tagBDSMWaiting For My Master

Waiting For My Master


*kneeling before You my Master - my thighs well parted - my ass sitting on my heels - my back slightly arched*

The corners my lips have the echo of my smile on them from being in Your presence Sir - for knowing You value and honour my gift of submission to You as much as i hungrily accept Yours of Domination to me. my head is high and far back and my eyes are lowered in front of You my Master.

my body is naked before You but i am dressed for Your pleasure in red silken ropes - my body temperature is warm and rising - my face is slightly flushed. i have criss-crossed ropes up each calf - up to my thighs around my hips - and bound tightly around my breasts in a harness making a honeycomb bra - the other ropes wind down my arms and are fastened at the wrists leaving a trail of around 2ft on my ankles and wrists.

*i lift my hands up towards my face Master and cup my chin in my palms -i move my hands up into my hair around my ears and higher still around to the back of my head letting my fingers comb through my hair. i allow my eyes to look at You and then return my gaze to the floor*. As my hands are around my head my elbows are to either side the soft paler skin of my arms is exposed and it raises my breasts higher still for Your gaze. *i take a deep breath - holding my tummy in and jutting my breasts and ass out* - hoping the sight pleases You my Master.

*i relax my body a little as i exhale - letting my fingers untangle in my hair and allowing them momentarily to rest on the top of my shoulders. i look up to You again Master and smile shyly at You - my lips are dry - the tip of my tongue pokes out from between my teeth and i hold it against my top lip for a few seconds then slide it around to the right to moisten the rest of my mouth before drawing it back inside my mouth*

*my fingers trail down from my shoulders to my breasts - fingertips pointing downwards and i slide them over my breasts and down towards my belly - my fingers join over my tummy and i hold my hands briefly then move them swiftly back up and cup my breasts - squeezing them together as i do - a small soft sigh escaping from my lips*

Without realising i'm leaning more forwards than i intend. *i release my breasts and perfom karta for You Sir - placing my hands palm down a little in front of my shoulders and lowering my head to the ground*.

my submission to You Sir means everything to me.

*kisses* katrina

i've been online for over an hour - i was so lucky to be able to call home but now i have to go Sir. While i was online i was writing this to You and hoped so much i would see You. I think its good You are in bed though but bad because i did'nt have the pleasure of Your company.

*more kisses, smiles and back pats* katrina

Master's Response:

damn katrina you are a wordsmith of the highest order pet. this not only aroused Me but made My jaw drop in wonder at how special you are to Me. I was soo disappointed I missed you, and would have adored talking with you, being with you.

I want you so bad I ache. I want to hear your voice and hear how it changes god so sexy how it changes as you become aroused how you relax and your breath deepens and you speak more slowly and in hushed tones how you moan softly when you pinch your nipples and your laughter your soft laughter as you cum.

I cherish your gift. I feel your pain I feel your love for Me you dont have to say it I feel it you dont have to admit anything to Me and yet you do you give Me everything of you your essence your soul I am so lucky happy to count you as Mine to be Mine to have you god I want you to know you are adored and I will be here always for you.

Its amazing what comes out when you just let it go

soft warm kisses

Nathan xxx

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