tagLoving WivesW.A.W.C. Club Ch. 02

W.A.W.C. Club Ch. 02


Note: Please read "W.A.W.C. Club" before reading this story. I have received many letters wanting to know why the main character Tom Seneca didn't inform the other husbands better, or show the now coveted sex videos of the club's female membership. Well he did! So here is the story and the aftermath.


The money I received in the settlement from my wife's insurance company was nice. I really didn't have to work anymore and my smart investments should hold up until I am gone. I have stayed at the same apartment I moved into when I left Carol my wife and moved out of my house (I couldn't call it a home anymore). Even though I had money, I really didn't want to show off. This present apartment was at a good price and was quiet. I did buy a cool English racing car but that is about it. All the money I have just sat in the bank and I really didn't touch it.

I started cooking all my own meals when I became a little fat eating out all the time. I remembered my days as a bachelor and my cooking skills came right back. A gym was offering a month free trial membership and I took them up on it. I still could save a dime even though I have money. Old habits are hard to break. Besides, I have always been a simple person who tried to do more with less (I came from a big family you know).

Well the gym was great and I meet many different people. The women were especially nice. My waist line had gone down in the last month and I needed to buy new pants that would fit. I felt great and my life was going good. That is when I meet a fellow husband whose wife was in the W.A.W.C. Club.

The other guy was about my age and we started to talk while we were on the stair masters next to each other. We introduced ourselves and he told me where he works as a chef. It was a little restaurant that was near my wife's old insurance building.

"I used to go there for lunch with my wife. She works at the insurance company right next store." I told him. I then looked sad as he tried to read my face. "Well we are divorced now, I still forget sometimes, sorry." I added sadly.

"Don't apologize. My wife works for the same company. You and I are in the same boat. My wife and I have been on shaky ground since the law suit three months ago. The suit was then the dropped and my wife's name removed. I have questioned her and her work friends but they all said the same thing, "We were only watching". At least your wife didn't belong to some orgy club like my wife. I guess you heard the story?" Don asked me.

"I heard something but another husband didn't want to talk about it and my wife and I are not speaking right now." I told him. I acted stupid and listened to his story. I already knew it form the inside but I didn't let on who I was. Thankfully I didn't use my last name when I introduced myself.

Don started to tell me parts of the story that I already knew. He then started to tell me of the other husbands and their anger at me.

"If the club husbands could get this guy in a room alone, I think they would kill him." Don stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Why are all the guys pissed off at him?" I asked.

"He had surveillance video of many of the meetings but buried them to get a big money settlement. I guess he could have exposed the whole thing. Sometimes I wished he did and get the not knowing part over with. I am trying to believe my wife, but from the stories I heard just from the other men, it doesn't look good for most of them." Don confessed.

"Well I'm sorry to hear how the group feels about this situation." I answered trying to sound sorry.

"I think the guys would just like to see the video and be done with it. The curiosity alone is driving a few marriages to the brink." Don told me.

This last line got me thinking and I started to form a plan. I felt like one of them but I had all the answers and I didn't share them. To be fair, I divorced my wife because of the images I saw and the comments of my wife made about me from the videos. I felt like a real asshole not doing the same for every man connected to the group. So I called my lawyer and told him of my plan. He said he would help but we had to do it his way on some technical points. The plan was set and I stared to work on the details.

I enlisted the help of Karen the P.I who helped me with the video taping of the club. I told her what I wanted and what I needed according to my lawyer. She said it might cost a bit, but she knew I had money. Besides, I felt I owed it to the group of husbands having been in their shoes. I concentrated on the names on the original divorce papers and traced down everyone who was listed.

Any male head of the household was given a $ 500 dollar check and were told a focus group was planned for the following Saturday. If the person wanted to earn an extra $1000, then he would have to be in an 8 hour focus group on men's health with lunch and an early dinner provided. If they declined they could keep the money with no strings. If they accepted, then my plan was all set. Out of the 47 ladies (I use that term loosely) who were named in the suit, 45 of their men agreed to go. With the other two committed to prior engagements, I would brief them in person next week. They both said they would like to go but couldn't miss due to their prior engagements. The stage was all set and I couldn't wait for Saturday. I didn't even go to the gym as I didn't want to see Don until the focus group.

This is how the focus group went. Karen at the table gave each person a numbered envelope sealed and a numbered name tag. The number corresponded with the name in the law suit, as it was listed. Don Teller from the gym was number 41 in the group. We did this for several reasons, some very obvious reasons. I also didn't want to embarrass anyone in public. I waited for the group to arrive and be seated. Several of the husbands started to talk to each other and some recognized one another from office holiday parties. They thought it was a small world, but their world would soon be getting smaller. It was a very large insurance company so not too many of the guys knew each other luckily.

I waited until Karen had all the men inside the room and she entered and stood in the back of the room. My lawyer entered the room and everyone got quiet. He was the first to talk.

"Gentlemen, thank you for attending this men's health group. I think it will help many of the men in this very room to know my client has called you here for a different reason but it also involves your mental health. Gentlemen let me introduce to you the sponsor of today's meeting Tom Seneca" My lawyer called my name a little louder for effect. You could tell the name got their attention in an instant.

I walked from the back of the room to the front. As I turned around, I could hear comments from the crowd like "That son of a bitch!" "I'm going to kick his ass!" and "You have got some real nerve contacting me!" was the last one. I waited for the crowd to settle down but they were getting madder. Don from the gym had a look on his face I couldn't read as he looked at the front of the room. I decided to get their attention.

"I feel like I owe everyone in the meeting room an apology. Not for naming your spouses as co-defendants but for not showing you the video you all have by now heard about." I told the murmuring crowd. The mention of showing them the video got their undivided attention. Some of the men then noticed the large projector in the room as well as a large screen.

"Your wives or girlfriends did what they did and have to deal with it themselves. You gentlemen did not ask to be involved, but your association with the W.A.W.C. Club members made you part of this whole mess. I am here to settle a mistake on my part and give closure to many in this room. If you gentlemen remember, my wife and I are now divorced and it hurts still today. So you are not the only ones hurt." I told the silent crowd.

"You can take the check that is in the sealed envelope for $1000 dollars and leave now. All checks are made out to CASH and will not be reported for taxes. You also have the offer to view and I mean view only the original tapes as they were recorded in a group. These tapes are uncut and unedited. The woman you meet at the registration table would like to talk to you about them in a minute. If you stay the entire length of the 7 ½ hours of material you can also keep the check plus another for an extra $1000. You may not leave early or you will not be let back in. Karen will escort you one at a time to the men's room and return you to the room." I stated to the quiet room.

"Now before we get started, is there anyone who wants to leave now and not review the video tapes? Remember the check is yours no matter what you decide." I asked and told the crowd.

You could see the mental tug of war in the men's faced. They could stay and possibly watch their girl being gangbanged but make $2000, besides the $500 they already made. They could leave early and not know what was ever on the tapes but still make $1500. I think the money and the curiosity was killing them like Don told me at the gym. Not one man got up to leave, they all remained seated.

"Good, I am glad you all want to get this out in the open and be done with it. It will not be easy for some of you, so be warned. Now I would like to introduce Karen who video taped the meetings and will give you some more details." I told the crowd as Karen made her way from the back of the room.

"Gentlemen let me first start off by saying how sorry I am you have to be here today at all. I know this is not easy and the footage may be even worse for you by the time we are done." Karen told the quiet crowd of men.

"I will show all the tapes from the 6 meetings I attended in order. The total length of all the videos is about 7 ½ hours. We will take breaks about every 2 hour. I will personally walk you back and forth to the bathroom. You are not allowed to talk about this meeting outside the room. Your cell phones and any personal communication devices including beepers will be put in the envelope we gave you. I will collect them and return them after the meeting. This is being done so no image can be copied from the screen." Karen informed them. My lawyer piped in at this time from the front of the room.

"Gentlemen this meeting is being offered and paid for by Mr. Seneca to make amends for what has occurred. According to our settlement, these tapes do not exist and will never be acknowledged in public. After this meeting the masters will be destroyed. We did not copy, or give out copies of any recorded material you see on the screen today. Your lawyers can not use any of this material if you are thinking along this line. What you see on the screen will never be shown again, ever!" my lawyer stated in a business like manner.

Well the captive crowd put their cell phones in the envelopes and got comfortable for the show. Karen then finished her speech part of the program. I made sure she stated this next part for everyone to hear.

"You will see many women doing many things today on the video screen. These women can be put in three basic categories. The first group was women who looked but did not touch. They got drunk and may have rubbed a cock or two but kept their clothes on. These ladies were faithful and should be rewarded. If I was in there shoes, I could see how it would be easy to be caught up in the excitement of the meetings." Karen told the captive crowd.

"The next category would be women who got weak and were tempted. They are only on the screen once or twice and for the most part were tempted only once or twice. These women got caught up in the moment and did cheat on you. Only you men in this room can decide how to proceed." Karen informed the crowd again.

"The last group can be called SLUTS, plain and simple. These women encouraged and participated in these rolling orgies. They are all over the video tapes and left nothing to the imagination. These women also included Mr. Seneca's wife and it still pains him to watch the video tapes to this day. I know some of you will be relieved to see your better half in my first category. The rest can as I have said, deal with this in your own way. Please get comfortable and I will start the show." Karen said as she finished addressing the crowd.

Karen left the front of the room and hit play on the digital player on the projection table. The screen came to life and you could hear Karen's voice tagging the tapes at the beginning. She stated what the date, time, location, and group name were. The video then showed on the screen and I could see the registration table with two girls at it. This is what the group saw for the next 7 hours.


The video had all natural sound and the images could not be mistaken. You could see all the women's faces as they arrived and entered the meeting hall. Your perspective was what Karen was seeing. She did a great job of showing who was at each meeting and a clear shot of their faces. The first tape established the video taping of the group with Karen asking women questions about the group to individuals on the screen. Some of the women knew the answers and some were there to see what was going to happen and had no clue.

"Ok let's bring up the first two lucky ladies who won the raffle." said the voice of my wife Carol Seneca. She was the president and ran the show with Tammy Jones her co- worker and best friend. Tammy was the group's vice president. All the ladies could be heard cheering on the tape soundtrack as my wife announced the entertainment for the night.

"Here are the gorgeous men of Delta Phi Delta!" my wife shouted over the crowd's roar. About 20 young men came out in nice suits and stood on the stage around the two raffle winners. The group started to undress both girls and the boys also started to drop all their clothes right there on the stage. Within 5 minutes the ladies on stage were naked and giving blow jobs as they were fucked by the group.

"That lying whore, I don't believe this!" shouted one of the men in the darkened room.

Apparently one of the raffle winners was a wife of a person in the room. Some of the other frat guys on the video could be seen spreading out into the crowd and fooling around with some of the other women. The two women on stage were still getting gang banged with at least 5 guys a piece trying to fuck or get a blowjob. The room soon turned into a real orgy in the making.

"Fuck me hard you fucking stud." shouted one of the ladies on the stage. One of the other raffle winners was now being passed around and fucked at will by the frat boys. Several of the ladies started to watch from the front of the stage and encourage the group orgy.

"Fuck her real good and hard, after that I'm next!" shouted one of the women at the front of the stage.

"I can't wait till I get home!" shouted one a different men in the viewing room. His tone was not very nice and you could tell the comment about "I'm next" was hitting home to the man who was the partner of the woman on the video. This was to be one of many statements like that to be heard from the group of men, before this 7 hour review session was finished.

Karen started to go around the room and show who was doing what. A blond woman who was very hot and sexy was being stripped and felt up at the same time. She got down on her knees and started to give a really great blowjob on a frat guy. Just then another came over and she tried to fit both cocks in her mouth. A third guy then shows up and tries to put his cock into her mouth also. It almost looked comical if I didn't know the woman's better half was in the audience. She sucked until two of the three guys came on her face and swallowed the third guy's load whole. She sucked down his load of cum with no problem and was licking her lips for more. Then she was bent over a table and she was fucked hard by three different guys who entered the camera view. If this was my wife, she would be gone after the review session.

The next footage showed two women laying on the table with their heads leaning over the edge. They were being feed cock into their mouths and were giving very good head for the angle. Two more guys joined them and these two started to lick their pussy to orgasm as they lay on the table. The two women kept giving head to whoever was standing there. Soon the two guys licking them pulled them towards their side of the table and spread their legs. Both guys at the same time rammed their cocks into their wet pussies and went to town on them. They both started to power fuck them in unison. You could see and hear the girls going crazy with this technique. Soon they were both cumming and were soon covered by cum when the two guys fucking them took off their condoms and let it fly. The girls were then slid back up the table so they were leaning their heads over the table edge again. They were ready to give anyone standing by the table great head, and they did for another half hour.

Karen did a great job with her body camera. She seemed to get the best action till the money shot and would continue in another area. All the faces in the crowd could be seen. Some of the women did indeed watch only and not participate. She floated around the party and recorded what seemed like the best of the best.

Then there were even some scenes I tried to forget about on this first tape. During this party my wife was fucked over 20 times. She took it in the ass at least 5 times (as far as I could count). She was doubled teamed at least 4 times. She gave almost every frat guy at the party head. She was the perfect slut, no question about it. After seeing this I was glad she was not part of my life anymore.

The rest of tape one was about the same. Tape two was put in right after the first one ended. This stared out were the last tape left off and it started to get even worse if you were a husband in that room watching.

Three frat guys were triple teaming a very pretty brunet and were showing her no mercy. They were next to another women being double teamed. About every 5 minutes they would change positions and women. One of the guys was telling the very excited brunet that the frat had a party every Wednesday and she could bring a friend if she wanted. The women told him to give her the address before they left for the night. One frat brother high fived the other getting head by the same girl he was fucking. They knew they had just lined up a couple of real live M.I.L.F.'s to gang bang at the Delta house.

"So that is where she goes on Wednesday nights that SLUT!" another man in the darkened room yelled. Another husband had just found out that his wife was a frat house slut for the last three months. "No wonder she comes home drunk and tired, and it's not because she is playing bridge with the girls!" the man added a little louder. I felt really sorry for the guy.

The tape finally ended and a break was called. The lights were turned on but everybody was in a very bad mood and did not look pleased. Karen brought them out to the restroom two at a time to speed things up. After they were watered and rested for a few minutes, we were ready to get going again. The funny thing is not one man in the room wanted to talk to each other about what they just saw on the screen. They were almost scary quiet.

Karen stared the third tape and it started like the rest with strippers coming out to the two raffle winners and getting busy. The tapes pretty much recorded the same type of events in the room. After a while you could tell who would fuck and who would watch. Of the ones who fucked, they were real bad. Many had various partners and even did some of the women at the party. These bi women were very popular with the ladies when they wanted to be licked. Any tongue in a storm as they say.

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