WACFYM Ch. 06 Pt. 03


He felt his body starting to respond as he envisaged himself sucking on them. "This is...wrong..." He protested feebly but he found he couldn't stop staring at them.

"That's what you like, isn't it Sam? You like big tits? You prefer them to your wife's?"

Sam found himself nodding automatically. He couldn't deny it. He used to think breast size didn't matter to him but Elana and now the Rubenesque Wendy had shown him the error of his ways. The sight of large tits got him harder than he'd ever gotten with Billie, his wife. He was ashamed to feel his cock responding right now.

"This is blackmail. I don't want this..."He protested again. He knew it was futile. He could tell her he didn't want to cheat on his wife again but she didn't care about seducing a married man with her massive tits.

"Take off your clothes." Wendy commanded. She was thrilled at the way he paused, a begging look on his handsome face as if he was hoping she'd tell him it was all a joke. It was such a turn on to watch the exact second he realised he had to do it.

Wendy smiled triumphantly as he slowly undressed, her gaze drinking in his muscular torso, hairy chest and narrow waist as he pulled off his sweater. Lower down she was pleased to see the growing bulge in his pants. She moved close to him and ran an admiring hand over his pecs.

He flinched at her touch, all bashful and he couldn't look her in the eye.

"Pants and boxers too."

Sam groaned, but knew there was no use in protesting. He was about to get naked in front of another woman who wasn't his wife. His hands trembled as he fumbled at his belt and unzipped his fly, the whole time going slowly and hoping she'd tell him he could stop.

He reluctantly pushed his down his pants and then his underwear, cupping his hands over his semi hard cock.

"There's no need to be modest." Wendy sang as she took his manhood into her hands and started stroking it to full hardness. "I've already seen it when you fucked Miss Grey with it."

"Please...I love my wife..." Sam whispered feebly. "I don't want to do this." But there was no denying how good it felt as Wendy squeezed his dangling balls. It was all he could do to hold back the involuntary moans of pleasure.

Sam blinked as she stepped away, retreating to the counter.

"Just watch me...and then tell me what you want..." Wendy whispered.

Wendy slipped out of her skirt and panties with a salacious wriggle, revealing her curvaceous naked body. She was delighted that Sam's eyes were freely checking her out. His initial awkwardness was disappearing as lust gradually filled his expression. He made no attempt to cover up his hard-on again.

His eyes kinda glazed over as he watched her start to squeeze her tits together, dropping them to make them bounce and jiggle. Her nipples were hard and she had wide dark areoles and watching her play with them was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. When she slipped her hand between her legs and began touching her pussy too, he had to let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding.

"Come here." Wendy commanded and Sam had no choice but to obey. She took his hand and placed it on her right breast. Tentatively he began to fondle it, liking the way her soft creamy flesh spilled out of his palm. He flicked his thumb over the nipple and circled the areola, tantalised by her body.

"Would you like to fuck my tits?"

"Yes..." Sam confessed slowly. He could tell himself he had no choice, that he had to do what she wanted but she knew he wanted this. He'd been whacking off to the pictures of a slut and now there was another one right in front of him. He couldn't resist.

He was conflicted. Elana had told him when he'd cheated once it got easier to do it again. He guessed she was right- his wedding vows didn't seem so important anymore. He'd already cheated once, there was no harm doing it again. He was doing this for his family but there was no reason he couldn't enjoy himself.

He stepped closer, his eyes filled with lust.

Wendy ran her hands over his bare chest, her body tingly as she felt his masculine warmth and his muscles. He stroked his cock in his left hand, the sight of his silver wedding ring making her exhale quickly. As he tugged on his dick Wendy dropped to her knees in from of him and squeezed her soft, cushiony tits around his throbbing shaft.

"I always thought I was different from Don but I'm not- just another guy who can't keep his dick in his pants..."

"I love your big cock. It's so much bigger than Don's" She whispered admiringly. Poor Billie had no idea her husband's cock didn't belong to her anymore. Sam was still a little unsure of himself but growled proudly to let her know he appreciated the compliment as he widened his stance and positioned his hard-on in front of her chest.

Wendy slid her hands over his thick thighs.

"Umm..." Sam moaned as he felt Wendy's hands grope his ass, digging her red fingernails into his flesh. Reaching down to push her mammaries together he started to buck his hips, watching as Wendy poured some oil over them and his cock got nicely lubed up.

The slick, wet sounds of tit fucking filled the air.

"oooooh yeah... I love your married cock between my tits." Wendy sighed, reaching down between her legs to touch herself. It was so indecent doing a married man out in the kitchen during broad daylight, never mind the fact their daughters were just upstairs.

It made her so horny that Sam had either forgotten or just didn't care.

He started slow but with every second he was getting more into it. Wendy loved the look of concentration on his face, the way he unconsciously bit his lip, as he guided his shaft between her slippery, wet tits, his balls banging against her belly, his scratchy body hair on her skin.

"Oh God..." Sam moaned, loving the sensation and looking to savour it. His cock was glistening with oil and easily disappearing into her bountiful boobs. His knees trembled at how good it felt to have her DD's fold and envelop his thick hard dick.

This was the second woman who wasn't Billie and he had a pang of conscience as he was beginning to realise he liked adultery. It wasn't just the sex, it was the betrayal that excited him. He'd been a good man, trying to do his best, but not anymore. He had a good marriage and healthy sex-life but it wasn't enough. A dark side he'd always suppressed had been unleashed and he wasn't sure he wanted to go back to who he'd been.

Having her on her knees, diddling herself as she was servicing his prick made him feel like a man. His whole life he'd behaved as his parents had taught him, respectful of women. He'd settled down, married and been committed to just one woman, he guiltily realised he was starting to regret all the time he'd wasted being the good guy.

He imagined his mom and dad finding out their good son preferred sluts now. He didn't care what other people thought now.

"I always thought you were a trashy little slut." Sam informed her as he yanked back her head so he could look her in the eyes as he fucked her tits. "All those tarty little outfits you wore, tempting me to look..."

"And did you...?" Wendy groaned. His words, though mean, just excited her more.

"More than I should have done. When I thought Billie wasn't looking." Sam admitted breathlessly. He used a hand to hold onto her shoulders so he could piston his meat into the deep fleshy valley. He'd never fucked a pair of tits before and he blamed Billie for making him miss out on something so good. "This is so fucking hot..." He added, panting hard.

"A guy like you, with such a long thick cock needs a real woman." Wendy cried. "You're too sexy to be faithful, when there are sluts out there who'll do everything you want." She added before closing her hips around the head of his cock and sucking on it.

"Oh yeah...such as?" Sam hissed through gritted teeth. Her tongue flicking over his cock felt incredible and he knew he was close to cumming. "How about a nasty facial?

"Shooting your load all over my face...?"

"Yeah..." Sam grunted, taking hold of his slick nine inches in his fist and tugging on it as his other hand tilted back Wendy's head. He'd always wanted to do it since he'd seen it in pornos at college but there was no way to ask Billie to let him. "I'm...gonna...cum...so...hard."

Wendy watched as he whacked off, his fist around his meat. His chest was heavy, slick with sweat as he sped up his wrist action.

He gave a low, deep growl and could feel it coming from balls and the base of his cock. Jaw clenched, his cum spurted out over Wendy's flushed face, her cheeks, and onto her lips until she licked them clean with a satiated smile.


Sam pulled up his pants as Wendy cleaned herself with a tissue. He didn't meet her gaze. Wendy knew he'd be feeling guilty about cheating on his wife again now the heat of the moment was over. He'd emptied his balls and was no longer just thinking with his dick. She'd got what she wanted but she wasn't going to let him go so easy.

"One last thing...." She giggled, gazing at his broad back and his cute butt as he walked over to retrieve his sweater.

"What? I did what you wanted, cheated on my wife again." He answered angrily, blaming her even through he'd willingly given in to her demands.

Wendy ignored the contempt in his voice. They both knew he'd liked it. She sat on the counter and reached down to obscenely part her puffy pussy lips. "If you want me to 'hold my tongue'..." She insinuated.

Sam glanced at his watch. Billie would be home soon and he wanted a shower. It would be difficult to explain why he smelled of sex. It was strange but going down on another woman felt like a worse betrayal somehow, pleasuring Wendy when it should be his wife's pussy he kissed. He enjoyed going down on her, a sign of the closeness they shared, and the bond between two people in love.

"Show me how you do it for Billie..." Wendy snarled, reading his mind.

"Don't bring her into this. Whatever this is, it's between you and me!" Sam hissed back, the anger slowly translating into something else. He coolly walked over and crouched down, roughly spreading her legs apart until his head was between her thighs.

He licked his lips. Wendy's pussy looked so wet and juicy that he could feel himself getting hard again. He wondered how she would taste.

A little hesitantly he lowered his head.

"Ahhhhhh..." She cried, biting her lower lip as his tongue found her sensitive clit. "Your beard tickles..." She giggled as he slipped two fingers into her. It pleased him to watch as she responded. God, he was talented, slow and deliberate, his technique designed to whirl her into a sexual frenzy. He was toying with her, making her wriggle with pleasure. He probed and explored, paying attention to what she liked.

When he found something she liked, he'd stop, teasing her by doing something else to frustrate her and make her moan.

"Mmmm.... you taste sweet..." Sam groaned, as he sucked on her dripping folds, eating her out hungrily. She began to writhe, grinding her pussy against his face, loving the feeling of his warm breath on her mound.

"Better than Billie?"

Sam didn't respond but he did smile. He liked the way she tasted as his tongue probed and explored the pinkness of her labia.

"Ohhh yeahhh....like that...." Wendy sighed as Sam looked up from between her thighs to see what he was doing to her. He was amused to see her wantonly sucking on her fingers, completely lost in the pleasure he was giving her. He reached up to fondle one of her heaving breasts.

She liked the feel of the family man's big coarse hands on her body as he gave her head and she ran a hand through his thick dark hair to make him lick her harder. She ran her hands over his broad shoulders and down his strong arms.

"Oh God...oh God...." She cried, digging her nails into his naked back. She imagined Billie arriving home in a short while and greeting her husband with a kiss, not suspecting her once faithful husband had had illicit oral sex with her neighbour and supposed friend, lapping up her pussy juices.

She started to buck and wriggle as he nuzzled her clit before taking it in his teeth. She had to play to with her nipples, tweaking and pinching them. She'd been close as Sam had stood astride her, thrusting his cock between her tits but that was nothing compared to this, her juices smeared on his dark beard, his beautiful lips working on her folds.

"You gonna cum..?" Sam hissed. "That feel good?" He was determined to show her what she'd been missing. He had all his fingers, practically his entire left hand inside her, she was so wet as he sucked and nibbled on her engorged clit. He was practically fucking her with his fist and it was so fucking hot that his wedding ring was getting coated with her arousal.

"Yes...yes..."Her body was on fire. She didn't care about keeping the noise down. It was evil, unforgiveable but she wanted Rachel to come down and find her daddy hungrily eating her pussy, breaking the vows he'd made to her mother. Her lust for him had seduced him and corrupted him, from one act of infidelity but to two. Wendy was revelling in the sin and the shame, wild and overcome with ecstasy.

She closed her eyes and let it sear through her, scorching her body.


Wendy watched as Sam pulled on his top and washed his face in the sink. "Rachel, come on, we have to be going!" He called up the stairs.

"Ok daddy." She called back. "I'll just get my stuff."

"How about you swing over tomorrow so you can fuck me properly?" Wendy whispered into Sam's ear as his daughter bounded into the room.

Sam paused. He'd had fun but it was dangerous. He let himself fantasise about what it would be like to sink his cock in her pussy but then he tried to remember the man he used to be. This was real life and his actions would have consequences. It could break up his marriage and split up his family.

He knew he should tell her 'no'. He didn't even like her before she'd coerced him into fooling around behind his wife's back again. He started to shake his head but at the last minute he replied, "I'll think about it", a small smile playing on his lips.

Wendy patted on him the ass and give him an evil wink.

As Sam and Rachel left, he appeared to be nothing more than a normal young dad, as if nothing has happened. It seemed he'd taken to deceit and betrayal like a natural.


The day after the last day of term


"Bye Honey. Have a good day. Hope you and Rachel have lots of fun." Billie said, kissing her husband by the door. "Love you."

"Love you too, darling." Sam replied. In his own way he did still loved her, only differently from how he used to. He was content with his marriage, that he was a cheater now shouldn't have to affect that.

He glanced at his watch before going into the den and putting on a Disney dvd for Rachel. He made sure she had some snacks and juice when the doorbell rang. It was barely 10 minutes since his wife had gone to work.

"Hello Elana." He said, ushering the woman through the door.

Rachel's kindergarten teacher inspected Sam, noting the relaxed, self-assured smile on his handsome face. She was confused. He hadn't returned any of her calls or messages and the hidden cameras had shown him shredding the dirty pics she'd sent him. Now school was over she'd thought she'd have to chalk him up as the one who got away, his fidelity still mostly intact.

"I was surprised to get your message." She said coldly.

"I just want to talk." Sam responded as he led her into the kitchen.

"Just to talk?" Elana asked. "What about?" Sam seemed different to her, more in control and confident around her. She didn't understand the change in his attitude and felt a little weary.

Sam turned her to face him, his hands on her hips, their bodies close.

"You were a little cocktease, making me look when I'd never even at looked at another woman before. Making me want you until I cheated on my wife after nine years of being faithful. Even after we screwed you didn't give up, sending me those pictures. I want to know why?"

"When I met you I could see how much you loved your wife. If I hadn't come along you'd have never dreamed of cheating on her. I wanted to corrupt you. To completely corrupt you." Elana was warming up now and saying this with relish. She could see from the look in his eyes that this was foreplay. "Take a good man with a nice home and family and turn him. Turn him into an adulterer. Make him cheat on his wife over and over again."

"It worked. Turns out there are a lot of sluts around who don't mind fucking a man who's taken. Sluts who love married cock."

"You fucked someone else?" Elana whispered.

"Ha, don't tell me you're jealous?" Sam growled, playfully pulling her into his arms. As he grabbed her pert ass he started to walk her over to the stairs. It was so hot to have him in control, to take charge and be dominant. She wasn't used to being handled like this but to her surprise she found she liked it.

She made to kiss him but Sam pulled away. It seemed he still wanted to talk but she knew they'd be fucking later.

"Who was it?" She inquired as he slipped his hand up under her skirt, acting as if nothing was happening. His face was calm, manly as he suppressed the urge to rip her clothes off and take her right then and there.

"You know Wendy, Denise's mom? She saw us the first time we fucked and decided to blackmail me as the price of her silence."

Elana gasped as Sam's hand pulled aside the damp fabric of her panties, fingering her as he pressed her back against the wall. "Blackmail....?" She stammered.

"I told her I didn't want to but it turns out I liked it. I liked fucking her tits and eating out her pussy."

Elana moaned as his words aroused her, that and the fact he was still pretending he didn't have three fingers getting sticky with her juices. She liked his deep, male voice whispering this filth into her ear. "What happened next?"

"It was over. I could have just left it there but I couldn't help myself. I bought some condoms. I felt bad at the store, knowing what I was going to do with them but I went back the next day and fucked her properly."

Elana gazed into his eyes as he slowly recounted his actions. He wasn't a kind, decent guy anymore and his new demeanour made him sexier than ever. He'd given in and was now a willing participant in betraying his wife.

He kissed her, their lips locking. It started slowly. He pushed her harder up against the wall, the weight of his body against her. Soon his hands were roaming over her body like he couldn't keep them off of her but the kiss was deep and measured, like he wanted to leave her wanting more.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and his hands found her ass again, squeezing it and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her. The heat was almost unbearable, the feel of his soft beard as his tongue entered her mouth and found hers. She tried to kiss him harder, more forcefully but Sam wanted to teach her patience. It was slow and deliberate, reminding her that he was the big, strong man, making her desperate for his mouth.

"Let's go upstairs." Sam whispered, husky with lust, when the kiss broke, both of them a little out of breath.

Sam kissed her again, his tongue invading her, claiming its territory until both their lips were burning from the heat. He carried her up the steps as she ran her hands through his hair, their tongues dancing and entwining the whole way.

By now they were at the landing and Sam banged her up against the closed door of his bedroom. It hurt Elana and knocked the wind out of her a bit. It just seemed to turn Sam on. There was an amused glint in his eyes and she could feel his hard cock twitch, pressed up against her. She wasn't going to say no, but she had a feeling that even if she did Sam wouldn't listen to her. He was going to possess her whether she wanted it or not.

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