tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWaiting for the Bus Ch. 01

Waiting for the Bus Ch. 01


I was in a crap mood when I dropped onto the busted up bench at the bus stop. I was going to be without a car for about a week and had no other alternative than taking the city bus to and from work. Night shift security was what I was doing at the time and I was heading home while everybody else on the bus was starting their day. My polyester uniform was stuffed into an old gym bag and I was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I was alone at the stop and feeling sorry for myself.

Slumping further down I noticed someone coming quickly down the sidewalk. I glanced over and saw it was an older African American woman out for a morning jog -- more a brisk walk, really.

She was wearing a baggy pair of sweatpants and a matching, equally baggy, sweatshirt with a baseball cap pulled tightly onto her head. More than a little overweight, she was pumping her arms rhythmically as she came down the hill. Her chest was gigantic and bouncing violently with each dramatic step.

I stared openly, not caring if she noticed or not -- I was in a crap mood, remember.

The closer she got, the more impressive her breasts were. They swayed back and forth between her arms; her nipples stiff and large enough to make pleasing tents in the tired sweatshirt. She couldn't help but notice my stare, but kept chugging toward me.

She was older than I first thought -- I'm guessing she had to be 50 or more. She had dark skin, white beady hair and a determined look on her wrinkled, but still attractive face.

As she was passing me, not more than three feet from the bench, I decided to be rude and obnoxious -- my mood and all:

"Nice tits," I said with an evil grin.

She didn't say a word or even glance in my direction; she just kept to her routine and continued down the sidewalk.

My bus arrived and I climbed aboard.

The next morning it happened again. I was sitting alone and cranky at the bus stop when I saw her huffing along the sidewalk -- same baggy pants, same baggy shirt. She wasn't wearing the cap this time, though and her stubby white hair looked like a snowball. Her breasts were all over place, matching her arms' pace.

Again I stared openly at her massive chest and for a moment I thought we made eye contact. Briskly she came down the hill, pumping her arms up and down.

As she passed, this time a little closer, I said it again, "Nice tits."

"Uh huh," she grunted softly, leaving me grinning to myself as she motored on down the road.

My bus arrived and I climbed aboard thinking about my walking granny and her dancing tits.

The next morning I was actively looking for her. It was a warm day and I was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and enjoying the air on my pale white legs.

Right on schedule my granny came steadily down the hill. Something was different. It took me a moment to comprehend the not-too-subtle difference. She was wearing the same pants and shirt, with cap again, but her breasts were much more animated than before.

She wasn't wearing a bra and my eyes almost popped out of my head!

Her tits were flopping crazily as she stomped toward me. With each step they would plunge downward across her belly then spring upward into fuller, round balls before falling earthward again.

I sat back a little and rested my hand, rudely, on my crotch as she passed by.

"Very nice tits," I told her.

"Oh, yes," she whispered, still not bothering to look at me as she bounced past me.

I had some trouble hiding my erection as I climbed onto the bus.

Day four and I had a plan. I was wearing my shorts, but not my briefs. I was going to give her a little show -- return the favor. The thought of it was getting me hard and I sat with my legs spread in such a way she would have no choice but to see into my shorts.

Sure enough, right on schedule, granny came trotting down the hill with tits flying. Same pants, same shirt and her baseball cap screwed on tight. As she got closer I started tapping my foot causing my stiff penis to sway a bit under my shorts. Her eyes got bigger and I was certain she had seen me.

She had a tight smile on her face as she passed.

"Like your tits," I said with my hand on my bulge.

"Hmmmm," was her only reply.

The bus ride home was more difficult than the previous day.

Friday and I was practically bursting by the time I arrived at the bus stop. This was getting crazy. I sat in my revealing position already fully erect and waited for my granny.

Here she came with arms swinging mightily. She was wearing dark glasses beneath her ball cap. I spread my legs wide and rocked my knees. A smile spread across her dark face.

Without warning and to my total shock, she briefly lifted her tattered shirt as she strolled past -- giving me a momentary glimpse of her naked, heaving breasts. Her nipples were humongous and black as pitch and her tits were bigger than I had thought.

"Uh huh," she said finding me speechless.

"Nice!" was all I managed to say as she disappeared down the hill.

The bus ride home was intolerable. My cock was throbbing and I couldn't get home fast enough. It occurred to me that it was the end of the week and I wouldn't be at the stop in the morning.

I spent the weekend jerking off to the memory of granny's huge tits. I couldn't believe she had flashed me. I couldn't wait for Monday. I had a surprise in mind for her.

Monday finally arrived and I found myself in my usual exposed position on the bench. My cock was harder than I remember it ever being. I was so excited. I was idly rubbing myself through my shorts when I saw her approaching.

Still wearing the dark glasses, she had changed her top. Her sweatshirt had been replaced by a zippered sweat jacket. I slid my shorts up my leg and pulled my white hard-on out into the morning air. Without taking my eyes off her, I held it out for her inspection.

Granny didn't slow her pace, but reached for the zipper of her jacket. She began to pull it down but stopped abruptly as the bus hissed to a stop behind me. I had been so mesmerized I hadn't heard it arriving. I leaned forward trying to hide my erection as the doors squealed open and she passed me.

"Ooops," she said as she pistoned past me grinning ear to ear.

I waved the bus away, too embarrassed to stand and I watched my granny in the distance.

My car was ready to be picked up, but I was going to keep riding that damn bus.

The next morning I was as excited as I had been the day before. My cock was pulsing in anticipation and I was watching the sidewalk eagerly.

Like clockwork Granny came over the rise. Dressed the same as the previous day she came steadily down the hill, her tits swinging madly. I yanked my prick out of my shorts and jerked at it hastily.

She pulled at her zipper and held her jacket open. Her tits were bouncing insanely onto and off of her jiggling black belly. I watched hypnotized as her breasts stretched almost to her waistband before leaping up again. I pulled on my cock like a teenager.

Granny turned her shoulders toward me as she passed, giving me an unobstructed view of her rocking tits. They smacked together violently as she stared at my cock in my hand.

My timing was off and she was a pace or two past me, zipping her jacket, when I exploded with a loud moan. My spunk splashed onto the sidewalk and I slumped back on the bench.

Granny stopped and walked backward toward me, stopping short of the sticky mess on the concrete. Walking in place, her arms still churning her tits, she looked down -- first at the puddle, then at my still stiff cock, then at me.

"Oh, no, you didn't," she said softly.

I could only stare.

"Here's my number," she told me it quickly, panting from her exertion while I scrambled for a pen.

I was still writing the digits on my hand as she continued down the hill ...

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