tagInterracial LoveWaiting All Along Ch. 02

Waiting All Along Ch. 02


For one week he continued this ritual of watching Grace's arrivals and departures, he got a good feel of her routines. Friday evening he went to his son's basket ball game for the first time, he watched in appreciation of the kid's skills, the red head was there too and they both owned the court, he found out that the red head's name was Tommy and was Josh's best friend. When the game ended most people left, Grace and Tommy's parents were outside discussing the game among other things, while the boys were in the locker rooms. When they came out, Paul approached them.

"Good game guys" he said staring at Josh, he could definitely see the resemblance.

"Hey thanks," Josh offered to the stranger "it was a team effort, and a team win."

'Good values' Paul thought, of course being Laura's son he already knew that. Unsure of what else to say "Well, I hope the rest of your season turns out exactly like this game."

"Us too," this time it was Tommy who answered "OK well, good night Mister."

"Goodnight guys," Paul answered as he watched them walk away and over to their parents, he faded to the shadows just in case Laura, now Grace, glanced over to where he was. They all spoke about the game for a while, parents ushering their congratulations, then a silver Mercedes pulled up right beside them and parked, and a man in an Armani suit stepped out, "Uncle Nick!" Josh shouted and ran into his arms. Nick stood at 6 feet, dark mocha skinned and extremely well build, an all round handsome package.

"Hey Josh, great game! I heard all about it when I was on my way here. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it in time." Nick said while he still hugged Josh.

"That's alright," Josh replied, "you're here now, so we can celebrate."

"Yep, that will be awesome." Nick said releasing Josh from the hug but still keeping an arm around his shoulder, he walked over to Grace and laid a kiss on her cheek.

Paul stared in awe and anger at the exchange, even after they all jumped in their cars and left he still stood wondering who the fuck this guy was and why the hell was he important to his family? His family he thought, even though it had taken him ten years to get here, he was there now and he wanted them.


He drove back to Grace's apartment, it wasn't until 7 the next day that he saw the Mercedes drive from the apartment's underground garage, with Josh in the front seat. His anger could not be contained, Nick had spent the night, doing God knows what to his Grace. He told himself to calm down and think rationally, that he had no claims on her but even that could not and would not quail the anger he felt with himself and with her for giving herself and his child to another man. He got out of his car and marched into her apartment building and straight to her apartment door and started knocking relentlessly.


Frightened at what could have made the boys come back so soon, Grace ran out of her shower, body still wet and slick with soap, she grabbed a towel on her way out the bathroom, wrapping it around her body as she reached the door, she began to unlock the locks and shout through the door at the same time.

"Oh come on guys, it's just grocery shoppi..." the rest of her comments froze on her lips when she yanked the door opened and saw the last person she ever expected to see, ever again. All the feelings that she thought was gone came rushing back to her all at once. 'Damn, he still looked so good and absolutely edible; the years have not been bad to him at all.' His eyes were stormy and his mouth set in anger, 'what the hell was he doing here?' she thought, there was a stub on his chin from not shaving but that only added to his roguish appeal. God she could feel her juices stirring, he was even more muscular than before. She put all that out of her mind and tried to concentrate on the anger she saw in his eyes.

How could he stay angry with her when she was standing naked in front of him, save for a towel. She looked like an angel, and he wanted her now! My gosh, it's been so long since he'd had her and the memories failed in comparison with the vision he had in front of him. He took two steps forward, she took two steps back and he slammed the door behind him.

She was watching him intensely and saw the anger in his eyes change to heat. Shit after all this time to be so aware of him, he glanced around taking in his surroundings. She felt trapped somehow and she didn't know how to react or what he wanted. Finally she walked to the other side of her sofa to place the sofa between them.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she hissed at him trying hard to separate her turbulent feelings.

He tore his eyes from her body and stared at her his mind slowly clearing, then he remembered that Mr. Armani had spent the night with her and had done to her all the things that he only dreamed of doing at late. "He spent the night!" he blasted unable to hold back any longer.

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked, slowly understanding etched in her face, "are you stalking me? How the hell do you know that?" She tossed back furious.

His eyes still on her, watching her every move, he ask softly "are you fucking him?" and watched the anger surge in her eyes and cheeks.

"That's none of your business." She said trying hard to not lose control, "I think you should leave before I call the cops and report you for stalking; I'll get a restraining order against you."

"Is that a yes or no, at least this time I'm asking!" he spat at her and watched her anger turn into rage.

"You fucking bastard!"Within the blink of an eye, she watched him cross the distance between the couch and her; soon she was on her back on the couch, the towel in his hand. She struggled for her balance while she laid there looking as his eyes went wild roving her body. "Are you out of your mind?" she asked while attempting to sit up, only to be flung back into the couch. His hands were on both of her wrists and his body pressed into hers. He found her lips with his and brought her arms above her head, there was panic and shock in her kiss and something that was always present when he touched her, the irresistible urge that made her so pliant and needy for him. She felt her heart pounding, God the unexpected was so exciting, she wanted him, hot and angry and hard just like this. But she wouldn't give in. He forced his tongue into her mouth and she was tempted to bite him but resisted and decided to fight but hold on for the ride, just to see how far he could/would take it.

He brought her hands together above her head so he was able to have one hand free, it had been so long since she was under him, never mind that this time it was by force, the outcome was still the same, she was naked under him and he would have a feel of her perfectly sculpted body. His free hand roamed to her neck and applied pressure there, and heard her whimper, he reveled in it, never letting her lips go while coaxing it to participation. His hand slid down to her small rounded breast, he rubbed his palm against it, applied pressure, then released it and began the process over again, finally he pinched her nipples and heard her low moan, fuck he wanted her, he pictured their first time together after such a long time a bit different than it was now, but he was too far gone in her to stop now, she started moving her body beneath his, he wanted to taste her pointy chocolate nipples, but didn't dare release her hands for the fear of rejection, his hand tightened on her wrists and he released her lips, to gaze in her angry but dazed eyes, brought his lips down to her nipple and pulled her nipple into his mouth, she gasped and arched herself into his mouth, it felt so good to have him on her again, she'd almost forgotten what it was like to have a man touch her with such reckless abandon. She looked down at his head on her body and almost came at the sight and the sensations his fallen hair was evoking on her skin, she caught herself and trying to clear her mind and realize where the situation was taking her. "So you've come here to rape me, is that it?" she asked breathlessly. He stopped his assault then and gazed up at her, clearly desire clouded her eyes as well, she wanted this. "Well your answer here today will determine how far I'll take this," his gaze traveled back to her breasts now, his hand still slowly rubbing it, "are you fucking him or anyone for that matter?" He brought his gaze back to her eyes and waited for her answer.

"I don't owe you shit" she spat him

"That may be but I still want to know" he said coolly and returned to his oral assault of her breasts, he sucked and licked them, while she writhed beneath him, "tell me, do you have lovers Laura?" he called her by her former name, she refused to answer, he whispered "tell me, do they compare to me?" while he flicked his tongue back and forth, he bit her nipple and she screamed, "not the answer I was looking for, so tell me do you?" his hand travelled slowly across her abdomen, dipping into her navel, then traveled onwards, she felt it inching closer to her heat source, he placed one knee between her legs and pushed them apart, "tell me" he kept whispering, he parted her folds, 'damn she was wet' he founded her clit and started rubbing it, hearing her moaning from his administrations, he loved it. He asked again, this time he knew she wanted to cum, so he stopped completely. Realizing that he had, she opened her eyes and stared into his blue ones, every impulse wanted her to answer so he could continue but her pride told her no, so she kept her mouth shut. "You were always so damned stubborn" he chided, "but I see the answer in your eyes, even when you refuse to say it out loud." With that, he slid a finger into her waiting pussy and felt her muscles grip it and milked it, "shit, you pussy's so tight" he began to slide it in and out, "come for me baby, I know this is my pussy, come for daddy" he whispered in her ear while nibbling on her earlobes, only now daring to release her hands, he heard her breathing become labored and knew she was close, he rubbed his crotch with his free hand now, while undoing his belt, the grip tightened on his finger and he felt her coming, heard her cry of release. He withdrew his finger and sucked on it before he hopped off of her and discarded his cloths as fast as was humanly possible, she laid there in a trance coming down from a high that she never thought could be achieved from a mere finger. Now naked, he climbed upon her body, spreading her legs wider to accommodate his hips as he stroked his dick in anticipation, he rubbed the head of his dick along her vagina opening, she felt the pressure and her eyes flung open, he had one hand on her hips and the other leading his 8 inches of hard white meat to her opening, she felt him there and pushed her body up along the sofa crawling back, before his rod could penetrate her.

"Look Paul, we really need to talk about this, before we do anything we might regret here." She said while she tried to push his body from hers, she was still slightly breathless but her cloudy mind was clearing.

"Are you fucking kidding me Laura, really are you even looking at me now?" he replied sitting back on his heels. Her gaze moved from his face, to his broad muscular chest, small speckling of bland hair covered it, she gazed lower to his abdomen, where the hair surrounded his navel and went ever so seductively lower. Her eyes appraised his white protrusion longingly, the purple head seeming to look right back at her, she saw the pre cum at the top and her mouth watered, she licked her lips, but dragged her gaze back to his face.

"I really don't care about looking at you now." She said annoyed, with herself and by her body's own betrayal to the man who disowned her so easily.

"Yeah, but you weren't complaining about anything I did a minute ago." He said calmly, his hands stroking his cock, while his eyes roamed her sweat covered body. He saw the look in her eyes while she looked at him.

"I never told you to do anything, nor did I force me on my couch to have sex with me." She retorted.

He looked into her eyes then and smiled wickedly "your right, you didn't force yourself here, so you can't stop me" he said crawling slowly back towards her. She began inching back as he moved forward, uttering words of protests, but he was having none of that. She hit the handle of the sofa which meant her retreat had come to an end. He saw this and grabbed her legs, dragging them towards him and pulling them apart. He placed his hands on her hips and dragged her back to him. This time he didn't rub his head against her opening, he just slid in, "Jesus" she cried, her eyes widening from the sheer friction, the shock, the pain, the excitement, it was all so overwhelming. His growl came from the back of his throat, his memory was lying to him, this felt much better than anything he could have remembered, with her or anyone else. "You're a lot bigger than I remembered" she whispered in his ear as he laid on top of her, she voice was clouded and rasped from the erotic feelings his cock evoked, he laid still giving her body time to get used to his invading member before he moved.

When she spoke, he withdrew half way then brought his body back inside her, she moaned at the sensations, he closed his eyes and begged himself not to come just yet. He drew in his breath and rose on his elbows so he could look in her eyes while he took her, he started moving slowly, and he watched her try to contain the ecstasy of having him moving inside her, she bit her lips hard to keep in the moans of pleasure as they rocked. "Don't do that baby, your lips are gonna start bleeding. Just let it out." He encouraged, "We're the only ones here, nobody'll hear it, and besides I always knew how this white cock could get you screaming, and leave you wanting more. Come on baby let it out." He tried to cajoled.

She was in a world of pleasure and her orgasm was approaching but too stubborn to let go completely, and he saw that when the first trickle of blood came from her lower lip,"My god, your stubborn, I know just how to fix that." He withdrew from her and got to his knees, then brought both her legs to his shoulders and started pounding into her mercilessly, "Damn your pussy is so tight, shit!" he started shouting through the pounding, she could hold back no threatened to take her breath away, the strongest and most fierce she's ever had.

"Oh shit oh shit, ohhhh fuck!" she shouted.

He realized that he now had her talking, started pounding harder than before "yeah you like that?"

"Yes I love it"

"Yeah you love this white cock don't you?"

"Yes, Yes I love it, give it to me. Fuck my black pussy"

"It's my pussy now, always has been hasn't it?"

"Oh God, Yeah"

"Tell me that it's my pussy"

"Fuck Paul, it's yours, my pussy is yours. Oh yeah fuck me!"

He felt her muscles clamp on his cock and squeeze him, "I'm coming Paul, I'm gonna come" he already knew since his cock was getting milked for all it's worth he still kept the pace and her juices began to flow around his cock. "Damn it, Laura you're so hot, so tight and so wet." He made the mistake of glancing down to where their bodies met and was just lost, watching his vanilla cock disappear into her chocolate cove then emerge again. He felt his balls tighten then and his dick grew bigger, while he started fucking her so hard it felt like his life depended on it. Then he came in her, the hardest he could remember, did he really have that much sperms inside? He wondered, he let her feet fall from his shoulders them fell right on top of her. His breathing labored, just as hers. After a few minutes, they started coming down from the sexual high.

"So since we've got the most pressing matter out of the way, maybe now we can discuss the small matter of why you're here." Grace said breaking the silence that was between them.

"Could you give me a minute Laura; I need time to come back from the best sex of my life." He said now irritated with her for bringing him back to the present and with himself for not having greater control over himself for their first meeting, he should have spoken to her. Tried having a civilized conversation, but instead he attacked her like some Neanderthal, staking claim to what was rightfully his. But could you blame him, who answers the door wearing nothing but a towel if they don't want to be fucked senseless. and what a fuck that was, she writhing beneath me, her body begging for me even when her mouth wouldn't, and she's just as stubborn now as she was back then and that was a quality that turned him on. How could a man say no to her, and when he slid inside her tight, wet, hot, slippery cunt and her muscles squeezed him like a vice and sh...

"Hey hey hey, change your chain of thought!" Grace said to him while pushing at his shoulders.

"What are you talking about?" he asked innocently.

"Don't play dumb with me, I can feel you getting hard again against my stomach."

This time he blushed then rose above her, "well can you blame me? Your body is so smooth and hot and tight, I can't help but want you again and again."

At that she really did push him away, he didn't resist knowing that he'd already crossed the line and didn't want to push too much. He sat and just stared at the wall in front of him, not daring to look at her, she stayed laid back against the sofa, her eyes closed, hoping that when she opened them, she'd wake from an awkward dream. Instead, when her eyes opened she saw Paul's extremely toned body, he was staring at the wall before him intensely, she glanced over to see what he might be looking at, but it all seemed ordinary to her, she realized then that his fists were clenched and his knuckles were white, thinking about it he did seem like he was concentrating immensely. "Paul?" she called, when he turned to look at her, she saw the heat and desire in his eyes, just then her eyes went to his crotch, he was fully erect she looked back at his face in time to catch his gaze roving lazily down her body, then stopping just below her waist. She could have sworn she saw his dick twitch, oh so that's why the concentration was needed, she realized, but one thing she knew about Paul was that if he wanted something he'd get it and he'd never deny himself.

So she rolled off the couch and retreated to the bathroom, "Look, I'm gonna finish my shower, so get your clothes back on when I'm done we'll talk, then you can leave." She said and closed the bathroom door behind her. All the hot water had ran out so the shower was cold but she didn't mind, it felt great against her heated skin.

He sat there on the couch for a few more minutes after she disappeared into the bathroom, trying to organize a speech in his head. But all he could think about was her back and her ass as she walked away. He tried to keep his mind from that, but he kept seeing images of water flowing down her body and it was too much for him to bear. When did he become such a sex dog? He wondered.

He got up and went to the bathroom door, slowly turned the knob, when it opened he gentle pushed it open, unsure of whether it would squeak or not. He could hear the water running, but couldn't feel any heat which only meant she was taking a cold shower, that made him more determined. He walked into the room and headed over to the shower stall, he watched the water flow down her body through the transparent screen, her back to him so she had no idea that she was being watched. He opened the screen door and stepped in right behind her and closed the door again. She still had no idea he was behind her and he said and did nothing to betray his presence. The bar of soap that she had fell to the ground and as she bent to retrieve it her ass bump into him, she jumped, screamed and whirled around ready to pounce her attacker only to see his amused eyes staring back at her.

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