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Vonna's Photo Shoot



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This tale comes after "Through The Lens Ch. 1", where Mr. Marcus polished his skills at photography while polishing his knob in the vagina of a Wonder Woman look-alike.

In a previous story ("Double Birthday"), Mr. Marcus was volunteered by his daughter to take some photos of Vonna, a classmate and olive-skinned beauty. Their original interaction lightly explored the consequences of two lovers sharing the same birthday. During the shoot of pictures for her boyfriend, he dumped Vonna over the phone. Vonna took revenge by posing for increasingly erotic photos of her with Mr. Marcus, culminating in the ultimate seduction. Vonna seemed to like sex with Mr. Marcus. A lot.

This story reunites Mr. Marcus with that former school classmate of his daughter for another photography session. Vonna has a chance for a modeling contract and trusts no one but Mr. Marcus to take the pictures for her portfolio. Another roll in the hay for Mr. Marcus? I shutter at the thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

Armed with minimal new skills on photography but plenty on model management, I had arranged to visit Vonna at her condominium the next day, one day after my lessons with Viktor and Angie. Thanks to Angie's generosity, I had a professional camera and supplemental lighting and rollout backdrops for Vonna's shoot. To borrow, not as gifts.

As I opened the trunk of my car and schlepped out the loaner equipment and camera bag, I promised myself that the intimacy I'd shared with Vonna the last time I'd photographed her would not repeat. Watching Angie seduce her female clients by using drugged punch was creative yet despicable. It was a liquid version of Lillian Mutzman's artificial pheromones; the stuff that got me into Saroya Zenellis's panties just after her company went under. [AUTHOR: See story DOTS AND DASHES OF COLOR CH. 10a]

I wouldn't have agreed to this shoot in the first place, except for Vonna's instance that I was the only photographer she could trust. After all, it was my shots from our original session that kept her in the running for the modeling opportunity. Maybe I did have a good eye behind the lens. Or maybe I just appreciate the female form.

I remembered the route from the entrance of her condo building to her front door. Vonna answered, in a bathrobe. The mystery of what she was or wasn't wearing peaked my curiosity.

Her eyes were wide. "Thank you so much for coming." She spread her arms as if to offer a hug but instantly backed away like a lion tamer facing an angry wild cat. It was just as well we didn't embrace. Too much temptation to hug, then kiss, then, well, you know.

I followed her, taking a few steps past the entry closet, into the living room. I was shocked. All of the artwork, paintings and sculptures that had adorned her place were gone. So was most of the living room and dining room furniture except the infamous couch where we got carried away. Well at least she did. I just sat there while she pistoned to orgasm on my cock. "What happened?"

"Oh yeah, you haven't been here for a while." Vonna hugged herself. "The only reason I could afford this place was my aunt. She was my benefactor. You know, picking up the rent, giving me money for food and clothes. The art objects were part of her personal collection. She loaned them to me, to dress the place up." Vonna plopped down on our couch and crossed her legs. The robe parted, up to her thighs. Her legs were more toned than the last time I'd seen her. Vonna continued, "But she's had it rough. Her business was bought out, and she's had to sell off everything. So that's why I have to get this modeling job, so I can afford someplace to live. She's got this condo on the market already, looking for a buyer."

For a split second, I considered inviting Vonna to move into my house. Annie's bedroom was empty. Oh shit, Harriett was bringing her assistant VVV to live with us. They'd arrive tomorrow, the same day XXX wants me to help her niece and Smith wants to bowl. Vonna and ZZZ probably wouldn't enjoy sharing a bed. "I didn't know things were that bad. I'm sorry. Give me a few minutes to set up the backdrop and lights. I want to do the best I can for you."

"I know you will." She stood up, gave me a peck on the cheek and then shimmied off to her bedroom. Past the open door, I saw piles of outfits strewn all over the bed.

Besides backdrops and lighting, Angie lent me a high-end digital SLR, the same kind she'd used while shooting Daphne Prim. Instead of memory cards, this model accommodated miniature removable hard disks, so I could shoot almost forever at high resolution and not miss a beat or the perfect pose. I had experimented with the settings the previous night. Just for fun, I set the camera up facing out the front window, to take a picture every thirty seconds - time lapse. From 10 PM to 7 AM, the camera accumulated the comings and goings on my block. While I at breakfast, I watched the results, 1,080 photos in all, which I played back at half the standard 30 frames per second. Streetlights flickered, and cars appeared and disappeared in an instant. Except for one, with "A Hot Piece" flashing in neon on its roof. It stayed at the curb in front of my house for four full frames before vanishing, which meant it had been parked outside for a full two minutes. Was it my pizza lovely, or just a coincidence, a neighbor getting their fare share of my favorite flat food?

I returned my attention to Vonna's shoot. The backdrop I chose was neutral, so the colors of the clothes would stand out. I set up my tripod, lights and loaded my camera with a fresh miniature hard disk. My new digital camera was capable of single shots rapid fire series as well as movies of moderate quality.

Vonna came out in a plain black dress that looked anything but plain on her figure. For a starving artist, she'd filled out. Her hips were wider, her breasts larger, or maybe she was wearing a special bra. The dress length was modest, past the knee. However, it clung just right, so Vonna's curves were explicit. When I directed her into a profile pose with her head turned, I couldn't believe at how desirable she looked. I remembered my promise - no sex - and kept shooting.

I coached her through a series of poses. She had a tendency to drop her chin and slump with bad posture. I admonished her to keep her head up, proud, and her shoulders back. An added bonus was witnessing her tits pointing directly at me. Actually, at the camera.

I let her take a break and examine the shots I'd taken. If I wasn't capturing exactly what she wanted, I needed to know that sooner rather than later. Her smile and hug of my shoulder told me I was doing well. The aroma of her body was exotic, either natural or from some herbal soap.

A simple grey skirt suit over a white blouse followed the black dress. I couldn't help myself and requested that Vonna remove the jacket and sling it over her back. It was a sassy pose and showed a black bra under the white blouse. Her breasts had definitely grown.

The next outfit was a wedding dress in pure white, with intricate lace trim. Vonna came out of her room, clutching the bodice. "I can't zip it myself." She turned, exposing a naked back all the way down to a black thong.

I carefully zipped her up. The front came straight across, her breasts dual suns rising above the horizon. When she slumped, her tits almost poured out. I commanded her to stand straight, which forced those same tits tight across the bust line of the dress. Of course, I had to unzip her after those shots were complete. The dress slid down as she walked, exposing the upper curves of her ass. The same ass I'd watched rise and fall over my lap as she bounced on my cock during my last visit. God, the situation was intense. Fortunately, all of the items seemed to be regular clothing, not nightgowns or anything that exposed her body in full. I could handle sneaky peeks at bits of her, couldn't I?

A housewife dress in a button-up-the-front blue gingham checks fit her fine, maybe too fine. And the hemline was just above the knee, the shortest outfit so far. I set the camera to fast shoot and asked for some action. She spun and twirled, and the dress flew up. It was as if she wasn't wearing a skirt, I saw so much of her legs, all the way up to her thighs. Was she still in the black thong? Her spins weren't fast enough to inform.

After each series with a particular outfit, Vonna would retreat to her bedroom end change, always closing the door, but never shutting it all the way. With each subsequent change, the door was left more open. Was she trying to tease me into sex? Well, not this time. There was no reason for revenge against her boyfriend, no motive. I focused on my equipment, not Vonna's. I completely ignored the opportunities to catch a glimpse of Vonna between outfits. No stealth depravity on this visit.

I sighed in relief when Vonna came out in denim overalls over a red and white plaid shirt. She bent and turned, giving me great poses. I knew there was an awesome body under those togs, but there was no hint of it.

After I finished shooting, Vonna stood, waiting.

"Is that all of them?" I asked.

"One more. A swimsuit."

My cock hadn't been dormant during the shoot, gradually thickening, hardening. I prayed it wouldn't be a skimpy bikini, and my prayers were answered. The suit was a one-piece with a halter-top, and the crotch was normal, not high cut. Except the halter was skewed to one side, exposing most of Vonna's right breast while covering her cleavage and the left one. It must have been obvious from my expression.

"What's wrong?"

"The top is off kilter."

"So, fix it."

I took off my shoes and walked onto the set. "Do you have a chair?"

"They were all sold off weeks ago. Wait! I have a step stool in the kitchen." Vonna skipped off, her ass bouncing. When she came back, the halter had slipped even more, and her right nipple played peek-a-boo with the edge of the halter.

I put the stool on the set and draped some neutral material over it. "Sit."

Vonna obeyed. I stood behind her and untied the halter. I attempted to slide the material across her chest without lifting it away. That would have been taking advantage. Vonna looked up at me and leaned back against my legs. Her breasts and the valley between them were fully exposed. I pulled the halter straps tight around her neck and tied them not once but twice, so there wouldn't be a wardrobe malfunction.

Behind the camera, I adjusted my erection in my pants. Vonna used the stool as prop, leaning against it, the swimsuit tight across her crotch. She stretched her arms above her head, testing the knots, forcing her hardened nipples against the tight material. When the knots didn't give way, she relaxed.

"Good job. There are dozens of winners in here." I patted the camera. Vonna had not retreated to her bedroom, instead sitting on the stool, a dour expression, her fingers interlaced. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She didn't look up.

"That isn't a 'nothing' look on your face. What's the problem?"

Vonna stood up and approached, her hands behind her, putting chest strain on the halter. "The agency is paying me for the portfolio I send them."

Her facial expression was upset, not joyful. "That's great! You'll get some money, even if they're blind and don't choose you."

Vonna's olive skin turned darker. She was blushing. "But for the stuff you shot, the normal fashion photos, they don't pay much." She came closer. "They have this sliding scale, for the photos I submit. The more explicit, the higher the fee. Would you be willing to do another round? I mean, you don't have to-"

"I'm already here and set up." What would a few more shots take? The camera was ready, and I had the rest of the day free. Just assuming I didn't go too far.

"You will?" Vonna grabbed my head and kissed me on the mouth. She recoiled at her action. "Oh my! I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

I touched her bare shoulder. "It's all right. You were just showing gratitude. No problem. Go get dressed." I was tempted to swat her behind as she turned, but the slap could have become a fondle, and then, who knows what?

Vonna reprised the simple grey skirt over the white blouse, but without a bra. Her nipples were pointy, drawing creases across the front of the shirt. She posed with one leg on the stool. Her skirt was way high, exposing great legs. Not high enough to show panties, assuming she was wearing any, but definitely more erotic than the first shots of that outfit.

I gave her an "okay" sign, thumb and index finger making a circle.

When she returned in the short blue gingham checks dress, her tits seems to wobble under the material. And, the top buttons starting at her neck were open. She undid the rest, one at a time, all the way to her waist. The curved inside edges of her breasts peeked from the edges of material. When she leaned forward, the dress ballooned, still hiding those hard nipples. Again putting one foot on the stool, the short skirt became inconsequential. Yes, she was still wearing the black thong.

She didn't wait for me to dismiss her. Instead, she bolted for her room. I saw the dress fall to the floor, the back of Vonna's almost nude body on display. Her ass was exceptional. She stepped to the side, out of sight.

She returned in a shorts version of the overalls, with the shirt omitted. Bare unencumbered breasts bobbled beneath the denim bib. In profile, they stood out, with the sides escaping. Vonna leaned forward, holding the step stool. So much cleavage. And when she turned around, the shorts slid up her ass cheeks, these were hotter pictures, all right. She'd get a few extra bucks. No harm, no foul.

We finished the second round of poses in shorter time than I'd expected.

I began to disassemble when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "You're not leaving are you?"

"I thought we were done. Regular shots, and then the racy ones. Did I miss something?" The camera hung from my fingers.

Vonna bit her lip. "There are more than two tiers of payment. Those last ones were R-rated. The agency pays a lot more, the closer you get to X-rated."

So the teasing wasn't for sex. It was to loosen me up for taking racy photos. "Do you really want to do that? I thought they were a professional agency. Why would they ask you to-"

She laughed. "Like you've never bought a Playboy magazine?"

I'd purchased porn that was a lot more explicit, but my collection was no business of hers. "maybe once or twice."

"This agency is in business to make a profit, and they have all sorts of customers. Magazines, web sites, and private clients. Some individuals bought your last set, and I made good money. But that was when my aunt was paying the rent and stuff. I guess I didn't save, and I overspent on my credit cards. I'm really in debt, Mr. Marcus. With sexier photos, I can pay them all off and start fresh."

I wasn't sure if I could keep the promise I'd made to myself if Vonna was naked. I was already erect, and she was still essentially undressed. Will power was not one of my strong suits.

Vonna continued, "So, are you okay with shooting me that way?"

My cock throbbed. "Aren't you afraid of what might happen?"

Vonna took another step forward. "You're talking about what happened the last time, when I took advantage of you."

She took advantage of me? "Is that what you think?"

"Sure. I manipulated you. I practically raped you. I kept having you undress and I suggested the poses. And then, at the end, it was me who stuffed your - your - "

"My penis into your vagina?"

"Uh huh. If it makes any difference, I'm really sorry, what I did to you." Her look was a cross between serious and coy. She put one finger on my chest. The overalls weren't a Wonder Woman costume, but they showed plenty.

As if I hadn't had the opportunity to stop the process before we consummated our coupling? "From my perspective, we were both to blame. We let ourselves get carried away. I promised myself I wouldn't do that again this time."

"I promised myself the same thing."

"Good." She wasn't out to jump my bones, or my boner. "So, we can safely move on to the next set?"

"Oh yes!" Vonna ran to the other room. I had no idea what to expect in the way of outfits.

It was a surprise when Vonna returned in the blouse and skirt, sans suit jacket. The bra was still absent. This time, she toyed with the buttons, leering at me, tempting me. The buttons opened one at a time, Vonna giving me a side angle shot after each. Soon, the blouse was open, the short tales flapping at her sides. Then, bingo, she whipped the blouse open. Vonna's tits, in plain sight. Rounder and firmer than I'd remembered, her nipples bloated. I wanted to drop the camera and suckle those tits, caress and massage them. But we'd made a mutual vow, and so far, we were both in control. We had agreed to mature behavior. My dick had made no such agreement and was pounding the front of my slacks, demanding release, I kept shooting and ignored the little prick. Actually, not so little.

Vonna sat on the stool and slid the skirt up her thighs. As it slid higher, I got the impression that the thong was also missing. I was right! Vonna's bald groin was a sight for sore eyes. Good eyes. Blind eyes. Any eyes. The vaginal lips were closed tight. Until she ran a finger through them. Then, they blossomed open, wet and wide. Vonna's pussy was calling. I'd promised not to answer. Was I stupid or what? No, this pose was to get other men horny, not me. I kept clicking. I was the professional photographer, not a professional stud.

Vonna scampered away. I took a deep breath. My cock pulsed and got a tad softer in the intermission.

Vonna had changed into a negligee. It was long sleeved, white and very transparent, failing to hide her olive skin. A white bra and white panties completed the scant outfit. Vonna swirled and I shot rapidly. She posed and I slowed the pace. Soon, the outer garment was on the floor and Vonna was in just bra and panes. "Did you notice, I kept the couch."

"For company, right?"

"Nope, sentimental value."

After a series of coy moves, she took off the bra with her back to me, turned with her hands covering her breasts, then massaging them, the nipples peeking out, and then her hands went to the panties, leaving her breasts bobbing loose. I hadn't noticed the bows on the panties. With deft pulls, the bows untied, Vonna spread her legs, and the panties drifted to the floor. She was naked, breathing hard, her skin shiny from perspiration.

My dick hurt from confinement, but no way was I going to open my fly, not with Vonna nude. That would more than suggest we should violate our agreement. "That was terrific! You're as beautiful as I remember. So we're done?" I asked. Please, let her say yes. To us being done.

She put her hands behind her back and swiveled in a shy manner. It would have worked if she'd had even a bit of clothes on, but naked, it was pure sex. "I'm afraid it might be too much to ask."

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