Vonna's Photo Shoot


"Try me." My prick was saying 'Please, I want to be tried.'

"There are really big bucks for even more explicit shots."

"What's more explicit that this?" I pointed at her tits, tits that were pointing back at me.

"More than nudes. Using - devices." She scampered off and brought back an box containing dildos and vibrators. Some were plain and smooth, some sculpted like dicks, some with flanges and bumps, presumably to provide an internal massage. She ran her hand through the box, feeling and stroking the pretend penises.

I was jealous. "Are you sure? I mean, if you're willing."

Vonna plopped on the floor right there. "You'll have to be closer, and at the right angle."

I unscrewed the camera from the tripod and knelt down in front of Vonna, who'd laid back, legs spread. "Go ahead."

She positioned the first, a penis-shaped substitute that looked quite a bit like my own, at her labia. She spread her cunt lips and slid the device in, just a bit. Her mouth formed an "O". She advanced the dildo into her pussy, rocking from side to side, moaning. "Oh yes." she panted, her chest heaving. "This reminds me of, oh no, we can't do that. Ohh, fuck."

I captured the whole event on my camera. She sat up, perspiring, her bronze skin shiny with moisture. I was damp too, on my chest and in my pants. "That was really hot."

Vonna was quiet. Was she suffering from post-orgasm depression? "There's more."

More than that? My dick was rigid after her self-realized display. "Like what?"

"They have a pay scale based on what they call 'tiers of explicitness.' They pay the higher the more explicit the pictures."

Or the lower you sink.

Vonna continued. "The pay scale goes exponential with couples. Or three-ways. And even kinkier stuff."

I looked around. "Did you invite some other people over?" I wasn't sure I could handle seeing Vonna having sex with someone else, and being responsible for documenting it.

"No, of course not. But there's a thousand dollar portfolio bonus for pictures with a man and a woman." She blushed and swayed for effect. "Together."

"Didn't we agree that we wouldn't do that again?"

"Yeah. But maybe you could pose your penis near my vagina. You know, to pretend we're planning on having sex."

"Just nearby?"

"Uh huh."

"And that's all?"

Vonna nodded enthusiastically. Her tits swayed, and my prick became even happier.

We'd both agreed to abstinence, and I was trusting her to keep her word. I scooted off my pants and jockeys. While I was at it, I stripped bare. I held the camera in one hand and laid on the floor. Vonna scooted close and spread her legs outside of my body, her ass on my thighs. It was difficult to get into a position where my erect and throbbing cock would be anywhere near Vonna's pussy. My prick stood upright like a spire. Her whole body was in the shot, as unfocused background.

Vonna took my prick in hand and bent it forward. She blushed as she dragged it across her pubic region, like a brush over a canvas. My precum left slimy trails. Still, at close range, I only captured our groins, much too clinical.

"Hang on." I slid out from under and stood up. Instead of holding the camera, I repositioned the tripod to shoot over my shoulder. I'd have her whole delicious body in the frame, including a bit of my back and my extended front.

We got back into our overlay position. With Vonna's handling, my cock nestled in the crease between her thigh and groin. Vonna's pussy was still visible, her vaginal lips wide, the pink innards moist from her dildo exercise. I clicked the remote a couple of times.

Her eyes were wide at the sight of my erection near her pussy. Could this visit be complete without fucking? We'd promised, both of us.

She ran my prick up and down her opening. It was very moist, practically dripping. "Oh God, that feels so good. You know, I haven't had sex with anyone since we did it."

"That was months ago."

"You're telling me? I've tried satisfying myself lots of ways. That dildo was the first orgasm I've had in months. I've tried my fingers and dildos mad vibrators. All kinds of things. But none of them were as good as you."

The head of my prick was spreading her labia. "What about other men?"

"They were all too pushy, too grabby. All the guys would want to strip off my clothes, throw me on my bed and fuck the daylights out of me."

I wanted to do the same thing, but we'd made our vow. "Maybe you were choosing the wrong guys. There are nice guys out there."

"Sorry if this feels like teasing but I'm so horny. I just have to rub it around a little. It felt so good last time. Was it good for you?"

"It sure was. I still remember the feeling of my cock -"

Vonna took hold of my prick and dragged it up and down the vaginal opening. "Inside?"

'Uh huh."

"Maybe you could put it in, just once. Not like last time, when we had sex. But my pussy yearns to feel the real thing. Aren't you interested?" Vonna aimed me directly at her cunt. "Did I explain, the bonus is for penetration shots."

If my dick had made the decision, it would have been simple. Plug and play. But we'd made a vow. Maybe it was stupid to expect that we'd honor it, but I was going to try. "Hang on! We're not going to-"

"It's just posing." She didn't wait for my answer, and pulled me forward by my erection. The head slid easily past her labia. In that instant, we were coupled.

The head of my dick blossomed. I wanted to be out and deeper, all at the same time. I groaned at the ecstasy of her tight labia.

"Ooh, you're liking this too. Take the shot, and I'll get a bonus."

I took a few rapid shots. She tightened her pussy around my cock. I involuntarily pulsed and backed off, dragging my dick free. "I really enjoyed our little posing, and it's all captured."

"Oh please, just once more. Just in case the photos are blurry."

"No." I slid her back, to prevent her from impaling herself on my stiff shaft.

She whined and grabbed for my ass. A sexual frenzy was bottled up in Vonna, and she wanted me to pop her cork. "Why not? You know how to please a woman." Her hips bucked, trying to reunite her needy cunt with my prick.

I put one hand on her hip, to impede her forward progress. "Maybe you won't honor our mutual promise, but I will." I felt like an idiot, denying something we both wanted. Why did I have to stand up for my principles at this moment?

"I know, but you like sex with me, don't you?"

With one hand occupied with the loaner camera, it was difficult to fend Vonna off. She was persistent. We were both grunting and touching, she to get closer and me to keep her at bay. A familiar voice came from the hallway behind us. "Vonna! What are you doing?"

The voice belonged to Saroya Zenellis, my nemesis and one-time sex partner while under the influence of the sex pheromone aerosol. Damn, for anyone to catch us in the act. But what would bring her here, to Vonna's condo?

Saroya stood over us but behind me. "I know you're short on money, but there's no reason to be whoring yourself out. And taking pictures? How could you?"

"It's not what you think." Vonna slid forward, making an unsuccessful attempt at impaling herself on my prick.

It was only a matter of seconds before Saroya recognized me. Was she stalking me, as part of some ill-conceived revenge? But ha was she focusing on Vonna?

Vonna stood, panting for breath. Since I was still sitting, her pussy was face high. "I'm not a whore. Mr. Marcus has feelings for me, and he's taking pictures -"

"Marcus?" Saroya took a step closer. "What the fuck are you doing here, fucking my niece?"

From my seated position, I looked up at the statuesque but hostile daughter of the former Chairman and CEO of Zenellis Enterprises, the woman who tricked me into accepting a lone fuck instead of my share of product profits. My cock was deflating quickly. Saroya's belligerence had that effect. "What am I doing here? What are you doing here? You said we were finished with each other."

Vonna's head flinched back and forth. "Auntie Sar, do you know Mr. Marcus?"

Saroya was Vonna's aunt? Shit, why does my fucking always run through a family? Mothers and daughters. Aunts and nieces. Vonna deserved the whole story, not some sound bite. I wanted to tell Vonna that I knew her aunt, in the Biblical sense of the word. It had taken a while and a couple of false starts, but we'd fucked frantically in her office. That was my compensation, in lieu of the hundreds of thousands she would have given me, had I abstained. Most expensive fuck of my life. "Let me just say we were partners and adversaries, and leave it at that."

It was clear that Saroya was the benefactor whose funds had dried up. I wondered if her cunt had as well. Hell no, Saroya wasn't going to fuck me, with her niece around. Or even if we were alone. In her mind, I'd destroyed her father's company. She probably blamed me for his stroke, too. Saroya hated my guts even though she'd enjoyed my cock. At least, I thought she'd enjoyed it.

Saroya held Vonna shoulders. "This man is poison. He'll ruin your life like he ruined mine. He's the reason I'm broke. Don't you see, he caused your predicament."

Vonna looked at me with pleading eyes. "You ruined my aunt? How? Why?"

I mentally kicked myself for not spewing out my version of the story first. I wanted to take Vonna in my arms and explain but Saroya was not going to release her grip on her niece, let me get close, or have my say. I wedged in, "I had little to do with it." I couldn't absolve myself from all blame.

"Liar!" Saroya screamed. "You sent that little school girl to us. A sheep in wolf's clothing."

"Your careless scientists screwed up, not me." I was standing there, arguing, in the nude. My erection had withered. "I wasn't even there when the accident occurred."

Vonna shook her head. "Accident? I'm so confused."

Any woman who'd been lusting after sex didn't want to hear that her desired mate was a bad person. Messes up one's self image. Guilt by association. Even worse, that she, Vonna, had contributed to her own desperate situation.

Saroya pawed through her shoulder bag, still slung over one broad shoulder. "This!" She held up a red packet, a live artificial pheromone sample. "This got loose in our office."

Vonna took the foil pouch from her aunt. "What is it?"

I stepped forward. "It reduces the inhibitions of anyone who inhales it. Your aunt's researchers didn't take proper precautions and the gas got out. Many employees and innocent bystanders were affected."

"It doesn't feel like a gas." Vonna pressed the packet. It inflated, the first level of encapsulation breeched.

"No," shouted Saroya.

Vonna was clueless that she'd done anything wrong. And if her goal was to apply the pheromones to herself and her aunt, then she'd done precisely the right thing.

Saroya grabbed Vonna's hand, to retrieve the inflated foil. Vonna, strong willed and confused, struggled to maintain possession. The pressure was too much and the packet popped in front of their faces.

For a moment, they stared at each other, inhaling the fumes. "I'm so sorry I left you in debt." Tears ran down Saroya's cheeks. "I just couldn't afford the upkeep on both my home and yours."

"It's okay. I know you love me. I love you, too." Vonna kissed her aunt. Not a relatively friendly kiss. Really kissing. Hard, ferocious, open-mouthed, tongues in play. Then, a fury of hands groping. Saroya had the advantage since Vonna was already nude, and groped her niece's exposed breasts. Vonna was resourceful with dexterity, unbuttoning Saroya's blouse without interrupting their smoochfest.

I snatched my camera from the floor where I'd left it and started shooting, to capture the rapture. Vonna was going to get bushel-baskets of cash for this woman-on-woman display. I chuckled at Saroya, straight-laced businesswoman, exposed as a sex-crazed hottie who swung both ways.

The two women shared their passion. Vonna pulled back Saroya's blouse to expose the same hammock bra I'd seen before, cradling Saroya's big tits. To help the process along, I pulled Saroya's slacks to her ankles. Her round but firm ass was all too familiar.

Vonna and Saroya dropped to the floor. Vonna released Saroya's bra. Those succulent breasts, on which I'd feasted, were in Vonna's hands. Saroya's only remaining clothing was a pair of frilly white panties. The two women assumed a horizontal position, Saroya on top. They laid, breast-to-breast, legs spread, hands roaming. I moved around them, shooting from the angles and exposures they gave me. They were in no state of mind to take direction. To Saroya, I was the enemy. I didn't know what Vonna thought of me, but at minimum I was the chronicler of their aunt-niece tryst. Their hands were now probing at each other's pussies. Vonna had her hand into her aunt's panties, while Saroya had a clear path to Vonna's moist cunt.

Three-ways, Vonna had said. I was still nude, with a resurgent erection. Fucking Saroya again would prorate the money I'd lost over two sex acts instead of one. I put the camera back on the tripod and aimed at the writhing duo. Remote in hand, I knelt behind the prone couple and ripped Saroya's panties off. Her cunt lips gleamed with natural lubrication. I slid forward, trying not to put my weight on the stack of females. By spreading my legs outside of theirs, I had a clear shot, and I took it. Saroya must have been serviced by a number of cocks fatter than mine, because I entered easily. Saroya's vocal reaction was muted by Vonna's mouth.

I didn't know how long Saroya would be compliant under the influence of the pheromones, so I hurried. I pumped and pumped and pumped. Saroya's hips bounced with every attack. Her belly bounced on Vonna's. The entire circumstance was completely erotic. Then I spotted a double-headed dildo in Vonna's box of sex toys. I unmounted my enemy and fumbled through the contents of Saroya's purse looking for Zenellis's second sex product. Sure enough, a partial tube of Couples, the lubricant/adhesive. I coated one end of the dildo, the fatter one, liberally with the gel. The other end, destined for Vonna, I left alone. The dildo had a larger circumference than my dick, a better fit for Saroya's stretched pussy. She moaned as the lubed cold plastic slid in. I maneuvered the other end into Vonna's juicy box. With one hand on the middle, I wiggled the dildo, penetrating them simultaneously. They thrashed against each other, kissing, sucking on earlobes, squeezing breasts. When I let go, both of them took a grip. I shot more pictures of them in dual pleasuring until the camera showed a full memory disk.

I could barely get to my knees. I slipped the miniature hard drive into my bag and put a fresh one into the camera. Since they were still at it, I took a few shots of them on the floor, until Saroya stood up, naked. The dildo hung from her crotch, stuck by Couples gel.

"Give me that," she reached for the camera even as I took photos of her, nude. Even when she was a demanding bitch or with a long rubber cock hanging from her pussy, Saroya was still a completely sexy broad. I was so distracted she grabbed the camera from my shooting hand.

"Be careful, that's a loaner," I warned.

"I don't care about the camera. I want the contents." She fumbled with the camera, looking for an opening.

"These pictures are Vonna's to do with as she sees fit."

"Ah, but you took some with me, and you didn't have my permission."

She hadn't agreed to let me stick my prick in her either, and I'd done that. "You weren't invited to this shoot. Since staying was voluntary, I have your implied permission."

"I was under the influence of that damn -"

"And I had no part in that. You let yourself in, for cripes sake. You could have walked away at any time."

"And I can drive right over to my lawyer's office and have those pictures tied up for years in court." Saroya gave me the camera and held out her hand. "The memory chip."

"It's a small hard disk," I explained.


I popped the side door and pressed the eject button. "Here."

Vonna got up slowly. "What are you doing?"

"Your aunt demands I turn over the camera memory disk."

"No!" shouted Vonna. "Those are my meal ticket."

I shrugged and handed Saroya the tiny mechanism. She scanned the room for her shoes, grabbed one of her high heels and smashed it against the fragile drive.

Vonna sobbed in her hands. Then she stared at her aunt. "How could you?" She hammered her fists on Saroya, who lifted her arms to protect herself. Too bad I didn't have a third disk, or I'd have captured a nude fight scene. How much do those get on the market?

Saroya pushed Vonna away, backed off, panting from the physical exertion. The dildo finally came loose, dropping to the carpet. Splotches of cunt juice and Couples decorated the inside of her thighs. She cleaned them up with her panties, left on the floor. "You haven't heard the last of me, Marcus." She put on her pants without panties and her blouse without a bra. "And keep your filthy hands off my niece." She tried to hug Vonna, but Vonna turned away, still crying. After her hasty dressing, holding her shoes by the straps, she strutted from the apartment. Her damp panties and hammock bra laid on the floor as souvenirs.

Vonna's expression was one of resignation. She plopped onto the sofa. Our sofa, the sex sofa. "What will I do now?: she asked.

I reached into my bag and held up the original hard drive with almost all of the pictures. "You'll sell these to the agency and make a small fortune. That will get you back on your feet."

Her eyes went wide. A smile returned to her face. She jumped from the couch, ran to me and threw her arms around me. "Oh thank you. Thank you so much." She kissed me hard. My arms met behind her. The kissing was serious, passionate. My dick, which always reacts when necessary, lifted from limp.

"Are you still frisky, after all of that sex play with your aunt?"

Vonna's hand found my erection and played with it, using on the tips of her fingers. "There's nothing like the real thing." Blood pumped hard, bringing me to full stature.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to keep my word." I didn't believe I was saying it as I spoke the words. "We're not going to have sex."

"Oh, but this is different." Vonna stroked my cock with an enthusiastic pumping that almost collapsed my legs. "That was incidental sex, during the shoot. This is intentional sex, with a specific reason."

"And that is?"

"You deserve a reward, my hero" she said. "Sit down."

Far be it from me to refuse a generous offer like that. I dropped onto the sofa. Vonna sat on my lap, backwards, just like our first coupling. I wondered if there was anything left in the tube of Couples that we could use to glue our sex organs together. The thought was quickly interrupted by Vonna's humping motion. I held her breasts and fingered her nipples, reliving our memorable first time. Only this time, before we'd gone too long, she got up and turned around to face me, straddled my thighs and put me in my place, which was her juicy place, kissing me as we fucked.

It was a prolonged encounter, starting slow, and we made the most of it. Vonna's pussy wasn't as firm and her muscles must have been tired because she wasn't clamping down like before, but the ride was still hot, heavy and completely enjoyable. And private. No photos for a change.

"Did you see my aunt with the dildo stuck up her vagina?" asked Vonna just before cum jetted out of my cock. "That was a stitch!"

We laughed in each other's arms. And during the shared humor, my cock pulsed.

"So soon?" she cooed.

I laid her back on our couch and climbed on top. "Does the reward come with a bonus?"

"A cum bonus? I hope so." Vonna kissed me tenderly, like a lover would. "This won't be the last time, you know. I think I'm a-ddic-ted."

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