tagIncest/TabooVoyages of Discovery Ch. 02

Voyages of Discovery Ch. 02


The following is a short excerpt from the end of Part 1, of Voyages of Discovery, allowing you to carry over without reading all of Part 1. However, I do urge you to read all of Part 1 first in order to obtain the full pertinent data regarding the relationships of the wonderful women in this narrative.


"Dear, did you ever have so much fun that you just could not do anything but succumb to it? Sort of like laughing so hard your tummy hurts and you can't seem to get your breath? But, it's a good thing? Huh? Ever experience that? Well, your mom and I just did and it was the most fantastic experience I have ever had."

"Wow!" Dawn cooed. "How did you do it?"

"Honey, we just freely explored each other, with every sensory opportunity we had. You should try that with Lauren sometime."

"It will blow your socks off!" chimed in Maggie. "Look, have your mother and I got any socks on?"

They all howled at that. Maggie had such a great way of bringing everything into reality.

At that moment, Dawn saw that her mother's pussy was shaved. "When did you shave your pussy, Mom?"

"Oh, we did that just before we came in here."

"We?" Lauren asked.

"Sure. Did I not help you the first time?" Maggie queried.

"Yeah, but you are my mom," Lauren responded.

"I am also your lover," cooed Maggie.

"I get it. That is cool," said Dawn,softly. "Yes, I like that."

An alarm went off in Dawn's bedroom, one of those incessant electronic noises that drives you nuts until you shut it off.

"Thank God, I am starving!" both girls said at once. They looked at each other and laughed again as they ran to Dawn's room to get dressed to go get the Chinese food.

Maggie and Katie sat up, facing each other, each hugging their arms around their bent up knees. Their pussies were fully exposed to each other's gaze, but their eyes were not looking there. They were looking at each other's eyes, with wonder and deep affection.

Katie was the first to speak. "I had no idea that life could hold such enormous sensual pleasure for me. What a fantastic thing to discover And that you are the source of it."

"My darling Katie, yes and, in turn, you are the source of enormous sensual pleasure for me. We have just begun this voyage of discovery, you, me, Lauren and Dawn. . ."


Katie and Maggie were on Katie's bed, Katie's tongue swirling around Maggie's clit, stroking it, pulling on it with her lips and gently nibbling on it with her teeth, sliding up and down Maggie's engorged nub. Maggie was moaning loudly, writhing in pleasure, her body tense, her tummy muscles flexing directly to Katie's ministrations, her hands holding onto Katie's head, not wanting her to stop what she was doing.

Katie realized just how much she had been drawn to Maggie. Her thoughts raced back to that time they shared a shower at the Fitness Club. Katie felt her mons grow warmer and that certain "itch" she recognized so well began to intrude into her consciousness. Yes, Maggie was extremely attractive, indeed, exciting. And, here she was, spread before her, giving herself trustingly to Katie. This realization did not cause Katie to feel powerful. It actually awed her, causing her to well up with intense feelings of affection for Maggie.

Maggie thought how wonderful she felt, how confident she was that her new friend was infinitely kind and gentle and cared very much for her. She was lying totally exposed, naked, her sex spread wide and fully accessible to Katie. These thoughts only increased markedly Maggie's desire to experience orgasm through her friend's ministrations.

Katie had set the scene - lavender scented candles were softly glowing on top of her bureau - no other light shown in the room. Soft orchestral music was playing classical love songs from her stereo.

Katie knelt next to Maggie and began to softly caress Maggie's luscious body, spread before her, running her fingertips over Maggie's head and face lingering long enough on her lips to receive their tender kiss. Flowing her fingers down Maggie's throat, across her shoulders like soft feathers and then running down over her arms to her open hands to her fingertips, Katie was doing homage to her friend's beauty.

Slipping back, Katie then stroked down over Maggie's waist, over her wide-spread thighs, down over her calves and ankles to her feet, ending by softly caressing Maggie's toes. Maggie sighed deeply and reached up to knead her breasts and gently pinch her nipples. Her eyes never opened.

Katie now positioned herself between Maggie's thighs and leaned forward to softly bring her mouth to Maggie's parted lips. Their tongues danced around each other, building the feeling of lust within Maggie. Katie continued to softly caress Maggie's head and shoulders as they tenderly kissed.

Then Katie ran her tongue lightly across to Maggie's throat and then downward across the top of her chest to the rise of her breasts. Moving upward, her tongue swept over Maggie's right nipple. Katie's lips dropped around the swollen nub and sucked on it gently, her tongue swirling around the tip. Maggie was thrashing about under her. Katie knew Maggie was ready for the next phase of her planned lovemaking.

Katie worked her way down across Maggie's firm mid-section, dipping the tip of her tongue into Maggie's navel on her way to the sopping pussy spread wide before her. She gently kissed and sucked on Maggie's vulva. She licked up and down the labia majora and then the labia minora, which actually projected out further than the labia majora. She avoided the clitoris, all the while running her fingertips up and down Maggie's inner thighs with feather-light strokes. Katie stiffened her tongue and gently thrust it into Maggie's vaginal opening and swirled her tongue in a circle, feeling the slick texture of the opening. Then she ran her tongue up Maggie's slit until she reached her clitoris, taking it gently between her lips, stroking up and down on it and licking it tenderly.

At the same time Katie slowly inserted the index finger of her right hand into Maggie's vagina, palm upward. She slowly moved her finger in and out of Maggie's vagina as she continued licking on her clitoris. She didn't try to insert her finger beyond her second knuckle. Katie wasn't after deep penetration.

At this point, Katie gently curled her finger toward her, feeling for the rough, ridged area at the top inside of Maggie's vagina. "Ah Hah! I found it!" she thought triumphantly. Maggie's pussy was already flowing, sopping with her juices. Katie inserted the middle finger of the same hand along with the index finger and gently applied pressure to this special area with the flat pads of her fingertips, pulling her fingers toward her. She did this with extreme tenderness, while continuing to lick on Maggie's clitoris and vulva.

Maggie showed no signs of discomfort, seeming to be willing to experience anything which Katie might create within her.

Katie repeated the motion of "massaging" this special place with the pads of her two fingertips, curling her fingers upwards and applying gentle pressure to the rough, ridged spot with the pads of her fingertips. She pulled her fingers toward her gently and then, straightening them out, pushed them back in, over and over, while continuing to lick and suck on Maggie's clit and labia.

Maggie was moaning and bucking her hips upward to meet Katie's fingers.

"Good girl," Katie said softly, "Let me make love to you. Let me pleasure you."

Katie began to apply a little more pressure with her fingers on the magic spot, repeating the motion faster and faster. She placed her other hand gently on Maggie's tummy, pressing down just above where her fingers were working inside her. With Maggie's bucking all about this served to ensure Katie's strokes inside Maggie's vagina were constant and effective.

Katie was working like a machine, not varying her motions or the pressure she was exerting on the special place, sweat beginning to form on the top of her chest and around her hairline. She was never rough, never jerky, but extremely smooth in her motions.

"Thank God I trimmed my nails down short," Katie thought, as her fingertips curled upward and her finger pads pressed and slid slickly across the rough, ridged area. By now the motion of her hand was virtually a blur as she fucked Maggie's spot with her fingers.

Squishy sounds were coming from Maggie's pussy, Katie's fingers seeming to squash through the juices flowing from Maggie. Droplets of Maggie's juices were flying all about as Katie's fingers flashed.

"Cum for me, sweet darling," Katie cooed. "Cum all over me. Open up your sex and squirt all over me. Yes. Yes. Cum for me, sweet Maggie."

Katie wrapped her lips around Maggie's clit and sucked on it, as if to draw it out of Maggie and into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip of it, round and round.

Maggie's body was trembling heavily and she shook violently in orgasm as female cum gushed out of her urethra, splashing all over Katie's face and fingers, squirting up in an arc and onto Katie's back. It was a sight to behold!

Maggie was screaming unintelligibly, her stiff body whipping up and down as it flexed, pivoting at her sex.

Meanwhile, the girls were laughing and chattering animatedly as they carried the bags of Chinese food in through the front door and headed for the kitchen.

"Mom, we're home," Dawn called out.

Then, the girls heard Maggie's screams, looked at each other in alarm and both rushed urgently in the direction of the sounds. They spilled into the room, staring wide-eyed at Maggie in the throws of the most intense and overwhelming orgasm of her life, her first G-Spot orgasm.

Katie smiled warmly at Maggie as Maggie's body continued to whip with the intensity of her all-consuming orgasm, trembling from head to toe. Katie was very pleased. While she had never brought another woman to such heights of pleasure before, at least now she knew she could.

Both Lauren and Dawn displayed serious expressions of concern, but when they saw Katie smile, they relaxed and Lauren asked, "Will she be alright?"

"Oh, yes, sweet darling and she'll want to do it again and again and again," Katie said quietly and touched her dripping fingertip to her lips, not wanting to interrupt Maggie's experience.

Both girls caught Katie's intention and then just sat quietly as Maggie's flexing body slowly relaxed and she began to breath normally again, yet still moaning with the throbbing pleasure surging throughout her body. Maggie reached down with her hands and cupped her pussy, gently running her fingers through her sopping slit, avoiding her now super-sensitive clit.

Maggie's eyes finally opened and she gazed warmly at Katie. "Oh, my God. I love you for that! You're sooo good to me."

Again she drew her fingers up through her labia, pressing down and squirming sensuously with pleasure. Then Maggie reached out with her outstretched arms inviting Katie to lie on top of her, their lips and tongues seeking, their mons pressing tenderly against each other, sliding up and down as if they were fucking.

"And, you're the first. I've never had my G-spot touched before. That is what happened, isn't it?It was so wonderful! How did you know what to do?"

Katie just smiled warmly at her friend and lover and said, "I have a 'G-Spot Orgasm Instruction Manual'."

At that, they all laughed.

"Hey, I'm starving," Maggie said and sat up.

"Let's all go downstairs to the kitchen and eat our dinner naked," Dawn suggested.

"Yeah," chimed in Lauren.

Katie tossed a towel to Maggie. "You might want to clean up a bit," she laughed as she scraped her fingers over her face, still glistening with Maggie's juices and sucked on them. "Ummm, you're sweet!" Katie said.

Holding Katie's face between her hands, Maggie opened her mouth wide and kissed Katie on the lips, thrusting her tongue deeply into Katie's mouth. Maggie ran her fingers up to Katie's breasts, kneading them and swirling her fingers around each hard nipple, then down to Katie's hips and back up again, reveling in the soft, warm smoothness of Katie's firm body.

"Hey, you guys. Let's eat some real food!" Lauren giggled.

After they had all eaten their fill and were reading the fortunes from their fortune cookies, Lauren commented, "I know they say that a half hour after eating Chinese food, you'll be hungry again, but I just can't believe it. I'm stuffed!"

"Why don't we watch a DVD for a while, just to settle our meal," Maggie suggested.

"Good idea," Katie agreed.

"I brought a few with me," said Maggie as she walked to the front hall where she'd left her bag of "goodies".

She pulled one out of her bag. "Yeah, 'Deep Divers'. This is a good one." She strode to the TV where the DVD player was on the shelf below and squatted hesitantly looking about.

"Here. I'll get it going," Dawn said. "I know how our setup works."

When fully set up, Dawn clicked the Play button on the remote and handed it to Maggie. Maggie took it and grabbed Dawn by the arm.

"Come on, we're going to sit together." They sat close to each other on the sofa.

Katie pulled Lauren down next to her on the 'LazyBoy'.

They wrapped their arms around each other as the picture flashed to life on the plasma wide-screen - 'Deep Divers, a Sensual Odyssey'.

Both couples were gently stroking their partners' arms and thighs, running their fingertips tenderly over each others' breasts and mounds, showing their admiration for each other by the gentleness and tenderness of their caresses, their eyes glued to the screen.

The next picture was that of a female nipple. It was roseate, with the areola, puffed out significantly from the main body of the well-formed breast. The nipple was hard and erect, seeming to have erectile powers of its own.

Slowly a tongue emerged from the right side of the picture, flicking the nipple lightly. The tongue's lips, obviously female, full and sensuous, slipped gently over the hard, erect nipple and slowly lowered, spreading to encompass the entire areola. Then, the lips slowly rose again, the areola and nipple glistening with the saliva from the mouth. A moan was heard from the TV.

Meanwhile, the fingers of Maggie's right hand were slowly sliding up and down Dawn's slit, her left hand tenderly pinching Dawn's right nipple.

Dawn was glued to the screen, wide-eyed, her mouth open and her tongue repeatedly licking her lips. Still, due to Maggie's attentions, Dawn was squirming as if her entire body was held down by Maggie's hand on her pussy.

Katie, meanwhile, had three fingers curved into Lauren's vagina while her thumb was stroking over Lauren's clitoris with each stroke of her fingers in and out of Lauren's pussy. Lauren's eyelids lowered as she succumbed to Katie's ministrations.

The screen panned down to a shaved pussy. It's lips were full, with each layer of labia a different shade of pink to red. Clearly, legs spread and the labia opened up widely, revealing, at the top, a soft hood with a hard, erect projection standing firmly out from under the hood. As previously, a tongue emerged from the right side of the picture and gently stroked up the labia from the bottom, lingering for a moment at the vaginal entrance, thrusting pointedly down into it. A moan was again heard from the TV.

Continuing on, the tongue slid up and flicked over each side of the twin petal-like hood, settling on the clitoris from underneath it. Another, louder moan was heard. The female lips slowly encompassed the clit and gently slid up and down the nub. The result was continuous louder moaning.

Dawn's eyes were now closed and she was breathing heavily and raggedly as Maggie brought her to the brink of orgasm with her educated, persistent fingers.

Lauren was screaming, bucking up and down, fucking Katie's fingers. "Aaaaaaggghhhh " Lauren screammed out. "Oh, God Don't stop Oh, don't stop Aaaaaagggghhhh Oh, yes. Uhhhhhhhh Aaaahhhhhh. Yes! Uhhhhhhh."

Maggie slid to one side and knelt in front of Dawn's spread legs. Maggie's mouth began to emulate what was on the screen. Dawn was making a low sound which gradually increased in volume and pitch, until Dawn was shouting loudly. "Oh, yes. Fuck me with your mouth. Make me cum! Oh, oh, oh Oh, my God. Oh, yes. Oooohhhh, uhhhhhh."

Dawn's body tensed and she thrust her pussy hard into Maggie's devouring mouth, squirming in circles with her hips around Maggie's head. Maggie gently withdrew her mouth from Dawn's pussy as Dawn's fingers moved swiftly down to replace Maggie's lips, pressing firmly into her sex, sliding up and down her soaking, slippery slit.

Maggie turned to Katie. "Have we had enough of the DVD?"

"Does one ever have enough of such marvelous art? The director, cameraman and editor did a fantastic job. Actually, so did the casting director. I've never been much on visual stimulation, but that was awesome. I'm horny, very horny!"

"Well, how's about I find your G-spot and return the favor?" Maggie suggested.

"You wanna read the manual first?" Katie chuckled. "It's very short, but wonderfully detailed and precise. There is a certain way it should be done."

"For sure! I want it to be the best ever for you," Maggie laughed.

"That would be fabulous! I'd love it I've never had that type of orgasm. And, it would show the girls, not only how to do it, but would also show them it's not harmful," Katie responded. "As a matter of fact, after I've been done, we should do Dawn and Lauren, one at a time, so they experience it, too. And actually, why not show them how to do it to each other by all of us reading the instructions at the same time and have them actually do it to each other."

"I think that's a fantastic idea," Maggie responded. "Yes, let's do that! Girls, are you both in agreement?"

Both girls, just having experienced wonderful orgasms, but of the nature they were accustomed to, nodded quickly with broad smiles on their faces, their eyes sparkling with anticipation as they looked back and forth at each other and their mothers.

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