tagMatureWagons Ho Ch. 02

Wagons Ho Ch. 02


(Author's note - The original story, Wagons Ho, was not written with the intent of a follow up but reader response has prompted me to add a second chapter. Those who have not read Chapter One may wish to do so before reading this installment.)

All too soon our idyllic stay at Ash Hollow came to an end and the wagon train resumed it's trek to the west. October was nearing, the days were growing shorter and crisper and we were racing the onset of winter before we crossed the mountains. An early winter would dictate a stay of several months at or near one of the forts which dotted the Oregon Trail.

The sweet sex which Clara and I had sampled at Ash Hollow brought us even closer together but her shyness and Quaker upbringing made her reluctant to have sex within the confines of the wagon train and the long days on the trail and the possibility of encountering the Northern Cheyenne Indians precluded any evening forays away from camp.

We would bed down each night with me on my bedroll by the campfire and Clara beneath the wagon. When stillness would settle over the campground I would slip from my bedroll and join Clara beneath the wagon and we would fall asleep in each other's arms. Fortunately we were both early risers and I would slip back to my bedroll as soon as either of us woke up.

This pattern continued for many nights. We would hold and touch each other but we did not have sex although it was obvious that we both desired it immensely.

The days were getting colder which often dictated that we would ride on the wagon with a blanket covering our legs One morning I noticed that Clara was holding a handkerchief when we started out on our journey.

"What's the handkerchief for, do you have a cold?"

"No," she said, "but one never knows when one might be needed." She flashed me a shy smile and I wondered what was on her mind.

We rode and talked. It was a brisk morning and the blanket covered our legs. Then the conversation took a delightful turn.

She leaned close to my ear and said, "I appreciate so very much thy patience and understanding. I know thee wants me immensely. I can tell by the feel of your manhood while we lie together. Thy family jewels must be about to burst."

I laughed and said, "Clara, what's on your mind?"

She smiled shyly and dipped her hand under the blanket placing it directly on my cock. "This," she said. "I have longed to touch and feel thy steel. Would thee mind if I did so?"

"Madame, be my guest," I said and moved one of my hands under the blanket to help her unbutton my trousers and move closer to her goal. She fished my cock out of my trousers and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Thy little man is feeling perky this morning," she said.

"Little?", I asked with a sound of mock anger.

"Well, he's big enough for me and we''ll try to make him bigger and feel better. I fear I'm feeling naughty. Thou have awakened feelings in me that for too long had been dormant or suppressed."

'Should I apologize or sympathize," I asked.

She laughed and said, "No apologies or sympathies are required. I am a grown woman and capable of making my own decisions. Although," she laughed, "thou art a convincing persuader."

By now my cock was hard and throbbing in her little hand. She moved her hand up to the crown and captured the pre-cum. Then she began to lovingly stroke me while casting furtive glances around to see that we were unobserved. She ran her fingers slowly and lovingly across the knob, touching the opening and stroking the special spot just under the crown. She then resumed an up and down stroking action.

I said, "Spit on your hand and get it nice and wet and finish me off."

She looked around, put her hand to her mouth and then put it back on my cock and started stroking me in earnest.

"Does this feel good?" she asked.

"It feels wonderful."

"Good," she said. "I love to please thee."

She stroked me some more and I could feel the cum rising, making it's delightful journey from inside to outside.

"I'm about to come," I said.

She quickly moved her other hand holding the handkerchief under the blanket, stroked me vigorously and I came rather profusely.

"Oh my," she said, "I fear one handkerchief was not enough."

I smiled contentedly and buttoned up my trousers. She pulled out the handkerchief and examined it carefully.

"Thou art copious and creamy," she said and took a delicate taste of my discharge "and somewhat salty."

We stopped briefly for lunch and before we resumed our journey I said, "Clara, please take off your bloomers."

She looked at me with a knowing smile and said, "For what purpose?"

"So that I can pleasure you," I replied.

She moved to the shelter of the wagon and quickly reached under her dress and pulled down her bloomers which she threw into the back of the wagon. We got up on the wagon seat, covered our legs with the blanket - which still had some spots from the morning's adventure and resumed our trek. After about an hour I said, "Clara, please pull up your dress."

She looked around and reached down and rearranged her clothing under the blanket. I held the reins firmly in my left hand and moved my right hand under the blanket. I began to play with her abundant mass of pubic hair.

"Spread your legs," I said.

She did so with a shy smile and I moved my fingers down to caress her mound and folds.

"Thy have a loving touch," she said.

"I am touching what I love to touch."

"I feel so naughty and wanton," she said.

"You feel wonderful."

I moved my fingers into her folds and was delighted at her wetness and readiness.

I played briefly with her clitoris and then moved a finger inside her pussy and felt her surrounding it.

"You know what I'd really like to put there," I said.

"I know," she said, "and hopefully we'll soon find a time and place for that. In the meantime though thy finger is doing nicely."

I moved two and then three fingers inside of her and tried my best to rub her clitoris with the heel of my hand. Having limited success at this I said, "Touch yourself. Play with yourself."

She looked around and then dropped her dainty left hand to join my thrusting right hand. I could feel her touching her throbbing clit and between the two of us we soon brought her to a very pleasant orgasm. We removed our hands, she rearranged her clothing and I licked her juices off my right hand. She watched me do this and said, "Jerome, thou art a wonder."

"Clara," I said, "thou art wonderful."

Our journey continued westward with the added attraction of mutual masturbation every three or four days and we became quite proficient at satisfying each other. Clara even stopped wearing her bloomers. By this time we had crossed into Wyoming and had reached Fort Laramie where we stopped for a day to replenish supplies and rest the draft animals.

We were well into October but we were blessed by a rare Indian Summer day and Clara and I took advantage of the respite and the weather to slip away from the fort. We packed a picnic lunch and rode out of sight of the fort. As we topped a hill we heard horses whinnying and feared it was savages. Instead we saw a small herd of wild mustangs. As we drew closer we could see the alpha stallion nipping at the flanks of a young filly, obviously the equine version of foreplay. We watched as the stallion brought the female to bay.

"Oh my goodness," said Clara, "look at the size of his member."

"Control yourself, my dearest one, lest you make me feel inadequate."

She smiled and reached to touch my cock under my trousers and said, "Thy sweet member is entirely adequate for me. I couldn't imagine having something that big inside of me."

"Thank you for the reassurance," I said.

We continued to watch as the stallion plunged his huge cock inside the filly and, as we watched the horses mate, Clara continued to touch and stroke my cock through my trousers.

I drew her close to me and said, "Would you like me to take you that way?"

"Oh yes."

"We're not far enough away from the fort to get naked but I think we can figure something out," I said.

She laughed and said, "Where there's a will there's a way."

I looked around and saw a small outcropping of rocks. We walked to it and I positioned her in front of a boulder which looked to be about the right height for what I had in mind.

"Lean on the rock," I said and she did. She was standing upright, bent over at the waist, with her arms supporting her on the rock. I lifted up her dress exposing her bare legs and very comely enticing ass which was, thankfully, not covered by bloomers which she had ceased to wear. I ran my hands lovingly up her flanks and ass and, leaning forward, gave her a slight nip with my teeth on her ass.

She giggled and said, "I see thee was paying attention to the stallion."

"I am always a keen observer," I said, "and I especially like what I'm observing now. And, please spread your legs just a bit in the interest of further and closer observation."

She spread her legs and I began to lick her upper thighs and ass. I spread her cheeks and ran my tongue up her ass and lapped at her rectum.

"Oh my goodness, my gracious," she said with a gasp. "Doesn't that offend thee?"

"I find nothing at all offensive about anything about you, my sweet. Now spread your legs a little bit more."

She did and I moved my tongue the best I could to her labia and lapped at her sweet juices. She groaned and thrust herself toward me.

"Take me," she said, "be my stallion and let me be your mare."

I stood up and dropped my trousers, kicking them off to the side. The breeze felt good on my bare legs and exposed cock which was now fully erect and ready.

Moving forward and holding it in my hand I stroked it up and down her wet receptacle. She moaned and pushed her ass back toward me.

"Do you want it?" I asked.

"Oh yes."

"Do you really want it?"

"Oh yes, yes yes."

I found the entrance and moved slowly in. I could feel her warmth surrounding me and wanting me. I started a leisurely in and out motion and then I said, "Touch yourself if you can manage it."

Still resting her head and upper body on the boulder with her left arm she moved her right hand down and began to stroke her clitoris. I could feel her response in little quivers and shudders around my cock.

"This is so good," I said, "this is so very, very good."

"I have missed so very much having thee inside of me," she said.

"I have missed it too," I said.

I could feel my orgasm nearing so I slowed my pace and said, "Come for me, Clara. Come for me so I can come for you."

She increased her clitoral stimulation while I stood motionless with my cock buried inside her as far as it would go. Soon I began to feel her body twitch and spasm so I quickened my pace trying to come with her. She beat me to it but only by a margin of moments. Delicious moments I might add.

She moved her hand away from her pussy and almost collapsed upon the boulder. I kept my cock inside her for a moment or too longer and than reluctantly withdrew. I could see my cum dripping from her channel and captured it with my hand. She stood up and rearranged her dress and turned to face me. I showed her my deposit in my hand and touched my tongue to it taking most of it into my mouth. There was still a small amount remaining in my hand and I offered it to her and she licked it up.

I put my pants back on and we rode back to the wagon train with her sitting behind me on my horse with her arms wrapped tightly around me. She whispered in my ear, "I love thee."

"I love you too," I said.

When we got back to the wagon train we were greeted by a woman who had become friends with Clara during our journey. She looked at us as we dismounted and said, "What have you two been up too?"

I said, "We just went for a little horseback ride."

She looked at my smiling face and Clara's glowing face and said, "Humph, if you ask me you've been horsing around."

Clara and I just smiled.

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