soon as her eyes met mine, they flaired with the same burning desire that I felt for her. As she approached, swaying her cute little behind from side to side with her high-heeled shoes clicking on the tiled surface of the train station, her adorable face broke out into a full grin and I knew that, despite all my fears and misgivings about this first meeting, everything was going to work out fine.

She was dressed in quite saucy, provocative clothes, but knew how to take things so far without coming off as being a slut or flagent cock-tease. Her tight white silk blouse clung to Vix's chest like a second skin, and revealed all the right proportions. There was not a hint of a bra-strap underneath, but there was just a trace of her hardened, budding nipples poking through the smooth, sensuous material of her top.

Vix also wore a loose-fitting, airy dark blue miniskirt, that was a little short on fabric but all the sexier for it. Her full, openly sexual display was carried off with a sense of righteous, elegant grace that had many a passer-by gawking in open wonder at her. My prick was now as hard as lead inside the tight, constricting denim pants I was wearing.

"Oh my, Ryan! Babe, you're just what I was expecting. Jesus Christ you're hot!" Vix exclaimed with a broad smile. She quickly closed the gap between us and before I knew it, had her arms wrapped around my neck and her tongue shoved right down my throat.

I returned the wild, passionate kiss on instinct, mashing my lips against her own and sliding my own probing tongue back into her mouth. We played duelling tongues for a short while, sliding back and forth from mouth to mouth before finally, I wrenched Vix's head back roughly by seizing a thick handful of the hair hanging off the back of her head.

This stopped the kiss but left her gasping and panting for more, her mouth slightly sagged open and her eyes ablaze with pent-up desire. We were still standing out on the now mostly-cleared platform beside the motionless train, so we were both in a public place and couldn't decently carry on with anything more at that moment.

"Vix darlin', I've been very excited to meet you – could hardly wait for today," I said in staggered reply, our lower halves still mashed tight together and my hard-on so teasingly nestled right into the apex between her thighs. Vix smiled broadly once she realised my predicament, and flexed her hips with a saucy little manoeuver that had my dick thrust in hard against her clothed pelvic region. I let out a tortured cry, and Vix chuckled wrily.

"Oh my, it sure does feel like you're excited to meet me... I'll have to do my best to take care of that, won't I? It wouldn't be very welcoming of me to let you go about town with such a pent-up frustration."

"You're damn right it wouldn't, you teasing little minx," I whispered back at her, and Vix just fluttered her eyelashes at me before moving back a couple of feet. Then, she swept forward again and linked my left arm in her right one, and in a flash we were walking off arm-in-arm towards the exit ramp leading out of the Underground and back up onto the surface.

I didn't want to go up onto the city streets of London just yet, though – suddenly, I had a wicked, nasty idea, and something told me that Vix would be just as gung-ho for the plan as I immediately was. With a slight tug on her arm, I guided the British sex-kitten over to a nearby wall near to a pair of toilet door entrances, and slammed her up against the firm, ungiving surface, pinning her there and kissing her hard and savagely on the mouth.

When we broke away again, with Vix heaving and panting for breath, her eyes wide with confusion mixed in with a sensuous mix of horny excitement, I leaned in close against her and whispered in her ear. "I want you right now, damnit! In the female toilets, locked up in one of the stalls, sliding my cock in and out of that tight little fuckin' twat of yours."

The way I said it, with the menacing growl of barely restrained lust lacing every single word, had Vix swooning just like I knew it would. I knew well enough how to press her buttons and get her pussy all wet 'n buttery for my dick, thanks to our numerous conversations in the past.

But now, this was real, and we were both about to get what we'd been dreaming of for so very long... and the fact that it was going to be in a semi-public environment, with the added illicit danger of possibly being caught by someone, only heightened the arousal.

"Alright darlin', I'm yours..." Vix breathed. I knew she liked it when someone took command with her when it came to sex... this had to be making her really hot between the legs. I was sure Vix's cunt had to be positively sopping with her pussy-juices, and I couldn't wait to get my tongue in between her lips down there and taste her sweet cum.

I let her back off the wall, then the two of us slipped into the women's toilets while no-one was within sight. We made it inside pretty much in the clear – a CCTV camera somewhere might have captured my entry into the females' loo, but that hardly mattered to me and I doubted there would be any immediate response.

We headed straight for the furtherest toilet booth away from the hallway that went out to the main entrance/exit, laughing together and bouyantly giddy with crazed, risque excitement. I followed Vix into the private booth, and grinned at her with broad desire flaming in my eyes as she flipped down the toilet's lid, spun around, sat down on it and beckoned me hurriedly forward.

The inquisitive fingers of her right hand cupped my genitals through the tight-fitting denim jeans I was wearing, squeezing and caressing my hardness in a sensuous fashion that made me groan. "Oh fuck, baby, you're hand feels so good on my cock... quick, get it out baby, I need to feel your touch on my skin."

"Do you now, hun? You want me to wank off your big, fat cock? I can feel it through your pants right now, Ryan... Christ, it feels so long, thick and hard." Vix moaned so seductively, and licked her lips with her gorgeous, pink tongue. "I can't wait to squeeze it, and tug it... and taste your salty cum off it's throbbing length. Do you want that too, stud?"

"Jesus, yeah you teasing whore. Do it now, damn you!" I half-cried out. This was intense, to say the least, and my heart was thudding away inside my chest at a breakneck pace.

With her left hand tightly clasping the leather belt that held up my jeans, Vix pulled me right up to her with her face levelled with the bulge in my pants. She was sitting at just the perfect height for what we both had planned, and without any need for prompting, swept in with her spare right hand to start unbuckling the clip of my belt that helped hold up the denim jeans, then swiftly pulled down the zipper to fish around inside for my bulging prick.

I grunted in pleasure as those delicate fingers of hers found my rigid cock, now only shielded from her ministrations by the thin pair of tightie-whitie underwear I had on underneath it all, and took hold of my manhood.

She wanked me off a couple of strokes, but then moved on again to pull down my undies – forever working on the job at hand, that girl, without any distractions. Vix wanted her prize completely exposed, so it seemed, before getting down to enjoying my dick-shaft in real earnest.

As soon as the cool air struck my cock, I couldn't help but let out a slight gasp, and noted with passing amusement that my prick actually twitched from the stimulus. My jeans and underwear were down around my knees, having bunched up there and seemingly disregarded by Vix since they were well enough out of her road. She smiled with malevolent intent, reaching out with both hands work over my throbbing, ultra-sensitive genitalia.

My cock and balls were smooth, glistening in places from the leaking pre-cum, and completely hairless. I didn't really like pubic hair on my genitals, and one of my past lovers had convinced me to shave it all off. She was very 'persuasive'... and I hadn't looked back from that point.

In all, I had an almost precise 7" long dick (like all guys, at one point in time I was curious and just had to know), and the shaft of it was pretty thick though not monstrously so. I had a pretty large, bulbous cockhead, however – most of my past shags had loved it, though, and got off on sucking the thing back in their mouths and teasing it with their tongues. My balls were big, and swelled up all red and ultra-sensitive when I was being stimulated down there. I loved it when a woman would run her fingernails along the slightly crinkled skin of one of my scroat-sacs... oh fuck my balls were super tingly when they were swollen with a load of cum.

Vix quickly cupped my crown jewels with one hand, kneading and squeezing them tentatively with a tiny little smile creasing her lips, then leaned in gently to flick just the tip of her tongue across the super-sensitive opening at the very tip of my dick-head. I groaned with intense pleasure as Vix teased me with only her tongue, taking a few more laps at my piss-slit until I was literally weak at the knees for her to do more.

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